February 3, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: Bill Clinton is an Unusually Good Liar and Hillary is No Slouch

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Bill Clinton is an Unusually Good Liar and Hillary is No Slouch

April 14, 2008 — politically speaking, that was eons ago.  New York Magazine ran an article that day by Kurt Andersen about Bill Clinton titled “Falling Out of Love with Bill.”  It began by focusing on one of the former president’s most visible attributes: he’s a consummate liar:

Bill Clinton is our great living exemplar of Sam Goldwyn’s great epigram: If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. The joke, of course, is that sincerity is supposed to be more or less synonymous with honesty—truthfulness with a buttery frosting of earnestness. And although the honesty we want our presidents to embody isn’t merely (or even mainly) the literal Jimmy Carter kind (“I will never lie to you”), it’s an important part of the package.

Telling the truth, or not, has turned out to be a leitmotif of this election. “[Bill] Clinton’s an unusually good liar,” his fellow Democrat (and Hillary endorser) Bob Kerrey said of the president back around the time the First Lady was visiting postwar Bosnia. Thanks to the news footage of her unremarkable, sniper-free landing on the tarmac in Tuzla, we now know that Hillary Clinton is an equally brazen but unusually bad liar. (And her gratuitous fibbing has also served to turn one of her husband’s most significant accomplishments, imposing peace on the former Yugoslavia, into a setup for a joke.)

At the time, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were engaged in a slugfest as they vied for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.  Even so, Hillary’s name came up in the article merely to contrast her inability to use deception skillfully with her husband’s artful lying.  But practice makes perfect.  After serving for four years as secretary of state, Hillary may not be as good a liar as Bill, but she’s no slouch, either.

Hillary’s ability to lie and get away with it was on display during the Benghazi hearing in the Senate as Jack Cashill pointed out in an article for American Thinker:

By 2012, the major media had become so comfortable with Clinton lies that not a single one among them pointed out the grotesque irony of having an unrepentant sexual predator keynote a Democratic Convention whose theme was the “Republican war on women.”

So accustomed had Hillary grown to having her lies glossed over that she grew increasingly indignant even at the timid questions Congress threw her way at last week’s Benghazi hearing. When asked by Senator Ron Johnson about her version of events, Hillary exploded in an outburst destined to be at least as famous as her “vast right wing conspiracy” jeremiad.

Said Hillary, summing up the state of public integrity in 2013, “What difference at this point does it make?” Say what you will, but today, that is a legitimate question.

Cashill is probably right about Hillary’s “What difference at this point does it make?” line going down in history as one of her most famous lies, but I think she outdid herself yesterday during her farewell address to state department staff.  She said, “I am so grateful that we’ve had a chance to contribute in each of our ways to making our country and our world stronger, safer, fairer and better.”

That’s not true.  To believe otherwise, is delusional.  The world isn’t stronger, safer, fairer, or better, and Hillary played an important part during her eight years as first lady and her four years as secretary of state to help bring about what we see today.  For example,

  • Europe is coming unglued.
  • The Middle East is degenerating into violent madness.
  • Al Qaeda is taking over North Africa.
  • Iran is on the verge of becoming a serious nuclear threat.
  • The U.S. is morally bankrupt and stalled in a fiscal quagmire from which it cannot extricate itself.
  • China is flexing its muscles in the Pacific.

Hillary isn’t solely responsible for our predicament, but as I said, she played an important part in making it happen.  Never fear, though.  The Obama administration won’t miss a beat because John Kerry, Hillary’s successor at the Department of State, is an accomplished liar, too, and so is his boss.  The world is still “safe.”

This SnyderTalk editorial first appeared in American Thinker.



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Leo Rennert: U.N. advocates ethnic cleansing, Jews and Jerusalem are the target— The U.N. Human Rights Council has built a predictable pattern of Israel-bashing for some time.  In fact, Israel is the only country that is automatically on the agenda of every council meeting.  Over the years, the council has issued more resolutions about suspected Israeli human rights violations than by all other nations combined.  Its bias is beyond redemption.

Brendan O’Neill: Did Israel Deceitfully Give Ethiopian Jews Birth Control Injections?—When it was reported earlier this week that Israeli officials had been giving birth control to arriving Ethiopian Jews “without their consent,” the international media had a field day. Ha’aretz says these African Jews were indeed given Depo-Provera, a birth-control injection that lasts for three months, but it has not been proven that they were given these injections deceitfully, without their consent. Ha’aretz says “the vast majority of the Ethiopian women who received Depo-Provera were aware it was birth control and received it willingly.”

Avigayil Kadesh: At Hospitals throughout Israel, Handshakes and Hugs between Arabs and Jews Are the Norm—In 1997, Detroit-born Larry Rich was taken to Emek Medical Center in Afula, Israel, after suffering a heart attack. “When I woke up in the cardiac intensive care…I saw Arab and Jewish physicians working together to save me. The medical center’s professional staff mirrors the national ratio: 20% is Arab, and 20% of the heads of medical departments are Arab Muslims or Christians, Druse or Circassians. Rich, today the director of development and international public relations at Emek, notes: “In the northeast, we are the primary healthcare provider for a population of 500,000, equally divided between Arabs and Jews.”

Paul Ames: France: Europe’s Army?—French troops have deployed in more than a dozen African missions during the past two decades. Before the Mali deployment, France had 4,750 troops on operations around the world, including 1,650 in Afghanistan, 950 in Chad, 900 in Lebanon, and 460 in Ivory Coast.

Evelyn Gordon: Israelis Vote for Continuity on Foreign and Defense Policy— It was an election whose results stunned pundits both in Israel and abroad, a “wide and deep repudiation” of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as some hastened to claim. And elections, as we know, have consequences. So are major changes expected in Israel’s foreign and defense policy? In a word, no.

Tawfik Hamid: Military Vs Morsi?— The so-called “Soccer Riots” are a reflection of the grave mistrust that many Egyptians are feeling. Following the riots, Morsi declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew on three major cities. Residents of Ismailia – including military officers and soldiers— refused to heed the curfew and started a soccer game in front of the main government building as an act of rebellion.

Dovid Efune: Ed Koch Passes Away on the Same Date as Daniel Pearl— In the years since I have served in my current  role at The Algemeiner, I can’t say that I had come to know Ed Koch well, however, I did have the opportunity to discuss fundamental matters and pose probing questions to the beloved former New York Mayor, who died today, at pivotal moments.

Richard Landes: Palestinian Projections and the Workings of Jew-Hatred— The indispensable PMW has just published a translation of an article in Ma’an, the Palestinian news agency publication. PMW emphasizes the vicious anti-Semitism of the piece (Israel and “the Jews” are interchangeable) which is pervasive in Palestinian media, and the fact that Ma’an is supported by the EU, UNESCO, and the Dutch and Danish governments, presumably to encourage their journalism which, we all know, is equally professional everywhere and therefore supportive of civil society.

Roger L. Simon: Chuck Hagel Humiliates Chuck Schumer: Obama’s ‘Good Jews’ Revisited—What we learned on Thursday is that Chuck Hagel is less qualified to be Secretary of Defense than most of the students in my daughter’s high school history honors class. Chuck Schumer’s ringing endorsement of Hagel now seems like one mammoth embarrassment.

Bridget Johnson: Hagel Confirmation Hearing: The Mother of All Bombs— When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepped before two congressional committees on Benghazi this month, she was ready for every question fielded at her and, save for the infamous “what does it matter” moment, didn’t crumple under the pressure. Today, President Obama was likely wishing some of that preparedness would have rubbed off on his Defense secretary nominee.

Timothy Gordon: Madison’s Republic—American constitutional problems took a while to show up, on account of the solid foundation of classical republicanism not taken out of the mix. But show up they did.

William A. Levinson: The Argument that Wins the ‘Assault Weapon’ Debate—”Because the Constitution says so” or “It’s my right” will not convince anybody whom the enemy is deluging with images of dead children, while the Glorious Leader uses children as human shields.



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