4 thoughts on “Daniel Chapters 10, 11, and 12

  1. his name is yahweh. if you want your prayers answer call him yahweh. god is pagan name. other names such as lord, jehovah,adonay,el,elohim are all pagan names. that’s why he revealed his name to us in the holy scriptures. oh! you most certainly can called him “yah” which is a shorten for of yahweh.

  2. thank u for shearing with us what YAHWEH has given u to wisely narture the church so that she may come back to her first love-YAHSHUA. their is a crisess of knowledge n we must come to YAHWEH for healing; He is our only Hope, so we should all pray, pray n pray that He will remember that we r dust, n time is running out “…in the last days you will clearly understand it”(Jeremiah23:20b).

  3. ok so u say el,elohim,adonai are pagan names??!!what are u saying?god,lord,jesus are names of pagan deitys,right?I DO NOT use those names but the names I,as a set apart believer,is YAHWEH,MESSIAH,ELOHIM,EL…does that make me a pagan?I believe every thing that is written in the torah and the prohpets of the scriptures…your site is quit a good site to start…what religion are you?i would like to hear from you…

  4. oh sorry only realised it now…i thought neil snyder post the first post but it was actaully james grace…sorry for that..any way does’nt matter..I would like to hear from you,james grace…

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