July 30, 2015 SnyderTalk: Obama’s Gamble with Iran’s Theocratic Regime

1--Intro Covering Israel and ME

“And it will come about in the last days that the mountain of the house of Yahweh will be established as the chief of the mountains. It will be raised above the hills, and the peoples will stream to it. Many nations will come and say, ‘Come and let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh and to the house of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us about His ways and that we may walk in His paths.’ For from Zion will go forth the law, even the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem.” Micah 4: 1-2


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Robert D. Onley—Obama’s Gamble with Iran’s Theocratic Regime: 

  • Even more concerning is that the Iran deal may directly conflict with U.S. obligations as a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Iran deal may be unconstitutional, violate international law and feature commitments that President Obama could not otherwise lawfully make. By seeking approval of the deal under the UN Security Council, Obama has bound the U.S. under international law without Senate consent.
  • The gravest consequence of Obama’s Iran deal is that the world bestowed ideological legitimacy on the Islamic Republic’s radical theocracy, and in so doing has consigned the people of Iran to near permanent rule under the iron fist of Shi’a Islamism.
  • A total reversal of the Iranian regime’s behavior should have been, and still can be, a precondition for the removal of any sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program. An end to Iran’s financial and materiel support for terrorist forces such as Hezbollah and Hamas must be demanded, along with the return of the four American hostages Iran is holding.
  • There is still time for a better deal that can be had.

As President Obama and Secretary Kerry dominated the airwaves with rounds of media interviews to defend the Iran deal last week, German Vice Chancellor and Economic Minister Sigmar Gabriel flew straight to Tehran for the first of what are certain to be countless meetings by P5+1 leaders to capitalize on new business opportunities in Iran.

In Europe, it seems, there is no debate to be had over the Iran deal; rather, it is a fait accompli.

But in the United States, the domestic debate is heating up, fueled by a Presidential primary campaign and increasingly justified bipartisan anxiety over the bill.

Independent of these political realities, however, the immediacy and tenacity of the White House’s defense of the Iran deal (which now has its own @TheIranDeal Twitter account, no less), betrays an acute unspoken discomfort by many Democrats with the practical flaws and global security dangers that the deal presents.

Obama’s Iran deal is a direct manifestation of the President’s fundamentally misguided worldview, one that wishes away danger and then believes in the wishes.


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SnyderTalk Comment: “Gamble” is a good word for it.  Obama is gambling with other people’s lives.  Sunni Muslims living near Iran and Jewish people living in Israel are the first at risk, but so is the rest of the world.

See “John Kerry: If Iran Deal Crumbles, Blame Israel”.  Obama and Kerry have no shame, no morals, no dignity, and no scruples.  Until today’s announcement by the Boy Scouts of America, I wouldn’t have trusted them to run a Boy Scout troop.

This is not the same country that I grew up in.






13--Perspectives 2


Leon Wieseltier: The Iran Deal and the Rut of History—The Iranian worldview was founded in large measure on a fiery, theological anti-Americanism, an officially disseminated view of Americanism as satanism. The adversarial relationship between America and the regime in Tehran has been based on the fact that weshould be adversaries. What democrat, what pluralist, what liberal, what conservative would want this Iran for a friend? Obama likes to think, when he speaks of Iran, that he speaks of its people, but in practice he has extended his hand to its regime. With his talk about the Islamic Republic becoming “a very successful regional power,” he has legitimated a regime that was more and more lacking in legitimacy. (There was something grotesque about the chumminess, the jolly camaraderie, of the American negotiators and the Iranian negotiators.) The text of the agreement states that the signatories will submit a resolution to the UN Security Council “expressing its desire to build a new relationship with Iran.” Not a relationship with a new Iran, but a new relationship with this Iran, as it is presently constituted – that is to say, theocratic, oppressive, xenophobic, aggressive, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and homophobic. In his recent Iranian New Year message, Obama exhorted the “people of Iran…to speak up for the future [they] seek.” The last time the people of Iran spoke up to their government, they left their blood on the streets. If I could believe that the agreement marked the end of Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon, I would support it. I do not support it because it is only a deferral and a delay. Every pathway is not cut off. Moreover, if even a fraction of the revenues returned to Iran are allocated to its vile adventures beyond its borders, the U.S. will have subsidized an expansion of its own nightmares. As long as Iran does not agree to retire its infrastructure so that the manufacture of a nuclear weapon becomes not improbable but impossible, the U.S. will not have transformed the reality that worries it. We will only have mitigated it and prettified it.

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg: Are You Concerned about Iran?— Despite suffering the catastrophic calamities and tragedies of the last 2,000 years, we nevertheless remain an eternally optimistic people always wanting to believe that somehow regardless of the most recent enemy declaring his intent of wiping our people and our homeland off the map, everything is going to be alright. Optimism has served our people well, giving us the strength, courage and faith to endure in the face of relentless attempts to annihilate and exterminate us. And yet, unbridled optimism is extremely dangerous when it breeds apathy, complacency and indifference. Despite the countless warnings and portents of the impending disaster, the generation that experienced the destruction of the Temple refused to see it coming. The first word of the first kinnah(elegy) we recite on Tisha B’Av morning is shavas, which means to cease. Our Rabbis emphasized that shavas doesn’t just mean everything stopped, it means it ceased suddenly or unexpectedly. Rabbi Soloveitchik explained: “Although the people were told that the Churban (destruction of the Temple) would occur, they did not really believe the warnings and did not expect that it would ever happen. But when the people arose in the morning, lo and behold, contrary to everyone’s expectations, the Temple, the Beis Ha’Mikdash, was gone, Jerusalem was in ruin and the people were in captivity. The realization that the Churban had occurred struck suddenly. It had the emotional and psychological impact of a sudden disaster.”

George Phillips: Iran Deal: $150 Billion to Fund Obama’s War—In 1947, U.S. President Truman made history by launching the Marshall Plan, sending $13 billion (about $140 billion in today’s dollars) to help rebuild post-war Europe, in order to prevent Western Europe from falling to Communist expansion. Today President Obama is trying to make history through an Iranian nuclear deal that will give an astounding $150 billion of sanctions relief to a regime that was in 2014 considered by the U.S. Department of State, along with Sudan and Syria, one of the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism. The Marshall Plan was spread out over 17 countries that were U.S. allies and considered critical in the long struggle that would put Soviet communism on the “ash-heap of history,” in the words of President Ronald Reagan. Under the President Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal, $150 billion would go to a single regime that has been a state sponsor of terrorism for the entire 36 years of its existence.

Herb Keinon: Does the Deal Make It Less Likely that Iran Will Get a Nuclear Weapon?—The Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday responded to the question of whether the deal makes it less likely that Iran will get a nuclear weapon. It said the opposite is true and that the deal provides Iran with two paths to the bomb. Either the Iranians will violate the deal, as they have done in the past, and develop a bomb by cheating, or they will abide by the accord and then, in about a decade, “carry out unlimited enrichment of uranium with full international legitimacy….Iran’s breakout time at that point will be close to zero, as the U.S. president himself has said.” As to the argument that the only alternative to the deal is war, Israel has consistently promoted two different alternatives. “First, Israel supported the policy of ‘dismantle for dismantle,’ whereby the sanctions regime would be dismantled only when Iran’s military nuclear program is dismantled. This policy was based on successive UN Security Council resolutions and was U.S. policy until 2013. Its implementation would have genuinely closed the Iranian nuclear file.” In the absence of a complete roll-back of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, there should at least be a significant roll-back, with severe restrictions on Iran lifted only when it stopped its regional aggression, support of global terrorism and efforts to destroy Israel. The deal makes war more – not less – likely because Iran will be able to fill its coffers to fund its subversion, and because other countries in the Middle East, expecting Iran to become a nuclear power, will begin their own nuclear programs.

Walter Russell Mead: The Nuclear Deal Fallout—Is the nuclear deal just the first act in a longer drama of retreat, retrenchment, and accommodation as the U.S. hands the keys of the Persian Gulf to our new Shi’a friends? The appeasers, sorry, the accommodationists argue that if we are too tough on Iran now, they will walk away from the nuclear deal, and the U.S. will be face to face with the stark choice that the Obama administration has worked so hard to avoid: accept an Iranian bomb, or bomb Iran. The nuclear deal appears to be replete with mechanisms by which Iran could walk away from it without incurring the price of a snap-back of international sanctions or an interruption of the money rolling in. But unless Washington confronts Iran’s regional ambitions on the ground, the nuclear deal could do more to destabilize the Middle East than it will to calm things down.

Natan Sharansky: Criticizing Israel’s Ally— These days, like many Israelis and American Jews, I find myself in a precarious and painful situation. Those of us who believe that the nuclear agreement just signed between world powers and Iran is dangerously misguided are now compelled to criticize Israel’s best friend and ally, the government of the United States. In standing up for what we think is right, for both our people and the world, we find ourselves at odds with the power best able to protect us and promote stability. As difficult as this situation is, however, it is not unprecedented. Jews have been here before, 40 years ago, at a historic juncture no less frightening or fateful than today’s. In the early 1970s, Republican President Richard Nixon inaugurated his policy of detente with the Soviet Union with an extremely ambitious aim: to end the Cold War by normalizing relations between the two superpowers.

Uzay Bulut: Turkey Uses ISIS as Excuse to Attack Kurds— Turkey’s government seems to be waging a new war against the Kurds, now struggling to get an internationally recognized political status in Syrian Kurdistan. On July 24, Turkish media sources reported that Turkish jet fighters bombed Kurdish PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) bases in Qandil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. Turkey is evidently unsettled by the rapprochement the PKK seems to be establishing with the U.S. and Europe. Possibly alarmed by the PKK’s victories against ISIS, as well as its strengthening international standing, Ankara, in addition to targeting ISIS positions in Syria, has been bombing the PKK positions in the Qandil mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, where the PKK headquarters are located. There is no ISIS in Qandil. As expected, many Turkish media outlets were more enthusiastic about the Turkish air force’s bombing the Kurdish militia than about bombing ISIS. “The camps of the PKK,” they excitedly reported, “have been covered with fire.” It appears as if Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is using ISIS as a pretext to attack the PKK.

Burak Bekdil: Turkey Turns on Its Jihadists Next Door— When the Islamist radicals of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS, or Islamic State) decided to send a suicide bomber across the border into a small Turkish town, they probably did not think the bomb attack would poison their relations with Turkey. After all, the bomber’s target was a pro-Kurdish group, also viewed with hostility by Turkey. The attack killed 32 people and injured over 100. The attack also prompted tighter border controls in an area patrolled by the Turkish security forces. In an exchange of fire over the Turkey-Syria border, one Turkish non-commissioned officer was killed (the first Turkish casualty by IS fire) along with one IS fighter. That was the end of Turkey’s silent, peaceful cohabitation with the jihadists next door. The Turkish military said it sent fighter jets to bomb IS positions in northern Syria. Turkey also, for the first time, joined the allied forces fighting IS, by agreeing to allow, after several months of negotiations, the US military to use the critical Incirlik air base in southern Turkey for air strikes against IS targets.

Raymond Ibrahim: Islamist “Justice”: Slow Painful Death for Christian Mother in Pakistan— Pakistan’s authorities appear to have found a solution to at least one of their problems in the international arena: Aasiya Noreen — or “Asia Bibi” — a 50-year-old Christian woman and mother of five, who has been on death row for six years for allegedly insulting Muhammad. Instead of executing Asia Bibi and further advertising to the international community that theirs is a savage and backwards nation — and instead of releasing her and provoking millions of angry Muslims to turn on the government and accuse it of supporting “apostasy” — Pakistan’s authorities appear to be letting time, wretched conditions, severe maltreatment, and beatings slowly kill her. Recent reports state that she is deathly ill and “so weak she could hardly walk.” Mission Network News says that Asia Bibi has “internal bleeding, abdominal pain, and is vomiting blood. If she does not receive immediate medical care, she could die.”

Regavim: Basic Facts about the Arab Village Called Susiya—The State Department and EU have been misled to believe that an old Arab village called Susiya existed, as asserted by the Nawajah family – Arab herders. However Israel’s High Court found that these assertions were demonstrably false. Historical aerial photography, detailed mandatory maps, travelogues from the 18th and 19th centuries, and the population registry all established that no such village ever existed. The Arab herders have permanent homes in West Bank town of Yatta and frequented the area near the ancient Jewish town of Susiya only seasonally while grazing their flocks.

Regavim: Aerial Photos from 1999 and 2013 of the Arab Encampment near Susiya—Aerial photographs testify that in this place, there never was any settlement before the year 2000. At present, there are 64 structures in the encampment, 85% of which were put up between 2011 and 2013.

SnyderTalk Comment:UK rabbis denounce Israel’s ‘unjust’ demolition of Palestinian village”.  There is none so blind as those who will not see.

Yoram Schweitzer and Zvi Magen: The Islamic State, the Caucasus, and the Russian Response—The activity of global jihad elements in Russia and the Caucasus is not a new threat, but the penetration of the Islamic State into the region, through an alliance with the local Salafist jihadi terror elements, bodes ill for the region. It is thus understandable why over the last few months the tone of the Russian attitude to the Islamic State in general has changed. In the past, Russia’s policy was to trivialize the threat posed by the Islamic State both to the regional order in the Middle East and to Russia itself. The Islamic State was described as a temporary phenomenon and as part of al-Qaeda, backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the purpose of fighting the Bashar al-Assad regime, Iran, and the Shiites. Now, however, growing concern is noticeable in Russian statements, with the Islamic State presented as a real threat. Accordingly, the Islamic State, which was outlawed by Russia as a terrorist group six months ago, has been called both a principal enemy of Russia and an overall regional threat, and it can be assumed that Russia will reassess its policy of avoiding involvement in the war against the Islamic State.






9--Jerusalem Post


Netanyahu: Iran and Hezbollah have terrorist network throughout Europe

Palestinian girl whom Merkel caused to cry wants to abolish Israel

Israel and Cyprus to expand energy cooperation, link to European markets

Jonathan Pollard on forthcoming release: ‘I’m looking forward to being reunited with my wife’

SnyderTalk Comment: Of course, it isn’t.  If Kerry was Pinocchio, his nose would stretch from here to the moon.

Former US secretary of defense: Releasing Pollard doesn’t make Iran deal any less of a disaster

Bill allowing MK’s to quit Knesset set to be passed today

PLO to investigate reports of secret talks between Palestinian and Israeli officials

Edelstein and former Likud rebels say ‘I told you so’ on Gaza disengagement

SnyderTalk Comment: In fairness to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, President George W. Bush pressured Sharon to disengage, but Sharon did it.  He shouldn’t have.

Also, in fairness to Sharon, there was tremendous internal political pressure in Israel to disengage.  Parents of IDF soldiers who had to risk their lives to defend the “settlers” wanted them out of Gaza and other “settlements”.  Maybe now they will realize that they were safer when the “settlers” were allowed to “settle”.

Bottom line: Israel should make no attempt to appease the terrorists in their midst.  I know it sounds harsh, but that’s the truth.  The cost of appeasement for Israel is very high.  It’s much higher than the cost of standing on principle.

Yahweh will honor principled stands that are based on His promises.  He won’t honor attempts to nullify those promises.  In fact, doing that puts Israel at odds with Yahweh, and He always wins.

Joint List MKs threaten ‘war’ in visit to Temple Mount

Border Police, Settlers clash over impending Beit El demolition

Possibility opens for UN to destroy ISIS

Pathway to defeating ISIS runs through Kurdistan – and starts in America

Do Israel and the Gulf states share interests that could lead to closer relations?

Percent of ultra-Orthodox in workforce doubled since 2008, Economy Ministry finds



10--Arutz Sheva


Turkey Revealed to be Cooperating with ISIS

SnyderTalk Comment: Turkey should not be allowed to be a part of NATO.

Pollard Will Go Free November 20

Erdogan Declares War on the Kurds

ISIS Expelled From Syrian Provincial Capital

Fatah Demands That Hamas Hand Over Control of Gaza

ICC Prosecutor Rejects Reopening of Marmara Probe

Netanyahu: Looking Forward to Pollard’s Release

UN Aid Chief Calls for Greater Access to Syria

US to Lift Sanctions on Khamenei’s $100 Billion Empire

‘If Beit El Falls, the Government Must Fall’

Netanyahu: Iran’s Hezbollah Threatens Europe

Renewed Attempts to Break In to Beit El Homes

Last-Ditch Petition May Delay Home Demolitions








On Temple Mount, Arab party accuses Israel of fomenting war

Jerusalem sheikh lectures kids on glories of martyrdom

Funeral for Palestinian killed fleeing arrest turns violent

Arab League to meet on ‘dangerous development’ in Jerusalem

Nasrallah to Arab states: Don’t cozy up to ‘cancerous’ Israel

Netanyahu scrambles to calm seething coalition after settlement evacuation

Police swarm illegal settlement buildings, 50 arrested

Disengagement protesters reoccupy evacuated West Bank settlement

MK moots peace plan that lets settlers stay in Palestinian state

Officials: IAEA may agree to let Iran take own soil samples

Half of Americans want Congress to reject Iran deal — poll

SnyderTalk Comment: The other half is made up of Obama supporters and people at their awareness level.

Netanyahu dispatching big guns to US as Iran deal battle heats up

Top EU diplomat due in Iran for post-nuke deal talks

Iran looks to resume direct flights to US

UK among 7 Israeli embassies soon to have no envoy

Haredi women, the start-up nation’s abysmally underpaid backbone

Ten years of limbo: Gush Katif evacuees still in trailers



12a--Other News 2


Jordan Slams Israel over Temple Mount Unrest

The “Al-Aksa is in Danger” Libel: The History of a Lie

Arab Knesset Member Denies Jewish Claim to Temple Mount, Sparking Israeli Outrage

It’s Time to Evict J Street From the Jewish Communal Tent

Summer Camp With Guns

Hamas Summer Camp Trains 25,000 Gazans as Fighters

ICC Prosecutor Rejects Court’s Request to Reconsider Flotilla Case

Do Torah Scholars Have the Right Not To Be Drafted by the Government?

The new Hezbollah: How Israel’s No. 1 enemy is preparing for third Lebanon War

Deadly bombing strikes Bahrain amid rising sectarian tensions

After videos, Senate Republicans target Planned Parenthood vote

SnyderTalk Comment: I’m reminded of the clip below from No Country for Old Men.  Planned Parenthood is Murder, Inc.  It’s been in the murder business for decades and getting government funding to pursue its horrific mission.  And now a dimwit at Planned Parenthood says that they are selling parts from the babies they kill.  That got attention.  The murders themselves didn’t attract any.

I am ashamed of Congress, the president, and voters.  We did this.






12b--TRIC for use


Obama Administration ‘Not Seeking To Pacify’ Israel: Iranian Media

SnyderTalk Comment: That leads me to believe that there is a side deal that says, in effect, that the U.S. won’t try to soften the blow for Israel.

Report: Iran Threat of Genocide Against Israel Could Hinder Lifting of International Sanctions

Israeli Think Tank: Nuclear Deal to Boost Iranian Missile, Rocket and Drone Programs

Iran: Challenging Our Missile Program Means Crossing a Red Line

Longest serving Jewish congressman Sandy Levin supports Iran nuclear deal

SnyderTalk Comment: And that tells us what?  It tells us that Sandy Levin is a Democrat first and foremost.

I feel sorry for people who put political party affiliation ahead of Yahweh.  In biblical parlance, that’s called worshiping false gods.

Turkish fighter jets target Kurdish rebels

Turkey’s Erdogan: peace process with Kurdish militants impossible

NATO proclaims ‘strong solidarity’ with Turkey

SnyderTalk Comment: That tells us a lot about NATO under Obama.

Iran a ‘formidable’ danger to Europe: Benjamin Netanyahu

EU hopes to build bridges between Iran and neighbours



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SnyderTalk Comment: Read His Name is Yahweh.

“Also I gave them My sabbaths to be a sign between Me and them, that they might know that I am Yahweh who sanctifies them.” Ezekiel 20: 12

Yes, the Sabbath is important to Yahweh.  It always has been.


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