August 3, 2015 SnyderTalk: We Must Confront Iran’s Sinister Ambitions in the Middle East

1--Intro Covering Israel and ME

“And it will come about in the last days that the mountain of the house of Yahweh will be established as the chief of the mountains. It will be raised above the hills, and the peoples will stream to it. Many nations will come and say, ‘Come and let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh and to the house of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us about His ways and that we may walk in His paths.’ For from Zion will go forth the law, even the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem.” Micah 4: 1-2


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Tzipi Livni—We Must Confront Iran’s Sinister Ambitions in the Middle East:

While much of the world celebrated the Vienna deal with Iran, deep concern has enveloped Israel, where there is harsh criticism, crossing party lines, involving central aspects of the agreement.

The issues causing concern include inspections over Iranian facilities, the failure to dismantle Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, thus enabling it to become a “nuclear threshold” state in 10 to 15 years, and the early lifting of sanctions. Several nations and the U.S. Congress are now debating these points.

My aim here is not to rehearse the arguments about the deal itself. Instead, I want to draw attention to the urgent need to make some critical complementary strategic decisions to confront Iran’s destructive regional agenda—whether the U.S. Congress backs the Vienna agreement or not.

While both parties to the Vienna deal have been at pains to stipulate that this is an agreement about Iran’s nuclear program, not its role in the Middle East, it is impossible to ignore the deal’s immediate regional implications. Indeed, even as noted in Vienna, this deal represents for its sponsors Iran’s return to “the family of nations.”

And it is hard to deny the strategic and regional impact of legitimizing Iran’s status as a nuclear threshold state and allowing it to be empowered both financially and militarily, while it continues its aggression and sponsorship of terror throughout the region.

Beyond the clauses of the deal itself, both Israel and key Sunni states in the Middle East are gravely concerned that the deal risks sending the message to extremists and pragmatic forces alike that the international community is willing to live with Iranian regional aggression, to accept an unrepentant Iran as a legitimate regional power and, to some extent, to leave the task of confronting Iran’s terror to the countries in the region that are its target.


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SnyderTalk Comment: Finally, I agree with Tzipi Livni on one point.  We must confront Iran’s evil/sinister ambitions in the Middle East.

We must, but we won’t.

Counting on Obama and his administration to do the right thing is ridiculous.  I’ve had almost 7 years of experience with this dunce of a president.  His record of doing the wrong thing is legendary.  The Iran deal is the latest of his colossal blunders, and I’m being kind by calling it a “blunder”.  I really think that he got exactly what he wanted.

Why do I have the strong feeling that Livni is just panting to be prime minister?

That would make a good campaign slogan for Livni the next go-round: “Livni: Panting to Be Prime Minister”.






13--Perspectives 2


Joe Pollak: Blue State Blues: Barack Obama’s Antisemitic Rant on the Iran Deal— President Barack Obama is using anti-Jewish language to sell the Iran deal. Some critics made that claim a week ago, when Obama complained about “the money” and “the lobbyists” on the other side of the debate over the Iran nuclear deal. This week, Obama proved it. On Thursday, Obama led a conference call with left-wing activists in which he repeatedly railed against his political opponents by using the old canard of rich Jews using their money to exert control. Accusing critics of the deal of being “opposed to any deal with Iran”–i.e. of advocating war–Obama railed against “well-financed” lobbyists, as well as the “big check writers to political campaigns,” and  “billionaires who happily finance super-PACs.” He complained about “$20 million” being spent on ads against the deal—a subtle reference to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC–whose support he had repeatedly courted when running for office).

SnyderTalk Comment: Meet Barack Obama.  Some people thought that he just hates Benyamin Netanyahu.

Russia Today: Moscow vows to retaliate against latest US sanctions— Russian Foreign Ministry has slammed fresh US sanctions, saying that Washington wants to aggravate tensions with Moscow and added that the move “would not be left without our reaction.” “Having imposed new sanctions against Russian citizens and companies, the US has once again demonstrated that it has opted for aggravating confrontation,” the ministry said in a statement Friday. “Continuing to cite the situation in Ukraine, Washington continues to expand the anti-Russia sanction campaign instead of pushing Kiev towards the implementation of Minsk agreements.” Moscow stressed that such “provocations” do not just harm Russia-US relations but also hamper cooperation on resolving other global issues. “Of course, such a move would not be left without our reaction,” the statement said. On Thursday, the US imposed further sanctions against Russia over the events in eastern Ukraine and Crimea, targeting 11 more people and 15 more companies. Among the newly included companies were affiliates of Russian oil giant Rosneft and several organizations linked to one of the country’s major banks, Vnesheconombank. Among the sanctioned people are associates of a billionaire Russian gas trader, Crimean port operators and former Ukrainian officials.

Jordan Schachtel: Middle East Christian Population Dwindling—Christians living in the Middle East are facing a dire situation in which comparable circumstances have not been observed for over a millennia, a recent study by the Pew Research Center has found,Christianity Today reports. The outlet notes that Christian populations in the Middle East have dwindled from 14 percent to four percent. Much of the blame for the endangered situation concerning Christian communities of the Middle East is due to the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, which views Christians as a mortal enemy. ISIS propaganda pamphlets often refer to Christian-majority countries as “crusader” armies. Last week, the New York Times released a major report of its own highlighting the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians. The Times reported that only one-third of what was a 1.5-million strong Iraqi Christian population in 2003 has remained in the country, and some 200,000 Syrian Christians have fled their homes.

Ronen Bergman: What Information Collected by Israeli Intelligence Reveals About the Iran Talks—On Nov. 26, 2013, three days after the signing of the interim agreement (JPOA) between the powers and Iran, the Iranian delegation returned home to report to their government. According to information obtained by Israeli intelligence, there was a sense of great satisfaction in Tehran then over the agreement and confidence that ultimately Iran would be able to persuade the West to accede to a final deal favorable to Iran. That final deal, signed in Vienna last week, seems to justify that confidence. The intelligence—a swath of which I was given access to in the past month—reveals that the Iranian delegates told their superiors, including one from the office of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, that “our most significant achievement” in the negotiations was America’s consent to the continued enrichment of uranium on Iranian territory. That makes sense. The West’s recognition of Iran’s right to perform the full nuclear fuel cycle—or enrichment of uranium—was a complete about-face from America’s declared position prior to and during the talks. Senior U.S. and European officials who visited Israel immediately after the negotiations with Iran began in mid 2013 declared, according to the protocols of these meetings, that because of Iran’s repeated violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, “Our aim is that in the final agreement [with Iran] there will be no enrichment at all” on Iranian territory. Later on, in a speech at the Saban Forum in December 2013, President Barack Obama reiterated that in view of Iran’s behavior, the United States did not acknowledge that Iran had any right to enrich fissile material on its soil.

Drew Christiansen: The Obama administration’s entangling alliances in the Middle East—Before it can achieve long-term success against Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s caliphate, the Obama administration has to take a hard look at the tangle of problems that is today’s Middle East.

SnyderTalk Comment: The problems that are today’s Middle East were fueled by Obama.

Rachel Shabi: Our [the UK] policy in the Middle East is bad and getting worse— If you thought Britain’s approach to the so-called Islamic State was already confused and misguided – it just got a whole lot worse. It seems that, when David Cameron last week said that he wanted Britain to “do more” against Isis, he actually meant more to make the situation messier, more volatile and more dangerous. Britain is now signed up – via Nato – to a US deal with Turkey, by which the coalition against Isis can use Turkey’s Incirlik airbase, in return for which Turkey can use fighting against the caliphate as a pretext for resuming its war against the Kurds. For all the insistence by the US State Department that the convergence of these two things – the agreement to use Incirlik and Turkey’s airstrikes on the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK)  – is a “coincidence”, it is clear that Turkey could not have embarked upon this without tacit approval. Indeed, days ago, the White House said Turkey had the “right to defend itself” against PKK attacks. And so, as Turkey rounds up suspected PKK members as well as Isis fighters, its fragile ceasefire with the Kurds comes to an end.

Jeremy Shapiro: The lion that roared: Israel and the Iran deal—In Peter Seller’s classic 1959 movie “The Mouse that Roared,” the tiny Duchy of Grand Fenwick finds its voice by declaring a quixotic war on America when the United States threatens its livelihood. Israel is not quite so tiny and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, lacks Peter Seller’s sense of comic timing. But Israel nonetheless wants to be seen as a small power demanding to be heard on a deal concluded by great powers that it feels threatens its interests. And so, in part because Israel is a valued and important American ally, one of the central issues in the recently concluded nuclear deal with Iran has become its effect on Israeli security. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to argue that “the deal endangers our security, our survival even.” My Brookings colleague Natan Sachs is not so dire, but he agrees that the deal “frees Iran’s hand in all manners of non-nuclear mayhem its Revolutionary Guard specializes in; with a shorter hiatus, Iran will also be free to advance its missile systems and to trade in conventional arms which it routinely supplies to its proxies in the region.” Those proxies include the Hezbollah and Hamas militias, both of which have fought wars with Israel in recent years.

Peter Van Buren: Turkey-Egypt feud undercuts U.S. hopes for Middle East—Don’t sweat the details of the July nuclear accord between the United States and Iran. What matters is that the calculus of power in the Middle East just changed in significant ways. Washington and Tehran announced their nuclear agreement on July 14th and yes, some of the details are still classified. Of course the Obama administration negotiated alongside China, Russia, Great Britain, France, and Germany, which means Iran and five other governments must approve the detailed 159-page “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.” The U.N., which also had to sign off on the deal, has already agreed to measures to end its sanctions against Iran.

SnyderTalk Comment: Turkey under Erdogan can’t be trusted.  Egypt’s President Sisi knows that as well as anybody.  So why is Obama propping him up?

Answer: they share common personal interests.

Pravda: US warns: Europe, Asia, Middle East face terror threats—The US State Department issued a caution, according to which such extremist groups as al Qaeda and the Islamic State plan new terror acts against the American citizens abroad. It is also mentioned in the document that in August 2014 the US and its allies started a military operation against the IS fighters in Iraq and Syria. “In response to the airstrikes, ISIL called on supporters to attack foreigners wherever they are. Authorities believe there is an increased likelihood of reprisal attacks against the US, Western and coalition partner interests throughout the world, especially in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia,” the State Department said.

SnyderTalk Comment: So, what else is new?

Asher Schechter: Why Israel will never be able to withdraw from the West Bank—Ten years ago, Israel unilaterally pulled out of the Gaza Strip. In one of the most dramatic, toughest chapters in its short history, the state evacuated nearly 9,000 Israeli settlers. The brainchild of then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the disengagement nearly tore the country apart, cost a fortune, spurred a nationwide protest movement, and created deep, long-lasting scars – some of which have not healed to this day. But it happened. Ultimately, Israel managed to do what many thought impossible: it put an end to 38 years of occupation in Gaza, and removed thousands of settlers from their homes. On Wednesday, Israel managed to demolish two illegal, empty, half-built structures in the West Bank. After years of legal wrangling, that is, and following days of political tumult and violent riots, with coalition members openly calling for the demolition of the High Court. After a week of violent clashes between Israel Defense Forces soldiers and settlers in the West Bank settlement of Beit El, the IDF demolished the so-called “Dreinoff buildings” – two half-complete, illegally constructed apartment buildings that stood empty on private Palestinian land, following a High Court of Justice ruling that ordered the state to demolish them.

Jamie Dettmer: Erdogan Signals Possible Turkey Snap Election—Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has signaled the possibility of an early parliamentary election. His comments come as talks about forming a coalition government drag on in Ankara. His supporters, meanwhile, are calling for the main pro-Kurdish opposition party, whose electoral performance last month denied the ruling party a majority, to be banned, accusing it of being a stalking horse for terrorists. Erdoğan raised the possibility of a snap election in remarks to reporters while heading to Indonesia, noting that Turkey will need to return to the polls if ongoing government coalition talks fail. He also made clear his own dislike of coalitions, pointing out that they tend to be short-lived and that Turkey, as it pursues a two-front war against Islamic State militants and Kurdish separatists, needs a strong government.

SnyderTalk Comment: Erdoğan wants ultimate power in Turkey, and he’ll do whatever he has to do to get it.  Who does that remind you of?  I’m not suggesting that it’s Barack Obama, not yet anyway.  The person I have in mind dates back to the 1930s.

Jon Schuppe: What is ‘Price Tag?’ Behind the Israeli Extremist Movement— Combing through the wreckage of a suspicious house fire that killed an 18-month-old Palestinian boy in the West Bank early Friday, investigators came upon a telling piece of graffiti. “Revenge” was written in Hebrew, below a Star of David, Reuters reported. Israeli Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the torching appeared to have been a “Price Tag” attack. The phrase “price tag” is notorious in Israel, associated with a string of violent attacks on Arabs and Israeli government forces over the past decade. It refers to a loosely organized movement of extremist Israelis protesting the evacuation and demolition of illegal settlements in the West Bank.

SnyderTalk Comment: Menachem Begin might easily have been a price tagger.

Bill Van Auken: Right-wing Israeli Fanatic Stabs Six at Gay Rights Parade— A right-wing Orthodox Jewish zealot carried out an attack Thursday against a gay pride march in occupied East Jerusalem, stabbing at least six marchers. Two of them—a 17-year-old girl and a female border guard—were reported in critical condition. The assailant was identified as Yishai Schlissel, who only three weeks earlier had been released on parole after serving nearly 10 years in prison for carrying out a nearly identical attack that left three participants in the 2005 gay pride march with stab wounds. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat acknowledged Thursday that “something went wrong” in the failure of police to monitor Schlissel, who while in prison had repeatedly used ultra-Orthodox social media to promote attacks on gays and describe his knifing spree as a “mission from God.” The Israeli Hebrew daily Maariv reported that the assailant had published a handwritten letter the week before the parade, denouncing it as a “march of abomination.”

SnyderTalk Comment: Right-wing, extremist, and fanatic mean the same thing.  Can you tell what’s happening?

Michael Makovsky and William Kristol: Blaming Israel First—In May, President Barack Obama donned a yarmulke and spoke in a Washington, D.C., synagogue. He reminded his audience that Jeffrey Goldberg, a member of the congregation, once called him the “first Jewish president.” He claimed to be flattered by the characterization. And perhaps he was—most Jews, after all, voted for him for president, and many Jews of Obama’s acquaintance have sometimes seemed to care more about the well-being of Planned Parenthood than about the survival of the state of Israel. But recently Obama seems to have soured on the chosen people. At a press conference on July 16, Obama urged members of Congress to make their decision on the Iran deal based “not on politics. Not on posturing. Not on the fact that this is a deal that I bring to Congress, as opposed to a Republican president. Not based on lobbying.”

Dennis Prager: The Left’s Contempt for America: Left-Right Differences, Part VI—This past week, one of the greatest differences between the Left and Right — both around the world and in America — once again came to light: how each views America. Every year for the past 67 years, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner has been the major fundraising event for the Connecticut State Democratic Party. Not anymore. The party unanimously voted to drop the two Democratic presidents’ names because they were slaveholders. That is the way the Left sees American history. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, the document that articulated the principle of human rights endowed by the Creator (thereby ultimately ensuring the end of slavery) and led to the establishment of the country that has served as the beacon of hope for people of every race and ethnicity — more black Africans have voluntarily emigrated to the United States to seek liberty and opportunity than came to America as slaves. But that is not how the Left views Jefferson or America. Conservatives view America as President Abraham Lincoln viewed it — as the “Last Best Hope of Earth.” But the further left one goes the more negative the assessment of America today, as well as historically. Here’s an even more telling example.

SnyderTalk Comment: It’s not about left and right.  It’s about right and wrong.






9--Jerusalem Post


Third Jew arrested on Temple Mount for insulting Prophet Muhammad

SnyderTalk Comment: If insults trouble them, they are really not going to like it when Yahweh returns.  He will do much more.

Israel’s High Court orders demolition of homes in West Bank settlement

Iranian Jews murdered trying to flee to Israel, Mossad reveals

Netanyahu: Justice will be dealt to Jerusalem gay pride parade attacker

Foreign Ministry calls Sunni Arab states ‘Israel’s allies’

Iraqi MP: ‘Iraq should establish ties with Israel, we share interests’

‘Amnesty report is fundamentally flawed, shows its compulsive obsessiveness towards Israel’

US, EU: Israel’s authorization of 300 new settler homes harmful to peace

Netanyahu ‘shocked and outraged’ after visiting hospital bedside of Palestinian burn victim

Israel hasn’t done enough to combat Jewish terrorism, Rivlin says

Zionist Union MK Itzik Shmuli confirms: I’m gay

Dozens of West Bank settlers treated for smoke inhalation after suspected arson by Palestinians

Hamas: ‘Every Israeli is now a legitimate target’ following Duma terror attack

Terrorist fires at Israeli car in West Bank as clashes break out with IDF in Hebron



10--Arutz Sheva


The Middle East They Wanted

Top US Navy Nominee Debunks Obama’s ‘Deal or War’ Claim

Iranian Official Accuses Americans of Violating the Nuclear Deal

Hotovely: It’s Our Right to Build in Judea and Samaria

UN Chief Blasts ‘Settler Violence’ After Arson Attack

Two Palestinian Men Shot After Approaching Gaza Border

State Department Condemns ‘Vicious’ Attack on Arab Village

More Than 100 Headstones Toppled at Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery

PM Visits Injured Relatives of Child Killed in Terror Attack

‘State Has Been Lax in Battling Jewish Terrorism’

‘Gay Parade Stabber Desecrated G-d’s Name’

Pro-Hamas Arab MKs Blame ‘Israeli Incitement’

Int. Security Min. Faces Stabbing, Arson Head-On

Arabs Conduct Drive-by Shooting in ‘Revenge’

Pride Stabber ‘Does Not Recognize’ Israeli Gov’t

Child Killed in Suspected ‘Jewish Terror’ Attack 

Erdogan Denies Working With ISIS

Abbas to Sue Israel for Arson Attack at ICC

IDF Mobilizes After PLO Blames Israel for Arson




SnyderTalk Comment: The fact that we are having this discussion tells us a lot about our country.  Murder is murder.  Do we really need to debate that point.  Obviously, we do.

And now we have Planned Parenthood selling parts from the babies they murder and bragging about it, and a large percentage of our population jumps to their defense.  That’s shocking.

At least Hitler had even sense to keep the Final Solution as deep in the background as he could for as long as he could.  That shielded the German people from the feeling that they were personally responsible.

Our leaders are immoral to the core.  I know that’s a broad brush, but keep in mind that Planned Parenthood gets government funding.  That means a majority in Congress votes for it and the president signs it.  How can I see it any other way?

We elect all of them, so we are responsible.





Fear and loathing in the US-Israel alliance

McCain: ‘Astonishing’ that US hasn’t seen Iran-IAEA deals

In Congress, Kerry unsure if Iran wishes to destroy US

Netanyahu said to bitterly attack Kerry for placing Israel ‘on the menu’ of Iran deal

Iran president invited to Paris as sides seek to boost ties

On visit to Cyprus, Netanyahu accepts invite to address EU leaders

Netanyahu approves 300 new West Bank homes as lawmakers call for calm

Criticism mounts after MK calls for Supreme Court to be razed

Raze the government, says Herzog, echoing reviled ‘bulldozer’ comment

IDF removes protesters from ruins of West Bank settlement

Maccabi Games open in Berlin in ‘triumph over evil’

Several killed in reported Israeli strike in Syria

Kerry: Without deal, Iran would push for the bomb

7 Jewish lawmakers could tilt the scales on Iran deal

Revealed: The secret plan to turn the Gaza disengagement into a coordinated peace effort

SnyderTalk Comment: How did the disengagement work out? Not so good, huh?

Don’t repeat mistakes.

Third suspect indicted in Church of Multiplication arson

Munich upholds ban on Holocaust street memorials

IDF says it could launch preemptive strikes in Sinai



12a--Other News 2


One Jew’s fight to save Middle East Christians

Mullah Omar: Taliban leader ‘died in Pakistan in 2013′

SnyderTalk Comment: And they didn’t miss a beat.  Killing one terrorist doesn’t solve the problem.  Many more are ready to take his place.

We have a problem, and it’s coming to your town.

Pakistan police kill leader of banned sectarian group

Reports: Two separate attacks attributed to Israel in Syria, Lebanon

Feds: Western New York man attempted to support IS group

Egypt and Saudi Arabia guarantors of Arab security: Sisi

Israel Rejects Obama’s Olive Branch, for Now

Syria accuses Israel of two separate attacks in Quneitra, Bekaa Valley

Israel passes law allowing force-feeding of prisoners

Obama Orders Development Of Supercomputer To Rival China’s ‘Milky Way’

Greece, Europeans must reach deeper deal before IMF program possible

Washington DC Is Sinking Into the Ocean

Coca-Cola Will No Longer Be Funding Planned Parenthood, Since It Is Ashamed To Be Sponsoring People Who Kill Babies And Sell Their Organs

SnyderTalk Comment: Why do I believe that this is a business decision based on bad publicity and not a decision based on moral outrage?  Murdering babies didn’t attract Coca-Cola’s attention, but selling their parts did.  That doesn’t pass the smell test.

David Cameron warns Calais chaos may last all summer as he tries to get a grip on the crisis

Israel Threatens Attacks On ISIS In Sinai After Launching Revenge Strikes In Syria, Lebanon






12b--TRIC for use


Israel readies Iron Dome on Lebanon border as Hezbollah anticipates arms from Iran

China Accuses US of Militarizing South China Sea

Irans foreign minister: Israel should disarm, too

Israel, Not Iran, Started Middle East Nuclear Arms Race

Stratfor: The Middle East Recalibrates After the Nuclear Deal with Iran

Report: Iran Threat of Genocide Against Israel Could Hinder Lifting of International Sanctions

Feels-Like Temp Reaches 163 Degrees in Iran

The Iran deal – moronic, myopic, malevolent, mendacious

Pelosi says Iran deal has the votes, and Podhoretz urges Israel to attack Iran

Accepting the deal and protecting Israel

Israel said to have turned off blacks in Congress, and other Iran deal news

Kerry’s disrespectful mocking stance on Israel, and Congress

Iran to install latest air defense radar system in Sept.



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SnyderTalk Comment: Read His Name is Yahweh.

Yahweh is still active in the world today.  To know that, you must seek Him.  He said, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7: 7

He meant what he said, so seek Him.


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