October 8, 2014 SnyderTalk: ISIS with Nuclear Weapons

1--Intro Covering Israel and ME

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6



Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles begins at sunset on October 8th.



2--SnyderTalk Editorial 4


ISIS with Nuclear Weapons

I watched a Bill Maher program that consisted of a panel discussion.  Actor Ben Affleck was one of the panelists.

Affleck argued forcefully with expletives galore that Islamophobia is real and that people who speak out against Islam as it actually is are “racists”.  Despite the best efforts of some panel members to convince Affleck that he was mistaken, he stuck to his guns.  Although admitting that wanton murder is wrong, he kept on repeating that the Islamist killers represent a small minority of Muslims.

It’s true that Islamists represent a minority of Muslims, but let’s put that in perspective.  There are roughly 1.5 billion Muslims and about 20% of them are Islamists.  That means there are at least 300 million Islamists.

Anyone who believes that 300 million Islamists is a small number is a fool.

Islamists are the face of Islam today and ISIS types are their poster children.  Their star performer is the British beheader.  The primary suspect is Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary who rapped under the name “L Jinny”.

The 300 million potential jihadists make the other 1.2 billion Muslims fade to insignificance.  That’s something Affleck and people like him haven’t understood yet, but they will eventually unless they become jihadists themselves.

Islamists are writing the book on what Islam is.  To make their points, they are slaughtering people who don’t buy their immoral philosophies.  The majority of Muslims are irrelevant because all they do is talk, and their words mean nothing compared to ISIS’ actions.

So when President Obama, Ben Affleck, and others tell us that Islam is about peace and that Islamophobes are racists, they are demonstrating their ignorance.  More importantly, they are displaying their foolishness.

Islamist jihadists in the U.S. who have made the news by committing atrocious acts got their religious training in local mosques and in U.S. prisons.  That’s a fact, and it doesn’t square with Obama’s and Affleck’s ridiculous arguments.

Now, imagine if you will, ISIS with nuclear weapons. If you think that it can’t happen, you have a lot in common with Ben Affleck and Barack Obama.






13--Perspectives 2


Steve Apfel: Holocaust denial by a different name— Spitting venom at Israel in no way, so we’re told, is a take-down of Jews. And as if to prove it, critics who damn Israel and Nazi atrocities in one foul breath have wished all their Jewish friends a happy, sweet year ahead. Just as critics don’t hate Jews none, we’re told, deny the Holocaust. It happened – of course it did. It is simply that Israelis failed to learn lessons, whatever they may be, from that horror. Thus have the wicked twins – Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism – been artfully slipped into fair and valid discourse. A British Member of Parliament is one of those artful ‘slip-inners.’ The Huffington Post carried David Ward’s foul breath during a House of Commons debate in January 2013. “I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians…on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza…The suffering by the Jews has not transformed their views on how others should be treated.”

Steve Apfel: Genocide in miniature— Mahmoud Abbas, nominal leader of ‘Palestine’, told the UN General Assembly that Israel was waging a “war of genocide” in Gaza. “Israel has chosen to make it a year of a new war of genocide against the Palestinian people.” From Ramallah to the UN and back again, if the G-word is not flavor of the month, it must be pretty close to that pinnacle. Genocide-touting loudmouths from East to West nurse an unmovable belief in Israel the monster. Muslim warlords on the other hand never have genocide leveled at them, though hellbent on genocide for all they’re worth. Look at Syria and Iraq, at Nigeria and Sudan where the scale of slaughter is biblical and ‘Infidels’ are being wiped off the face of the earth. Next to what is going down in North Africa and the Mid-East, the latest war between Gaza and Israel was no more than a schoolyard brawl.

Khaled Abu Toameh: Palestinians: We Hate You, Even If You Support Us— Two incidents that took place at university campuses in the West Bank in the past few days serve as a reminder that some Palestinians have no problem attacking or threatening even those who support and try to help them. It is not the first time that Palestinians are ungrateful to those who take pains to reach out to them. Of course, there is no logic in targeting those who work hard to help you and your people. But who said that Palestinians, or anyone else, always act in according with their interests and in a rational way? Over the past two decades, Palestinians, like most Arabs, have been subjected to a large-scale campaign of incitement against Israel and the US. This is a campaign that is being waged through the media, especially Arab and Islamic TV stations, the internet, mosques and the rhetoric of leaders and politicians.

PBS Weekend NewsHour Interview: The War on ISIS: Where in the Middle East is the Islamic State making gains?— HARI SREENIVASAN: And now the second installment of the Weekend NewsHour’s series — The War on ISIS: Extended conversations with leading experts to try to make sense of what’s occurring on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq. Tonight, we are joined from Washington by Douglas Ollivant. He served as a director with the National Security Council under Presidents Bush and Obama. Prior to that, he was a military planner in Iraq and a counter-insurgency advisor in Afghanistan. He’s now a partner with Mantid International. So, first let’s talk Turkey, because of its location and its membership in NATO. It looks like a crucial partner in this war on ISIS. This week, the Turkish parliament said that they will authorize the use of force in Iraq and Syria. Will they send in ground troops? And if so, is that the key to defeating ISIS?

Zvi Mazel: Analysis: The fight against Islamic State – and America’s coalition woes— Fate has not been kind to US President Barack Obama, who twice was forced to admit over the course of a few days that he had failed: Failed to devise an adequate strategy against Islamic State, and worse, failed to obtain real-time information on what was becoming a major threat to the West. Obama is now making an all-out effort to convince ever more Arab states to join the grand alliance he is building in order to show that far from fighting Islamic countries, he is defending them against the threat of extremist elements. Immediately after the barbaric murder of journalist Steven Sotloff, Obama proclaimed the murderers were not representative of any religion, insisting the Islamic State terror group did not represent Islam.

Col. (res.) Atai Shelach: “Out of the Depths” – Former IDF Combat Engineering Commander Views the Tunnel Threat—During the Gaza war, Israel revised its working assumption regarding the subterranean threat of offensive terror tunnels. For the first time in its history, Israel embarked on a military campaign intended to destroy a military obstacle that had evolved into a strategic threat to its security. Moreover, it embarked on the operation without possessing the tools required to eliminate the threatening phenomenon. It has lacked almost totally any supporting technological capability for spotting the tunnels. Nevertheless, it embarked on the operation, and it has been rather successful in locating and destroying all of the offensive tunnels it had been aware of prior to the ground move and during the ground move. We still have a long way to go before we can find a lasting solution regarding the subterranean medium. This phenomenon applies not only to the southern region but to all of Israel’s borders. I have no doubt that the Israeli defense establishment will initiate substantial moves aimed at further improving the operational capability to handle this threat.

Micah Zenko: The Shape-Shifting Coalition— On Sept. 19, six weeks after the United States began airstrikes on Islamic State targets, France announced that a Rafale fighter jet had destroyed a terrorist supply depot in northeastern Iraq. From that one airstrike, the multinational military coalition attacking the Islamic State emerged. Since then, eight other countries have either bombed suspected Islamic State targets in Iraq or Syria, or declared that they will in the future. The relatively sudden formation of the coalition — a group that otherwise agrees on little else — participating in the kinetic military element of the international campaign against the Islamic State is remarkable, though unsurprising. Many of these governments had been eager to intervene in Syria’s civil war for years and, more recently, to attack the Islamic State directly. Yet it was only once U.S. President Barack Obama authorized the first airstrikes that the rest signed up, having secured the full weight of U.S. military power to backstop the effort.

David M. Weinberg: Apologize not, O Israel— I know that Yom Kippur is all about contrition and apology, but sorry, this year I’m not in the mood. I think that as a nation and as a people we have been apologizing far too much. Israelis need not apologize for asserting that our society is morally superior to the societies of our Palestinian and Arab enemies, despite the unconscionable murder by Jewish vigilantes of Mohammed Abu Khdeir in Jerusalem. The fact is that our society is repulsed by such an act, while their societies celebrate and glorify the kidnapping and murder of Israelis and Jews. Israel need not apologize for not releasing more Palestinian terrorists from jail in the so-called fourth tranche, even if this upset Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and gave him the excuse he was looking for to flee the U.S.-led peace process.

Dror Eydar: Home-grown lies— On this Yom Kippur, the most special day of the Jewish calendar, we should revisit a Haaretz editorial from the Six-Day War. It appeared just after the liberation of Jerusalem. “Words cannot describe what we feel, the overwhelming impact of this development. Jerusalem is no longer divided but united under Israel’s flag. … Its finest hour has arrived. … Jerusalem’s Old City is now ours; its gates are open and the Western Wall no longer has this eerie silence of an abandoned site. No longer does this part of the city reflect the past; from now on, this will be part of this new country of ours and its full glory will shine its rays on a Jewish society in the making, which is one of many links that preserve the history of the Jewish people in their land.” This is the actual editorial. I am not making this up. This is, believe it or not, what the vast majority of the Left espoused at the time.

Samuel Westrop: The New “Moderates”: ISIS Fig Leaf for Other Extremists— The recent videotaped beheadings of Western hostages by ISIS have provided fundamentalists in the West with the opportunity to express shock and outrage at such barbarism — and implicitly to claim their own Islamist narrative as good. It is difficult to find an Islamic charity or lobby group in Britain that has not publicly voiced its disgust at ISIS. On the face of it, this is welcome news. After all, if Muslim community organizations were releasing statements in support of ISIS, Britain’s prospects would look fragile indeed. Many of those Muslim groups that have condemned ISIS, however, have a long history of promoting extremism themselves. It turns out, for example, that senior officials at Al Muntada Trust — which recently published a statement condemning ISIS, signed by nine other Islamic organizations — have worked closely with Nabil al-Awadi, a “key financier” of ISIS.






9--Jerusalem Post


Iranian activist: Blast at Parchin is a failure for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Dozens of Islamic State flags found in Upper Nazareth

Peretz calls Netanyahu’s peacemaking ‘delusional,’ mulls leaving coalition

Sweden: Israel is not being singled out

Israel boosts efforts to track down tourists from Ebola-affected areas

An enemy by any other name

Analysis: The secret campaign

Education Ministry, Beit Shemesh reach agreement on schools controversy

British parliament to hold symbolic vote on Palestine status

Brother of beheaded British hostage calls for troops to fight Islamic State



10--Arutz Sheva


Financial Giant SWIFT Rejects Israel Sanctions Call

Attorneys Flee After Rabbi Pinto Violates Plea Bargain

Israelis Feared Missing in Peru Rafting Accident

Second Temple Period Mikveh Unearthed in Valley of Elah

Shas Sources Say ‘Aryeh Deri Made Party Leftist’

 Liquid Cocaine Laboratory Busted in Petah Tikva

Lapid Vows Lower Prices to Stop Berlin Migration

Woman Nabbed Smuggling Arabs, Drugs into Israel

Neo-Nazi Waves Knife Outside Vienna Synagogue

Corsica Synagogue Suffers Anti-Jewish Vandalism








The beginning of the end of the Abbas era

Massive blast reported at suspected Iranian nuke facility

Hamas has resumed rocket manufacture, says top IDF officer

Israel rebukes Swedish envoy for Palestine recognition talk

Sweden: Palestine recognition meant to jumpstart talks

American held by IS says in letter he’s afraid to die

UNIFIL condemns firefight on northern Israeli border

Israelis in Berlin tout cheap groceries, encourage emigration

Feud rages between Barkat and security minister

Making myself at home: My aliya story



12--Other News


High court ruling may lead to gay marriage in 30 states

Across the USA: Reaction to same-sex marriage decision

WHO: More than 3400 have died in Ebola outbreak

Spanish Nurse Is First Person to Contract Ebola Outside of Africa

Top doctor ‘not surprised’ if US has another Ebola case, downplays use of virus in bioterror attack

SnyderTalk Comment: Once upon a time, enemies would propel infected corpses of humans and animals over the walls that were built around cities to protect inhabitants.

Today, we have no walls; we don’t adequately protect our borders; and we knowingly bring infected people into this country even though we don’t know how to cure all of the diseases that they may bring with them.  Our best efforts to prevent the spread of deadly diseases are not foolproof.  That means there will be problems.

In the United States, illegals don’t stop for health screening.   We don’t know anything about them until problems arise.  The recent flood of illegal aliens entering the U.S. is bound to create problems, some of them serious.

Ebola is just one of the many diseases that are entering our country right now thanks to lax border security and critical errors made by government officials.

Yahweh’s judgment on America may be as simple as allowing us to do stupid things while we ridicule people who warn us about potential risks.  We may be in the process of punishing ourselves.

I’m not saying that we will have an outbreak of Ebola or some other dreaded disease, but I am saying that our lack of judgment has increased the likelihood exponentially.

As a reminder, HIV/AIDS spread aggressively in the U.S. because government officials didn’t want to quarantine the early victims of the disease since they were almost exclusively homosexuals.  Political correctness has cost us dearly in terms of lives lost and dollars spent.  Are we on the verge of doing it again?  The answer may be a resounding “yes”.

King Solomon said, “The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7

How true.

Mexico officials claim 28 mutilated bodies found in mass grave

Police ‘helped gangsters kill 28 students found buried in mass grave’

Fighting rages in Kobani, Turkey’s Kurdish party calls for protests

Syrian Kurds vow to fight ISIL to the last man

India, Pakistan clash on Kashmir border leaves 9 dead, 37 wounded






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4--Scripture of the Day Yahweh

Genesis 32: 13-23

13 So he spent the night there. Then he selected from what he had with him a present for his brother Esau: 14 two hundred female goats and twenty male goats, two hundred ewes and twenty rams, 15 thirty milking camels and their colts, forty cows and ten bulls, twenty female donkeys and ten male donkeys. 16 He delivered them into the hand of his servants, every drove by itself, and said to his servants, “Pass on before me, and put a space between droves.” 17 He commanded the one in front, saying, “When my brother Esau meets you and asks you, saying, ‘To whom do you belong, and where are you going, and to whom do these animals in front of you belong?’ 18 then you shall say, ‘These belong to your servant Jacob; it is a present sent to my lord Esau. And behold, he also is behind us.’” 19 Then he commanded also the second and the third, and all those who followed the droves, saying, “After this manner you shall speak to Esau when you find him; 20 and you shall say, ‘Behold, your servant Jacob also is behind us.’” For he said, “I will appease him with the present that goes before me. Then afterward I will see his face; perhaps he will accept me.”21 So the present passed on before him, while he himself spent that night in the camp.

22 Now he arose that same night and took his two wives and his two maids and his eleven children, and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. 23 He took them and sent them across the stream. And he sent across whatever he had.

SnyderTalk Comment: Read His Name is Yahweh.


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  • God also said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, ‘Yahweh, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’ This [Yahweh] is my name forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation.” (Exodus 3: 15)
  • “Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—this time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My name is Yahweh.” (Jeremiah 16: 21)
  • “Behold, the days are coming,” declares Yahweh, “when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch; and He will reign as king and act wisely and do justice and righteousness in the land. In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell securely; and this is His name by which He will be called, ‘Yahweh our righteousness.’” (Jeremiah 23: 5-6)
  • Yeshua said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.” (John 8: 58)


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