March 8, 2017 SnyderTalk: Europe is a Mess and France is in a “Death Spiral”

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says Yahweh Sabaoth. (Zechariah 4: 6)



Europe is a Mess and France is in a “Death Spiral”

Below are a couple of articles that you need to see.  They reveal a frightening reality.

  1. France’s Death Spiral:

February 2, 2017: A “no-go zone” in the eastern suburbs of Paris. Police on patrol hear screams. They decide to check. While there, a young man insults them. They decide to arrest him. He hits them. A fight starts. He accuses a policeman of having raped him with a police baton. A police investigation quickly establishes that the young man was not raped. But it is too late; a toxic process has begun.

Without waiting for any further evidence, the French Interior Minister says that the police officers have “behaved badly.” He adds that “police misconduct must be condemned”. French President François Hollande goes to the hospital to give his support to the young man. The president says he has conducted himself in a “dignified and responsible manner.” The next day, a demonstration against the police is cobbled together. The demonstration turns into a riot.

Riots continue for more than two weeks. They affect more than twenty cities throughout France. They spread to the heart of Paris. Dozens of cars are torched. Shops and restaurants are looted. Official buildings and police stations are attacked.

The police are ordered not to intervene. They do what they are told to do. Few arrests take place.

  1. France: Deradicalization of Jihadists a “Total Fiasco”:

The French government’s flagship program to deradicalize jihadists is a “total failure” and must be “completely reconceptualized,” according to the initial conclusions of a parliamentary fact-finding commission on deradicalization.

The preliminary report reveals that the government has nothing to show for the tens of millions of taxpayer euros it has spent over the past several years to combat Islamic radicalization in France, where 238 people have been killed in jihadist attacks since January 2015. The report implies that deradicalization, either in specialized centers or in prisons, does not work because most Islamic radicals do not want to be deradicalized.

The report, “Deindoctrination, Derecruitment and Reintegration of Jihadists in France and Europe” (Désendoctrinement, désembrigadement et réinsertion des djihadistes en France et en Europe) — the title avoids using the word “deradicalization” because it is considered by some to be politically incorrect — was presented to the Senate Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs on February 22.

The report is the preliminary version of a comprehensive study currently being conducted by a cross-party task force charged with evaluating the effectiveness of the government’s deradicalization efforts. The final report is due in July.

Much of the criticism focuses on a €40 million ($42 million) plan to build 13 deradicalization centers — known as Centers for Prevention, Integration and Citizenship (Centre de prévention, d’insertion et de citoyenneté, CPIC) — one in each of France’s metropolitan regions, aimed at deradicalizing would-be jihadists.

What’s happening?

Europe is paying the fiddler for several decades of terrible immigration policies.  I’ve covered this issue in SnyderTalk extensively over the years, so I won’t rehash everything that I have said already many times.  I just want to focus your attention on a few serious issues that will determine Europe’s future:

  1. France and Germany are the engines that drive the European economic train.  France is in terrible shape socially and politically, and Germany is not far behind.  Both of them have problems with Islamists that can’t be solved easily and won’t be solved without a lot of pain and suffering.  By that, I mean there will be blood.
  2. The European Union (EU) is coming unglued for several reasons not the least of which is the Islamist problem.  Great Britain was the first to exit the EU, but it won’t be the last.  The Brexit vote was determined in large part because of the Islamist problem.  Europe as we knew it is history.
  3. When the EU unravels, Pandora’s Box will open up, and nobody (and I mean nobody) knows what will happen.  Given Europe’s history, I think it’s safe to say that it won’t be pretty.
  4. The Democrat Party wants the U.S. to adopt the EU model.  That’s what Barack Obama tried to accomplish for 8 years as president.  President Trump is taking enormous heat from Obamaites and other Democrats for trying to mitigate the damage that Obama did.  It won’t let up.  This is the new normal in the U.S.  If you aren’t prepared to defend yourself and your family, you are behind the curve.

I wish I could say that I see clear skies on the horizon, but I don’t.  We are in the midst of a global social, religious, and political breakdown.  It will get a lot worse before it gets better.

On the bright side (I’m being sarcastic), most people don’t have a clue what’s happening.  They are going about their daily routines as though nothing has changed.

Well, things have changed.  One day, that will become an inescapable truth that everyone will understand.  When that day comes, pleading ignorance will be of no use.  Be prepared.

I’m not pretending to be a prophet.  I’m just connecting the dots.

If I ever do have something prophetic to say, I will begin this way: Thus says Yahweh….



“If My people who are called by My Name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7: 14)

Change that Yahweh calls “good” begins in the hearts of believers—people who are recognizable because they are different.

We are different because we belong to Him and are called by His Name.  We are Yahweh’s people, His followers.


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“The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me. Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, be with Me where I am, so that they may see My glory which You have given Me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.” (John 17: 22-24)

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