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September 26, 2016 SnyderTalk: Former FBI agent: Terror threats in U.S. are “radicalized quicker than we can identify them”

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CBS News—Former FBI agent: Terror threats in U.S. are “radicalized quicker than we can identify them”:

The FBI investigated suspected New York and New Jersey bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami two years ago, but he was not considered a threat. This is not the first time someone “known” to investigators is accused of a terrorist act.

As Rahami’s case moves forward, federal agencies are working to keep up with what former FBI agent Manny Gomez calls a tsunami of potential threats.

“The FBI does not have the resources both legally, and in terms of manpower and funding. These people are being radicalized quicker than we can identify them.”

In Rahami’s case, despite his father calling him a terrorist in 2014 and his year-long stay in Pakistan, an FBI source says at that time it found nothing in its “indicators” — such as links to other known terrorists or radicalized behavior — to point to Rahami being a terror threat.

Since 9/11, the Homeland Security Committee says “there have been at least 166 homegrown jihadist plots in the United States, including attempts to join terrorist groups overseas and execute attacks at home.” That’s an average of 11 per year.


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SnyderTalk Comment:

Who is deplorable and irredeemable?

Is it the one who sees what’s happening and calls it what it is or the one who denies what’s happening and refuses to call it by its name?

The answer is obvious.

This is the sad part: we have no idea what diabolical acts Hillary Clinton would commit as president.  All we know for sure is that she is rotten to the core and that she openly and defiantly refuses to obey the law.  With the help of her family and friends in government, she has been able to do it with impunity.

It’s time for us to bring Hillary to justice.  If we won’t do it, I pray that Yahweh will—before the election.

By the way, the FBI under Director Comey is a disgrace.  He should be investigated.



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