September 19, 2016 SnyderTalk: Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate for president but he’s light-years ahead of Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate for president but he’s light-years ahead of Hillary Clinton

The three articles below tell about attacks that occurred this past weekend in the United States:

At this point, all the facts aren’t in so I won’t rush to judgment.  Even so, it’s reasonable to suspect that they were terrorist attacks and that the perpetrators were Islamists.  If I were investigating those crimes, that’s where I would begin.

That’s not jumping to conclusions.  It’s just good sense.

Police detectives begin their investigations of murders by looking into the whereabouts of people who were closest to the victims because statistics prove that most murders are committed by people who know the victims well.  That’s not jumping to conclusions.  It’s good police work.

The same is true about suspicious incidents that look like terrorist attacks.  We know that Islamists have said that they plan to step up their attacks on targets in the West.  We also know that Islamist attacks in the U.S. are on the rise.  Additionally, we know that we are importing large numbers of unvetted Muslim “refugees” into the U.S. many of whom are probably Islamists.  At the very least, we can say that we don’t know what they are.  On top of that, the same type of thing is taking place right now all over Europe for the same reasons.

Given these facts, it’s foolish to initiate investigations of incidents that look like terrorist attacks any other place.

A few days ago, Hillary Clinton said that half of Donald Trump’s supporters fall into what she calls “the basket of deplorables”.  She didn’t stop there.  She said that they are “irredeemable”.  That means in her world there is no hope for them.  The “deplorables” she mentioned by name include people that she refers to as “Islamophobes”.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, and people like them have been trying to marginalize thinking people for the past 8 years by referring to them as “Islamophobes”.  They are putting their politically correct spin on things in an effort to silence people who have a better grip on reality than they do.  Logic and common sense suggest that what they are doing is dangerous, wrong, and stupid.

Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate for president, but he’s light-years ahead of Hillary Clinton where things really matter.  Unlike Clinton, he is willing to admit the facts.

Hillary spent 4 years as secretary of state.  During her tenure, she did everything that she could do to infiltrate the State Department with Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood in particular.  That’s not just foolish.  Given what we know, it’s stupid.

Whatever reservations I may have about Donald Trump are nothing compared with the things that I know about Hillary.  She isn’t fit to be president.  She is sick.  She is sick physically; she is sick mentally; she is sick morally; and she is sick spiritually.  She is sick, period.

I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she was the only person on the ballot.  It’s as simple as that.

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