February 26, 2013—SnyderTalk Lead Headline: Obama’s Intifada Welcoming Committee

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Jonathan S. Tobin: Obama’s Intifada Welcoming Committee—It’s difficult to say yet what exactly will be on President Obama’s mind when he heads to Israel next month, but an all-out push for another futile try to make peace with the Palestinians may not be on the agenda. It’s likely the president will continue his advocacy for a two-state solution, but after more than four years of failure even this administration appears to have gotten the message that any more effort expended on the peace process will be sunk, as it has every other time, by Palestinian intransigence. But the Palestinian Authority, which has ignored every attempt by the Obama White House to tip the diplomatic playing field in their favor, may be planning its own little surprise for the president.



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Ezekiel 48: 15-20

“The remainder, 5,000 cubits in width and 25,000 in length, shall be for common use for the city, for dwellings and for open spaces; and the city shall be in its midst. These shall be its measurements: the north side 4,500 cubits, the south side 4,500 cubits, the east side 4,500 cubits, and the west side 4,500 cubits. The city shall have open spaces: on the north 250 cubits, on the south 250 cubits, on the east 250 cubits, and on the west 250 cubits. The remainder of the length alongside the holy allotment shall be 10,000 cubits toward the east and 10,000 toward the west; and it shall be alongside the holy allotment. And its produce shall be food for the workers of the city. The workers of the city, out of all the tribes of Israel, shall cultivate it. The whole allotment shall be 25,000 by 25,000 cubits; you shall set apart the holy allotment, a square, with the property of the city.”


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  • “Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—this time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My name is Yahweh.” (Jeremiah 16: 21)
  • “Behold, the days are coming,” declares Yahweh, “when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch; and He will reign as king and act wisely and do justice and righteousness in the land.  In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell securely; and this is His name by which He will be called, ‘Yahweh our righteousness.’” (Jeremiah 23: 5-6)
  • Yeshua said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.” (John 8: 58)


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Hosea 4: 6

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9--Jerusalem Post


PA President Abbas: Israel is murdering our children

Dichter: Palestinians don’t act in own interests

Analysis: W. Bank disturbances not intifada, yet

Netanyahu: Arrow will help us on peace, or defense

‘West to offer Iran sanctions relief at nuke talks’

‘Syria says ready to talk to armed opposition’

Israel sends message to Turkey: Let’s clear the air

Anti-Morsi fervor grows despite election date shift

Will Iran, Hezbollah go all out to boost Assad?

Morsi invites opposition to dialogue on elections

Mitzna: Livni ‘breached our trust’



10--Arutz Sheva


US Issues Yesha Travel Warning

MK Strook: Why Close Highway for Terror Funeral?

Morsi Seeks Talks With Opposition Amid Boycott Calls

Terrorist’s Funeral: Violence Appears Limited

Sources: Livni Has ‘Exclusive Rights’ to Conduct PA Talks

Syrian Regime Ready For Talks With Rebels

French Photographer Dies After Syria Shelling

Syria Jihadists Claim Bus Bombing on Hama Factory

UN Experts Investigate Shipment Seized in Yemen

‘Eco-Bridge’ Being Built on New JM-TA Highway



11--Israel Hayom


‘PA is inciting violence ahead of Obama’s visit,’ says Israel

Israel successfully tests Arrow 3 long-range missile interceptor

Bennett: I made a pact with Lapid because Likud rejected me

Report: Outside powers renew arms shipments to Syrian rebels

Study: Southern rocket attacks increase miscarriage risk 

‘Regulators are helpless against an army of tycoons’ lobbyists’

Knesset archives go digital

Jewish teens assault Arab man on Tel Aviv promenade 



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Security Forces Storm the Temple Mount to Disperse Protesters

MRCOLIONNOIR: Joe Biden Shotgun Response

Israel and Turkey Seek to Reconcile Ahead of Obama’s Visit

Netanyahu Urges PA to Calm Rioters, Stone Throwers

Left wing blueprint exposed

Kerry meeting Cameron in London

Karzai orders US forces out of Afghan province, accuses them of fuelling “insecurity and instability”

Bangladesh: Islamic supremacist demonstrators attack police, call foes “anti-Islamic”

German Scientists Vahrenholt and Lüning: PIK Greenland Meltdown Scenario Handily Refuted 

Allen West—“I proudly stand with my fellow black conservatives who are attempting to promulgate the truth.”

Gun Companies Boycotting Law Enforcement In Anti-Gun States Grow By More Than 700% In 1 Week

No ObamaCare (Video)

“Legalized Plunder of the American People”—G. Edward Griffin (Video)

Italians go to the polls in crucial vote for eurozone

Park sworn in as S Korea president

Cuba’s Raul Castro to retire in 2018

Union Bankrupts Hostess, Gets Obama Bailout

Supreme Court to decide if some civil rights era protections still relevant





Dan Margalit: Abbas fans the flames— It is reasonable to assume that Abbas does not want a new intifada to start, but he is likely interested in increasing tensions before Obama’s visit.

Dr. Reuven Berko: The Palestinian promo for the next intifada— Palestinian Authority activists are seeking to “upgrade” their “revolutionary” status ahead of Obama’s trip to the region.

Richard Baehr: Will the Palestinians get Obama’s attention?— To seep into the broader public consciousness, the Palestinians have always needed to play the victim card.

Dr. Haim Shine: Don’t let the Right bring down the Right— A government without haredim rules out the possibility of a nationalist government.

Nadav Shragai: Don’t let violence pay— Israel must not let Palestinian violence erode what red lines we still have left.

Yoav Limor: Walking through the mine field— There are many land mines that, if stepped on, could ignite far worse violence in the West Bank. Both sides should avoid them.

Daniel Greenfield: Terrorism Without End—Until we start fighting the sponsors of jihad as well as the jihadists, the war will never be over.

Jonathan S. Tobin: Arab Filmmakers to Celebrate Genocide—While Jews around the world commemorate the inability of an ancient villain to make good on his threat to wipe out the Jews of Persia with the holiday of Purim, some in the Arab world are preparing to celebrate one such effort that did not fail. In the seventh century, the large Jewish community in the Arabian Peninsula fell victim to the influence of the newborn Muslim movement. The result was that after a futile effort to defend themselves, the three Jewish tribes of the region–the Banu Nadir, the Banu Qainuqa and the Banu Qurayza–were all forced into exile after the battle of Khaiber. The Prophet Mohammed’s followers mercilessly slaughtered the bulk of the latter tribe. This sad chapter of history is little known in the West even among Jews but it is familiar to Muslims who, even today, use the phrase “Khaiber” as a battle cry to rally opposition to Israel and as an indication of their desired fate for the Jews who live in the Middle East today.

Mark Tapson: Inside the Muslim Student Association Conference, Part 1—A Muslim Brotherhood spinoff group trains student activists.

Yoram Ettinger: Purim Guide for the Perplexed 2013— 1.  “Purimfest 1946” were the last words of Julius Streicher, the Nazi propaganda chief, as he approached the hanging gallows (Newsweek magazine, October 28, 1946, page 46).  On October 16, 1946 (Jewish year 5707), ten convicted Nazi war criminals were hanged in Nuremberg.  An 11th Nazi criminal, Hermann Goering, committed suicide in his cell. Julius Streicher’s library documented much interest in Purim and its relevance to enemies of the Jewish people.

Paul Richter: Kerry’s divergence from Obama on foreign affairs raises questions— John Kerry opened his diplomatic mission to Syria in 2009 with a decidedly undiplomatic question for President Bashar Assad: Why did so few Arab leaders trust Assad? One month into President Obama’s first term, the then-chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was in Damascus to explore the possibility of Syrian-Israeli peace talks. But minutes into their meeting, Kerry pressed the Syrian autocrat to explain why other Middle Eastern rulers said Assad always “says one thing and does another … or he says he will do something then doesn’t do it.”

Kyle Shideler: Rise of the Militias in the Middle East—Where the real power of thug regimes lies.

W.J. Hennigan: Will US Predator drones being sold to United Arab Emirates become terrorist tools?— The United Arab Emirates is close to purchasing Predator drones from a San Diego County defense contractor, sparking concern among arms control advocates.

Ephraim Asculai: Outlining a Possible Deal with Iran— A viable agreement would include elements essential to each side, as well as elements that guarantee critical interests of the other side. The agreement outlined here does not entirely prevent the possibility of Iran continuing clandestine nuclear activities. There is no doubt that Iran will try to push the envelope further and manufacture crises to test the other side’s resolve. From Israel’s perspective, such an agreement is not good news, because it does not, once and for all, put an end to the Iranian military nuclear program; it merely delays the program for an unknown amount of time. However, Israel may well be coerced into going along.

Karl Spence: Defend the Second Amendment by Restoring the Eighth—Our slogan has long been: “Guns don’t kill people; people do.” Let us follow that idea to its logical conclusion.

Steve McCann: The United States is a Euro-Socialist Nation—The unspoken reality is that the “West” has finally reached the point of saturation wherein its economies and societies can no longer afford to guarantee a certain standard of living for their citizens.

Jeannie DeAngelis: America’s Indifference to Pervasive Decay—Corpses in water tanks, nuclear tanks leaking, drug-resistant TB spreading among the poor in LA… Most Americans can discern that something is very wrong but go about their business as if everything is fine.

Tom Harris: Climate fear-mongers’ blind faith in suspect and shoddy science— Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org, spoke on Sunday at the “Forward on Climate Rally” in Washington, D.C. He said, “Science should have decided our course long ago.” He was right. If only environmental policy were based on what science really says, billions of dollars would not have been wasted trying to “contain climate change,” as 350.org nonsensically demanded of President Obama this past weekend.

Stephen Pollard: Cheaper energy is more important than going green— That’s certainly what Energy Secretary Ed Davey tells us, saying it’s impossible to “turn back the tide” of rising energy prices. But instead of unrelenting increases, instead of a collapse in our capacity to generate energy and instead of fears that we will soon be in hock to Russian gas oligarchs, imagine a different story. Imagine the price of gas falling by two-thirds in less than a decade. Imagine electricity prices crashing by more than a quarter in less than a year. It sounds like a fantasy. Too good to be true. A little later I shall tell you why it needn’t be. But first let us reflect on Britain’s actual energy policy.

Daren Jonescu: The Tyrant in Your Television—The distinction of conservative versus progressive is now a difference in planes of existence, one the dead realm of an uncool past (i.e., real life), and the other the living mise-en-scène of our collective consciousness — TV-world.

Charlie Daniels of The Charlie Daniels Band: Dire Prophesy Of A Howling Wind—Don’t let these charlatans scare you folks because, after all the carbon credits have proven fruitless, people like Al Gore will still be living in their energy-guzzling mansions and flying around in their big private jets.

Daniel Greenfield: Will Raising the Minimum Wage Reduce Crime?—If low income generates crime, then more unemployment would generate even more crime.

Janice Fiamengo: Loving the Enemy—Why the Left hates America.

Star Parker: Preserve Gun Rights, Save Black Lives—This past Friday my organization, CURE, sponsored a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, to bring attention to the importance of rigorously defending the right of all Americans, guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, to own a gun.

Daniel J. Mitchell: Debunking Sequester Hysteria from the Big Spenders in Washington—The sequester has forced liberals to clarify their conviction that whatever the government’s size is at any moment, it is the bare minimum necessary to forestall intolerable suffering. At his unintentionally hilarious hysteria session Tuesday, Obama said: The sequester’s “meat-cleaver approach” of “severe,” “arbitrary” and “brutal” cuts will “eviscerate” education, energy and medical research spending. “And already, the threat of these cuts has forced the Navy to delay an aircraft carrier that was supposed to deploy to the Persian Gulf.”

Mike Shedlock: Half of Detroit Properties Have Not Paid Taxes; Update on Detroit Bankruptcy—The hollowing out of Detroit is nearly complete. All that’s left is a bankrupt shell of a city with no services and scattered citizens that do not pay taxes.



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