July 29, 2016 SnyderTalk—Europe is Coming Unglued Thanks to Political Leaders who have PPJ: Piss Poor Judgment

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Europe is Coming Unglued Thanks to Political Leaders who have PPJ: Piss Poor Judgment

I watched Chuck Todd interview Donald Trump for NBC.  Todd is the moderator for Meet the Press.

Throughout the interview, Todd was picking away at Trump and suggesting that his proposed policies will lead to a fractured Europe.  As I watched, I wondered if Todd pays attention to his own television program and the guests he has on his show.

Europe is fractured.  It’s been fractured for a very long time—since long before Donald Trump announced that he was a candidate for president.

Todd’s deer in the headlights look revealed his fear that Donald Trump will become the next president.  His fear is justified.  Trump will be the next president.

Great Britain is the first country to vote to leave the EU.  Others will follow.  European policymakers are to blame.  They have failed European citizens in many ways, but the thing that upsets ordinary Europeans most is the huge influx of unvetted Muslim “refugees” who have become ticking time bombs all across the continent.

A recent attack in Germany by a machete-wielding Muslim “refugee” is one perfect example.  There are so many others that it’s becoming commonplace to see nightly news reports of similar attacks by unvetted “refugees”.  It’s the rule, not the exception.  As an article in Algemeiner pointed out a few days ago, Germany is finally “waking up to a new reality”.  It’s the same reality that Israel has been forced to endure by well-meaning nincompoops from Europe and the U.S.  Regrettably, they are our political leaders.

Ordinary people with good sense are screaming for a change in policy, but like U.S. policymakers, European leaders are attacking their critics, calling them Islamophobes, and endangering their lives in the process.  That’s why Europe is coming unglued.

Trump didn’t create the problem.  European leaders did.  Obama is leading the U.S. in the same direction.  Trump won’t.

Below are several articles that touch on the problem along with bullet points covering the main points in the articles:

  1. Germans Debate Use of Force against Jihadists
  • “I am a soldier of the Caliphate and am launching a martyrdom operation in Germany. … I have lived among you, lived in your homes. I planned this in your own land. And I will slaughter you in your own homes and in the streets. … I will slaughter you with this knife and sever your necks with an axe, if Allah permits. ” – Germany’s axe-attacker, in an Islamic State video.
  • “Künast should not be watching so many bad movies. Who would believe that if someone attacks the police with an axe and a knife, the police are supposed to shoot the axe out of the attacker’s hands? That is really clueless and stupid. If police officers are attacked in this manner, they will not engage in Kung Fu. Unfortunately, it sometimes ends in the death of the perpetrator. This will not change.” – Rainer Wendt, Chairman of the German Police Union.
  • The Bavarian Criminal Police Office has now launched an internal investigation to determine if police were justified in shooting a jihadist.
  1. Islamism Rises from Europe’s Secularism
  • In France, the Socialist government imposed a “secularism charter” in every school, banning Christianity from the educational system. Municipalities have already changed the enrollment form for schoolchildren by eliminating the words “father” and “mother”, replacing them with “legal manager 1” and “legal manager 2”. It is George Orwell’s “Newspeak”.
  • After two major terror attacks in 2015, France, instead of promoting a cultural “jihad” based on Western values, responded to Islamic fundamentalism with a ridiculous “Day of Secularism” to be celebrated every 9th of December.
  • This narrow secularism has also prevented France from openly supporting Eastern Christians under Islamist oppression.
  • The empty 13th century Oude Kerk church in Amsterdam is now used for exhibitions and can be rented for gala dinners. In front of it there is “Sexyland”, offering “Live F*ck Shows”, a coffee shop for drugs and an “Erotic Supermarket” for dildos. For seven euros one can also visit the church.
  1. Germany: The Terrifying Power of Muslim Interpreters
  • “Everything I told you then is true. … But the interpreter there told me that a faithful woman must not use words like sex and rape. Words like that would dishonor my husband and our family. She also said that I was a blasphemer, because I went to the police. No woman should report her own husband. The husband must be honored.” — “Sali” in an apparent suicide note to her lawyer, Alexander Stevens.
  • “I am aware of statements in which interpreters have pressed and supposedly said to Christians on the way to the police or beforehand: If you complain, you can forget your application for asylum. I often noticed that statements were retracted because Christians were threatened.” — Paulus Kurt, Central Committee of Eastern Christians in Germany (ZOCD).
  • “The interpreters are neither employed by the Federal Agency, nor are they in any way sworn in to the legal system of the Federal Republic of Germany. Ultimately, examination of the asylum application is left solely to these interpreters… In our view, a decision-making process such as this, which is practiced on a massive scale, is not in keeping with due process.” — Open letter from employees of Germany’s Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees.
  1. France: After the Third Jihadist Attack
  • Successive French governments have built a trap; the French people, who are in it, are thinking only of how to escape. The situation is more serious than many imagine. Whole areas of France are under the control of gangs and radical imams.
  • Prime Minister Manuel Valls repeated what he already said 18 months ago: “France is at war.” He named an enemy, “radical Islamism,” but he was quick to add that “radical Islamism” has “nothing to do with Islam.” He then repeated that the French will have to get used to living with “violence and attacks.”
  • The French are increasingly tired of attempts to exonerate Islam. They know perfectly well that all Muslims are not guilty. But they also know that all those who committed attacks in France in recent years were Muslims. The French have no desire to get used to “violence and attacks.” They do not want to be on the losing side and they feel that we are losing.

I’ve said that Hillary Clinton has PPJ—Piss Poor Judgment.  European leaders are afflicted with the same malady.

Things in Europe won’t change for the better until they change their policies or step down.  If they refuse to do either, other European countries will follow Great Britain to the exit door, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump.

As president, Hillary Clinton would guarantee that the U.S. will fracture just like Europe.  A large and growing number of people in this country with good judgment have had enough of this nonsense.  They aren’t going to put up with the status quo much longer.

That’s not a threat.  It’s a conclusion based on analysis of the evidence.

The fact that Obama and Clinton and European leaders and other likeminded souls can’t see it tells me that they are dangerous human beings.  They certainly shouldn’t occupy offices that require the exercise of good judgment.  The presidency falls into that category.



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