February 14, 2018 SnyderTalk—Erdogan’s Turkey: Making Trouble Everywhere

“I am Yahweh; that is My Name!  I will not give My glory to anyone else, nor share My praise with carved idols.” (Isaiah 42: 8)



Burak Bekdil—Erdogan’s Turkey: Making Trouble Everywhere: 

  • Since the failed coup in August 2016, the government says, it has purged more than 107,000 government employees for alleged links to the coup attempt. Worse, according to a Supreme Court justice, the Turkish government is investigating a total of 6.9 million citizens, or about 8.6% of all Turks.
  • Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has warned international companies drilling for oil and gas off Cyprus that these hydrocarbons are within Turkey’s continental shelf. Cavusoglu said that Turkey “is prepared to take all necessary measures” to protect its rights, and those of the Turkish Cypriots, in the eastern Mediterranean.
  • On January 26, several thousand Turkish Cypriots marched against what they say is Turkey’s unwanted influence. Protesters braved pounding rain to voice their opposition to Turkey’s agitation of “fascist and extremist” segments of their society.
  • Erdogan’s Turkey apparently has an ideological incompatibility with the word “peace.” This outright bullying can target any nation at any time. Optimists who think it might fade away will be proven wrong once again.

In official language, Turkey is in a state of emergency ever since a failed putsch, allegedly masterminded by a self-exiled cleric, killed nearly 250 people on the evening of July 15, 2016. Since then, the government says, it has purged more than 107,000 government employees for alleged links to the coup attempt. Worse, according to a Supreme Court justice, the Turkish government is investigating a total of 6.9 million citizens, or about 8.6% of all Turks.

Even “not-warmongering” can be associated with being a terrorist. More than 300 activists were arrested for their opposition to Turkey’s military incursion into northern Syria. That number did not include the 11 doctors who are members of the Turkish Medical Association who were arrested for calling for a halt to the offensive. (They were later released but will stand trial). In addition, Turkey has asked Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to remove posts on the military offensive.

Outside its borders, hardly a day passes without confrontation, clashes or tensions. Turkey says it had “neutralized” nearly 1,000 Kurdish militiamen since Operation Olive Branch in Syria took off on January 20. But not all of Turkey’s wars involve artillery, bombings and casualties.

On Jan. 26, for instance, hundreds of Kurds living in Beirut gathered in front of the Turkish embassy in order to protest Operation Olive Branch. France’s foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian has told Ankara not to worsen the situation in Syria. He also, while condemning civilian casualties, called Turkey’s military operation in Afrin (in northern Syria) a violation of international law. A week before that, thousands rallied in Paris to protest the Turkish operation.

Germany’s foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, has said that the government would freeze the decision about whether to grant Turkey’s request for more modernized tanks — which Turkey intends to use at the Syrian war theater.

The German decision came amid allegations that the ancient Ain Dara Hittite temple complex in northern Syria, at least 3,000 years old, was bombed into rubble by Turkish fighter pilots in an operation that appears to have rivaled the destruction of Palmyra by the Islamic State terrorists.

On February 5, the Dutch Foreign Ministry formally withdrew its ambassador to Turkey; the ambassador had been physically barred from the country for almost a year, over a dispute that began during March 2017. The Netherlands will also not accept the appointment of a new Turkish ambassador to the Netherlands.

On February 8, members of Sweden’s parliament also demanded that their government recall its ambassador to Turkey.


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SnyderTalk Comment:

There are some wonderful people in Turkey.  I taught many of them at UVA.  They were fantastic students and great people.  My heart goes out to them and their families.

Erdogan has a Hitler complex.  His actions as Turkey’s president mirror those of Hitler in Germany.  His hatred of Israel reminds me of Hitler, too.

World political leaders waited too long to deal with Hitler.  Because they waited so long, rooting out Nazism cost millions of lives and a fortune.

We didn’t learn our lesson in World War II.  That’s the problem.


I have a strong hunch that President Trump doesn’t like being bullied.  I think the same is true for Rex Tillerson.

Also, see:

Like Hitler before him, President Erdogan has a date with destiny.  It won’t work out the way he thinks.

Meeting Yahweh Face-to-face is the most exciting thing I can imagine.  It will be the most terrifying thing that Erdogan will ever experience.

Switching Gears Slightly

Most so-called “Muslims” aren’t really Muslims.  They were born in a Muslim culture and grew up believing that their culture defined them.  Across the globe, they are waking up to reality.  Islam is based on faith, and they don’t support what Islam stands for.  Many of them are turning to Yahweh.

For example, in Iran today, faith in Yahweh (they call it Christianity) is growing by leaps and bounds.  It has the mullahs in Tehran running scared.  They should be afraid, but not of Christians.  They need to fear Yahweh.  He’s the One they will have to confront.  They are going to get to know Him as El Shaddai, the Lion of Judah.  If you don’t understand what I mean by that, you need to do some digging.

Yahweh works in mysterious ways.

Switching Gears Again

See “Macron Vows to Reform Islam in France”.  Since Macron is not a Muslim, that is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.







“The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me. Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, be with Me where I am, so that they may see My glory which You have given Me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.” (John 17: 22-24)

See “His Name is Yahweh”.

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