July 22, 2016 #2 SnyderTalk: Donald Trump for President

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Donald Trump for President

The New Yorker article about Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the GOP convention shows that the intellectual elite don’t get it.  Its title, “Donald Trump’s Dark, Dark Convention Speech”, says it all.

I watched Trump’s speech.  You can watch a video of it below.  It’s not dark or dark, dark.  It’s realistic.

Reality!  That’s what the intellectual elite don’t understand.

The time for the same old, same old is over.  We need real hope and change.

Some might argue that I am plagiarizing Barack Obama’s campaign slogan.  I’m not.  I’m just saying that Donald Trump offers us hope that things will be much different.  That means things are going to change dramatically.

It’s no surprise to me that both GOP and Democrat establishment types are opposed to Donald Trump.  I’m not surprised that they are trying to scare the American people.  They want to protect the status quo that has brought them to power and the rest of us to where we are today.

The change that Donald Trump will bring about threatens them and what they stand for.  They are like two peas in a pod, impossible to tell apart.  They did this to us and they must go.

Hillary Clinton is the standard bearer for the way things are.  She represents the problem that must be fixed.

Hillary is not qualified to be president.  Her tenure as secretary of state taught us that.

As I said, we need real hope and change.  Donald Trump will bring about both.  Any fears that I may have about what I think President Trump might do are nothing compared with what I know President Hillary Clinton would do if she was elected.

I have a prediction.  Donald Trump will defeat Hillary in November by a huge margin and reshape the GOP.  He needs our prayers because he must be a force for good at home and abroad.



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