His Name is Yahweh—PowerPoint Presentation

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Some of you are ready to make presentations about His Name is Yahweh.  You have my permission to use the PowerPoint file below:

You’ll need PowerPoint 2007 to use the file.  I don’t think it works properly with older versions of PowerPoint.  You’ll also need to read His Name is Yahweh.  When you’re with a live audience, questions inevitably arise that go beyond the presentation.  Reading His Name is Yahweh will prepare you to deal with the questions they ask and many questions they don’t know to ask.  Below is the file for His Name is Yahweh in PDF format:

You have my permission to copy and share this material as often as you want.  May Yahweh bless you as you do your work.

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3 thoughts on “His Name is Yahweh—PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Do you know that the meaning of “Salvation ” in Greek is SOTER? Therefore to use the name Jesus is wrong. Therefore the proper name is Yeshua!
    Blessings to all of you

  2. wrong!!! not yeshua…!!YAHSUA!!theres a difference…a big difference
    you are almost right,but not yet…rather use YASHUA and not YESHUA

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