August 12, 2016 SnyderTalk: Why I Support Donald Trump in One Word

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Why I Support Donald Trump in One Word

One word explains why I will vote for Donald Trump in November.  That word is REPUDIATION:

  • A vote for Trump is not just a vote against Hillary Clinton. It’s a vote against what she and Barack Obama and the Democrat Party stand for.
  • It’s a vote against random violence in the streets masquerading as social causes.
  • It’s a vote against murder on demand and a vote for the millions of innocent potential victims that haven’t been conceived yet.
  • It’s a vote against abandoning the rule of law to advance high-minded agendas that are tearing this nation apart—things like mainstreaming illegal immigrants and forcing unwitting citizens to accept the unacceptable in so many other ways.

Imposing Islamism on us against our will comes to mind immediately.  Those military age males from Syria who are pretending to be “refugees”, the ones Obama is importing to the U.S. with Hillary’s backing, will behave here the same way they are behaving in Europe.  Even if they don’t, that’s an unnecessary risk to take because it threatens American lives and for what?  It’s so that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton can continue making the U.S. over in their image.  Those reasons alone are good enough for me.

Europeans are paying the price for their foolishness now.  We don’t have to follow their lead.

Repudiation!  It amounts to the rejection of the direction in which the Democrat Party wants to lead this nation, but it’s not just the Democrat Party.  The Republican Party is guilty, too.

A vote for Trump is a vote against the GOP.

True enough, Trump is running as a Republican, but he is doing it over the strong objections of the establishment GOP.  They did everything in their power to keep him from winning the GOP nomination, but they failed.  Now, they are doing everything they can think of to prevent him from winning in November.

A Trump victory in the general election will be a repudiation of everything the establishment GOP stands for as well.  That’s called a twofer.  One vote produces two desired outcomes, but there’s more.

The liberal/progressive media is the Democrat Party’s mouthpiece.  They want Hillary to win and they are doing everything they can to make her the president despite her glaring incompetence.  A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against them and all they stand for.

Democrat media lapdogs are just as corrupt and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Democrat Party, and the Republican Party.  If trump wins in November, we will have a threefer—three desired outcomes with one vote.  That, my friends, is a rare opportunity in politics.  I want to do my part to deliver all of them a crushing blow.

Donald Trump would be a much better president than Obama is or Hillary would be because he knows that his place in history will be defined by his record in the Oval Office. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are festering sores on the face of the nation. Their claim that Trump is unqualified to be president is ludicrous.

Folks, that’s a grand slam, a fourfer.  That’s not just unusual, it’s mysterious.  It just doesn’t happen.

Trump’s ego (yes, he has a big ego) will drive him to do what is right for the United States.  His record as president will leave an indelible mark on history.  He wants it to be a good one.

Ironically, Ronald Reagan endured the same kind of abuse from the Democrat Party, the GOP, and the liberal/progressive media, and he eventually won.  Today, we talk about the Reagan Revolution as one of the best times in this country’s history.  It wasn’t always like that.  Trump’s opponents today are the same types of people who gave us Jimmy Carter in 1976.  Enough said.

Hillary Clinton says that Donald Trump is a dangerous man who would put our nation’s security at risk.  That’s exactly what they said about Reagan.  Given Hillary’s abysmal record, when I hear that one, I laugh.  She can’t be trusted.

How is that reset with Russia working?

How is the premature Iraq withdrawal working?

How is coddling Islamist radicals working?

The only person who does well under Hillary is Hillary.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for continued corruption in high places.  It’s a vote for perversion on a mammoth scale.

Our nation has survived Obama and Hillary. That’s proof that we can suffer their kind of stupidity and live to tell about it.

When I scan the horizon and see all the groups and individuals that a vote for Trump opposes, I know that I’m on the right side.

We need revival in this country.  I hope we get it, but whether we do or not, I want repudiation.  A Trump victory in November will give it to us in the blink of an eye.



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