June 15, 2016 SnyderTalk: Trump is Right, Obama and Clinton are Wrong

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Trump is Right, Obama and Clinton are Wrong

The Orlando shooting spree was a terrorist attack pure and simple.  There is no other way to describe what happened.

Omar Mateen, the terrorist, was homegrown.  He was a 29-year-old security guard from Fort Pierce, Florida.  There are many more like him in the U.S. thanks to lax security.  Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame.

Some people say that Mateen was “self radicalized”, but that’s nonsense.  He is one of many who have bought into the evil making its way across the globe.  It’s Islamism.  Those who adhere to its doctrines are called Islamists.  They are Muslims.  In fact, they are the only real Muslims because they are serious about following the letter of the law in the Quran.  Other so-called Muslims are Muslims in name only–MINOs.

Mateen purchased the firearms he used in the attack legally.  The nightclub where he carried out his attack was loaded with people who were unarmed.  They were easy prey.  One well placed bullet would have stopped Mateen before so many people were slaughtered.

In typical kneejerk fashion, President Obama blamed the Orlando terrorist attack on lax gun laws.  He still refuses to call Islamist terrorists what they are and mocks those who criticize him for it.  He continues to trumpet the “Islam is a peaceful religion” mantra while Islamists butcher innocent people all over the world.  That’s ignorance of the highest order.  I think it’s evil, and it’s dangerous.

Obama’s confusion, if that’s what it is, is mindboggling.  It seems as though he believes those who see the truth and are willing to speak it are the problem.  Donald Trump is Obama’s primary target for obvious reasons.  He wants Hillary Clinton to advance his agenda.  That includes remaking America in his image.

The barbarity of Islamist terrorists knows no bounds.  Burning people alive, throwing them off the tops of multistory buildings, raping women and selling them as sex slaves, and beheading victims isn’t enough.  Lately they have added skinning people alive to their repertoire.  See “A young man is skinned alive. A sign of new Taliban brutality?

Islamists have started an all-out global assault on homosexuals.  Mateen was in lockstep with the latest Islamist thinking in that regard.

Mateen chose to use a gun.  He was attracted to the Islamist lifestyle by beheadings.  If he could have gotten away with it, I’m sure he would have preferred a more inhumane way to live out his faith.

Obama is wrong.  Guns were not the problem.  Islamism is the problem.

According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump connects President Obama to the Orlando shooting.  Trump is right.  Obama and people who think the way he does are to blame.  Most of them are Democrats.

Democrats think that Trump’s remarks following the Orlando terrorist attack will cost him the presidency.  Republicans have concerns, too.  All of them are wrong.  Ordinary Americans will flock to Trump as Election Day approaches because he is saying things that they want to hear.  Establishment politicians in both parties but especially Democrats aren’t.

Hillary Clinton is worse than Obama.  See “Trump, Clinton over different visions in Orlando response”.  Trump will make mincemeat of her before the election.  She’s out of her mind.  Ordinary people are fed up with her kind of stupidity and corruption.  With each new terrorist attack, she, Obama, and establishment politicians in both political parties look more and more out of touch with reality.

I expect Donald Trump to win the presidency in a landslide of historic proportions.  People who have faith in Yahweh should pray for him.  He can be a force for good or for evil.  I pray that he will turn his heart toward Yahweh and help to turn this country around.  We don’t have much time left.



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