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  1. The HalleluYah Scriptures is a restored name Bible where the Father’s Name, Yahweh, and His Son’s Name, Yahshua, are restored to the Paleo-Hebrew text. Also, Hebrew names have also been restored; for example, Elijah has been restored to Eliyahu. This is a literal translation much like the NASB, but with the restored Hebrew names. Lastly, this Bible is not for sale; it is to be given free to those who have need and cannot afford their own copy.

  2. I would be most appreciative to receive this version of YAHWEH our Eylohim … awesome, what a blessing. Thank you so much!!!
    Gloria. Grs485@gmail.com
    3212 1/2 Indiana St. N.E.
    Albuquerque, NM. 87110-2142

    MAY Yahweh bless your ministry for your good works.

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