August 31, 2014 SnyderTalk: Caroline Glick—Embracing the obvious truth


“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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Caroline Glick—Embracing the obvious truth:

It isn’t hard to understand the truth about Israel and Hamas.

Four-year-old Daniel Tragerman was murdered on Friday afternoon in his home in Kibbutz Nahal Oz by Hamas terrorists.

They shot him with a mortar launched from a school in Gaza’s Zeitoun neighborhood. At the time of the launch, the school was filled with civilians who had fled to the school for shelter. They fled to the school for shelter because they were forced to vacate their homes.

They were forced to vacate their homes because Hamas terrorists were launching mortars and rockets at Israeli civilian sites, like Daniel Tragerman’s home, from their apartment buildings.

THE MORAL and ideological divide between Israel and Hamas is so self-evident that the only way to ignore it is by embracing and cultivating ignorance.


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SnyderTalk Comment: This is an obvious truth: Typical Muslims in the U.S. are just like typical Muslims in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.  They are not radical Islamists, but a sizeable minority of Muslims here and in other countries is radical.  Right now, the radicals are on a rampage.

The majority keeps quiet because they expose themselves and their families to great risk if they speak out.  The minority are cold-blooded killers—brutal men who lust day and night for death and destruction.

We have no choice but to focus all of our attention on the minority.  To do otherwise makes no sense because they want to kill us.  That’s not my opinion.  That’s what they say, and they make no attempt to conceal their plans.  Only a fool would ignore them.

There were many decent Germans during the Nazi era who detested what Hitler was doing.  Very few of them had the courage to stand up against him.  They were the majority, and they were slaughtered by the minority if they rose up in defiance of the Nazi regime’s butchery.

I’m not excusing their acceptance of vicious cruelty, but it’s easy to understand why most Germans remained silent.  The same is true for Muslims.

We went to war with Hitler even though there were plenty of good Germans.  Had we waited a little longer to go to war, Hitler might have won.

“There is a time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace.” (Ecclesiastes 3: 8)  Now is the time for war.  Truth is we are at war already.  Our enemy is on the battlefield running amuck.






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Pamela Geller—Muslim cleric justifies Islamic State beheadings: ‘Islam is a religion of beheading’—From the imam’s mouth. It is Islamic ritual slaughter and Muhammad’s preferred method of execution. “Islam is a religion of power, fighting, jihad, beheading and bloodshed.” “Chopping off the heads of infidels is an act whose permissibility the [Muslim] ummah agrees on. Beheading a harbi infidel is a blessed act for which a Muslim is rewarded.” “How many hadiths [relayed by] the Prophet’s Companions have we read in which they demanded that he strike the necks of certain men, and the Prophet did not condemn the striking of necks… Striking necks was a well-known matter that did not elicit any condemnation in the eras of the Prophet, the rightly-guided caliphs and their successors.” Jihadi Cleric Justifies IS Beheadings: ‘Islam Is A Religion Of Beheading’ MEMRI, August 26, 2014:  In a recent article, jihadi cleric Hussein bin Mahmoud, a prominent writer on jihadi forums, expressed support for the beheading of American journalist James Foley by a member of the Islamic State (IS). Bin Mahmoud wrote that beheading was an effective way to terrorize the enemies of Islam, and stressed that, under Islamic law, Foley was a harbi, i.e. a non-Muslim whose life was not protected by an agreement of protection. He argued further that Islam allows and encourages such acts, since it is a religion of war and fighting.

Shmuel Even: The Keys to Gaza—The terrorism emanating from Gaza is the root cause of Gaza’s abject economic state, and until it is eradicated, the prospects for economic growth and development are slim. Even after the disengagement in 2005, Israel tried to allow normal economic relations between Gaza and its neighbors. This was manifested in the Agreement on Movement and Access of November 2005. However, the upsurge of terrorism in Gaza, including attacks on the border crossings, required heightened security measures. Moreover, Hamas forged military and political alliances with Israel’s enemies, including Iran and Hizbullah, both of which, like Hamas, publicly declare their intention to destroy Israel. These circumstances necessarily preclude normal trade relations between Israel and Gaza. The security blockade Israel imposes on Gaza is not an economic siege. Despite the terrorism from Gaza, Israel still allows the movement of a range of goods and materials, while preventing or limiting the transit of dual-use goods, such as construction materials (which were, in fact, used to build the attack tunnels). The latest deterioration in Gaza’s dire economic straits is mainly the result of Egyptian measures. Egypt closed the Rafah crossing and blocked most of the tunnels underneath its border. Recourse to the PA as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, particularly at the border crossings, will not solve Israel’s security and political problems, and may even heighten them.

Avi Issacharoff: Hamas’ Humiliation—Hamas has been humiliatingly defeated. There is no other way of describing the cease-fire terms. It kept firing rockets until the last moment and proved a capacity for resilience. At the same time it should be remembered that Israel did not seek at any point to bring Hamas down. Time and again Hamas leaders made promises to the Gaza public that this conflict would continue until the siege was lifted, and that there would be no return to the understandings that ended the fighting in Gaza in 2012. Time after time, they rejected the Egyptian initiative, which included, almost clause for clause, the elements of the 2012 agreement. Then, on Tuesday, it became clear that Hamas had capitulated, retreated with its tail between its legs, and abandoned everything it had insisted upon.

Eylon Aslan-Levy: Crisis of Confidence for British Jewry — The British Jewish community is suffering a crisis of confidence, its sense of security shaken by the anti-Semitic backlash triggered by the Gaza war. The last month has produced a spike in recorded antisemitic incidents: in Scotland, more in one week alone than in the whole of last year. Synagogues have been defaced; a protest was even planned (though later called off) opposite Cambridge Synagogue. Signs comparing Israel to Nazi Germany have been depressingly commonplace. A branch of the grocery store Sainsbury’s briefly removed its kosher section, for fear the food would be destroyed by protestors outside, as had happened in other supermarkets.

James Kirchick: Meet the New Jews, Same as the Old Jews— With violent attacks against Jewish communities on the rise across Europe, it’s worth revisiting one of the sillier memes to have infested public discussion over the past decade: that Muslims are the “new Jews.” This claim gained currency about a decade ago, when France banned the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols (including the Islamic face veil) in schools. The following year in Denmark, newspaper cartoons portraying the prophet Mohammed set off riots around the world. The concomitant rise of right-wing populist parties, which often deploy crude anti-Muslim messaging, played into a narrative that Muslims were an endangered minority.

Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall: Iran’s Threats to “Arm the West Bank” Must Be Taken Seriously—Brig.-Gen. Amir Ali Hajizade, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ missiles and aerospace force commander, said on Aug. 24 that Iran will accelerate arming the Palestinians in the West Bank. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared last month that the “events in Gaza” lead Iran to believe that the West Bank should be armed just like Gaza, and action must be taken in this direction. During the Gaza war, Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched Iranian-made rockets against Israeli civilians (Fajr 3 and 5), and Iranian know-how enabled them to manufacture thousands of rockets and mortar rounds. Iran also supplied the terrorist organizations with Austrian and Iranian-made sniper rifles. Iran also supplied the Palestinians with UAV technology used during the first days of the war.

Neri Zilber: Who Won the Gaza War?—If the reported terms of the Gaza cease-fire agreement reachedTuesday are accurate, Hamas just spent nearly two months and more than 2,000 Palestinian lives fighting for three more nautical miles of fishing waters and 200 meters of additional border land. All the conflict did was invite death and destruction – and pave the way for the PA’s return to Gaza.

SnyderTalk Comment: This analysis and the conclusions are embarrassingly naïve.  Actually, I think they are dangerous.

What Hamas got is global PR that it couldn’t have bought for $1 billion, widespread recognition of their commitment to destroy Israel, more money from potential donors than you can shake a stick at, and an energized base of jihadist Jew haters.

Forget the agreement.  It is totally irrelevant.

Hamas knew that from the beginning even if media types and politicians didn’t.  That’s why Israel had to eliminate Hamas.  Anything less meant that Israel would be the loser.

Why do you think Hamas wanted to keep fighting while Gaza was being destroyed?

Why do you think Hamas used U.N. schools, hospitals, and other public places to launch rockets and store weapons?

Why do you think Hamas made abundant use of human shields?

Images of death and destruction were published by journalists who were pimping for Hamas.  They were gruesome and heart wrenching.   They were seared into the memories of wishy-washy potential jihadists.  They emboldened them to do things that rational people call “insane”.

That’s what Hamas wanted.  That’s what Hamas got.  Israel is the loser.  Hamas will be back stronger than ever.

Emily B. Landau: The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: The International Determination Deficit—The Interim Deal of November 2013 between the P5+1 and Iran, although only meant to stop the clock and provide time for the real negotiation on a comprehensive deal, is now hailed as a “landmark deal.” The P5+1 are no longer demanding that Iran back away from its military ambitions; they are not even pressing for the weaponization aspects to be confronted head-on and quickly. Rather, they are demonstrating a relatively lax attitude on that front, while quietly shifting the goal of the negotiation from an Iranian strategic U-turn in the nuclear realm to an attempt to ensure that enough time – 6 months, a year, or maybe 18 months – remains between the current situation and the possibility for Iran to break out to a bomb. This assumes amazing verification capabilities that are far from given.

SnyderTalk Comment: Don’t underestimate the importance of the Hamas-Iran connection.  Also, don’t underestimate the importance of the Hamas-Qatar connection.  Together they represent a virtually limitless supply of money and weapons for Hamas that will be used in its war with Israel.  And it is a war even if journalists and politicians can’t see it or won’t call it what it is.

Jeffrey White: Military Implications of the Syrian Regime’s Defeat in Raqqa—Over the past two months, jihadist fighters from the Islamic State have waged an increasingly successful campaign against Assad regime forces in Syria’s northern Raqqa province, culminating in the capture of al-Tabqa Airfield on Aug. 24. This stands as the most significant defeat of regime forces since the beginning of the rebellion. Full control of Raqqa helps the group secure the heartland of its “caliphate,” and serves as a base for potential follow-on operations and the fall of a second province – Deir al-Zour – where Assad’s forces are largely isolated around the airfield near the provincial capital. The regime failure in Raqqa raises the question of who will stop IS in Syria.

Burak Bekdil: Sorry to Remind You, but Golda Meir Was Right – Part III of IV— Part II of this mini-series ended with a colorful quote from the Turkish Kurdish pop star, Yıldız Tilbe, whose tweets wished God to “bless Hitler,” and predicted that, “It will be Muslims again who will bring the end of Jews.” Perhaps Ms. Tilbe thinks (or hopes) Hitler was Muslim. No doubt, thanks to her tweets, she has the talent to rise even higher in the hall of fame. Such tweets are absolutely normal in a country where the Islamists’ occasional after-Friday-prayers slogan, “Now I understand Hitler,” has always won hearts and minds. It is also the country where, a few years earlier, even a union of school teachers (yes, school teachers!) gathered in a demonstration “to commemorate Hitler.” But we all know Turkey well enough to guess that the Hitler-fetish is not a reflection of any possible feeling of admiration for the 20th century’s greatest psycho. Instead, it is a childish expression of the oriental thinking that adores “the enemy of my enemy.”






9--Jerusalem Post


Global coalition needed to destroy Hamas, all Islamist terror, Steinitz tells US lawmakers

As Gaza cease-fire holds, Arab propaganda war against Israel escalates in press, social media

Islamist gains prompt US to send arms to Lebanon

Islamic State’s appeal presents Jordan with new test

UN steps up search for Fijian peacekeepers on Golan Heights as IDF troops look on

Britain raises terrorism threat level to ‘severe’ in response to Iraq, Syria

Amid Fierce Battles Inside Syria, IDF Orders Israeli Farmers, Civilians to Vacate Border Area

Defense Minister Ya’alon: Hamas Has Been Set Back by Years

Number of registered Syrian refugees hits three million mark, UN says

Russian denial of Ukraine military involvement is lie, says former oil tycoon Khodorkovsy



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Two Terrorists Arrested for Rock-Throwing Attacks

Islamic Jihad Stages Defiant March After Gaza Ceasefire

Iran Debuts Bavar 373 Missile

Watch: Reclaming the Mount of Olives from Rock Attacks with Song

British Islamic State Terrorist Threatens to ‘Come Home’

Wounded Soldier Recovers From Mt. Scopus Attack

Syrian Rebels Capture UN Personnel 

Spanish Cleric: ‘Allah Destroy Every Single Jew’

Report: Assad Partially Recaptures Quneitra

Jihadist Group Swears Loyalty to Islamic State








IDF on high alert in Golan Heights

‘We will never disarm,’ vows Hamas chief

Fiji says 44 Golan peacekeeping soldiers still captive

Islamic State massacres 160 captured Syrian soldiers

WATCH: Al-Nusra Front takes over Quneitra crossing

US missiles to be released ‘soon’ — whatever the Hellfire that means

PM dismisses claim he agreed to state on 1967 lines

Jewish community ‘forced out’ of Guatemalan village

Putin: Ukrainian soldiers like Nazis in Leningrad

Study of young US Jewish adults finds nuanced support for Israel



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Jewish Survivors and Their Progeny Against Israel

Marwan Barghouti: Fatah, Which Fired the First Bullet Against the Zionist Enemy, Will Also Fire the Last

Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Terrorists: ‘We Shot Over 2,000 Rockets at Israel’

Hamas: ‘Our War is for Liberating’ Jerusalem

Qatar Pledges to Fund New Gaza Flotilla After Turkey Pulls Support

Britain Raises Terror Alert, Cites British Terrorists

NATO to Russia: Stop ‘Illegal’ Ukraine Operations

Arab Bank Jurors Led through Terror Plots

North Korea Continues to Develop Ballistic Missiles

Prime Minister Netanyahu Outlines Israel’s Achievements in the Gaza War 

SnyderTalk Comment: I really don’t enjoy hearing, seeing, or reading about people trying to defend the indefensible.  The only achievement that matters in the long-run is Hamas’ increased ability to raise support for its war with Israel.  Anything that Prime Minister Netanyahu thinks Israel achieved pales by comparison.

I like this analogy: a baseball player hit two home runs in a game, but his team lost by a score of 20 to 2.  At the end of the game when the manager holds a press conference, what do you think he will emphasize—the final score or the fact that one of his players had a good game?

Prime Minister Netanyahu must not understand baseball.  It looks as though he doesn’t understand the essence of the problem in the Middle East.

If Netanyahu does understand the problem, then he violated his conscience when he made those remarks.



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SnyderTalk Comment: And so it was.  Read His Name is Yahweh.


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