December 22, 2014 SnyderTalk—Hamas: We Will Not Recognize Zionist Entity Or Be Satisfied With A Palestinian State Within 1967 Borders

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“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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MEMRI—Hamas: We Will Not Recognize Zionist Entity Or Be Satisfied With A Palestinian State Within 1967 Borders; We Thank Iran For Supplying Us With Weapons, Missiles:

On December 12-14, 2014, Hamas celebrated its 27th anniversary with numerous marches and rallies throughout the Gaza Strip, attended by tens of thousands of people. The central rally in the north of the Strip was reportedly attended by nearly 100,000. The anniversary celebrations also included a large military parade by Hamas’ military wing, the ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades.

Senior Hamas officials who spoke at the marches and rallies stressed that the movement would never recognize the Zionist entity or be satisfied with a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, and called for continuing on the path of resistance and jihad until all of Palestine, from the river to the sea, is liberated. Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu ‘Ubaida thanked Iran for providing Hamas with funds, weapons and missiles and thus helping it to build its army, with its many advanced units. He also declared that Hamas would soon bring about the release of Palestinian prisoners through prisoner-exchange deals.

At the same time, the speakers warned of an impending “explosion” if Gaza does not receive the recovery funds it was promised. They did not spare the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its leaders from their criticism, calling them “traitors” and urging the people of the West Bank to rise up against them.

It should be noted that Hamas political bureau head Khaled Mash’al was conspicuous in his absence at the anniversary celebrations, whereas senior officials Mahmoud Al-Zahhar and Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu ‘Ubaida were conspicuously involved and publicly participating. A recorded speech by Mash’al was to be broadcast at a mass rally in Hebron, but this rally was canceled following intervention by the PA and Israeli security apparatuses. A special interview with Mash’al on the occasion of the anniversary was posted on the website of Hamas’ mouthpiece Al-Risalah.


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SnyderTalk Comment: Hamas made its position on Israel clear the day it was founded—August 18, 1988.  It hasn’t changed one iota since then.  The terrorist group will settle for nothing less than the complete annihilation of the tiny Jewish state.

So, why do many governments around the world still recognize Hamas as a political party?  Why does the United States continue to push Israel toward a “peace treaty” with Hamas even though Hamas has shown in every way imaginable that its leaders mean what they say?  Why do so many people in the United States and the rest of the world blame Israel for defending herself against Hamas terrorists who masquerade as state leaders?  Last but not least, why does the world tolerate the use of civilians as shields for combatants?

A spiritual war is raging right in front of our eyes, but most people can’t see it.  There’s a penalty for spiritual blindness and it’s a big one.

The spiritual battle is between Yahweh and His archenemy.  Yahweh promised land that includes Israel today plus much more land to Abraham’s descendants through Isaac and Jacob/Israel.  Satan wants to prevent Yahweh from fulfilling those promises.

If you are a believer, you have no choice.  Supporting Hamas and other nations and groups that are bent on Israel’s destruction is opposing Yahweh.  For people who don’t believe in Yahweh, that means nothing, but for His people, it means everything.

Think about it this way: Yahweh tested Abraham’s faith by telling him to sacrifice Isaac.  Yahweh had no intention of allowing Abraham to kill his son.  The test was to find out if Abraham was willing to obey Yahweh even if it cost the life of his son.

Today, the State of Israel is a test of our faith.  Yahweh wants to know if we are willing to take a stand on His word and obey Him even though it’s a politically incorrect position.  If we don’t support Israel, we fail the test.

Abraham passed his test.  Will you pass yours?






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Alan Baker: Hamas and the Decision by the European Union Court—With the procedural decision by the EU General Court to annul the inclusion of Hamas on the EU list of terrorist organizations, Hamas described the move as a stunning victory. Yet the Court decision should not be seen as proof of the legitimacy of Hamas, nor as ultimate recognition by Europe of its status. This decision is nothing more than an internal, procedural issue within the EU, and makes no substantive change in the designation of Hamas and the freezing of its funds by the EU. One may assume that EU authorities will take into consideration the clear evidence that exists regarding the terrorist nature, motivation and activities of Hamas. Hamas bombarded Israeli civilian towns and villages this summer with more than 4,000 rockets. Hamas used its own civilians, including families, homes, children, schools, hospitals and mosques, as shields for rocket emplacements and terror headquarters.

Michael Curtis: Hamas Benefits from Absurd Judicial Decision—In Oliver Twist, published in 1838, Charles Dickens has one of his characters, Mr. Bumble, declare, “If the law supposes that, the law is an ass, an idiot.”  One hundred and seventy-six years later Mr. Bumble would have used the same words in referring to a decision of the General Court (GC) of the European Union. On December 17, 2014 GC ordered the EU to remove Hamas from its terrorist blacklist. The Council of the European Union in Luxembourg on December 27, 2001 adopted a common position as its response to combating terrorism. This meant freezing the funds of individuals and groups on a list adopted by the Council.  The list included Hamas on the list and has maintained that group on the list since then. Other countries, including the U.S. in October 1997, and Australia, Canada, Japan, Egypt, and Britain regarding the military wing, have put Hamas on their terrorist list.

Anne Bayefsky: UN: Turning Back the Clock to Pre-1948 is the Real Endgame—Incitement against the Jewish state is directly related to the stabbings, raping and killing of Jews inside and outside of Israel.  But doing something to stop it requires confronting a very troubling fact: the global epicenter for incitement is the “human rights” leviathan, the United Nations. From November 24, 2014 until December 5, 2014, UN human rights headquarters in Geneva mounted a public exhibit that was pure incitement. UN-driven antisemitism that takes the form of seeking to demonize, disable and ultimately destroy the Jewish state. The exhibit was entitled: “La Nakba:  Exode et Expulsion des Palestiniens en 1948” – or “The Nakba: Exodus and Expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948.”  The occasion was the annual UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Solidarity Day marks the adoption by the General Assembly on November 29, 1947 of the resolution that approved the partitioning of Palestine into an Arab and a Jewish state.

Fatima Ahmad Alsmadi: Behind the Hamas-Iran Rapprochement—Can Hamas turn down Iranian calls to renew their ties to their previous level? No. Officials from both sides who have worked together in the past, especially in coordinating Hamas ties with Hizbullah, exchanged letters and held meetings in Tehran in an effort to restore the ties to their previous vigor. Iran’s outright military and financial support for the Syrian regime against its own people caused Iran to lose its moral standing in the region and see much of its public support in the Arab world evaporate. Rapprochement with Hamas provides Iran with an opportunity to rebuild its standing and restore the leverage it once had. At the same time, Hamas needs relations with Iran in order to offset the pressure it’s facing in the region.

Yaakov Lappin: The Countdown to the Next Gaza Conflict Has Begun— Hamas could, with a fair amount of ease, cause Israel to end its security blockade by accepting the terms of the international Quartet. These include recognizing the state of Israel, renouncing violence and abiding by past agreements. Of course, those would contravene Hamas’s ideology of Islamist jihad and move it away from its current trajectory of organized violence and religious hatred, the foundations upon which it was established in the 1980s by the Muslim Brotherhood. For now, it seems, Hamas will try, as it has been doing for months, to orchestrate terrorism in the West Bank, on the opposite side of Israel, while upholding its truce in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces, too, has spent recent months preparing to respond if there is a fresh round of hostilities.

Stephen M. Flatow: Shedding No Tears for Dead Palestinian Terror Minister—A Palestinian terrorist who murdered innocent Israeli children and maimed a Connecticut housewife died last week of a heart attack when he joined an Arab mob surging towards some Israeli soldiers. The fact that he held the position of deputy minister in the Palestinian Authority did not make him any less of a murderer, or any more deserving of anyone’s sympathy. On May 14, 1979, Chaim and Chaya (Irene) Mark, a couple from Connecticut who had immigrated to Israel, were stepping out of a restaurant in Tiberias when a huge bomb exploded. “I was hit in the chest and knocked down,” Chaim later recalled. “When I got up, I saw my wife with a leg and arm nearly blown off.” Two Israeli children were killed in the bombing, 36 other people were maimed. Mrs. Mark spent a year and a half in the hospital, undergoing countless surgeries, and was left severely handicapped. Ziad Abu Ein was the one who planted the bomb. Sentenced to life imprisonment, after three years Ein was included in an Israeli-Palestinian prisoner exchange. Two months later, he was arrested for conspiring with other terrorists to hijack an Israeli bus. Those of us who have felt the pain of Palestinian terrorism remember who Ziad Abu Ein really was, and will shed no tears over his passing.

Pinhas Inbari: Is the Arab World Turning Its Back on the Palestinians?—The unbridgeable rift between Hamas and Fatah has triggered a distancing by many Arabs from the “Palestinian problem.” The issue has lost its centrality in Arab public awareness, which has begun to look inward at their own domestic hardships. In countries now suffering from the consequences of the “Arab Spring,” many Arabs and their governments even display outright animosity toward the Palestinians. Egypt, a traditional standard bearer for the Palestinian cause, today perceives the Palestinians as a security threat because of Hamas’ deep involvement in terrorism in Egypt and Sinai. Syrians who learned of the latest “Gaza reconstruction” conference in Cairo responded: “What about us?” – arguing that no one cares that their country has been totally destroyed. “What about us?” also came from Palestinian refugees in Syria whose homes were destroyed several years ago.

David Horovitz: In eternally stained Berlin, worrying about Israel—We have looked out across this city from atop the reconstructed Neue Synagogue, its ostentatious dome again affording breathtaking views. We have stood in silence next to the memorial sculpture on nearby Gross Hamburger Street, which marks the spot where tens of thousands of Jews were gathered for deportation to Nazi death camps, and at the simple sign outside Wittenbergplatz U-Bahn station which lists the camps to which they were dispatched. We have toured the “Topography of Terror” exhibit on the site of the former Gestapo headquarters, which charts the year-by-year advance of Nazism. We have made our way around Daniel Libeskind’s vast, clever and curiously non-engaging Jewish Museum. We have walked in eerie late-night darkness through the city center’s 2,711 concrete-slab memorial to Europe’s murdered Jews. We have spent hours at Sachsenhausen concentration camp, standing numbed by cold and the reverberations of evil in the roll-call area, the barracks, and at the site of the crematorium.

Ahuva Balofsky: Netanyahu tightens Israel’s bonds with Christian community— Speaking at a pre-Christmas gathering of the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum in Nazareth on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his appreciation for the soldiers who have enlisted in the Israeli army (IDF). Also in attendance were Deputy Minister Ofir Akunis, Mayor of Nazareth, Ali Sala and prominent Israeli Priest Father Gabriel Naddaf. Naddaf has long been a supporter of the Jewish state. “We are brothers, partners – we Christians and Jews and Druze and Muslims defending the State of Israel,” The Jerusalem Post reported Netanyahu’s words. “Our country is founded on the idea of a Jewish and democratic state, and in this country, relations between Jews and non-Jews should be in harmony, based on mutual respect, based on equal rights, and the most important thought is also equal obligations, that’s what’s reflected here.”

Josh Rogin: U.S. Says Europeans Tortured by Assad’s Death Machine—The State Department’s ambassador at large for war crimes, Stephen Rapp, said in an interview that up to 10 European citizens have been tortured and killed while in the custody of the Syrian regime and that evidence of their deaths could be used for war crimes prosecutions against Bashar al-Assad in several European countries. A newly completed FBI analysis of 27,000 photographs taken by a military police photographer in the Syrian Army and smuggled out of Syria shows evidence of the torture and murder of over 11,000 civilians in custody. Those who provided the photos hope that European countries will see their citizens’ murders as further evidence that the West must reject any notion of allowing the Assad regime to remain in power or being a de facto partner with the West against extremist groups such as the Islamic State. More than 150,000 civilians are still being held in Assad’s jails.






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IDF aircraft strike Gaza following earlier rocket fire

Netanyahu: We will not ignore even one rocket from Gaza

Famous Egyptian writer says Hamas is “the real enemy,” not Israel

Palestinians in Gaza fear IAF attack marks beginning of end of cease-fire

Netanyahu: Palestinian move at UN will lead to Hamas takeover in West Bank

Bennett rails against Palestinian statehood amid heckling

Gaza Posters Depict Hanging of PA Leader Abbas

Netanyahu could be disqualified from Likud leadership race

Gaza Reconstruction Materials Diverted to Hamas for Tunnel Repairs

‘First pure olive oil produced in 2000 years’ says Temple Institute



10--Arutz Sheva


Livni: Netanyahu Should Thank Me for Turning to Kerry

Lapid: Israel Owes Its Citizens an Apology

France: Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ Stabs Three Policemen

Swedish MP Says Jews Aren’t True Swedes

Two Car Bombs Rock Malmo, Sweden

IAF Gaza Strike Targeted Hamas Terror Tunnel Construction

MKs Fire Back at Livni’s ‘Leftist Subversion’

Bennett Blasé Over Jewish Home-Tekuma Tensions

Danon: EU Got Proof That Hamas is a Terror Group

Hamas Official Says a ‘New Chapter’ Open with Iran








Awed by Israel, 2016 Republican hopeful Ben Carson pledges support

IS said to execute 100 foreign fighters who wanted to quit

SnyderTalk Comment: I’m saddened when anyone dies a senseless death, but the good news is that we won’t have to prosecute the ISIS fighters who realized that they made a mistake and wanted to return home.

In the world of authentic Islam, repentance is a capital offense. You can never change your mind. That’s why thinking people won’t submit. Because they repent, they are saved.

EU Foreign Policy Chief: Hamas Must Remain on our Terror List

Hamas threatens retaliation following Israeli airstrikes

SnyderTalk Comment: Threatening to retaliate when you are engaged in never-ending provocations is laughable.  I just wish that Israel had finished the job on Hamas this past summer.  The political and diplomatic costs for Israel would have been no higher, and the terrorist group that came in to replace Hamas would have been no more dangerous.

Entryway to Herod’s hilltop palace uncovered near Jerusalem

Hamdallah urges Hamas to transfer Gaza authority to PA

SnyderTalk Comment: Fat chance.  Hamas won’t transfer anything in Gaza to the PA. There is still too much money to be pilfered, and Hamas leader still have room in their pockets.

Barcelona soccer team ‘set to cut ties with terror-financing Qatar’

Kerry said to warn UN vote on Palestine would strengthen Israeli right

SnyderTalk Comment:  Kerry believes that strengthening the Israeli right is the worst thing that could happen.  To him, it would be like turning Israel over to thinking people who have learned from bitter experience that peace with Hamas and Fatah isn’t in the cards.  He prefers idiots who can’t see beyond the ends of their noses.

Killing top IS leaders not enough to cripple group, say experts

A Galilee Christmas tour, in the footsteps of Jesus



%%%%% Other


Qatar Should ‘Give Gaza’ 2022 Soccer World Cup to Ease Middle East Tensions, British Analyst Says

SnyderTalk Comment: If this suggestion is a joke, it’s a bad one.

Problem is it’s not a joke.  That makes it absurd.

People wonder why Great Britain is in so much trouble.  Well, they should stop wondering.  The economy of thought coming out of Great Britain and Continental European is depressing.

For those of you who have never visited Britain, it’s a common belief in the British Isles that the U.S. is backward socially and politically behind the times.  Most Brits are too polite to tell strangers what they think about the U.S., but some of them imagine that they have a civic duty to let Americans know how they feel.  I guess they don’t remember who came to their defense and pulled their chestnuts out of the fire in World Wars I and II.

I’m the first to admit that the U.S. is far from perfect, but we are light-years ahead of Britain and the rest of Europe.  My fear is that the U.S. is becoming too much like Europe and that we will suffer as they are for the same foolish policies.

A few years ago, my wife and I were in Greece with our daughters.  While we were in Crete, I was eating dinner with one of my daughters.  A Brit was sitting at the table next to us.  He took advantage of our close proximity to tell me how much he disliked President George W. Bush.  He continued by telling me what a great president Bill Clinton had been.

I had no interest in talking with him, so I just listened politely.  I patiently waited hoping that he would stop talking and start eating.

But he didn’t stop.  He kept on telling me about my country until finally I had had enough.

I put down my fork, looked at him, and calmly said, “Your depth of knowledge about the United States and our political system is what I’ve come to expect from 60-second commercials.  They’re fluff.  I’m sorry, it’s not really like a 60-second commercial.  It’s more like a 15-second spot.  You would do well to stick to things that you know something about.”

I wasn’t finished.  I guess I was angry because he interrupted a conversation that I was having with my daughter.  I didn’t travel to Greece with my family to get unsolicited criticism of the U.S. from a half-wit know-it-all with poor manners.  I wanted to teach him a lesson, so I said, “A few years ago, the sun never set on the British Empire.  Today, England is an island.”

That did it.  He shut up.

It was a small, open-air restaurant, and the tables were very close.  Everyone sitting nearby heard the exchange.  They all stopped eating and watched intently.  You could hear a pin drop.

That’s the end of the story.  This is my point: some, maybe most, Europeans think that they are the cat’s meow, but both world wars started in Europe.  I suspect that the next one will, too.  That’s not coincidence.

Abbas Advisor: All of Palestine Will Return to Us Even If It Takes Time

Backed by U.S. Airstrikes, Kurds Reverse an ISIS Gain

Israel scoffs at UN demand that it foot bill for oil spill from Lebanon war

Pakistan executes militants and bombards tribal areas

Ancient Rock Refers to King David

EU Will Lift Restrictions on Hamas in Three Months if Court Ruling Remains Unchallenged, Expert Says

U.S.: EU Should Keep Sanctions Against Hamas

John Kerry is ‘preoccupied’ with the Middle East and climate change in Asia: Kim Beazley

Doubts Emerge Over EU Court’s Justification for Annulment of Hamas Terror Designation








12 Months Is Not Enough Time to Stop an Iranian Nuclear Breakout

Tusk: Russia Biggest EU ‘Challenge’

Putin Confident Russia En Route to Recovery Without Reforms

Vladimir’s Putin the blame on the West for Russia’s ruble woes

Russia’s economy is crashing and here is why you should care

Russia to seek 10 years in prison for opposition activist

Iranian Support Seen Crucial for Yemen’s Houthis

Canada slaps new sanctions on Russia oil sector over Ukraine

Turkish court issues warrant for Erdogan rival Fethullah Gulen

China threatens ‘further action’ as Obama okays sale of frigates to Taiwan



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46 Now Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh, king of Egypt. And Joseph went out from the presence of Pharaoh and went through all the land of Egypt. 47 During the seven years of plenty the land brought forth abundantly. 48 So he gathered all the food of these seven years which occurred in the land of Egypt and placed the food in the cities; he placed in every city the food from its own surrounding fields. 49 Thus Joseph stored up grain in great abundance like the sand of the sea, until he stopped measuring it, for it was beyond measure.

SnyderTalk Comment: Read His Name is Yahweh.


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