August 3, 2016 SnyderTalk: Turkey should not be a Member of NATO

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Turkey should not be a Member of NATO

I’ve been saying this for a very long time, but I’ll say it again anyway.  Turkey should not be a member of NATO.

Since President Erdogan came to power in Turkey more than a decade ago, he has been forcing his country in the Islamist direction.  For global publicity purposes, he has tried to present himself as an anti-Islamist leader, but it doesn’t wash.

While ISIS was in control of Syrian oil fields, Erdogan bought oil from ISIS and ended up funding their war to create a global caliphate.  He did it under the not-so-watchful eyes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for years until Russia finally blew the whistle.

After Russia revealed the truth, Erdogan changed his ways, not his mind.  He’s still an Islamist.  Anyone who doubts that needs to pay careful attention to what is going on in Turkey right now.

The failed coup attempt emboldened Erdogan and gave him cover to aggressively purge Turkey’s military, media, and educational institutions of non-Islamist types.  That he has done with a vengeance, and things are just getting started.

Before he’s finished, Erdogan will attempt to purge Turkey’s general population of non-Islamist types, too.  It’s a page right out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook.  As Yogi Berra would say, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

I said “finished”, and I meant it.  Things don’t end up well for people like Erdogan no matter how things may appear.  Yahweh is always in control, and justice is His to dispense.

The latest chapter in the Erdogan saga involves Russia:

In recent months the Kremlin has hinted that keeping Assad in power is not its primary concern. Rather its main objective in Syria is to keep its strategically-important bases in the country.

This has led to suggestions that, in return for building closer relations with Turkey, Moscow might be prepared to do a deal whereby Assad is removed from power and Russia’s military interests in the country are safeguarded.

If that outcome could be achieved, then Russia and Turkey would be able to forge a powerful partnership, one that would pose a serious threat to Western interests in the Middle East and beyond.

Some policymakers in the U.S. will want to make concessions to Erdogan to keep him from moving toward Russia.  That would be a huge mistake.

Erdogan is a snake in the grass.  He can’t be trusted.  The people Erdogan will hurt most are those who were foolish enough to believe that he can be relied upon.  That’s the reality that the people of Turkey are learning to accept.

If Vladimir Putin wants to make a deal with Erdogan, so be it.  Russia has Islamist problems of her own, and things will get much worse for them if they get into bed with a scoundrel like Erdogan.  Better Russia than NATO.

President Trump should have no trouble seeing reality.  President Hillary Clinton would, because she has chronic PPJ—Piss Poor Judgment.

See these articles:

President Erdogan really is an Islamist, and he’s an Islamist of the worst kind.  He has the power of a sovereign state behind him.  That’s why I keep saying that he is a dangerous human being.

Now see this:

I hope the answer will be yes, but I fear the answer will be no.  Many European leaders have thrown in the towel already.



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