November 6, 2017 SnyderTalk: Iran is Strengthening her Position around Israel

“I am Yahweh; that is My Name!  I will not give My glory to anyone else, nor share My praise with carved idols.” (Isaiah 42: 8)



Iran is Strengthening her Position around Israel

Iran says the surprise resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri is part of a plot to stoke tensions in the region.

An adviser to Iran’s supreme leader accused the US and Saudi Arabia of being behind the move.

Mr Hariri, in a televised broadcast from Saudi Arabia, accused Iran of sowing “fear and destruction” in several countries, including Lebanon.

He said he was stepping down because he feared for his life.

Mr Hariri’s father, former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, was assassinated in 2005.

Correspondents say his sudden departure plunges Lebanon into a new political crisis and raises fears that it may be at the forefront of the regional rivalry between Shia power Iran and Sunni stronghold Saudi Arabia.

Following the statement on Saturday, Iranian politicians lined up to denounce Mr Hariri’s assertions.

“Hariri’s resignation was done with planning by [US President] Donald Trump and Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,” said Hussein Sheikh al-Islam, adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Kahmenei.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi, quoted by the official Irna news agency, said Mr Hariri’s departure was aimed at creating tension in Lebanon and the region.

Iran commemorated the 38th anniversary of the US Embassy takeover Saturday with a potent display of a missile as thousands of demonstrators gathered in Tehran to mark the event that triggered the hostage crisis and sparked the decades-old rift in US-Iranian relations.

On November 4, 1979, Iranian student revolutionaries climbed over the walls of the US Embassy in Tehran and seized dozens of Americans, holding them hostage for 444 days.

The former embassy compound is known locally as the “den of espionage,” and protests take place in front of it annually.

One of Iran’s most powerful missiles, the Qadr, was prominently featured Saturday, along with anti-US and anti-Israel signs and chanting.



– Who it supports: Tehran has supported the Assad government since at least 2012, giving the regime extensive military aid in the form of training, weapons and intelligence sharing.

– Who it’s fighting against: By siding with Assad, Iran has directly and indirectly been fighting against both moderate and extremist factions in the Syrian opposition. Members of Iran’s elite military force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), have reportedly taken part in Syrian government offensives.

– What it wants: Apart from Syria, Iran has few friends in the Middle East. Propping up Assad ensures an ally against Iran’s regional rivals, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Tehran also needs Syria to transport weapons to Hezbollah, which also opposes Israel, in neighboring Lebanon.

– Which peace talks it supports: Iran joined the Geneva peace talks in November 2015 after the US dropped its longstanding opposition to Iranian involvement. Tehran has also sponsored the Astana peace talks along with Turkey and Russia.

The new Gaza leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas said Monday it has restored relations with Iran and is gearing up for future hostilities with Israel.

Yahya Sinwar told reporters that Iran is now “the largest backer financially and militarily” of Hamas’s armed wing. It was his first meeting with journalists since taking up his post in February.

Sinwar said that with Iran’s help, Hamas is accumulating military power in preparation for a battle for “the liberation of Palestine.”

Hamas is “developing our military strength in order to liberate Palestine,” Sinwar said, but he also stressed that it does not seek war for now “and takes every effort to avoid a war… At the same time we are not afraid of a war and are ready for it.”

“The Iranian military support to Hamas and al-Qassam is strategic,” he added, saying the relationship had “become fantastic and returned to its former era.”

“Every day we build missiles and continue military training,” he added, saying that thousands of people are working “day and night” to prepare for the next conflict.

Israel is in Iran’s Crosshairs

Iranian leaders have been crystal clear about their desire to destroy Israel.  That’s exactly what they are trying to do.

Iran is positioning forces near Israel’s border with Syria in the northeast.

Through Hezbollah, Iran is strengthening her position on Israel’s northwest border with Lebanon.

Through Hamas, Iran is strengthening her position on Israel’s southwest border with Gaza.

The noose is tightening.  The war that believers have been predicting and talking about for decades is not far off.

I call the big four taking positions against Israel the TRIC nations: Turkey, Russia, Iran, and China.  They may or may not work together, but eventually Israel will be in the crosshairs of all four countries.

What about the United States?

Trump haters will have a hard time believing this, but Donald Trump was elected president primarily to stand with Israel during these difficult times.  Thankfully, he said he would, and he’s keeping his word.

I fear for the U.S. if we ever take sides against Israel.  I suspect we will, and when we do, there will be hell to pay.

The day is coming when Israel will be forced to stand alone.  That’s what Yahweh told Zechariah:

The burden of the word of Yahweh concerning Israel.  Thus declares Yahweh who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him, “Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah.  It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured.  And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.  In that day,” declares Yahweh, “I will strike every horse with bewilderment and his rider with madness. But I will watch over the house of Judah, while I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness.  Then the clans of Judah will say in their hearts, ‘A strong support for us are the inhabitants of Jerusalem through Yahweh Sabaoth, their Elohim.’ (Zechariah 12: 1-5)

“All the nations of the earth” includes the U.S.

When that day comes, Israel will realize that the Messiah is Yahweh.  This is what He told Zechariah:

“I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn.” (Zechariah 12: 10)

Yahweh works in mysterious ways.  Be careful, because things aren’t always what they seem to be.  You don’t want to take sides against Yahweh.







“The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me. Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, be with Me where I am, so that they may see My glory which You have given Me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.” (John 17: 22-24)

See “His Name is Yahweh”.

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