February 6, 2016 SnyderTalk: Palestinian Leaders are Criminals

1--Intro Covering Israel and ME

“Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—this time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My name is Yahweh.” (Jeremiah 16: 21)


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Palestinian Leaders are Criminals

Hadar Cohen, a 19-year-old Israeli woman whose only offense was trying to keep the peace, was mercilessly killed by a Palestinian terrorist in front of Damascus Gate.  Her murder was a revenge killing.

See “19-Year-Old Israel Border Policewoman Wounded in Palestinian Shooting, Stabbing Attack in East Jerusalem Dies of Wounds” and “Jerusalem terrorist warned of attack last month”.

Within hours of her murder, PA President Mahmoud Abbas met with the families of the terrorists to console them.  See “Report: Abbas meets with families of terrorists shortly after policewoman killed”.

In the Palestinian community, terrorists are regarded as martyrs.  They aren’t martyrs.  They are cold-blooded killers.

The latest round of violence in Israel that has been going on since last September has been orchestrated by Abbas and his criminal cohort.  They are responsible for this and 30 other killings of innocent Israeli citizens and soldiers who put their lives at risk protecting their fellow citizens.  See “31 people murdered since beginning of terror wave”.

All the while, Abbas lobbies the world to protect “defenseless Palestinians” and refuses to make any effort to advance the “peace process”.  Like Yasser Arafat before him, Abbas uses the “peace process” as an opportunity to attract the attention of ignorant donors around the world and to divert attention away from his failed leadership.

Senseless violence is a byproduct of Abbas’ actions.  I’ve been saying that for years.  For example, see “Pushing Israel and the Palestinians toward Peace will Increase Violence”.  It’s part of what I refer to as the “Palestinian Two-Step”.

We need to hold Palestinian leaders accountable for their crimes because they are responsible.  As long as they think they can get away with murder, they will keep doing what they are doing.

See “CNN apologizes for mistake in Jerusalem terror attack coverage”.  There would have been no need for an apology if CNN personnel didn’t allow their personal biases to interfere with their news coverage.  Typical readers and viewers have no idea how biased CNN‘s coverage is.  It’s a huge problem.

CNN is not the exception to the rule.  It is the rule.  See “‘Journalists orchestrating events to make Israel look bad’”.



3--HNIY the Website


His Name is Yahweh, the website, is a companion of the book His Name is Yahweh.  Both of them explain the importance of God’s Name.

The website is loaded with factual information that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Yahweh is our Savior and that the Messiah is Yahweh.

I hope you will take a few minutes and explore the website.  I also hope you will share it with your friends and family.

It’s time for believers to tell the world about our God by His Name—Yahweh.

To see videos that explain the importance of Yahweh’s Name, click here.






13--Perspectives 2


The BlazeObama: ‘Jesus Is a Good Cure for Fear’: “Faith is the great cure for fear. Jesus is a good cure for fear,” Obama said. “God gives believers the power, the love, the sound mind, required to conquer any fear. What more important moment for that faith than right now. What better time than for these changing, tumultuous times than to have Jesus standing beside us, steadying our minds, cleansing our hearts, pointing us towards what matters.”

SnyderTalk Comment: I have two thoughts:

  1. It sounds like Obama was reading from a teleprompter.
  2. Satan can quote scripture.

This is what I know: you can tell a tree by its fruit.  I’ll go with that.  Show me Obama’s fruit.

I may sound like a cynic, but I’d rather be a cynic than a fool. 

Besides, I’m more a skeptic than a cynic.  The difference is slight.

I’ll wait to see fruit that’s in keeping with Obama’s words.  So far, I haven’t seen any.

I have never been afraid to say that Obama is a good speaker and a great liar.  Nothing he said at the prayer breakfast changed my mind.

Ali Qleibo—Organized Crime in Palestinian Cities: A Taboo Subject: Systemic organized crime in the major Palestinian urban centers has become rampant with sporadic shooting, firebombs, and setting cars and houses on fire. Jenin and Nablus are plagued with gangs that take shelter in impenetrable “neighborhoods.” In Jerusalem, Palestinian thugs and fortune hunters have taken over and hold real estate owners and shopkeepers in terror.

SnyderTalk Comment: Organized crime is what the Palestinian movement be it Hamas or Fatah is all about.

Burak Bekdil—Turks’ Unrequited Love for Palestinians: Although it came as no surprise, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in his weekly parliamentary group speech last December, spoke like a Palestinian politician, not a Turkish one: “The most oppressed people of the 20th and 21st centuries is the Palestinian people … Our support will continue until Jerusalem becomes the capital of independent Palestine … No one should doubt our devotion to the Palestinian cause … We won’t forget Palestine, Gaza, Jerusalem, not even in our dreams … We do politics for this holy way.”

SnyderTalk Comment: Turkey under Erdogan is a huge part of the problem in Israel today.  To the Turkish president, rapprochement is just another word in the dictionary.

Steven Stalinsky—The Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem: An Extremist Megaphone: Over the past two years, in President Obama’s efforts to counter violent extremism, he has emphasized the responsibility of Muslim “scholars and clerics” to help ensure that mosques are not used as a platform to preach Islamist extremism. Few Westerners are aware of the content of the sermons, lectures and lessons offered at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. On Jan. 16, Palestinian cleric Sheikh Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari called in a sermon for jihad against the West and Europe, and for the burgeoning Islamic State to “conquer Rome, Washington and Paris.”

SnyderTalk Comment: But those “clerics” aren’t Muslims.  I know that’s true because Obama said so.

Middle East OnlineHow Can a Two-state Solution Calm our Troubled Region?: It was more than fascinating coincidence that last week both the French government and the UN secretary general called for serious and urgent international action to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through a negotiated agreement that leads to the creation of a Palestinian state living in peace adjacent to Israel. Both gestures were dramatic, and deserve our full attention, because they affirm the pivotal link between the unresolved status of Palestine and the continued deterioration of conditions across the Middle East.

SnyderTalk Comment: The short answer is that the “two-state” solution won’t work.  It will only make things worse.

Today’s increase in violence in the Middle East started to escalate in 1993 when the two-state solution took center stage.  Each year, it gets worse, and we are far from the end.

Ingrid Carlqvist—Sweden: Death by Immigration: Mass immigration is continuing to claim victims in Sweden. Murder, assaults and rape have become everyday occurrences in this small country, with a population just short of ten million, which last year opened its doors to almost 163,000 immigrants. The latest victim is 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher. She was stabbed to death last week by a so-called unaccompanied refugee child at the asylum house where she worked.

William Maclean and Angus McDowall—Rockets from Yemen Kill 375 Civilians in Saudi Arabia: Mortars and rockets fired at Saudi Arabian towns and villages have killed 375 civilians, including 63 children, since the start of the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen in March, Riyadh said on Monday. Brig.-Gen. Ahmed Asseri, spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, said the Houthi militia and army forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh had fired more than 40,000 projectiles across the border since the war began, with 130 mortars and 15 missiles fired at Saudi border positions on Monday alone.

Herb Keinon—Next U.S. President “Might Not Be Bound by Iran Deal”: The Iran nuclear deal was not a signed treaty and therefore “the next president might not be bound by the deal,” Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said on Tuesday, noting that polls showed that 80% of the public was opposed. Hoenlein said it was not right to frame the deal as a defeat for the pro-Israel community in the U.S., since the debate was not about Israel, and that America is also threatened by an emboldened Iran flush with sanctions relief money and able to fund its proxies around the globe.

Amb. Alan Baker—France Undermines the Oslo Accords It Witnessed: France is party to the EU’s signature as witness to the 1995 Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. By the same token, the UN General Assembly in Resolution A/50/21 of December 4, 1995, expressed its full support for the Oslo Accords and the peace negotiation process. Thus, it is incumbent on France, which voted in favor of the UN resolution endorsing the agreement and the negotiation process, not to attempt to undermine the same agreement and process, nor to prejudge issues that are still open and to be negotiated.

NewsweekISIS Leaders Seek Refuge in Libya: Intelligence Official: Senior members of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) are seeking refuge in Libya as international pressure on Syria and Iraq intensifies, a Libyan intelligence official has told the BBC. ISIS took control of the coastal city of Sirte and are estimated to have around 3,000 fighters in the city. The U.S. is reportedly “developing options” for possible action against ISIS in Libya in a bid to stop the militant group, which already controls significant amounts of territory in Syria and Iraq, from establishing itself in North Africa. The White House said on Wednesday that it “won’t hesitate” to take unilateral action in Libya if it is necessary to protect U.S. interests, Reuters reported.

RT‘Dangerous precedent’: Turkey denies Russian observation flight along Syrian border: Turkey has set “a dangerous precedent” by denying an observation flight over its territories bordering Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, vowing a “relevant reaction” to Ankara’s violation of its obligations under the international Open Skies Treaty.

SnyderTalk Comment: Erdogan is abusing his country’s NATO membership.  See “Erdogan says Syria peace talks are pointless while Assad and Putin continue their attacks”.

NBC NewsGerman Police Raid Homes, Refugee Shelters in Hunt for ISIS-Linked Jihadis: Police raided homes, offices and refugee shelters across Germany early Thursday in a hunt for four suspected Algerian jihadists – including one linked to an ISIS training camp.

New York PostThe hidden agenda behind the UN chief’s Israel-bashing: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon seems intent on using his last year in office to significantly increase UN pressure on Israel. Last week, he told the Security Council that “human nature” can explain the recent wave of Palestinian attacks on Israeli citizens. He raised the ire of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who accused Ban of giving a “tailwind” to terrorism.

The Japan TimesChina’s new role as a Middle East peacemaker: Those who have criticized China’s cautious foreign policy need to reconsider their position, following President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia and Iran — two major Middle Eastern powers that are currently at each other’s throats. The visits reflect the more active foreign policy approach that Xi has spearheaded, particularly in the Middle East. This new approach raises an important question: Can China’s impact on the region be more constructive than that of the United States?

Tablet MagazineAmerica Makes a U-Turn in the Middle East: The administration of President Barack Obama seldom missed an opportunity to insist that the alternative to the Iran nuclear deal was a war with Iran, a prospect that has now presumably been kicked further down the road. Middle Easterners are not so lucky: They get to fight their wars with Iran right now. Where America stands on the question of the wars that Iran is fueling across the Middle East has been obscured to some extent by outdated expectations, diplomatic niceties, and deliberate smoke-screens. But it would be wrong to take pro forma statements about America’s alliances with old friends like Turkey, or Saudi Arabia, or Israel at anything like face value. The first thing the Obama Administration did following the recent burning of the Saudi embassy and consulate in Iran by a state-sponsored mob was not to condemn this assault on a longtime U.S. ally. Rather, the White House immediately launched a media campaign pushing the message that the problem was actually Saudi Arabia, and, as anonymous U.S. officials suggested on background, maybe it was time to reconsider America’s regional alliances.

RTRussia promises ‘compensatory measures’ in reply to Pentagon’s Europe expansion plans: Russia will take measures to compensate for the continuing growth of US military presence in Europe, a senior diplomat has promised.

ReutersSaudi says ready to take part in any US-led ground operations in Syria: Saudi Arabia said on Thursday it was ready to participate in any ground operations in Syria if the U.S.-led alliance decides to start such operations, an adviser to the Saudi defence minister said.

Jerusalem PostSmuggled gold bars and steroids uncovered in EU diplomat’s car at Israel-Jordan border: The goods were discovered by customs officials in the vehicle of the European Union representative, as the representative and his driver attempted to enter into Israel from Jordan by means of the Allenby Crossing, near Jericho.

SnyderTalk Comment: This one needs serious scrutiny.

ObserverIt Wasn’t Just Sid: Torrent of Anti-Israel Advice Found in Hillary’s Emails: Earlier this week, I wrote about Hillary Clinton’s interactions with Sid Blumenthal and her troubling praise of his son, Max Blumenthal’s anti-Israel agenda. Mr. Blumenthal, one of her most trusted advisers, sent her dozens of anti-Israel articles, ideas and advice during her time as Secretary of State. But the stream of anti-Israel advice received by Ms. Clinton was much more comprehensive. Now, we see emails between Ms. Clinton and other advisors and the results are equally appalling.

SnyderTalk Comment: Trust Hillary Clinton at your own risk.  She is beneath contempt.

Anyone who supports Hillary Clinton has serious problems.  She has plenty of supporters.  That says a lot, and it’s not good.

Jerusalem PostIran army chief: Missile program a threat to our enemies, Israel should know what that means: Opposition to Israel, which Tehran refuses to recognize since its 1979 Islamic revolution, is a central policy in the Muslim Shi’ite-dominated country.












5--HNIY Print form 2

His Name is Yahweh explains why the Name of God, Yahweh, is so important.  It’s available in eBook format and in paperback.  It’s also available for free in PDF format.

  • God also said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, ‘Yahweh, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’ This [Yahweh] is my name forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation.” (Exodus 3: 15)
  • “Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—this time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My name is Yahweh.” (Jeremiah 16: 21)
  • “Behold, the days are coming,” declares Yahweh, “when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch; and He will reign as king and act wisely and do justice and righteousness in the land. In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell securely; and this is His name by which He will be called, ‘Yahweh our righteousness.’” (Jeremiah 23: 5-6)
  • Yeshua said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.” (John 8: 58)


14--Blessings from Revelation 2

Blessings in the Book of Revelation is a book that you need to read, especially now.  There are blessings throughout the Scriptures but Revelation is the only book in the Bible actually containing a specific blessing for reading it. It’s repeated twice, once at the beginning and again at the end. This is the reason that I believe Revelation should be the first step toward studying biblical prophecy. Though not easy to do, Revelation can be broken down and understood by anyone, not just the academic elite. So, Revelation’s blessings are for everyone.  Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.


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15--Concentric Circles 5

“The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me. Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, be with Me where I am, so that they may see My glory which You have given Me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.” (John 17: 22-24)

See “His Name is Yahweh”.

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