July 16, 2017 SnyderTalk: The Worm is Turning on College Campuses

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says Yahweh Sabaoth. (Zechariah 4: 6)



The Worm is Turning on College Campuses

In 2008, my Israeli daughter, Noam, visited with Katie and me in the United States.  She had graduated from high school and was preparing to enter military service.

In Israel, recent high school grads customarily take a break before entering the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).  They travel the world and then return to Israel to serve in the military for a year or two.  Officers spend 3 years in the military.  (FYI, Noam is an officer.)  Following their tour of duty, they go to college.

We met Noam in New York and drove to Boston for a short visit before returning to South Carolina.  While we were in Boston, we toured MIT.  It’s one of the best universities in the world.  Noam is very smart, and she was thinking about attending MIT after completing her military service.

Flashback to 2002

Noam isn’t my biological daughter.  In 2002, she was a high school exchange student.  She lived with Katie and me while she was in the United States.  About 2 weeks after she arrived, she contracted malaria.  That unfortunate medical episode incapacitated her and made her dependent on Katie and me for everything for several weeks.

It was like having a small child.  We took care of all Noam’s needs and made sure that she recovered.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  A bond developed between us that is similar to the bond between parents and children.  Katie and I remain very close to Noam and her Israeli family to this day.  I call her my Israeli daughter because that’s how I feel about her.

Back to Noam’s 2008 Visit

We ate lunch at MIT in a common area where students gather.  It was a food court like the ones you see in most malls.  We decided to have falafels, and we made small talk with the vender while he took our orders.

The man behind the counter was a Palestinian.  I know that because he told us.  He was a middle-aged man from Hebron.  He had been in the United States for several years serving and talking with MIT students while they placed their orders.

After he told us about himself, I introduced him to Noam and told him that Noam is an Israeli.  Without hesitation, he looked at Noam and said, “Have you killed any Palestinians today?”

I felt like yanking him over the counter and punching him in the face, or worse.  I didn’t, of course, because I’m not a fool.  That would have landed me in jail, and I am not a violent person unless I have no other alternative.  Our small talk ended abruptly at that instant.

Palestinians have infiltrated our colleges and universities.  Some of them enroll as students.  Others open small businesses that cater to students’ needs.  That’s what the Palestinian man who was serving us lunch had done.

Virtually all of them are in the United States on a propaganda mission.  Their goal is to spread the Palestinian narrative (i.e., lies) among bright, young, naïve, foolish U.S. college age kids hoping that one day they will be in positions of power and influence where they can help to shape U.S. public opinion.  It takes awhile for that strategy to work, but it’s effective.  It’s the same strategy that communists used when they infiltrated the U.S. after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Today, U.S. colleges and universities are hotbeds of hatred aimed at Israel and Jewish people.  It didn’t happen overnight or by accident.  It’s part of well-orchestrated strategy that has been playing out for decades as we have imported Palestinian propaganda meisters of all sorts. The incident at MIT is an example of the kinds of things that happen every day at colleges and universities all across America.

Judging by the evidence, Palestinians are winning the battle for college campuses.  It’s happening because we permit their lies to go unchallenged.  When Palestinians are confronted with the facts in front of audiences, they become discombobulated.  I’ve seen it happen several times at the University of Virginia because I confronted them.  The only way they can win is if college kids remain ignorant.

Palestinians are Winning on College Campuses but Ordinary Americans are Waking Up

The July 13th SnyderTalk lead headline was titled “Public gets wise to academic baloney”.  This is how the article begins:

Two years ago, a massive campus protest erupted out of a several supposed hate incidents, some of which turned out to be real and some of which were hoaxes.

The catalyst for the entire incident was a swastika drawn in excrement on a bathroom wall. Students responded by starting hunger strikes, mobbing the quads and eventually forcing the university president to resign over what, to all appearances, began as some idiot’s stupid and unpleasant prank.

It should surprise no one, two years later, that high school seniors turn their noses up [to] old Mizzou. It once drew an abundance of qualified applicants, but has seen freshman enrollment fall by 35 percent. The school has been forced to close seven dormitories and axe 400 jobs, including academic positions.

It is in this context that a new Pew study released Monday finds that there has been a sudden and very pronounced shift of opinion among Republican-leaning voters about how colleges and universities affect American culture. As recently as Pew’s 2015 survey, self-identified Republicans still viewed these institutions as having a positive influence. Today, their view has completely reversed.

This was my comment about the article:

It’s about time.  If taxpayers only knew how much they are paying for higher education and what they are getting in return for their “investment”, they would be shocked into action.

That said this is progress.  Hopefully, people will demand an accounting.

A recent article in The Algemeiner titled “Covert Watchdog Calls Founder of Students for Justice in Palestine ‘Most Dangerous Professor in America’” opened with this:

Anonymous campus watchdog group Canary Mission named the founder of the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) movement “The Most Dangerous Professor in America” on Wednesday.

The announcement came with the release of a new dossier on Hatem Bazian, a senior lecturer at the University of California-Berkeley’s Department of Ethnic Studies and founder of the school’s Center for the Study of Documentation of Islamophobia, citing his “antisemitic” actions from as far back as the 1980s. At that time, Bazian was a student leader at San Francisco State University (which was hit last month by a lawsuit brought by students claiming the school has a decades-long record of “anti-Jewish animus.”)

The report includes two videos in which Bazian is shown repeatedly calling for an intifada, or violent uprising, in America and Israel.

The Worm is Turning

The latest evidence suggests that people have had enough of Palestinian lies.  They are rejecting colleges that promote Palestinian propaganda, and they are exposing the liars who spread the manure.  That’s what has to happen.

When confronted with facts in front of audiences in a give-and-take situation, Palestinians are defenseless.  The facts are not on their side, and they know it.

Friends don’t let friends sent their kids to colleges where Palestinian BS can’t be challenged.




“If My people who are called by My Name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7: 14)

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