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January 13, 2018—We Call Them “Shithole Countries” Because That’s What They Are

January 7, 2018—President Trump Needs to Focus on Yahweh

January 3, 2018—An Iran Redo

January 1, 2018—The Urbanization Problem/Opportunity

December 30, 2017—Mahmoud Abbas is Playing a Losing Hand

December 27, 2017—The U.S. Economy in 2018 should Surprise to the Upside

December 24, 2017—Palestinians have earned a Reputation for Lying, Cheating, and Stealing

December 19, 2017—The Psalms are Prophetic

December 14, 2017—Now is the Time to Demonstrate Faith

December 11, 2017—This is the End of Another Beginning

December 9, 2017—Pope Francis has Problems

December 3, 2017—President Trump is Winning and the Folks at WaPo and NYT Can’t Believe it or Prevent It

December 1, 2017—The Prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah are not Completely Fulfilled

November 29, 2017—The Rapid Rise of Christianity in Iran

November 28, 2017—Of all the “professions”, journalism is the worst.

November 23, 2017—Peace between Palestinians and Israel? Not hardly. Get ready for some fireworks.

November 22, 2017—Why Donald Trump?

November 20, 2017—Opposing Sides are Forming in the Middle East

November 18, 2017—The Swamp is Deep and Wide

November 12, 2017—The Iran Nuclear Deal: Telling a Story with News Headlines

November 11, 2017—Iran is a Problem

November 6, 2017—Iran is Strengthening her Position around Israel

November 3, 2017—President Trump is on the Right Track and Democrats are Liars

November 1, 2017—Delusion Run Amock

October 26, 2017—Getting Up to Speed on President Trump’s Decision to Stop Obamacare Reimbursement Payments

October 25, 2017—For Every Weinstein Victim there was a Woman Looking for a Sugar Daddy and Weinstein Knew It

October 24, 2017—Judah is One Tribe of Israel, Not All Twelve

October 23, 2017—Lawrence Summers is a Nutjob

October 20, 2017—Iran is a Dictatorship Dressed in Religious Garb Making Way for the Mahdi

October 15, 2017—Compared to the Champions “Liberal Progressives” Prefer, President Trump is a Breath of Fresh Air

October 13, 2017—The “Gun Silencer” Bill Working Its Way through Congress

October 8, 2017: Get Ready for a Stock Market Melt Up and the Inevitable Meltdown

October 4, 2017—Sukkot Starts Today

October 3, 2017—The Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16: 19-31)

September 29, 2017—Yom Kippur Begins at Sundown Today

September 26, 2017The Heat is On

September 24, 2017—President Trump is Not a Politician and He’s Not Bluffing

September 23, 2017—The New World Order is Closer than You Think

September 21, 2017—Reactions to President Trump’s U.N. Speech

September 19, 2017—Finally!

September 18, 2017—Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Party are Fascist Communists

September 10, 2017—The Islamization of Europe

September 7, 2017—Mankind Has Almost Nothing to do with Climate Change So Let’s Stop Pretending We Can Prevent It

September 6, 2017—Syncing with Yahweh

September 3, 2017—It’s Time to Fish or Cut Bait

September 1, 2017—If you think it makes no sense, you are correct.

August 23, 2017—The Charlottesville Incident: Justice Demands Action, not Words

August 20, 2017—This Thing is Bigger than Most People Realize

August 19, 2017—The “No Moral Equivalence” Argument is a Radical Left Con Job

August 17, 2017—The Charlottesville Incident: It was about Hate on the Left and Right

August 12, 2017—The Agenda at Justice or Lack of One

August 2, 2017—SnyderTalk Will No Longer Accept Donations

July 31, 2017—The Temple Mount in Yahweh’s Plan

July 27, 2017—Things are Heating Up and the Temple Mount is the Epicenter

July 24, 2017—Anti-Semitism is an Evil Problem

July 23, 2017—Europe is gone. What comes next?

July 18, 2017—It’s Time for Israel to Take Control of the Temple Mount

July 16, 2017—The Worm is Turning on College Campuses

July 15, 2017—Who is Linda Sarsour and why should you not believe her?

July 4, 2017—Jewish People in Israel and the U.S. have some Serious Problems to Solve

July 1, 2017—The Western Wall and Inflammatory Rhetoric: Straining at a Gnat and Swallowing a Camel

June 30, 2017—The U.S. Healthcare System Needs a Complete Overhaul

June 28, 2017—“End the Occupation” is Anti-Semitic and Anti-Yahweh

June 26, 2017—Anti-Trump Mania is actually Anti-America Mania

June 23, 2017—True Christianity is Jewish

June 16, 2017—You Can’t Put Yahweh in a Box So Don’t Even Try

June 14, 2017—Concerns about Safety and Security are not Anti-Muslim

June 13, 2017—Despite What We See and Hear, President Trump is Doing a Lot

June 11, 2017—Europe as We Knew it is History and the Rest of the World is a Mess

June 10, 2017—Must Jewish People Convert to Christianity to be Saved?

June 5, 2017—Jim Comey?  Vladimir Putin?  Nope.  It’s not about them.

April 30, 2017—Palestinians are Disingenuous at Best

April 20, 2017—The New Testament is Eyewitness Testimony

April 19, 2017—Misunderstanding “the Law”

April 6, 2017—Put Your Name Here

April 3, 2017—Turkey and the Trump Administration

March 29, 2017—The War has Begun: Do people even know it?

March 28, 2017—What can we say about narrow-minded Christians?

March 27, 2017— The Healthcare Fiasco: my 2 cents’ worth

March 26, 2017—Islamists are a Threat to the Entire World

March 15, 2017—President Trump Puts Iran on Notice

March 11, 2017—The Culture Divide in America

March 8, 2017—Europe is a Mess and France is in a “Death Spiral”

March 5, 2017—Words Matter

March 4, 2017—If I were a bird

February 28, 2017—There May be More to Rumana Ahmed than Meets the Eye

February 26, 2017—Democrats Elect a New Leader

February 22, 2017—Let’s Get Serious

February 21, 2017—The World is Going Nuts

February 14, 2017—“What will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

February 10, 2017—Failing to take Yahweh Seriously has Dire Consequences

February 9, 2017—Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Stewart: Emblematic of America’s Moral Decay

February 2, 2017—Gianna Jessen, Abortion Survivor

February 1, 2017—President Trump is on the Right Track

January 31, 2017—Religion v. Faithfulness

January 30, 2017—Mexico’s Double Standards

January 29, 2017—Yahweh’s Name: Who are we to Believe?

January 24, 2017—Fake News has Found a Home in the Hearts and Minds of Democrats

January 18, 2017—Where Yahweh is Concerned, the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans is Huge

January 17, 2017—For Israel, Nothing is Easy

January 14, 2017—Israel and Jewish People are under Attack

January 13, 2017—At the U.N., the U.S. Poked Yahweh in the Eye

January 9, 2017—U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334: we live in a wacky world

January 4, 2017—The Burden of Change

January 3, 2017—Obama is Preparing to Make Life Difficult for Donald Trump

January 2, 2017—Tradition!

January 1, 2017—Sowing Fear to Prevent Israel from being Faithful and Obedient

December 31, 2016—A Lesson for Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli People

December 30, 2016—The Two-State Solution Can’t and Won’t Work

December 28, 2016—Why Was Jesus Crucified?

December 25, 2016—Yahweh is our Righteousness

December 22, 2016—Questions and Answers

December 19, 2016—The Aaronic Blessing: there is more to it than meets the eye

December 17, 2016—Democrats and their Accomplices are Apoplectic

December 16, 2016—Fake News Front-and-Center

December 15, 2016—The Promised Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount and Yahweh

December 13, 2016—Prime Minister Netanyahu: A Touch of Class

December 8, 2016—The Promised Land belongs to Israel: All the Tribes of Israel

December 7, 2016—It has everything to do with Islam

December 5, 2016—Islamist compounds all over US stockpiling weapons in preps for “Jihad against Trump”

December 1, 2016—Fidel Castro was a Brutal Dictator and an Evil Man

November 29, 2016—Fires Rage in Israel

November 28, 2016—Materialism is a Deadly Serious Matter

November 24, 2016—The World is Changing Rapidly: Get Ready for a Bumpy Ride

November 17, 2016—Obama and Democrats Created the Problems that Donald Trump will have to Solve

November 9, 2016—Trump Wins: That’s Step 1

November 8, 2016—It’s Time to Drain the Swamp

November 7, 2016—My Prayer

November 6, 2016—We’ve had enough of the Clintons

November 3, 2016—The United States is at the Precipice: if the status quo continues, we are doomed

November 1, 2016—Memo to Democrats: The Second Amendment is Not about Hunting

October 29, 2016—If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan. Really?

October 25, 2016—Democrats Stand by their Candidates, Republicans Shoot their Wounded

October 21, 2016—The 2016 Presidential Election is about Yahweh

October 15, 2016—Hillary Clinton, Open Borders, and the Occupation Army

October 14, 2016—Palestinian Depravity and Duplicity on Display

October 7, 2016—There is a point of no return. Have we reached it?

October 6, 2016—Europe is going down the Tubes

September 27, 2016—Islamism and the West: it’s a shotgun wedding that can’t work

September 19, 2016—Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate for president but he’s light-years ahead of Hillary Clinton

September 16, 2016—For good or for bad, millennials represent the future of this nation.

September 15, 2016—Lying is as Normal for Hillary Clinton as Breathing

September 14, 2016—Hillary is a Class Act: NOT

September 13, 2016—Hillary Clinton isn’t Fit to be President

September 11, 2016—The Promised Land and Israel

September 6, 2016—Two Seriously Misunderstood but Common Phrases

August 28, 2016—Mount Carmel: In Arabic it’s called El-Muhraqa, the place where fire came down

August 12, 2016—Why I Support Donald Trump in One Word

August 11, 2016—Justice in America?

August 10, 2016—Palestinians Playing Second Fiddle: a dangerous situation

August 9, 2016—Christianity in the U.S. isn’t what it Used to Be

August 8, 2016—Erdogan Sets His Sights on Europe

August 7, 2016—The Creation: Genesis 2: 4

August 6, 2016—Intelligent People Say and Do Stupid Things

August 5, 2016—Europe is coming apart at the seams. The U.S. isn’t far behind.

August 4, 2016—Is this the End of Days or the end of the world as we know it?

August 3, 2016—Turkey should not be a Member of NATO

August 2, 2016—Trump or Clinton?

August 1, 2016—Upsetting the Applecart: The New Testament is Commentary not Scripture, Part 2

July 29, 2016—Europe is Coming Unglued Thanks to Political Leaders who have PPJ: Piss Poor Judgment

July 28, 2016 #2—Hillary for the Big House

July 27, 2016—It’s 3:00 in the morning. Who do you want answering the telephone in the White House?

July 26, 2016—Donald Trump will Win Big in November

July 25, 2016—“Gay Christians”: an Abomination to Yahweh

July 23, 2016—Gatestone Institute: A Trusted Source

July 22, 2016 #2—Donald Trump for President

July 21, 2016—The Promised Land is not the Subject of a Political Debate: It’s a Faith Thing

July 20, 2016—ISIS’s Strategy for Destroying the West is Changing

July 18, 2016—The Temple Mount is Coming to the Fore

July 17, 2016—We will Rue the Day the Turkish Coup Failed

July 16, 2016—Don’t Minimize Turkey’s Importance

July 13, 2016—Upsetting the Applecart: God, Gad, Gaud, Gawd

July 8, 2016—No Praying on the Temple Mount for Non-Muslims?

July 7, 2016—The Freedoms We Enjoy are at Stake

July 6, 2016—Europe has a Self-Inflicted Islam Problem and So does the U.S.

July 5, 2016—Hillary Clinton’s Legal Problems are Deep and Wide and They Go Back a Long Way

July 4, 2016—Denying the Obvious

June 30, 2016—Palestinian Hate is the Problem, Not Israeli “Occupation”

June 29, 2016—Under Erdogan, Turkey is not Israel’s Friend No Matter What We See and Hear

June 27, 2016—Brexit is a harbinger of things to come

June 22, 2016—Supporting legal immigration and a temporary ban on Muslim immigration is the right thing to do

June 21, 2016—Brexit isn’t the Whole Story or Even the Main Story

June 20, 2016—Israel’s Enemy and Our Enemy: One and the Same

June 17, 2016—Yahweh is Israel’s Only Hope

June 16, 2016—The Messiah and Israel

June 15, 2016—Trump is Right, Obama and Clinton are Wrong

June 14, 2016—Europe: What a mess!

June 13, 2016—Paris Flooding: Yahweh will not be ignored

May 9, 2016—Christian People Need to Get Off of Their High Horses

May 8, 2016—I Won’t Be Bushwhacked Again

May 6, 2016—Anti-Semitism around the World is a Cause for Concern

May 5, 2016—The New Testament is Commentary, not Scripture

May 4, 2016—Hell is a Scary Place

May 1, 2016—The World is Getting “Curiouser and curiouser”

April 24, 2016—Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb

April 22, 2016—The Progression of Perversity has Reached Critical Velocity

April 21, 2016—The Tenth Plague: The Death of the First-Born or Passover

April 18, 2016—Bad Habits Produce Bad Results

April 17, 2016—Israel is the Promised Land

April 16, 2016—The Islamification of the World

April 4, 2016—Yahweh’s People aren’t Go-Along, Get-Along Types

April 1, 2016—Repentance is the Beginning, not the End

March 30, 2016—Yahweh wants our attention. Will we give it to Him?

March 27, 2016—Part Fact, Part Speculation

March 26, 2016—A Lot is Going on behind the Scenes that Everyone Should Know

March 25, 2016—Evangelical Voters in 2016

March 23, 2016—Iran’s fingerprints in Belgium? I think so.

March 17, 2016—Gun Violence: Here We Go Again

March 13, 2016—The Next President will Define Our Nation’s Global Role for Decades to Come

March 12, 2016—Donald Trump is the New Ronald Reagan

March 11, 2016—It’s about time for Yahweh to do His thing

March 10, 2016—Palestinians in a Zombie World

March 9, 2016—No More Affirmative Action Presidents

March 6, 2016—Ready or Not, they are Coming

March 1, 2016 SnyderTalk—The Israeli “Settlements” Issue is Bigger than Most People Think

February 29, 2016—Yehuda Glick: A Man of Faith

February 25, 2016—Is Yahweh in the News? Absolutely.

February 19, 2016—Pope Francis is a Hypocrite

February 18, 2016—People Who Never Knew Can’t Forget

February 14, 2016— Global Warming and the Tower of Babel: There is a Connection

February 12, 2016—Bernie Sanders is not the Right Guy

February 11, 2016—What is the “Palestinian Cause”?

February 7, 2016—The Lust for Money is the Root of All Sorts of Evil

February 6, 2016—Palestinian Leaders are Criminals

January 30, 2016—The Problem with Political Correctness

January 29, 2016—“Christians” Who Demonize Israel are Modern-Day Balaams

January 28, 2016—There are Palestinians and Then There are Palestinians

January 27, 2016—The Islamic State’s strategy to cause death and destruction in Europe

January 25, 2016—Yahweh can’t be stopped, and trying to stop Him is dangerous.

January 18, 2016—Grace does not Nullify the Law

January 16, 2016—Russia, Turkey, Iran, and China Need to be Monitored Closely

January 14, 2016—Who Can Speak for Yahweh?

January 13, 2016—Yahweh doesn’t want or need a birthday celebration

January 12, 2016—Democrats are Concerned: they should be

January 11, 2016: Obama’s Tearful Made for TV Gun Gambit

January 10, 2016—Getting Tough on Terrorists doesn’t mean Coddling Them

January 6, 2016—World War III is Taking Shape

January 5, 2016—Guns are not the problem

January 3, 2016—Islamists are the Only Real Muslims

January 2, 2016—If U.S. Muslims are in Danger, it’s Obama’s Fault

January 1, 2016—2nd Amendment Restrictions are Just the Beginning: with a year to go, there is no telling what Obama will do

December 30, 2015—‘Affluenza’ tells us a lot about Our Society

December 24, 2015—Obama Earned the Antipathy Heading His Way, but Have We Learned Anything?

December 21, 2015—Attempts to Reform Islam are Doomed to Failure

December 16, 2015—The Trump Effect is Producing Results

December 15, 2015—Obama’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost

December 14, 2015—Islamists are the only true Muslims.

December 13, 2015—If Obama Listened to Netanyahu, We Would be Better Off

December 10, 2015—Trump’s Rhetoric is Dangerous

December 7, 2015—“If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind.”

December 4, 2015—Enough is Enough

December 2, 2015—Have we passed the point of no return? I think so.

November 24, 2015—ISIS is at war with us, but we aren’t at war with ISIS.

November 19, 2015—Armed Citizens are the Best Defense Against Terrorism

November 18, 2015—If We Elect another Democrat, We Will Get What We Deserve

November 17, 2015—ISIS is on the Rampage, Obama is Dazed and Confused

November 15, 2015—Everyday Wickedness for Everyday People

November 14, 2015—France is Not the Only Country Under Attack

November 8, 2015—Restoring Judah and Israel

November 5, 2015—Religious Church-Going is not the Same as Faithful Obedience

October 28, 2015—Palestinian Violence on the Temple Mount is Part of a Well-Orchestrated Strategy

October 26, 2015—The Story Behind the Picture: Biblical Jerusalem

October 25, 2015—My Bar Mitzvah and Other Things

October 23, 2015—Yahweh has a Plan and His Children are Part of It

October 20, 2015—Obama is Wrong about Israel, Again

October 18, 2015—Israel is coming to its senses. Will the U.S. follow suit?

October 14, 2015—A Broader and More Accurate Perspective on the Syrian Civil War

October 10, 2015—Excessive Devotion to Wealth Creation Can Cost You Your Soul

October 4, 2015—Exactly what did the Messiah say?

October 3, 2015—The Palestinian Two-Step on the Global Stage

October 1, 2015—Who Does the Pope Represent?

September 30, 2015—Where in the Bible does it say, “Go along, get along”?

September 25, 2015—The Global Economy is in Serious Trouble

September 19, 2015—Supporting Israel is in our Best Interest

September 2, 2015—What about the stock market?

August 31, 2015—A Plea for Morality

August 17, 2015— Attention People of Faith: Here Come the Feds

August 14-16, 2015—A Battle Royal is Brewing: the Forces of Good vs. the Forces of Evil

August 12, 2015—T.D. Jakes on “Gay Rights” and “LGBT Churches”: Shocking

August 8-9, 2015—What Yasser Arafat said and Why it Matters

August 7, 2015—Yahweh is not a Liar: Count on It

July 31, 2015—Faith in Yahweh secures our salvation, so who is Yahweh?

July 28, 2015—Yahweh is Will Protect, Defend, and Restore Israel: Click on the title and scroll down until you get to the editorial.

July 27, 2015—Who is God? What is His Name?

July 23, 2015—Winds of change are blowing in the Middle East

July 16, 2015—Israeli Prime Ministers and Their Failure to Act

July 14, 2015—The Bigger Picture: Uniting Islamists is a Harbinger of Very Bad Things to Come

July 8, 2015—Man-Made Religion is Not from Yahweh

July 7, 2015—Yahweh’s People Will Stand with Him No Matter What

July 4, 2015 Weekend Extra—Yahweh Will Judge the Nations

June 8, 2015—The World is a Scary Place and It’s Getting Scarier Every Day

May 22, 2015—A Perfect Storm is Brewing Right Here in America

May 21, 2015—Back to Israel, Reports to Follow

May 15, 2015—Two-State Solution a Ploy to Destroy Israel

May 12, 2015—Egypt and Russia are Moving Closer Together: Houston, We have a Problem

May 8, 2015—Why Rabbi Akiva is Not My Hero

May 5, 2015—Daniel’s Prophecy

April 24, 2015—Is Barack Obama a liar? The truth is out

April 23, 2015—Law and Order are Breaking Down in the United States

April 20, 2015—“Sin is crouching at the door, and its desire is for you.”

April 7, 2015—Israel Must Trust Yahweh

April 4, 2015—The Deal from Hell

April 1, 2015—Passover or Easter? One is from Yahweh, the Other Isn’t

March 27, 2015—The World is at a Tipping Point, Obama Brought us Here

March 24, 2015—The Whole World Needs to Beware of Barack Obama

March 23, 2015—Following Netanyahu’s Victory, Obama and the Democratic Party Show Their True Colors

March 18, 2015—With Netanyahu’s Victory, Israel Wins

March 17, 2015—What Hath Obama Wrought?

March 10, 2015—Iranian Leaders are Treading on Thin Ice with Yahweh

March 9, 2015—Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Reelection is Important for Israel and for the World

March 5, 2015—Netanyahu to Congress: the Speech that Every Member of the Obama Administration Refused to Hear

January 24, 2015—Of Course Israel is a Partisan Political Issue—It’s a Faith Issue, Too

January 20, 2015—Texas “Stand with the Prophet” Rally was Nothing Compared with the Courage and Compassion of One Muslim Man

January 11, 2015: Trying to Appease Islamist Terrorists is giving them a License to Kill

January 9, 2015—9/11 was a Pin Prick Compared to what is heading Our Way if We Don’t Get Serious about Islamists

December 24, 2014—The Greatest Sacrifice Ever Made was Made for You and Me

November 24, 2014—Of Course Jewish People Should Visit the Temple Mount

November 17, 2014— Imminent Iran Nuclear Deal Makes Israel More Vulnerable

November 14, 2014—Mahmoud Abbas will get His Global War but He Won’t Like It

November 10, 2014—Obama’s Solicitor General: “Israel Has No Claim to Jerusalem”

November 5, 2014—All the Nations of the Earth are Gathering against Jerusalem

November 3, 2014—Supporting Israel and Democrats: Incompatible

October 28, 2014—The U.S. May Have Passed the Point of No Return

October 27, 2014—Obama’s Deceit and Democratic Party Complicity

October 19, 2014—Elections Matter

October 16, 2014—The Catholic Church and the Slippery Slope to Self-Destruction

October 15, 2014—Turkey’s President Erdoğan Has Been Sleeping with the Enemy

October 14, 2014—Obama is AWOL on Ebola

October 13, 2014—U.S. Ambivalence Toward Iran Threatens Israel

October 11, 2014—The Middle East Problem is Multifaceted but it’s Not Complicated

October 9, 2014—Has World War III Already Started?

October 8, 2014—ISIS with Nuclear Weapons

September 30, 2014—Why Is The Middle East Failing?

September 26, 2014—ISIS Plans To Kill ‘Ten Million Americans’

September 23, 2014—Israel and Jews are not the problem. The intellectual left and anti-Semites are the problem.

September 22, 2014—ISIS Releases Turkish Hostages, but Something Smells Fishy: it’s Time to Rethink Turkey’s NATO Membership

September 20, 2014—People of the World, Don’t Take Sides Against Yahweh

September 17, 2014—When Things Really Matter, the U.N. is AWOL

September 15, 2014—The Time for Talking is Over

September 13, 2014—Why They Hate Us

September 12, 2014—Is President Obama a liar or is he just stupid?

September 11, 2014—Jews Against Israel Profane Yahweh’s Name

September 10, 2014—Anything Less than All-Out War on Islamist Extremists is Not Enough

September 4, 2014—You Can’t be For Yahweh and Against Israel and Jewish People

September 3, 2014—The Squeaky Wheel gets the Grease and Palestinians are the Squeakiest Wheel in the World

September 2, 2014—Islamic State has a Strategy for Dealing with the U.S.

August 30, 2014—Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Offers No Hope for Peace

August 29, 2014—Islamists have Left Us No Choice

August 27, 2014—Radical Islamists Don’t Play Golf

August 23, 2014—Stop Giving Money to the U.N.

August 22, 2014—Obama Pledges “Relentless” Fight Against ISIS: Why Doesn’t Israel Have the Same Right?

August 20, 2014—Antisemitism on rise across Europe ‘in worst times since the Nazis’

August 14, 2014—Pretending that “Palestinians” want Peace Can Cost Innocent Israelis their Lives

August 8, 2014—Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Using Human Shields

August 6, 2014—Obama Blunders at Israel’s Expense

July 29, 2014—Another Palestinian “Day of Rage” but the Quest for “Peace” Continues

July 11, 2014—Operation Protective Edge: It’s Time to Target Hamas for Elimination

July 9, 2014—Who is Ultimately Responsible for the Cold-Blooded Murder of a Palestinian Teenager?

May 12, 2014—Satan is Israel’s Real Enemy and the Root Cause of the Conflict Between Israel and “Palestinians”

May 9, 2014—Christian Love for Israel Isn’t Optional: It’s Required

May 6, 2014—Flat Earthers and Global Warmers: Two Peas in a Pod

April 22, 2014—Misreading the New Testament: John Chapter 8

April 10, 2014—IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups will Probably get Worse Going Forward

April 7, 2014—Day of Reckoning a Certainty: the Only Question is “When?”

April 2, 2014—UN Report Warns that Global Warming Threatens Us All—Hogwash

March 20, 2014—Yahweh’s Word would Still be True Even if No One Believed It

March 19, 2014—The Waters beneath the Earth are Real and So will be the Earth’s Destruction by Fire

February 19, 2014—Turkey Abandoning Atatürk

February 4, 2014—Israel’s Worst Enemy: Self-Seeking Politicians from the United States

January 24, 2014—Good Riddance: Indict Corrupt Politicians

January 21, 2014—“Kerry can survive failure, but can Israel?”

December 25, 2013—Christmas: It Isn’t What You Think

December 23, 2013—Where are Mount Sinai and the Site of the Red Sea Crossing?

November 23, 2013—If Assad Falls, Who Wins in Syria?

November 22, 2013—Radical Islam: A Problem World Leaders Must Confront

November 17, 2013—Ten Things to Consider Before Launching an Attack against Iran

November 13, 2013— “It’s impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired.”

November 12, 2013—A Country Called “Palestine” Never Existed and It Never Should Exist

November 6, 2013—Obamacare: the Worst Investment in the History of Mankind

November 5, 2013—You Can’t Be a Christian and Take Sides with those Who Oppose Israel

November 3, 2013—You May Have to Use a Gun in Self-Defense, So Prepare

October 23, 2013—Hold Everyone Responsible for the Housing Debacle Accountable— ALL of Them

October 9, 2013—Salvation, Obedience, and the Leading of the Spirit—Part 8: Press on to Maturity

October 8, 2013 Special Edition—Salvation, Obedience, and the Leading of the Spirit—Part 7: The Authentic Swing

October 8, 2013—Salvation, Obedience, and the Leading of the Spirit—Part 6: Beyond Salvation

October 5, 2013—Salvation, Obedience, and the Leading of the Spirit—Part 5: Self-Righteousness is a Prelude to Disaster

October 4, 2013—Salvation, Obedience, and the Leading of the Spirit—Part 4: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

October 3, 2013—Salvation, Obedience, and the Leading of the Spirit—Part 3: Legalism is Not a New Problem

October 2, 2013—Salvation, Obedience, and the Leading of the Spirit—Part 2: Salvation is by Grace or it’s not Real

October 1, 2013—Salvation, Obedience, and the Leading of the Spirit—Part 1: Follow the Leading of the Spirit

September 25, 2013—Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy Must Be Stupid

September 22, 2013—‘America the Stupid’ or ‘America the Judged’?

September 6, 2013—President Obama’s Loose Lips are Costing Us Dearly

September 5, 2013—Enough is Enough—It’s Time to Take Our Country Back

August 31, 2013—Gun Control Legislation: with a million dollars and lots of time, academics can prove the obvious

August 23, 2013—Overwhelming Force: The Only Way to Deal with Terror

August 20, 2013—The New Kotel Plaza: an Idea Whose Time Has Come

August 14, 2013—Jerusalem is Not a Bargaining Chip

August 7, 2013—Russian President Putin is a better friend to Christians than President Obama

August 1, 2013—The Roadmap for Peace Will Lead to More Violence and Maybe another War

July 31, 2013—King Abdullah of Jordan is Leading People Astray

July 23, 2013—Rioting Arabs in Jerusalem: It’s Part of the “Peace Process”

July 18, 2013—Secret $8 billion deal between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood?

July 16, 2013—People of Mea Shearim, You Should be Ashamed

July 15, 2013—Emek Refaim is a Wonderful Place to Visit and Live

July 5, 2013—President Obama’s True Leanings are Becoming Clear

July 4, 2013—Yahweh Alone Deserves Credit for the Sabbath

June 27, 2013—The Israel Museum: It’s a Sight to See

June 26, 2013—The Prohibition against Non-Muslims praying on the Temple Mount is Laughable

June 24, 2013—Easter is an Abomination to Yahweh

June 22, 2013—The Sabbath Day is Saturday

June 21, 2013—Yahweh Looks at the Heart

June 19, 2013—Yahweh Wants His Desires to Become Our Desires

June 14, 2013—Jerusalem is a Very Special City

June 9, 2013—Pushing Israel and the Palestinians toward Peace will Increase Violence

June 8, 2013—The Palestinian Gambit to Regain Latrun is Aimed at Stopping Peace Negotiations before they Start

June 7, 2013—Samantha Power: “A Problem from Hell”?

June 6, 2013—Christian Obstinence is Retarding Progress

June 4, 2013—“Unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”

June 3, 2013—Yahweh is Mysterious, but Satan is a Liar

June 2, 2013—You Had Better Know Whose Side You are On

May 14, 2013—The Incredible Shrinking President

May 5, 2013—The Ever Widening Chasm between Christians and the U.S. Government

April 14, 2013—If You Want to Criticize Christianity, Get Your Facts Straight

April 3, 2013—China and the Dollar’s Global Reserve Currency Status

April 2, 2013—Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Fiscal Reality

March 31, 2013—A Battle is Raging for the Soul of America

March 28, 2013—Trouble is Brewing in America

March 25, 2013—Passover and the Work of the Messiah

March 15, 2013—It’s Time to Stock Up on Precious Metals, Guns, and Ammunition

March 12, 2013—It’s Time for Effective Action against Radical Islamists in Israel

March 3, 2013—Reinstating the Draft is Not a Bad Idea

February 28, 2013—Islamists’ Primary Target

February 27, 2013—Get Ready for Obama’s Impending Economic Free Fall

February 22, 2013—The Oprahfication of America

February 18, 2013—President Obama has set in motion forces that he can’t handle.

February 14, 2013—Welcome to 21st Century America

February 8, 2013—Lake Michigan Water Level Isn’t at a “Record Low”

February 3, 2013—Bill Clinton is an Unusually Good Liar and Hillary is No Slouch

February 2, 2013—Rahm Emanuel and Antonio Villaraigosa Need an Attitude Adjustment

January 29, 2013—Dianne Feinstein’s Ignorance is Stunning

January 28, 2013—The Second Amendment is Not about Hunting

January 24, 2013—Mainstreaming Homosexuality is Only the Beginning

January 19, 2013—Mohamed Morsi’s “I Didn’t Say What I Said” Defense

January 17, 2013—Israeli Leaders Must Choose Their Own Course

January 16, 2013—What will Syria’s generals do when Bashar al-Assad meets his Maker?

January 15, 2013—If the president is serious about curbing gun violence, this is what he needs to do.

January 13, 2013—Self Governance is Under Attack, not just the Second Amendment

January 10, 2013—BoA Deserves to be Sued

January 8, 2013—Punish the Guilty, not the Innocent

January 5, 2013—“Arabs. You can rent one but you can’t buy one.”

January 3, 2013—Rush Limbaugh is Right: Conservative Voters Hold the Key to Victory

January 1, 2013—President Obama is Responsible for Our Fiscal Mess


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