November 17, 2014 SnyderTalk— Imminent Iran Nuclear Deal Makes Israel More Vulnerable

1--Intro Covering Israel and ME

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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Imminent Iran Nuclear Deal Makes Israel More Vulnerable

President Obama may remain unapologetic, unremorseful, and belligerent to the bitter end.  That’s the way narcissists are.  Facts be damned, they are determined to do things their way, right or wrong, no matter what.

Obama’s gargantuan ego and his lack of common sense prevent him from doing the right thing because it would require reversals of direction that would make him look politically weak and inept.  Even when his actions put other nations at great risk, he refuses to be deterred.

Think about Obamacare, for example.  MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, architect of the bill, said that Obamacare was a fraud from the beginning.  It was built on lies and half-truths and sold to the American people as a fix-all for healthcare.  It’s nothing of the sort.  Actually, it’s a catastrophe even though a few parts of Obamacare are worth salvaging.

Gruber knew at the outset that he was committing fraud.  He said so several times laughingly in front of liberal/progressive audiences that squealed with glee.  Nothing makes liberal/progressives happier than talking about how stupid “ordinary Americans” are as though they are extraordinary, which they are not.

Gruber’s masters in Congress and the White House knew that Obamacare was a shell game, too.  Even so, they shoved it down the throats of American citizens against their will.

I believe that Gruber committed a crime and should be sent to jail.  Yet even after the release of multiple videos of Gruber bragging about how the Obama administration bamboozled the American people, the president still pretends that he did nothing wrong.  Admitting that he got his signature piece of legislation passed through villainy is the same as saying that it didn’t pass the smell test at the get-go.

Obama was joined at the hip with Democrats in Congress in the Obamacare rip off.  Working together, they have done more damage to the United States during the past six years than I would have thought possible.  Obamacare is just one example.  There are many others.

The Iran deal is much worse.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken full advantage of Obama’s weakness and incompetence to advance his personal agenda during the Iran nuclear negotiations.  For details about the likelihood of an Iran deal being reached in the next few days, read “Russia sees chance of deal at nuclear talks with Iran”.

In an article for the Jerusalem Post titled “Has Obama Cut a Shady Deal with Iran’s Ayatollah Kahmenei?”, Earl Cox wrote,

Ever since a ‘secret’ letter penned by U.S. President Barak Hussein Obama to the Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Kahmenei, opinions on what should or should not transpire regarding the looming Iranian nuclear showdown have lit up news outlets. The letter’s alleged purpose was to proffer a deal for the US and Iran to work against ISIS in return for a November 24 Iranian nuclear deal. At the recent Israeli-American Council (AIC) conference in Washington, D.C., prominent Jewish leader, Sheldon Adelson, reportedly said in regards to Iran’s nuclear drive that words without action would be more costly to Israel and the US must therefore toughen its stance on Iran. 

In the Jerusalem Post Benjamin Netanyahu said, “The international community faces a clear choice. It can cave to Iranian demands in an agreement that would be dangerous for Israel and the world or it can stand firm and insist that Iran dismantle its capacity to produce nuclear weapons.” Then there is this: “If Obama trades away Israeli and American security, that would leave a [Obama] legacy of the type Neville Chamberlain left at Munich in 1938 after the ‘peace’ he negotiated with Adolf Hitler.”

Cal Thomas reminded us of this on Fox News.Com. With White House officials claiming a US/Iran deal might happen by November’s end, speculation about Obama’s letter has run wild. Kerry insists ISIS was not involved yet the “Wall Street Journal” reported that clearly Obama believes Iran to be critical to his campaign against ISIS, both militarily and diplomatically. Should we be surprised that Middle East allies were clueless about the letter, including Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United Arab Emirates? Allies don’t like being in the dark especially when Kahmenei tweets, “This barbaric, wolf-like and infanticidal regime of Israel, which spares no crime, has no cure but to be annihilated.” And, “…the only means to confront a barbaric regime like Israel is arming the West Bank [of Israel].” Might Ayatollah’s tweets be a clue as to why Ron Fournier of the National Journal, a man who is known to defend Obama, said of him, “his approach scares me?” And why Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner says he doesn’t trust the Iranians?

I don’t trust the Iranians or President Obama.  Given his record, why should I?

Yahweh has a personal stake in the Iran situation because it affects Israel and His promises to and about them.  That’s an oversight that will haunt Obama and us in the days ahead, and Israel will suffer, too.

Regrettably, Israel is cozying up to Russia at precisely the wrong time.  That’s what Putin wants.  According to Azriel Bermant,

Amidst all the fuss over the current crisis in relations between Israel and the United States, there has been one issue which has received little scrutiny: Israel’s burgeoning ties with Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the difficulties it has created in Washington.

As relations between the Netanyahu government and the Obama administration go from bad to worse, the relationship between Jerusalem and Moscow appears to be blossoming. On returning to the Foreign Ministry in November last year, Avigdor Lieberman suggested that Israel was too reliant on the United States and needed to cultivate alliances with new powers.


As Ephraim Halevy, the former head of the Mossad has pointed out, Israel has hauled the Obama administration over the coals for its policy on Iran and the Palestinians, yet kowtows to Russia in spite of Putin’s support for Tehran and Hamas.

Putin is trying to recreate the empire that he believes Western powers, particularly the United States, took from Russia at the end of the Cold War.  The Iran agreement would open the door for the ayatollahs to develop nuclear weapons that can be used to make good on their threat to “wipe Israel off the map”.  As Iran’s chief ally, Russia stands to gain politically when a deal is reached whether it’s good or bad, and Putin’s Iran gambit goes hand-in-hand with his other strategic moves.

A few months ago, Russia started dumping U.S. bonds and working together with China and Iran Putin is leading an effort to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency.  His goal is to put downward pressure on the dollar and upward pressure on inflation in the U.S. both of which would lead to U.S. economic instability.

There is no better place in the world for Putin to prove that Russia is back in the game as a legitimate player than in the Middle East, and there is no other country in the world besides the U.S. that Putin needs to knock down a peg or two.  If he can weaken the U.S. politically and economically, Russia’s influence throughout the world will increase, and it will literally explode in the Middle East.

It’s inevitable that Israel will suffer as U.S. influence wanes because historically the U.S. has been her only reliable ally.  Actually, that’s what’s happening right now thanks to President Obama’s strategic blunders.

A weaker U.S. also means that Israel is more vulnerable at home and abroad.  That, too, is taking place right now.






13--Perspectives 2


David Horovitz: Looming Iran Deal Spells the Empowering of Evil— It’s almost over. It really doesn’t much matter if a triumphant US Secretary of State John Kerry announces in the next few hours or days that a dramatic accord has been reached with Iran to regulate its nuclear program, or if it is decided to extend the negotiations beyond the November 24 deadline to finalize that deal. We know where the negotiations are heading. We know that the conclusion is dire. The P5+1 countries, their approach to talks with the ayatollahs determined by the Obama administration, have insistently behaved like the Three Wise Monkeys. Iran pours its energies into mastering the technology for nuclear weapons. From its “supreme leader” on down it makes crystal clear its hegemonic regional ambitions, its contempt for the West, and its aim to bring about the demise of Israel. And the US-led international community willfully closes its eyes and ears to the dangers, wishing them away. Ultimately, the failure is rooted in President Barack Obama’s desire to heal relations with America’s enemies in this part of the world. But what the administration would like to have perceived as a new generosity of spirit emanating from Washington, a desire to conquer past animosities, to build new bridges, to play fair, is regarded in this brutal region, by the purveyors of that brutality, as weakness.

Jonathan S. Tobin: Obama’s Dangerous Race for an Iran Deal— With only two weeks to go before the deadline for the end of the current round of nuclear talks with Iran, the Obama administration has been conducting what can only be considered a full-court press aimed at producing a deal before November 24. This is in marked contrast to the relaxed attitude toward the previous deadline for the talks that passed in June and was extended to the fall. It also seems to contradict the behavior of Washington’s European negotiating partners who seemed to be reconciling themselves to yet another extension in the familiar pattern of stalling that has always characterized Iran’s conduct of the negotiations. But though the latest talks in Oman ended without agreement, the flurry of diplomatic action raises the question of whether President Obama believes he needs to get a deal done now before Republicans take control of the Senate in January.

Ben-Dror Yemini: Welcome to the Global Intifada—In the past few months there have been, every month, between 10,000 to 15,000 jihad victims, and the absolute majority of them are Muslims. There are neighborhoods in European cities which are dominated by jihad supporters. They are threatening Ottawa, New York, London and Paris. Those inflaming the situation are not looking for equality, liberation, democracy or freedom. They want darkness and oppression. They want an Islamic caliphate.

Nadav Shragai: The “Status Quo” on the Temple Mount— The status of the Temple Mount and the “status quo” practiced there has in recent months figured prominently in the religious-political discourse in the region. This discourse, both on the diplomatic and the public level, is not held in a vacuum: since July 2, 2014 an upsurge in violence has been occurring in Jerusalem, and clashes between Palestinian rioters and the Israeli police has intensified. The Temple Mount is one of the focal points of the violence, both in a literal and an ideological sense. What happens there affects both the immediate and more distant surroundings. The riots and violent incidents have been occurring mainly along the lines separating Jewish and Arab neighborhoods and also in mixed areas. About 12,000 incidents of stone throwing, petrol-bomb throwing, and hurling of fireworks, along with hit-and-run attacks, stabbing and shooting incidents have brought this wave of violence, which is directed (almost without exception) at Jews, to an apex.

Shmuel Rosner: The Temple Mount in Jerusalem—Yehudah Glick is a Facebook friend of mine. Although I can’t recall ever meeting him in person, the miracle of technology made it somewhat more personal to hear that he was shot in Jerusalem last week. Here was a man whose daily whereabouts I follow quite closely almost getting murdered. Mr. Glick survived but his road to recovery is long. His would-be assassin, a Palestinian member of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad, was killed by Israeli forces hours after the shooting. The offense for which Mr. Glick was targeted is his relentless fighting for the right of Jews to pray on Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site, where the holy temple once stood. He is an exemplary activist for changing a rotten status quo — nonviolent, law-abiding, easygoing. Under different circumstances, Mr. Glick might even be the type of activist celebrated by progressives. He has repeatedly convinced Israeli courts that the role of the police is to provide security for Israelis from Palestinian intimidation, not to reduce security risks by stripping citizens of their right to visit.

Kobi Michael: An Intifada in Jerusalem: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?— The use of the phrase “the third intifada” is gaining ground, even though the recent car attacks and stabbings were carried out by individual terrorists on their own initiative. While certainly affected by the tense atmosphere in Jerusalem, they did not carry them out as organizational operatives or in the name of any particular group. At the same time, it seems that use of the word “intifada” helps categorize the events, ascribing a certain logic to them and making them easier to understand. However, it is important to stress the negative effect this rhetoric is liable to have on the consciousness of Palestinians and Israelis alike. There is therefore a danger that frequent use of the loaded word could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Teresa Welsh: Israel and Jordan: The Middle East’s Odd Couple—In a region characterized by conflict, two countries – Israel and Jordan – have found themselves in a rare partnership to safeguard security and strategic interests and become one another’s most important regional allies in a perpetually volatile Middle East. Yet even though a secure Israel is in Jordan’s interest, that country doesn’t have the diplomatic heft to take the leading role in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks previously assumed by Egypt. In an attempt to keep the increasingly important relationship stable, Secretary of State John Kerry met Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordanian King Abdullah II in Amman, Jordan to discuss ways to quell the recent widespread violence in Israel between Jews and Palestinians. Despite the close physical proximity of the two capitals, Netanyahu and Abdullah don’t meet frequently in person. Jordan, a moderate Arab nation and staunch Israeli ally, signaled its displeasure with recent Israeli action by withdrawing its ambassador last week over disagreements at a holy site in Jerusalem claimed by both Jews and Muslims. Jordan acts as caretaker for the site, home to Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock, as a part of a peace agreement signed with Israel in 1994.

Victor Sharpe: Of Muslim firecrackers, murderers, and odious songs— The Jewish faith has bestowed many wondrous divine blessings upon the world. Among them is, of course, the Sabbath day. The Day of Rest, the Seventh Day, the Sabbath, is the one precious and humanitarian day set aside from the rest of the week’s labors. It is a day of freedom and leisure but one which allows the human spirit the opportunity to turn to the lofty considerations of divine holiness. Interestingly, this marvelous and utterly civilized concept was quite inexplicable to the Greeks and the Romans. Indeed, Tacitus, Juvenal and Plutarch scoffed at such an idea for it was undreamt of by them. But these are the words of a great ethicist and contributor to the revival of Hebrew as a living language, Achad Ha-Am, who said of the Sabbath: “Far more than Israel has kept the Sabbath; it is the Sabbath that has kept Israel.”

Eugene Kontorovich: Why Gaza Is Not Remotely Occupied— The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court last week found no jurisdiction over Israel’s naval interdiction of vessels seeking to break the Gaza blockade. But she did issue a long obiter pronouncement – albeit non-binding, tentative, and discounted with multiple disclaimers – that it would be “reasonable” to conclude Israel occupies Gaza. Normally such a tentative statement would not warrant further examination. But even with all the qualifications, the prosecutor’s argument is not reasonable. It is absurd and unprecedented. It embodies principles that have never and can never be applied to other situations. This post will discuss the doctrinal and judicial flaws with the OTP’s analysis. A subsequent post will examine state practice, the insignificance of the alleged powers the OTP claims Israel exercises. An occupation is traditionally defined as a power exercising “effective control” over the territory in a way that displaces the prior government. The occupying power is expected to provide law and order, essential services, and all the basic functions of government – and is thus required to have the kind of control that allows for that. As the ICJ has put it, occupation requires a territory to be “actually placed under the authority of the hostile army.”

Melanie Phillips: Why Does the West Give Abbas a Free Pass?—Numerous Western media outlets described the murderous attacks by Palestinians ramming their cars into Israelis in the street as “car crashes” or “traffic accidents.” Yet Fatah’s official Facebook page featured cartoons, lyrics and other messages encouraging Palestinians to run over Israelis with their vehicles. Referring to all Jews visiting the Temple Mount as “settlers,” Mahmoud Abbas has whipped up hysteria and incited war on Israel, declaring: “We will not allow our holy places to be contaminated,” praising the Palestinians hurling missiles from al-Aksa as “heroes.”






9--Jerusalem Post


Netanyahu to warn Germany against bad Iranian deal

In Berlin, some muted European ears to US alarm over anti-Semitism

German politicians, media outraged over leftists anti-Israel ‘toiletgate’

Kurdish refugees struggle to survive as they outrun Assad’s army and ISIS

Would the real Zionists please stand up?

Is Hizbullah Smuggling Weapons to Brazil?

Israel: Hateful Beliefs about Jews Are Ingrained into Palestinian Psyche 

Israel Sending Ebola Field Clinics to Africa

U.S. Again Slams Israel for Advancing Housing Plans in Jerusalem

With Tunnels Being Destroyed, Gaza Returns to Smuggling by Sea



10--Arutz Sheva


Losing Legitimacy, Jordan Champions ‘Al Aqsa’

US Concerned over Anti-Semitism in Turkey

Belgian Stabbing Victim: ‘I Will Get Over My Fear’

Breaking: ISIS Beheads Hostage Peter Kassig

‘Jewish State’ Law Up for Approval

Workers Struck by Lightning as Thunderstorms Rage

41 Wounded in Druze-Muslim Clashes in the Galilee

Truck Attack Foiled in Samaria

24-Hour Security Detail for Minister Ariel, Too

Home of Baby Murdering Terrorist to be Demolished








Aharonovitch: MKs may be barred from Temple Mount

Israel’s fate at Security Council may hinge on increasingly critical Europe

Thousands protest in Israel, West Bank after Friday prayers

Netanyahu, Kerry and King Abdullah Meet in Jordan on Temple Mount Tensions

‘Netanyahu to meet Jordan king again for Temple Mount talks’

US welcomes ‘positive step’ to ease Temple Mount access

US envoy on anti-Semitism ‘concerned’ by state in Turkey

Abbas aide: Execute Palestinians who sell land to Israelis

Jordan takes IS battle to Internet, mosques

Kerry, Abbas meet in Amman amid Jerusalem tensions



12--Other News


Leading Muslim Brotherhood Theologian Calls to Kill the Jews

Netanyahu: Abbas Is Educating His People for Terrorism

UN: ISIL committing war crimes in Syria

Kissinger: Israel Should Not Seek Final Peace Deal with Palestinians until Mideast Chaos Subsides 

UK to Bar British Jihadists from Returning

Report: Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Australia

Ukraine crisis: Russia under pressure at G20 summit

To Counter Rise of Islamic State, Jordan Imposes Rules on Muslim Clerics

Palestinian Rioters Launching Fireworks and Firebombs Damage the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Lebanese support ISIS airstrikes: survey






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