June 29, 2016 SnyderTalk: Under Erdogan, Turkey is not Israel’s Friend No Matter What We See and Hear

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Under Erdogan, Turkey is not Israel’s Friend No Matter What We See and Hear


Three suicide bombers blew themselves up at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport in the international terminal.  As I write this introduction, news reports are telling us that 31 people were killed and more than 150 were wounded.  My heart goes out to the innocent victims of mindless terror.

This editorial was written 2 days ago.  I am posting it despite the horrific incident because it is important.  This story must be told.

The Editorial

The articles below can lead reasonable people to conclude that Turkish President Erdogan is a duplicitous conniver.  He can’t be trusted.  The Turkish people should be as leery about him as I am.

  1. ‘Apart from Erdogan, there is a great, modern Turkey’”:

Katie and I have been to Turkey.  It’s a beautiful country.  The fledgling Christian church grew up in the land we call Turkey today.  The churches mentioned in the book of Revelation are in Turkey.  Paul was from Turkey.  Abraham traveled through Turkey on his way to the Promised Land.

Biblically, Turkey is a prominent and important place.

In the article, Can Dundar, editor-in-chief of the Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet, answers questions that shed light on what is taking place in Turkey and in Europe.  In a nutshell, things aren’t what they appear to be.  We need to keep that in mind.

  1. Germany’s Turkish-Muslim Integration Problem”:

This article can lead reasonable people to believe that Erdogan has a plan to conquer Europe, not just Germany.  The focus on Deutschland is way too narrow.

Some may argue that the use of the word “conquer” is taking it a bit too far, but I don’t think it is.  Under Erdogan, the Turks working in Europe are there to settle in.  Over time as their numbers grow, they will exercise more control in the political process.  When enough of them are there, they (meaning Islamists) can control Europe democratically.  It’s happening all over Europe right now.  That’s one of the problems that led Britons to vote themselves out of the EU.

It’s a Trojan Horse strategy for Europe, and it’s working.

  1. Israel and Turkey to announce end of six-year standoff”:

Nothing has changed except that Erdogan is feeling pressure.  I don’t believe that his intentions have changed one iota.  When the pressure subsides, he will revert back to his old ways.  That’s what evil people do.  I think Erdogan is evil.

These articles are out of Israel.  As usual, Israelis tend to see the positives and play down the negatives: “Israel and Turkey set to announce normalized relations Monday” and “Israel-Turkey deal serves Israel’s national interests”.

This article is out of Turkey.  It’s a bit rosy, too: “Turkey, Israel reach deal to normalize ties: Israeli official”.

This article suggests that the rapprochement between Turkey and Israel isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be: “Turkish PM Skirts Israeli TV Reporter’s Query About Ankara-Jerusalem Normalization, Pressure on Hamas to Return Bodies of Slain IDF Soldiers”.  Erdogan and his followers don’t like it, but they are “normalizing ties” because they feel like they have to.

  1. In a roundabout way, Caroline Glick offers a reasonable explanation about what it actually taking place: “Obama’s money and Israel’s sovereignty”.

Obama is using the power of the purse plus Turkey’s role in NATO to shove Turkey and Israel back together.  Think of it as a shotgun wedding.  The underlying facts haven’t changed.  Erdogan can’t be trusted and Israel is anxious for peace at any price.

The Israelis still don’t know that they have the most powerful ally in existence.  All they need to do is call on Him and know who they are calling on.

We are watching a drama unfold that has been discussed for thousands of years.  Behind the scenes, Yahweh is moving toward the fulfillment of His promises.  For believers, that’s good news.  For unbelievers, it’s a tragedy, but they don’t know it.

The key to the drama is in the hands of the Israeli people.  One day they will understand.  I hope it’s soon.

  1. Finally, “‘Too late for Erdogan to recover from his disastrous policy’”:

In addition to trying to make amends with Israel, at long last Erdogan has apologized to Russia for shooting down a Russian jet fighter that was engaged in the Syrian Civil War.  The apology was 7 months late.  These explanations were offered for the belated “I’m sorry”:

Michael Maloof, a former Pentagon official—“Coming unexpectedly as it did; that was a good gesture. It is going to be interesting to see what the Russian response will be, whether they are going to reopen trade relations and also tourism.”

“Erdogan has realized he has isolated himself pretty much in the region. You can see him reaching out right now to the Israelis; you can see him trying to mitigate things with the Americans. So it is going to be interesting to see how far he goes, but there clearly is a continuing problem in the relationship.”

Dan Glazebrook, a political writer—“It has finally dawned on them that the Syrian government is not going away; Assad is not going to go away; that the whole plan to destroy the country along with Britain and the US and the Gulf allies is in tatters and the Syrian government is going to survive; Assad is going to survive. And if they want any kind of role in shaping the future of Syria and any kind of influence there and to avoid the last of their proxy groups getting wiped out, then they are going to come to some sort of accommodation with Russia. Their whole attitude towards both Russia and Syria has been utterly self-defeating. It is absolutely clear that the long-term economic and geo-political and strategic logic for Turkey in its relations with Syria and Russia would be to have friendly relations with them.”

“The shooting down of the airplane itself, and then the actions that followed, and the desperate attempt a couple of months back to try and pressure NATO forces to send in some sort of ground force; or their suggestions that Turkey and the Saudis might send in their own ground force – these were really indicative of last-ditch desperate efforts. And those were the last –ditch efforts and they came to nothing.”

Boaz Bismuth, a journalist and former Israeli diplomat—“Turkey under Erdogan – the biggest success was the national feeling. Turkey was successful, the growth was sometimes 7.5 percent; Turkish people had money in the pockets. That is also important.  In order to continue and satisfy your people, you need also business to go on.”


In a nutshell, Erdogan has been wrong for more than 10 years.  It took a very long time for him to see the errors in his ways.  His dealings with Europe following the “refugee” crisis indicate that he hasn’t come to grips with reality completely yet.  He is still pushing his Islamist agenda wherever he thinks he can get away with it.

Stated simply, as a head of state, Erdogan is an unmitigated disaster.  If his pride would let him, he should resign.  Since his pride won’t let him resign, the Turkish people should give him the boot.

Will they?  They haven’t done it yet, and they have had opportunities.



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