Yahweh’s Name in the New Testament

John 5: 43—“I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will receive him.”

Yahweh’s Name in the New Testament:

According to Charles Ryrie, author of Ryrie Study Bible, Yahweh’s Name appears in Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament exactly 6,823 times. (Ryrie, Charles.  Ryrie Study Bible Expanded Edition, Moody, 1995, p. 6.)  That number probably seems large to you, and I hope it raises questions in your mind about why you haven’t heard a lot about Yahweh’s Name in church.  And we know this, too.  The New Testament is loaded with direct quotes and paraphrased passages from the Old Testament and many times those Old Testament verses contain the words “LORD” and “GOD” in capital letters.  The Name “Yahweh” belongs there, but it’s not always easy to identify where Yahweh’s Name should be in the New Testament because most Bible translations don’t pay enough attention to the case of the letters brought from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

This website shows where Yahweh’s Name should appear in the New Testament: The Divine Name in the New Testament

The Peshitta:

The Peshitta is the Aramaic New Testament.  Contrary to popular belief and theories about Bible origins that are taught in most seminaries, the original New Testament manuscripts were not written in Greek.  They were written in Aramaic and translated into Greek for wide scale distribution.  Due to translation errors and structural problems associated with translating from Aramaic to Greek, the Bibles most people rely on today are not as accurate as they should be.  I won’t go into detail about this because Andrew Gabriel Roth has dealt with it extensively in a book titled Ruach Qadim.  I strongly suggest that you purchase a copy.  You’ll be glad you did because it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the source documents for Bible scholars who wrote the Greek New Testament manuscripts were the original Aramaic texts.

You should also get a copy of the Peshitta.  Andrew Gabriel Roth has written the best and most up-to-date version of the Peshitta available on the market today.  It’s titled Aramaic English New Testament.  I’ve read it, and it’s better than the King James Version, the New American Standard Bible, the New International Version, and every other Bible translation that is based on Greek New Testament source material.  Please take the time to read the introductory material and the appendices.  You’ll be glad you did.

We are living during a time when Yahweh is revealing things about Himself, His Name, and His Word that have been hidden for millennia.  Let me be perfectly clear about this fact.  This is not “new material”.  It’s ancient material that has been obscured by well-intentioned people who made critical errors.  The Holy Spirit permitted it, I can’t explain why, but you can be certain that Satan was behind it.  It’s time for us to know the truth.  Please take the time to examine these two books and see for yourself.  Thankfully, we live during a time when this information is readily available to anyone with an open mind and a sincere desire to know Yahweh’s Word.

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29 thoughts on “Yahweh’s Name in the New Testament

  1. I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

  2. I’ve been reading a few posts and truly and enjoy your writing. I’m just setting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and provide the reader so much insight.

  3. I just came across your website and was very impressed with your teachings. However, I have one problem with it. Most everyone will agree that the Heavenly Father’s name is Yahweh. Many sources confirm this and it is found in the prefaces of most Bibles. However, the agruement comes with you talk about the son’s name. I have studied this for almost 30 years and it is my belief that if He came in His father’s name, the shortened form of Yahweh (YAH) should be included in the son’s name. Thus, the Son’s name should be YAHshua. Meaning YAH is salvation. or the Salvation of YAH. Yeshsua only means salvation. Ye is not the shortened form of Yahweh. Yahshua did not raise Himself from the dead. The Father did – thus Yahweh is Salvation and if the son came in His Father’s Name He should be called Yahshua. YAH should be part of the Son’s name – it identifies Him and is the reason they hated Him – His Name told them that He came from the Father whom they knew was Yahweh even though they may not have pronounced it. Yeshus is a name used by Jews coming out of Judism and who were taught that His name was too sacred to pronounce. They have brought the name Jeshsua with them into the Messianic movement. It is not correct and is a point of confusion. YAH is the great I AM. YAHSHUA was the saviour of the world that He sent. THEY ARE ONE (Deut 6:4) And it is their NAME that makes them One. Yahweh is the Family NAME and Yahshua prayes in John 17:26 that all believers will be united by love into the family of Yahweh. Knowing and using the true Names is the Key that unlocks the doors to the Kingdom (Key of David Rev. 3:7-8)

  4. I wanted to make sure i commented on this subject.
    I am enjoying your dicussion.

  5. The Son’s name is actually Yahusha. Yahu + sha. yasha means to deliver/save. shua means cry out and whatnot. It not part of the Son’s name. And the Son’s name isn’t Yeshua. That’s an Aramaic word meaning save. There’s another name that means Yahuah is Salvation that you might not realize. It’s Yeshayahu (Isaiah). As we can see in this name, yesha means save/deliver, and yahu means Yahuah. Yahusha is just the reverse.
    If you take the endings of Eliyahu and Elisha you get Yahusha. God’s name is Yahuah. As you can see in Yahusha and Yeshayahu, Yahu is the 1st part of God’s name. and the Hebrew letter hei at the end of a name makes an “ah” sound, so Yahuah (Ya-hoo-ah).

  6. I have a hunch that you are not a linguist, but from your comment I suspect that you are learning from someone who thinks he/she is. Point 1: the Son’s Name at birth was Yeshua. You are correct. It’s an Aramaic name. Point 2: The Son is THE manifestation of Yahweh. Point 3: the Creator’s Name is Yahweh.

  7. So Luke wrote in Aramaic? Paul wrote in aramaic to gentile churches? The idea is preposterous. To ‘conjecturally amend’ the NT by falsly isertig the OT name of God into it is reprehensible. My children call me ‘father’ or ‘daddy’ not John, and the Nt revelation is that we now know God as Father not YHWH.

  8. If I were you, I would take some time to actually read the Aramaic New Testament and see what it says. I would also take some time to study the origin of the Aramaic New Testament. If you do, you will make some amazing discoveries.

    I’ve heard your arguments before, so many times in fact that for all practical purposes I dismiss them. This is the bottom line: you can’t ignore what Yahweh said and substitute your opinions in its place. Stated another way, if you do that, you’re really not following Him or even making an attempt to follow Him. That’s what the book His Name is Yahweh is all about. You should read it as well.

  9. My last name is Matityahu. I am an Israelite from the tribe of Judah(Yahudah).In response to JT’s question..” So Luke wrote in Aramaic? Paul wrote in
    aramaic to gentile churches?”…YES, they did. Aramaic was the most commonly used language of all peoples in Palestine(seat of Jeruselam) and surrounding countries and territories in the days of Yahushuah ha Machiac’s (AKA Jesus Christ’s) ministry as Messiah on this earth (ie: 1st century A.D.). Many languages are spoken in America by its diverse peoples (Spanish, French, Yiddish etc.) but most people speak English as well. It is the common thread language that allows us to communicate on a universal level. As English is to modern day America, Aramaic was to Palestine and all surrounding countries in Yahushuah’s time on earth as Messiah. Although many Gentiles, as you call them (Im assuming you meant Greeks according to spoken language as in Christ, there is no more Jew or Gentile -Galatians 3:28 and upon accepting him as Messiah ALL who do become Israelites regardless of racial birth – Eph 2:11-20, Rom 8:25-29, Rom 11:11-32) spoke Greek as well as many various other languages in Palestine and surrounding countries, the most universal language of the time was Aramaic in its many forms (Armazic, Mandaic, Syriac, Samaritan, Jewish Babylonian, Jewish Palestinian, Turoyo,Lishan Didan and more) in countries such as Lebenon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and most countries where Paul and Luke and all the Nazarenes (Acts 24:5) preached the Gospel. Aramaic was written in different phonetics such as Aramaic abjad, Syriac abjad, Hebrew abjad, Mandaic abjad, Arabic abjad, and more including some pre-Coptic Demotic and even Chinese. When writing to other Jewish Israelites they most likely used phonetics from the Hebrew abjad of Aramaic. When writing to non-Jewish Israelites and Gentiles they used the universal phonetic of Aramaic abjad.Also keep in mind that just because the Greeks came from Greece and conquered lands far East of their nativity does not mean that the peoples they conquered automatically learned to speak Greek. On the contrary many peoples vehemently refused to accept either their language or their culture (see Book of Macabees for the story of Matityahu the Levite Priest and his sons Judah and Simeon Macabee who revolted against Antioch in defiance of the enforced hellenization of Jeruselam in 167 B.C., winning 45 years of Israelite sovereignty celebrated during Hannukah). Now, what is being discussed in this thread is the subject of a name, namely, the name of G-d and His Qodesh Messiah. Regardless of whatever language the Apostles were writing in at the time, a personal name would be written in such a way that it would be pronounced as it was originally in its native alphebet. For example, if a Chinese person tells me their name is Jet Lee, I do not try to find the English equivilant so that I may call them my version of their name. In the same way, if I tell a Chinese person my name is Wesley, they do not call me the Chinese equivilant of my name. They simply call me Wesley. No matter who I give my name to, regardless of their native language, they will always call me Wesley. Now, if I say I am the “companion” of Wesley and your native language is Hebrew, you may say I am the “cabereth” of Wesley. Notice the descriptive word companion in English changed to cabereth in Hebrew but the NAME stays the same. The sweetest sounding word you can ever call someone is their name and it is a sign of personal respect. G-d feels the same way about His name. In Exodus 3:15, G-d says to Moses, “Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, YaHUaH the G-d of your fathers, the G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac, the G-d of Jacob, hath sent me to you: this is my Name FOREVER, and this is my Memorial (ie: what I am to be remembered by) unto ALL generations. Forever and All generations includes both Old Testament and New Testament and everything before, after and in between and you can be sure that anyone blessed enough to scribe His Holy words in truth was well aware of this under unction of His Holy (Quodesh) Spirit (Ruach). When writing His title (G-d) it can be translated to whatever equivilant it has in any language but His Name will NEVER change regardless of language and it is a direct violation of one of the 10 commandments to make His Name uselss (veign)(Exod 20:7) and you can also be sure that the writers of the New Testament, being Israelites versed in scripture and under the unction of the Holy Spirit new better than to make His Name uselss (veign). In Jer 23:27 YaHUaH condemns false preachers who try to cause His people to forget His name and even replace it with baal (Note: Adonai can be translated in English as Lord but a more common Hebrew word baalim or baal is also translated as Lord thus taking His name out 6,823 times in the OT alone and replacing it with Lord is a remarkable fulfillment of Jer 23:27). This was done by the deceiptful pen of the Scribes (Jer 8:8) who hate His Holy Name and scribed it out of HIS book in order to make everyone forget it and the power their of. Lastly, for you, a word of admonition: please refrain from being contentious; you will only find yourself full of wrath and anger (Rom 2:8) and in this case against someone who is trying to right a severe wrong for the love of our Father and His Holy Name. If you are spiritual and have a Divinely inspired rebuke for someone in direct disobedience to G-d’s to God’s commandments, that is one thing, but don’t disrupt such a beautiful teaching with hateful, disruptive ignorance, especially when you are in disobedience to the 3rd commandment of YaHUaH’s Marriage Covenant with His People ( namely, making His name useless and of no effect). Repent or you will not be held blameless and more so especially when you are combating one of His people who is trying to correct the problem. Many are going to and fro and seeking knowledgein obedience to 2 Tim 2:15 and many things are being revealed in these end times (Dan 12:4-10). Those who seek will find. And I also suggest that you seek (and not destroy). Amen.

    If I may humble add my imput to this thread…we are all in the process of learning and none of us know yet fully as we are fully known…so hear is what I’ve learned so far:
    The descrepencies in the spelling and pronunciation of G-d’s name as written in the Hebrew and Aramaic start firstly with the difference in Paleo Hebrew (pre-Israelite captivity) and Babylonian or Chaldean Hebrew (post Israelite captivity). Since Paleo Hebrew is what the Pentatuch was written in, I consider it the most faithful source. In the Paleo Hebrew the “W” is literally a double “U” (ie: UU pronounced OO). Therefor the Babylonian “W” in the original Paleo is “U” and thus, YHWH in its origin is YHUH. So YaHWeH in Babylonian is YaHUaH in the original Paleo. Without writing a book on this page I would like to rather give a strong example by showing how His name was preserved, howbeit in an obscure way, in the personal names given to His people. Elijah to this day is EliYahu not EliYahw and means “my G-d is YaHUaH”. Jerimiah to this day is YermeYahu not YermeYahw
    and means “YaHUaH exalts”. Isaiah to this day is YesheYahu and means “salvation of YaHUaH”. Josephat is YahuSafat and means “YaHUaH is Judge”. Jonathan is YahuNatan and means “YaHUaH gives”. Judah is Yahudah and means (most closly) “YaHUaH’s People”. Two variations of Yahudah are YahuAdah which means “YaHUaH unveils” and YahuYadah which means “YaHUaH knows”. Their are many but lastly here, my last name is MatitYahu which means “the gift of YaHUaH”. As i mentioned above, a personal name always stays correct no matter what language it is spoken in. When the Pharisee Scribes plotted to erase G-d’s name from His biography (The Bible), they used the blasphemous excuse that His name was too Holy to be written or uttered which is the exact opposite of what scripture actually teaches. We are supposed to use it as He commanded Moses (Ex 3:15). It is the name by which all of the prophets, judges and kings of Yisrael overcame. Jesus came in his Father’s name and revealed it to his disciples(John 17:26) and will declare and has declared it to us that YaHUaH’s love may be in us. How can we love Him and not love His Name? One of the problems they had in completely consealing His name forever was that His Name was in a lot of His peoples name. What excuse would they give for telling His people to stop using THEIR names which had His Name written in them as Yahu? Would they tell them that their names were too holy to be spoken or written? They have been so absurd but even still, they would have to chase down Israelites all over the world in order to accomplish it and that is nearly impossible. We are in every nation on the face of the planet over 2500 years in exile to be regathered only when Yahushuah ha Machiac returns in the clouds with our Father’s Great Glory(Matt 24:31). So in this obscure way G-d preserved the accuracy of His Name hidden to most of the world until now when all things are being revealed. I do not say that anyone using a different spelling or pronunciation of His name is wrong. Anyone who knows His name at all is blessed. I accept YaHWeH, YeHoVaH and even Yahu, Yah or JeHoVaH as someone using His Name rightly. Atleast they are using it and making it veign. I just wanted to share my insight incase it may help to further advance in any way the learning of those who are seeking the truth. May YaHUaH bless you all. Until next time. Shalom:)

  10. Please excuse my mispellings. It is 4am where I am located. Im tired and typing on a phone. At least they are using it and NOT making it veign I meant to say.lol. there were a few more I think but reading my point in context I hope they are descernable as to what I actually meant to say. Goodnight.

  11. Yahweh is the name of the most high that is absolutely correct. But what people fail to realize is that Yahweh claims his sons. Exodus 4:22 he claims Israel. Jeremiah 30:9 he claims Ephraim as his son. psalms 89:20-27 he claims David as his son. 1st chronicles 22:9-10 he claims Solomon as his son. What we don’t realize is that YAH never claims christ or yahshua as a son never in the holy scriptures(old testament). Then a new unauthorized book comes out(New testament) and that book not only disclaims all of Yahweh’s sons that He claimed with his own mouth, but gives him a son and say that this person named christ or yahshua is the only begotten son. Wow. Show me one place in the old testament where Yahweh ever said the name “christ,j.e.s.u.s or yahshua”. I know most of you think that Yahweh spoke in the new testament but he didn’t people. When the new testament wants you to believe that Yahweh is talking you will read it say “and a voice came and said this or a voice came and said that”. But Yahweh don’t talk like that people. Every time YAH spoke in the holy scriptures it would say “thus says Yahweh” or “the words of Yahweh came to me saying”. He never told no one to go tell someone that a voice said this or that. Yahweh’s name is not in the new testament. Yahweh told us to read from His book. Isaiah 34:16 “search from the book of Yahweh and read…” wake up people. Peter and Paul and Luke’s words don’t come before Yahweh’s words. And Yahweh said his firstborn son is David. If you have any questions feel free to ask, but research what I wrote before you respond.

  12. Actually it’s a known fact that the original manuscripts were written in Greek & then translated to Coptic writings. Yes the old testament was in Hebrew & then the Septuagint was used by the Gospel authors in which is the old testament translated into Greek, in which was the common language at that time. Very few spoke just Aramaic. The Peshetta theory is not anchored by much & it’s failed overall. The New Testament was originally in Koine Greek. Besides all that, The Bible is not history. Also there’s Apocryphal writings that are just as valid with God’s word. The Nag Hammadi library is a treasure & shows that Greek languages inspired them too & it’s even said some of those Gnostic writings may predate the Canonical ones. People really should search for the truth more.

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