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This website is the best place to start once you understand the importance of Yahweh’s Name: His Name is Yahweh.  It contains lots of factual information on the homepage, and there is a wealth of material available for free download.  Pointing your friends and family to the His Name is Yahweh website is a great way to share what you know with them.  It takes the pressure off you because you don’t have to convince them that what you know is true.  They website shows them that it’s in the Bible.

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8 thoughts on “His Name is Yahweh—Website

  1. You should visit http://www.hisnameisyahweh.org. From that site you can download the book His Name is Yahweh. It’s free. Yahweh is our Savior, our Redeemer, and our Elohim. He is referred to in the Bible by many Names, but He said that Yahweh is the Name by which He is to be remembered. Again, I urge you to read His Name is Yahweh.

  2. Thank you for the pdf book and the mp3 files.

    Clara – India

  3. You’re welcome. Copy and share them as often as you want. Yahweh bless you.

  4. Well done for your good work and service to Yahweh Almighty, I’m 100% with you and I’m preaching just same truth like you. May Yahweh keep you safe. Amen.

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