July 6, 2016 SnyderTalk: Europe has a Self-Inflicted Islam Problem and So does the U.S.

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“Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—this time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My Name is Yahweh.” (Jeremiah 16: 21)


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Europe has a Self-Inflicted Islam Problem and So does the U.S.

In this editorial, I present several recent articles about Islamism and the response of Western leaders to its rise to power.  Those of us who care about our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren will take these warnings to heart.

1.  Does Islam Belong to Germany?”:

  • “Former German President Christian Wulff said: ‘Islam belongs to Germany.’ That is true. This is also my opinion.” — Chancellor Angela Merkel, January 12, 2015.
  • “Angela Merkel’s statement obscures the real problem: A growing proportion of Muslim citizens in Europe does not share the Western system of values, does not want to culturally integrate and seals itself off in parallel societies.” — Thilo Sarrazin, renowned former central banker and a member of the Social Democrats, January 20, 2015.
  • “Islam is not a religion like Catholicism or Protestantism. Intellectually, Islam is always linked to the overthrow of the state. Therefore, the Islamization of Germany poses a threat.” — Alexander Gauland, AfD party leader for Brandenburg, April 17, 2016.
  • “An Islam that does not respect our legal system and even fights against it and claims to be the only valid religion is incompatible with our legal system and culture. Many Muslims live according to our laws and are integrated and are accepted as valued members of our society. However, the AfD wants to prevent the emergence of Islamic parallel societies with Sharia judges.” — AfD Manifesto.
  • “Anyone who believes Islam belongs to Germany should not hesitate to go one step further and declare: Sharia law belongs to Germany. Without Sharia law, there is no authentic Islam.” — Henryk Broder, German journalist, May 16, 2016.

2.‘Al-Quds [Jerusalem] Day’ Rallies See Hezbollah Flags Flown on Streets of London ‘Without Fear of Consequence’”: Brexit may take Great Britain out of the EU, but Great Britain’s Islam problem will remain.

3.Britain: Labour Party Finds Itself Innocent!”:

  • The findings of this inquiry have now been published and amazingly the Labour party has found itself innocent.
  • In British left-wing politics, you cannot even clear yourself of accusations of anti-Semitism without having an outbreak of it right there and then.

Politicians in Britain’s Labour Party are delusional.  They are carrying the banner of anti-Semitism in Great Britain, but they can’t see it or they see it and refuse to admit it.

4.Turkey’s Growing Influence over Islam in Austria”:

  • The Berlin-based expert on Turkey, Ralph Ghadban, warns that the Islam being preached in Turkish-controlled mosques in Europe is a “Sharia Islam with strong Turkish-nationalist overtones” that calls for a “strict separation from Western individualistic values.”
  • In February 2016, the University of Vienna published study which found that Islamic kindergartens in the capital are dominated by “intellectual Salafists and political Islamists” who are contributing to the “theologically-motivated isolation” of Muslim pupils. The report calls into question claims by the IGGiÖ that anti-Western textbooks have been removed from Austrian schools.
  • Muslim students now outnumber Roman Catholic students at middle and secondary schools in Vienna, according to official statistics, which show that Muslim students are also on the verge of overtaking Catholics in Viennese elementary schools. The data confirms a massive demographic and religious shift in Austria, traditionally a Roman Catholic country.

Turkey’s President Erdogan is an Islamist.  He can’t be trusted, but Western political leaders are afraid to tell the truth about him.

5.Sybaritic [Self-Indulgent] West Surrenders to Islamists”:

  • The West should be proud of what the Islamists call “decadence.” For the West, “decadence” is synonymous with freedom. The problem is that we, postmodern Westerners, have sacrificed the very values that ensure our survival, and have exchanged them for “decadence.”
  • The problem is that the West does not desire life. The West is ready to surrender its love of life to those who want to take it away from them.
  • “Islam manifests what Nietzsche called ‘great health’: there are young soldiers ready to die for it. What are the values of our civilization? Supermarket and e-commerce, trivial consumerism and egotistical narcissism, vulgar hedonism or scooters for adults?” — Michel Onfray, French philosopher,
  • In the Netherlands, the minister of education decided to impose the teaching of LGBT courses in migrant centers. Germany has published guidelines, leaflets and cartoons to communicate to immigrants the new sexual norms to follow. Is that all we have to offer to these people?

There can be no doubt that decadence and fear of standing firm on principles motivate Western leaders.  It’s a recipe for disaster, and that’s what is heading our way if we don’t change our ways.

6.Algeria reportedly cancels soccer match against Ghana because of Israeli coach”: This is just one of many examples that show how deeply embedded Israel and Jew hate are in the Arab world.  Arab Muslims are the tail that wags the Islamist dog.

7.Screeching “Allahu akbar” on Temple Mount declared illegal”: I’ll believe it when I see it.  Declaring that’s it’s illegal to screech “Allahu akbar” is one thing. Enforcing the ban is another.  The video below shows what they are talking about.  I see it every time I visit the Temple Mount.

In the video below, a former Palestinian terrorist explains why there can never be peace with Islam:

The video below presents information about the Israel-Palestinian conflict that you won’t see in the mainstream media:

The video below explains why the notion of “lone wolf attacks” is ridiculous.  Islamist politicians and clerics are inciting attacks all over the world and Western politicians won’t admit it or deal with it.  In fact, our leaders attack those of us who tell the truth about Islam:


Israel and Jewish people are the primary targets of Islamists.  Western political leaders are complicit because they allow Islamists to get away with murder, literally.  We need a change of heart at the highest level of government.



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