August 24, 2014 SnyderTalk: A fatal blind spot for sheer evil


“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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Yair Lapid—A fatal blind spot for sheer evil:

The Holocaust causes us all to ask of ourselves the same question: What would I have done?

What would I have done if I was a Jew in Berlin in 1933, when Hitler rose to power? Would I have run? Would I have sold my house, my business? Removed my children from school in the middle of the year? Or would I have said to myself: it will pass, it is just momentary madness, Hitler says all these things because he is a politician seeking election. Yes, he’s anti-Semitic, but who isn’t? We’ve been through worse than this. It’s better to wait, to keep my head down. It will pass.

What would I do if I was a German in Berlin on the 18th October 1941, when the first train left this platform, heading East and on it 1,013 Jews – children, women, the elderly — all destined for death.

I don’t ask what I would have done if I was a Nazi, but what would I have done if I was an honest German man, waiting for his train here? A German citizen the same age I am now, with three children like mine. A man who educated his children on the values of basic human decency and the right to life and respect? Would I have remained silent? Would I have protested? Would I have been one of the few Berliners to join the anti-Nazi underground, or one of the many Berliners who carried on with life and pretended that nothing was happening?


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SnyderTalk Comment: Yair Lapid is a voice of reason in Israel, and his popularity is growing.  Pray for him and keep your eyes on him because he may become Israel’s prime minister one day.

Decent people throughout the world have been far too complacent for a very long time.  Today, radical Islamism is what Nazism was in the 1920s and 1930s.  Rather than confronting the “sheer evil” before it had time to build resources and military strength, political leaders played a wait-and-see game until finally World War II was unavoidable.

The similarities between the march to WWII and today are striking.  Then as now, Jewish people are a central focus.  But there was no Israel until after WWII, so Israel is the epicenter today followed closely by Jewish people in general.  Next on the list is every Western nation.  I’m not speculating.  That’s what they are telling us, and either we refuse to listen or we don’t believe them.  If we didn’t learn anything else from 9/11, we should have learned this: Islamists mean what they say, so we had better listen.

This is the fundamental question: when should we take a stand against the surging Islamist threat?  This is the next question: how aggressive should we be in dealing with the threat?

The answer is that we should confront it early, quickly, and with overwhelming force.  Had the Allies done that, there is a very good possibility that WWII could have been avoided because Hitler would have lost support from the German people in the Third Reich’s infancy.  The same is true today.  If we allow ISIS, Hamas, and other Islamist groups to appear to be victorious, they will win the PR game and garner even more support.  The only solution is to eliminate the threat.  Simply put, we must be the clear winner and they must be the clear loser.

Of course, that runs counter to the Obama doctrine that there should be no winners or losers.  He doesn’t suggest what the outcome of military campaigns might be or should be in the absence of winners and losers, and that is a strategic flaw in his logic, if he has any.

I think we have already waited too long to confront radical Islam.  I’ll go one step further: while we should have been confronting the threat, the Free World’s leader was delivering apologies to Muslims everywhere, throwing his support behind the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, making up stories to justify the murder of Americans by radical Islamists in Tunisia, and giving every indication that the U.S. was reducing its role in the Middle East.  You may think that I’m overstating my case, but that’s what our allies in the Middle East, both Jews and Arabs, have been saying for years.  If you read SnyderTalk, you know that.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu understands the problem.  It appears as though he intends to deliver a knockout blow to Hamas.  That’s exactly what he should do and that’s what we should do, as well.  We should congratulate Netanyahu for his courage and resolve despite the obstacles that we placed in his path, and then follow his example.  Radical Islamists have already declared war on us, and they are bringing it to us whether we believe them or not.

We don’t have a choice.  The longer we wait to respond, the harder it will be to neutralize the threat.

Incidentally, radical Islam is an even greater threat to typical Muslims than it is to the rest of the world.  Radical Islamists see ordinary Muslims as lower than infidels because they aren’t fundamental enough.  In other words, Islamists question their credentials.  So, ordinary Muslims have more at stake than the rest of us, and the astute among them know it.




SnyderTalk Comment: Why does Hamas lie?  The same reason that a scorpion stings.



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Ben Cohen: Disengagement Not an Option in the Middle East—Strolling through Jerusalem’s historic Yemin Moshe quarter on a pleasant August morning, my ears caught a ringing, melodic sound emanating from within the walls of the Old City, perhaps half a mile from where I stood. This being a Sunday, the sound I heard was the chiming of church bells, welcoming Christian worshippers to morning services. Normally, there is something joyous about the sound of those bells, particularly in a city that contains the key holy sites of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But on this day, I felt a profound sadness upon hearing them. For Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is one of the few places in the Middle East where—despite what malicious anti-Zionist propagandists will tell you—Christians can practice their faith freely.

Clifford D. May: Gen. Flynn’s warning—Two recent interviews have been the topic of lively debate within the so-called foreign ‎policy community. First, U.S. President Barack Obama told The New York Times‘ Thomas Friedman ‎that he envisioned a world in which wars end with “no victor, no vanquished.” Can you ‎imagine Franklin Roosevelt or Winston Churchill embracing such an idea? Even more ‎inconceivable: that those who proclaim themselves jihadis would do anything but laugh ‎their heads off (you should excuse the expression) if they heard it.‎ Next, Hillary Clinton told The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg that “great nations need ‎organizing principles,” and that Obama’s motto, “Don’t do stupid stuff,” is “not an ‎organizing principle.” A spokesman for Clinton said that she and the president ‎would soon get together at the vacation resort of Martha’s Vineyard and “hug it out,” a ‎means of resolving policy disagreements that Roosevelt and Churchill also would likely ‎disdain.‎

Yoram Schweitzer: ISIS: The Real Threat— In recent months the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has managed to position itself as the most significant threat to regional stability in the Middle East. The mass executions in Iraq and Syria reflect the shock and awe strategy used by the organization in the areas it has captured. In addition, its threats to conquer other Middle East states have resounded widely, giving it the media status of a global power in the making. Indeed, the Islamic State has made itself the de facto replacement of al-Qaeda as the jihadist terror organization endangering world peace. • This article examines whether the Islamic State is in fact a rising Islamic jihadist force about to seize control of several countries in the region as part of its plan to establish an Islamic caliphate, or whether it is an organization with limited means and abilities, whose pretensions exceed its real strength and are derived from the world view of its leader.

Nat Hentoff: Rising anti-Semitism (not just vs. Israel) renews my boyhood— In a recent article in The Guardian, “Antisemitism on rise across Europe ‘in worst times since the Nazis,’” Jon Henley quotes Yonathan Arfi of France’s Jewish organization CRIF, who “‘utterly rejected’ the view that the latest increase in antisemitic incidents (screaming ‘Death to Jews’) was down to events in Gaza. ‘They have laid bare something far more profound’” (The Guardian, Aug. 7). Arfi refers to what Dieter Graumann, the president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, tells The Guardian’s Henley: “‘On the streets, you hear things like “the Jews should be gassed” … we haven’t had that in Germany for decades. Anyone saying those slogans isn’t criticizing Israeli politics, it’s just pure hatred against Jews.’”

Zvika Fogel: Translating Hamas— To stop us from being surprised, it would not hurt us to hire a Hamas translator. The collapse of a cease-fire is an Israeli expression that is not part of Hamas’ vocabulary. More than once, Hamas has shown us that fire is an inseparable part of its negotiating strategy, and that the Israeli strategy of “quiet will be met with quiet” leaves Hamas with the initiative and the ability to decide when to fire. Anyone surprised by the foiled Hamas plot to overthrow the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria or the fact that Hamas is continuing to fire rockets at Israel despite the massive damage inflicted in Gaza does not understand Hamas’ raison d’etre, as is clearly written in its hateful charter: “There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by jihad. The initiatives, proposals and international conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility.” A simple translation of this is: “There is no place in Palestine for the Jews or Mahmoud Abbas. The Jews must be killed or expelled and the Palestinian Authority must be replaced.”

Alan Dershowitz: Why Does President Obama Condemn ISIS But Ask Israel to Accept Hamas in Unity Government?— President Barack Obama has rightfully condemned the ISIS beheading of American James Foley in the strongest terms.  This is what he said: “There has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. There has to be a clear rejection of the kind of a nihilistic ideologies. One thing we can all agree on is group like (ISIS) has no place in the 21st century. Friends and allies around the world, we share a common security a set of values opposite of what we saw yesterday. We will continue to confront this hateful terrorism and replace it with a sense of hope and stability.” At the same time that President Obama has called for an all-out war against the “cancer” of ISIS, he has regarded Hamas as having an easily curable disease, urging Israel to accept that terrorist group, whose charter calls for Israel’s destruction, as part of a Palestinian unity government. I cannot imagine him urging Iraq, or any other Arab country, to accept ISIS as part of a unity government.

Boaz Bismuth: Jihadist terrorism vs. the West— Is Mohammed Deif alive or dead? This question kept the citizens of Israel and the residents of Gaza busy yesterday. Each side was waiting for a different sign: in Gaza, that he was alive, and in Israel that he was dead. Even if Hamas’ continued existence doesn’t depend on the fate of the terrorist with nine lives, who (until yesterday?) had already survived four attempts on his life, every military operational and intelligence success like this has a real influence in our Middle East. Some have vilified the tactic of targeted assassinations. But maybe we should remember that the assassination of senior Hamas official Salah Shahadeh (2002) and in particular the assassinations of Abed al-Aziz a-Rantisi and Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin a few weeks apart in 2004 made a significant contribution to preventing the suicide bombings Hamas carried out in Israeli cities during the Second Intifada. Targeted assassinations also carry an element of retribution, and most of all make it clear to the head of the serpent that he is the number one target. True, civilians pay the price. In this case, too, Hamas should realize that it is responsible for their deaths.

John Rossomando: Aggressive Propaganda Helps Islamic State Lure Followers Away From Al-Qaida— Battlefield success by the Islamic State, formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), may be translating into a competition with al-Qaida for brand loyalty among jihadist recruits. These successes have intelligence experts worried. Al-Qaida and the Islamic State are now locked in competition to become the “premier terrorist organization,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said Sunday. “Before 9/11, there were single-level threat streams coming to the United States. So, pretty serious. Obviously they got in and conducted the attacks on 9/11. Now you have multiple organizations, all Al Qaeda minded, trying to accomplish the same thing,” Rogers said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Stephanie Butnick: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Duo to Host Fundraiser for Messianic Jewish Group—Over at Religion Dispatches, Sarah Posner reports that the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute’s annual banquet will be hosted by Phil and Alan Robertson of the enormously popular reality show Duck Dynasty. Phil, the family’s patriarch, is perhaps best known to those who don’t follow the A&E show about the Robertsons, a family of entrepreneurial duck hunters in Louisiana, for the homophobic remarks he made in a GQ interview earlier this year (he was briefly suspended from the show as a result). His eldest son Alan, who joined the show in its fourth season, is a preacher, and the Robertson family’s devout Christian faith is prominently featured on the show. They’ll be talking the Messianic mantle from George W. Bush, who headlined the event last year. His participation rankled Jews, who objected to his involvement with an organization that, as Posner explained at the time, aims “to ‘restore’ Israel and the Jews and bring about about the second coming of Christ.”

Jonathan Tobin: A wake-up call that even the most dovish, delusional can’t ignore— The news that Israel’s security services foiled a plot by Hamas that was aimed at toppling the Palestinian Authority and its leader Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank will probably be ignored by most of the Jewish state’s critics who are obsessed with damning its campaign in Gaza to suppress rocket fire and terror tunnel building. But rather than dismissing this as a minor story, those who are pushing Israel hard to make concessions to both Hamas and the PA should be paying closer attention to what the terrorists intend to do and the implication of their plans for a truce that would further empower the Islamists. The details of what Israel’s Shin Bet service discovered during the sweeps of the West Bank in May and June should curl Abbas’ hair. The group that he had embraced as a partner in the PA as a result of the unity pact he signed in April wasn’t planning on going along with Fatah’s leadership as Abbas and Secretary of State John Kerry naively believed. Instead they set up new terror cells in all the major towns and cities of the West Bank whose goal was to ultimately set off a new conflagration with Israel with a series of massive attacks throughout the area including one on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

SnyderTalk Comment: I hope the “two-state solution” is dead.  May it rest in peace and in pieces.






9--Jerusalem Post


Report: Hamas to execute more suspected collaborators with Israel

Israeli boy, 4, killed by Gaza mortar in south; Rocket sirens wail in Tel Aviv

DIPLOMACY: The pros and cons of targeted killings

Arab states look to single out Israel at UN nuclear meeting

Palestinians throw Molotov cocktail at IDF checkpoint in Hebron

Iran denies report linking cooperation on Islamic State to nuclear talks

Report: France, UK preparing Security Council resolution to end Gaza fighting

Islamic State executes man by stoning for adultery, Pope calls parents of James Foley

Haniyeh vows Hamas will ‘liberate Palestine’ after top commanders killed by Israel

A moral and military blow for Hamas



10--Arutz Sheva


Hamas Goes on an ‘Israel Collaborator’ Killing Spree

Rocket Scores Direct Hit on Ashdod Synagogue

Abbas and Mashaal Hold Second Day of Talks in Qatar

Shots Fired at North Jerusalem Home

Denmark: Jewish School Targeted in Anti-Semitic Attack

British IS Woman Campaigns for ‘Equal Right to Kill’

‘If the IDF Doesn’t Crush Hamas We Won’t Survive’

‘IDF Has Technology to End the Operation in Hours’

Aborted Airstrikes ‘Sabotage’ IDF Operation 

New IDF Report Details Hamas Use of Civilians








IDF releases details on Shejaiya battle in which 7 soldiers died July 20

Hamas kills 18 suspected ‘collaborators’

Did phone call from Mashaal expose Deif to Israeli strike?

Smuggling between Sinai and Gaza still thriving

US joins Europe in push for new UN resolution on Gaza

Toronto ‘We Will Not Be Silent’ march draws over 4,000

Abbas castigated Mashaal in meeting, official says

Most Israeli Jews, and Arabs, oppose intermarriage

Will urgent campus pro-Israel project fail through infighting?

Islamic State sends final taunting letter to Foley’s family



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Hamas Vows to Open ‘Gates of Hell’

Anti-Semitic Incidents in U.K. Increase 500% During Gaza Conflict

Top Five Media Fails of the Gaza War

PM: Instead of attrition, Hamas will be crushed

Israeli official: Talks with Hamas will not resume any time soon

After Reported Assassination of Gaza Military Chief, Netanyahu Says ‘Hamas Leaders Are Legitimate Targets’

Iran’s Parliament Dismisses Minister Accused of Supporting Pro-Western Voices

Israeli Ship Unloads Cargo in U.S. Despite Protest

Family of “Righteous Gentile” Featured in New York Times Story Was Hosting Hamas Terrorist 

Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Returns to Armed Struggle and Terror






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