September 19, 2014 SnyderTalk: The anatomy of ISIS: How the ‘Islamic State’ is run, from oil to beheadings

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“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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Nick Thompson and Atika Shubert—The anatomy of ISIS: How the ‘Islamic State’ is run, from oil to beheadings:

Put yourself in the shoes (and sixth-century black robes) of ISIS’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the mysterious boss of the terror group that is striking fear into the hearts of leaders around the world.

In the past couple of years you’ve managed to avoid drone attacks and survive civil wars, unify militant groups in two different countries under your banner, raise an army of jihadis from across the globe, and seize a chunk of land stretching from northern Syria to central Iraq.

Your newly-declared “Islamic State” is the size of Pennsylvania, so how do you govern it? You compartmentalize.

New data from the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC) has revealed that ISIS is putting governing structures in place to rule the territories the group conquers once the dust settles on the battlefield.

The research shows how ISIS has gone from being a purely military force to building a system that can provide basic services, such as making sure that gas and food are available, to its new citizens.

From the cabinet and the governors to the financial and legislative bodies, ISIS’ bureaucratic hierarchy looks a lot like those of some of the Western countries whose values it rejects — if you take away the democracy and add in a council to consider who should be beheaded.


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SnyderTalk Comment: ISIS is organizing for the long-term.  People with a penchant for short-term thinking, people like Barack Obama, will have trouble dealing with it.  The same holds true for Turkey’s President Erdogan.

Obama and Erdogan more than anyone else are responsible for the mess that we are experiencing right now.  Obama got it all started with his 2009 apology tour that he launched in Cairo, and Erdogan followed up immediately with a high-profile attempt to break the Gaza blockade and garner a measure of notoriety for himself.

Could Obama and Erdogan have been collaborating?  I don’t know, but it’s an interesting question.  For short-term thinkers, it would have made a lot of sense.

There is a payday for short-term thinking, and Turkey is about to pay the price for Erdogan’s shenanigans.  ISIS is going to make the PKK look like a gang of unruly children.






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Robert Fisk: Assad’s letter to the US: How Syria is luring President Obama into its web—Syria has asked Washington to engage in military and intelligence collaboration to defeat their mutual enemy Isis, inviting US congressmen and senators to visit Damascus to discuss joint action against the jihadis who threaten both America and the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. It’s an offer that President Barack Obama will have to refuse – but not without some embarrassment. After deciding to bomb the forces of Isis, which calls itself Islamic State, in Syria as well as Iraq, Mr Obama was confronted by Vladimir Putin’s warning that any such unilateral action in Syria would be “an act of aggression”. The US President will now have to explain yet again why he cannot collaborate against America’s “apocalyptic” enemies with a Syrian regime which he has also sworn to overthrow – even though this regime is fighting exactly the same enemies.

Anne Bayefsky: The United Nations: World’s Leading Purveyor of Antisemitism— My time is short, too short to try to emulate the diplomatic sophistry that passes for respect in the meeting rooms of the United Nations. So I will get right to the point. The UN is not having a conference on the threat that global antisemitism poses to international peace and security. This is lunch-time. The courageous organizer, assisted by the principled representatives of the small state of Palau, is independent of the UN. The facilities are not free. But why couldn’t the UN, founded on the ashes of the Jewish people, and presently witnessing a widespread resurgence in antisemitism, sponsor a conference on combating global antisemitism? The answer is clear. Because the United Nations itself is the leading global purveyor of antisemitism. Photo-ops of the UN Secretary-General and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at the gates of Auschwitz are not an alibi.

Ben Cohen: The Danger of Depending on Turkey— Here’s the good news: the Obama administration has finally grasped that the onslaught of the Islamic State terror group through Iraq and Syria needs to be defeated and destroyed. Sixty-one percent of Americans, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, agree with the president. At a time when much of the world believes, not unreasonably, that America is in retreat, the administration’s willingness to pursue military options and its almost George W. Bush-esque rhetoric regarding the “evil” of Islamic State, as Secretary of State John Kerry put it, is most welcome. Even so, the issue of which states to involve in the battle against Islamic State should leave us less sanguine about where this battle might lead. Yes, yes, I know: This is the Middle East, and we are therefore compelled to work with distasteful regimes, such as the Saudis, in accomplishing strategic goals like the expulsion of Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in 1991. This time, however, we need to avoid an outcome that strengthens Iranian influence in the region, which means that we cannot indefinitely postpone the discussion over what to do about the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.

Yossi Klein Halevi: How Do Israelis Cope?—Outside my window, in the Palestinian village across the road, they celebrated the supposed victory of Hamas over Israel every night after the cease-fire with fireworks. A poll confirmed that an astonishing 87% of Palestinians support the organization whose deepest religious longing is the destruction of Israel. On the news they’re reporting members of Islamic State have infiltrated across the Jordanian border. We’ve got Hizbullah on our northern border and Hamas to our south. During the recent failed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Secretary of State John F. Kerry suggested that Israel yield control over the West Bank border with Jordan to an international peacekeeping force. Yet last week hundreds of UN peacekeeping troops on the Israeli-Syrian border barely escaped into Israel after al-Qaeda forces overran their position. Who should we rely on to protect us if not ourselves? Israelis watch the fate of the Yazidi and Christian minorities in the Middle East and tell each other: Imagine what would happen to us if we ever lowered our guard. We are caught in a pathological pattern. A jihadist enemy fires rockets against Israeli civilians. Israel tries to stop the rockets, often launched from schools and mosques. The result is widespread civilian casualties, which is precisely what the terrorists want. The international community reacts with horror – against Israel. And we emerge from each round of fighting one step closer to becoming the world’s pariah state. We cope because we have no choice.

Timon Dias: How Europe’s Pro-Gaza Movement Cultivates Violence, Anti-Semitism— A Dutch Turkish driving school instructor, Sait Cinar, recently posted a video on his school’s Facebook page in which he said, “Remember this, those cancerous Zionists, you have to compare them to zombies. And do you know that to do with zombies? You shoot them.” The original Facebook page on which the video was posted had over 70,000 “Likes” before it was removed. In the video, Cinar pulls out his 9mm pistol and fires eleven bullets before pulling out a .38 revolver. “But that’s not enough,” he continues, while firing another two rounds from his balcony. “You take your gun and this is how you break these cancerous Zionists, you have to kill them, you must compare them to zombies” Although the video was recorded in Turkey, upon Cinar’s return from Istanbul he was arrested and is now in Dutch custody on the accusation of hate speech.

Robert Satloff: From Gaza to ISIS: Assessing Change in Today’s Middle East— The Middle East today is a region characterized by stunning ironies and jarring disconnects. It is almost as though the Onion replaced the New York Times as the region’s paper of record. Here are ten headlines: 1. Arab states rally in defense of Sykes-Picot, long viewed as Western plot to divide Arabs. This is the most important observation. Here in the West, it is now common, even chic, to bemoan the demise of the Arab state system devised by the colonial powers after World War I. The reality, however, is that some Arab leaders, after being consumed for the last three-plus years by the task of either protecting their systems at home or fighting to extinguish domestic chaos and emerge intact, have finally realized that they have an interest in the system at large. They realized that the collapse of Iraq, the collapse of Syria, and the collapse of Libya have enormous regional impact, and they are determined to do something about it. This is “Sykes-Picot’s revenge,” and it is a powerful motivation for leaders around the region.

Vijeta Uniyal: Responses to Terrorism: Europe v. India— Even as an Indian living in Europe, with no stake in Israeli-Arab conflict, the anti-Semitism was striking. I have often witnessed the nuanced anti-Semitism of the intellectual elites and the crude anti-Semitism of “the street.” But I have never seen such a frenzy of anti-Semitism on the loose as in the wake of the latest round of hostilities between Israel and Hamas — and in Germany of all places! These latest displays of ferocity were clearly not a “spontaneous reaction” to the developing situation in Gaza. They were an opportune moment for many to act upon their hitherto-concealed anti-Semitism by dressing it up as a supposedly “genuine concern” for human suffering. Meanwhile, I have also seen, however, the rising support for Israel among the Indians in diaspora and back home in India.

Dexter van Zile: A Cruz Critic at The New York Times Discovers Christians in the Middle EastNew York Times columnist Ross Douthat has discovered the plight of Christians in the Middle East. In a September 14, 2014, column about Ted Cruz’s appearance at a Gala Dinner organized by In Defense of Christians, Douthat acknowledged the threat radical Islam presents to Christians in the region. He states that the American government has done little to prevent the destruction of Christianity in the Middle East and that for a number of reasons, American elites have failed to lift up the cudgel on behalf of these beleaguered Christians. So far so good. Douthat goes off the rails, however, when he unfairly blames the Israel-supporting Evangelical right – a group that has vocally condemned religious persecution in the Middle East – for America’s failure to respond to violence against Christians in the region.

Ravi Kumar: Syrian Brotherhood Stands Nearer to ISIS Than to U.S.— While the United States tries to build a coalition of Arab allies to join the fight against the terrorist group ISIS, now known as the Islamic State, one group which stands to benefit directly is coming out against Western intervention and expressing unity with other radical jihadists. A Syrian Muslim Brotherhood spokesman says attacks on the Islamic State by the United States and its allies are not the answer. “Our battle with ISIS is an intellectual battle,” Omar Mushaweh said in a statement published Sept. 9 on the Syrian Brotherhood’s official website, “and we wish that some of its members get back to their sanity, we really distinguish between those in ISIS who are lured and brainwashed and they might go back to the path of righteous, and between those who has foreign agendas and try to pervert the way of the [Syrian] revolution.”

Nadav Shragai: Re-liberate Jerusalem— There was nothing spontaneous about the well-planned ambush, which almost became a lynching against the Cohen family as it drove to the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City last Friday. There was also nothing spontaneous a week earlier about the organized attack by about 40 masked assailants who nearly caused a horrible tragedy when they tried lighting a gas station in the city’s French Hill neighborhood on fire. It is hard to accept the police’s version that the recent events of the third Jerusalem intifada are not pre-organized. While incidents like the abduction and murder of the three teenage boys, the murder of the Arab boy in Shuafat or the war in Gaza have undeniably been motivating factors, the perpetuation of the terrible violence is evidence of a guiding hand, certainly at the local level and perhaps further afield, behind the third Jerusalem intifada.






9--Jerusalem Post


Kurds say Islamic State seizes Syrian villages near Turkish border

Gaza Landlords Refusing to Rent to Hamas

ISIS May Target Israelis, Jews Abroad, Counter-Terrorism Bureau Warns

Israel police arrest Palestinian carrying an axe near Jerusalem

Iran’s Zarif talks US-Iran relations during Washington trip

Hamas official: Negotiations to resume no later than next week

Iran’s Rouhani: Islamic State wants to ‘kill humanity’

High Court: Ultra-Orthodox do not have to learn core curriculum

Iran sentences six youth dancing in ‘Happy’ video to six months in jail, 91 lashes

Small Gaza terror group likely behind rocket fire, army source says



10--Arutz Sheva


Turkish Parliamentarian: 53 Turkish Families Joined ISIS

How Did WWI End in Palestine?

Russia, Egypt Sign Weapons Deal worth 3.5M Dollars

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Compound Near Beit Shemesh

Lapid Invites Press to This Afternoon’s Faction Meeting

UN Sec. Gen. Calls to Int’l Community to Act against ISIS

Terror Attack Prevented South of Jerusalem

5 Wanted Men Arrested Last Night in Judea-Samaria

Rouhani: ISIS is a Source of Concern for All Humanity

Former Jordanian MP: Jews Use Human Blood in Passover Matzos

SnyderTalk Comment: The lie that won’t die.  It’s fit for a fool.








Report: Islamic State Making Inroads in Villages near Golan in Syria 

Mortar shell fired from Gaza at Israel

Hamas said to arrest mortar launchers

More Gazans said risking sea passage for better life in Europe

Will an independent Scotland be a boost for Palestinian nationalism?

Israel’s power-starved left seeks its political fortunes in the center

IS leader depicted as child of Jewess and devil

Islamic State-inspired lone wolves pose ‘significant’ threat to Jews

Ex-IDF chief rabbi denies leaking info to Bennett

‘Israel has the opportunity to win the hearts of all Syrians’



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Australian PM says police raids follow IS linked beheading plot

Britain to Curb Muslim Brotherhood Operations in London

3-year Study Charges UCLA Department With ‘Antisemitic Activity and Anti-Israel Bias’

US, Iran to hold bilateral talks in New York this week

Western Europe, Turkey, on Israel’s Holiday Terror Warning List; Attacks by Returning ISIS Fighters Feared

ISIS releases new video saying fighters are ready for US attack

US Combat Troops Could Return to Iraq

Iraqi Leader Says No to Foreign Ground Troops

World holds its breath, mostly hoping Scots vote ‘No’

Islamic State Attracts Female Jihadis from U.S.






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