His Name is Yahweh—Audio Presentation

6--His Name is Yahweh Audio Presentation 5

The YouTube videos below present a summary of the material in the book His Name is Yahweh plus other information about the importance of the Name Yahweh. Explore them and share them with your friends and family.


His Name is Yahweh


His Name is Yahweh—Jim Hutchens


Philippians 2: 9-11—Jim Hutchens


“Will you obey Yahweh and call on his name?”—Jim Hutchens


The Name of the Father—Andrew Gabriel Roth


Torah Life interview with Neil Snyder during Sukkot 2012 in Glen Rose, Texas


“Are you breaking the 3rd Commandment?”


Romans 11:13-14, “What will create jealousy among the Jews?”—Jim Hutchens


How to give and receive the blessing of Yahweh


Jehovah is not the Name of God


Yahweh is the Name of God Forever


Yahweh Said He is Our Only Savior


Jesus Said He is Yahweh


“What is the real name of Jesus?”—Jim Hutchens


Isaiah Revisited


Peter said Jesus is Yahweh


Paul said Jesus is Yahweh


Jeremiah said the Messiah is Yahweh


The Messiah May Return Sooner than You Think


The Name Yahweh Sets the Messiah Apart


“Are you sure of your salvation?”—Jim Hutchens


Making the Transition May be Difficult for Some Preachers


What about people who came to faith in Yahweh through the Name Jesus?


Obey Yahweh and Let the Name Jesus Go


Below are audio files that answer frequently asked questions:

Do we all worship the same god?


Does it matter what we call God?


Hamas is No Peace Partner for Israel


Is it legalistic to pay too much attention to God’s Name?


It’s time to remove the veil and tell the world who God is by Name.


Peace in the Middle East: The Facts Tell an Interesting Story


The Messiah’s Name is Yahweh.


The Palestinian Charter Still Calls for Israel’s Destruction


Can you say Jesus is Yahweh?—Jim Hutchens


Whose Name protects you?—Jim Hutchens


Malachi 1:11, 3:16, “Gentiles are to exalt the name of Yahweh”—Jim Hutchens

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16 thoughts on “His Name is Yahweh—Audio Presentation

  1. http://www.etpv.org/2007/awttesi.html

    NEIL ~ Do you think they hear the message that Yahweh is speaking to the haters of Isra’el gathered to to come against HIM in an attempt to divide Yerushalayim – HIS Golden City, HIS beloved in D.C. I hear loud and clear. Continuing in fervent prayer for souls! ~Marie-France

  2. Some do. One day everyone will hear it from Yahweh’s lips, and there will be no mistaking His message. That will be a frightening day for some, but for others it will be the blessed day of Yahweh’s victory.

  3. Thanks for your videos, it’s really really wonderful! all the glory belongs to Yahweh! I love the way you showed the illustration that Yahweh is One.


  4. Shalom Brother Neil,

    It is hard for me to believe that Yahweh as the Messiah is sun god. There is no other god besides Yahweh. His glory He will not give to other and His praise to any idols.

    We knew that the “sun god” is a pagan’s deities, why should we believe he is Yahweh?

    In John 7:40-44 it says that those who knew the words of Yahweh descerned that the Messiah came from the descendant of David, Jeremiah 23:5-6. So there was a division between them.

    The true Messiah was stated in Isaiah 42. But the Messiah of the world’s belief today was not that prophecy meant by the prophet.

    The ant christ belief of the sun god is in Jesus like any other sun god deities who were born of the virgin on Dec. 25. The Anti christ is really very very near to the truth. This is what the prpphets says that there are many Anti christs gone out to the world. There is no other but the virgin birth born on Dec. 25, the sun god deities. There are lots more of the anti christ’s teachings but they are just the fruits of that spirit of the anti christ, sun god deities.

    The true Messiah is the one mentioned in Isaiah 42, who will bring peace in the world, will teach us all things about the Heavenly Father’s name, laws and will.

    Anothe anti christ came to manipulate the truth and misleaded the whole world in believing that sun god deities of the virgin birth.

    Isaiah 7:14 was the prophecy about King Ahaz. As you will see in Matthew 1:22-23 and the error that they have not noticed was when they said the angel Gabriel spoke to Josef to give the name of the son Jesus for he will save his people, that contradicted the prophet Jeremiah 23:5-6 saying the name of the Brnach will be called Yahweh Our Salvation.
    Regarding Isaiah 7:14 that is prophecy about King Ahaz and that is why the one who inserted the Matthew 1:21-23 where not accurate and contradictory to the the truth. Matt. 1:22-23 is confirming Isaiah 7:14 but the Matt. 1:21 is contradictory to the said scriptures. The truth is one and can not be contradicting one another.

    Yahweh is the true Messiah, he is the branch and he is not the sun god deities of paganism as the whole world acknowlege today.

    The Anti Christ, immetate the True One Yahweh.


  5. Neil, you need to read this one, it is a good read. People’s eyes are opening, one step at a time.


    THE MYSTERY OF MESSIAH! Do you know what it is?

    This is very good where he is at on his study. If he would only put Yahweh-shua, name and office, he would have it right. The birth given name has nothing to do with salvation no matter what you think it is, only for truth’s sake.


  6. Very good. Thank you, and HalleluYah. It’s in His hands, and all we need to do is what He leads us to do.

  7. INCREIBLE, this is need it so badly all over this follen country-it is only in His name that we will find restauration, HalleluYAH.

  8. Yahweh is the Name. Not of God….come on. This site is about the NAME, not about God. We want to step away from the Symbol into the real with Yahweh All The Way.

  9. This is SnyderTalk. It’s about Yahweh and what is taking place in the world today that Yahweh’s people need to know about.

  10. Please consider that Yahweh and God may be two different entities. God may not even exist except in the minds of the people. God has a universal ring to it, while Yahweh points to someone. To write that Yahweh is the Name of God is not true. One cannot define God. Yahweh has definition. This site is about the Name.

  11. If you believe those things, what attracted you to a site dedicated to preparing Yahweh’s people?

  12. The world follows after God. Only a few seem to follow Yahweh. There are only a few websites that reflect Yahweh as the Name of Names. And there are a few books that reflect Yahweh as the Name. All combine God with Yahweh as though both are the same. Personally, I think it is a big mistake. Have you read the book: Heaven Is For Real? It is about God and Jesus. Does that make sense to you? It only shows that is about what is reflected in the boy’s mind, and not what is the real Truth of the matter. Where is Yahweh in the movie. No where to be found. If you were to remove the name God from your website, I believe you would be closer to the Truth in presenting the Name.

  13. I agree with you about the word “God”. It should be Elohim, but most people would not recognize that word.

    I focus on the Name “Yahweh”. A long time ago, I discovered that there are so many problems most people have a hard time adjusting. For example, the Messiah was given the name Yeshua at birth, not Jesus. Jesus was made up.

    Elohim is the title people should use instead of God, and God is derived from a pagan deity named Gaud.

    There are many more problems, but I’ll stop there. I found out that people shut down when you tell them that they have to reconsider everything, so I just tell them about Yahweh. The Holy Spirit will take it from there if they will go that far.

  14. God has become a Christian Term. It means whatever the crowd wants it to mean. I believe God came from Theo. As in theology. I also believe the translators meant to include the many Names into one term to make it easy for the new readers to understand. People began to worship the Bible, and the words there in. Instead of worshiping the Spirit. People still worship the Bible and are not interested in the Spirit. The Spirit is Ruasch Hakodesh. Another fantastic Name skipped over to make reading easier.

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