January 11, 2016 SnyderTalk: Obama’s Tearful Made for TV Gun Gambit

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“Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—this time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My name is Yahweh.” (Jeremiah 16: 21)


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Obama’s Tearful Made for TV Gun Gambit

Obama grabbed headlines last week for his tearful presentation on gun control.  He failed to mention that nothing he said should be done would affect criminals and terrorists in any way whatsoever.

They don’t give a damn about Obama or the law.  They don’t even care about the people they murder.

The only people who would have been affected by Obama’s “guidance” if it was legal would have been law-abiding citizens.  Thankfully for us, Obama was just talking.  That’s what he does best.

See “New ATF guidance on gun sales is legally meaningless (or else it would be unlawful)” by Jonathan H. Adler:

Today the White House announced a series of executive branch actions (not executive orders) that are supposed to reduce the threat of gun violence. Chief among these measures is a new guidance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) concerning when those who sell guns are required to obtain a federal license and perform background checks of prospective gun purchasers. The ATF is also finalizing a regulation that would prevent prospective gun purchasers from avoiding background checks by acquiring guns through a trust or corporation, but this is a separate measure.


Taken at face value, the new ATF guidance is thus nothing more than a restatement of existing legal requirements. Put another way, it merely identifies those who are already subject to the relevant federal requirements and does not in any way expand the universe of those gun sellers who are required to obtain a license and perform background checks. In other words, it is — as the document says — a guidance, and not a substantive rule. It has no legal effect.


A third potential reason for issuing a guidance of this sort is political: to respond to the political demand for action. Issuing a guidance document with substantial fanfare is a way to create the impression of action and satisfy relevant constituencies. To the typical, rationally ignorant voter, it may appear that the administration is doing something significant. (And insofar as Republicans complain and caterwaul about the administration’s actions, this purpose is more fully achieved.)

Adler “teaches courses in constitutional, administrative, and environmental law at the Case Western University School of Law, where he is the inaugural Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Business Law and Regulation.”

You should read Adler’s entire article.  It will open your eyes concerning our president if they aren’t open already.

The New Yorker missed the critical points completely.  Margaret Talbot was too busy going off on tangents to find out about the facts.  She must be a typical “liberal progressive”—all opinions and no facts:

Last week at the White House, as President Obama announced a set of executive actions aimed at blunting gun violence, he seemed anything but numb. He wept as he invoked the first graders killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut—a response for which some gun advocates mocked him. He quoted Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s words about the “fierce urgency of now.” But he also acknowledged the numbness that can overcome people in the face of one mass shooting after another. That numbness puts proponents of unfettered gun rights at an advantage. People can easily start thinking of gun violence as something native to America’s angry, intractable soul—the armed, anti-federalist takeover of wildlife-refuge buildings in Oregon this month seemed like proof. And when, time and again, Congress thwarts gun reforms that are supported by majorities of Americans it can be hard to imagine that the status quo will ever change.

I would say that you should “read the whole New Yorker article,” but why bother.  It’s full of baloney.  That doesn’t mean it won’t sell well among the ignorant masses who occupy the Party of Perversity.

Even NPR gets some of it.  They tell us that gun background checks work, but they aren’t perfect.

So, what else is new?

We have a representative republic, and look at who we elected to lead us for the last 7 years.  Our system isn’t perfect, either.  If it was, fools like Obama couldn’t be elected.

Thank Yahweh for term limits.  We need them in the Senate and House, too.

The only thing that the Obama press conference accomplished was lots of free advertising.  Legally, what he did didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

His crying for the camera, as touching as it was, didn’t win support from anyone who hasn’t swallowed his Kool-Aid already.  Thankfully, they are in the minority.

Obama is a desperate man trying to salvage what he thinks is left of his legacy.  It’s too late for that, but he doesn’t know it.

Jimmy Carter is Obama’s beneficiary.  Now he’s the 2nd worst president in our nation’s history.

Donald Trump got into hot water with the mainstream media for using the term “anchor babies”.  That’s exactly what they are, but that’s not the point I want to make here.

Obama is the anchor baby for the worst presidents in American history.  I hope he always will be.  We can’t afford another one like him.

A report in the Jerusalem Post suggests that “Netanyahu to lead effort in thwarting Obama bid for UN chief”.  Good for Netanyahu.  I wouldn’t trust Barry Obama to walk my dog.  I definitely wouldn’t trust him to shepherd my sheep—for obvious reasons.

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SnyderTalk Comment: I appreciate anyone who tries to inform our president.  It won’t work, but trying is still a good idea.



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SPEISAGermans form vigilante groups after NYE assaults: The police are worried as thousands of Germans join vigilante groups. After the mass harassment of women on New Year’s Eve in various German cities, citizens in among Düsseldorf have decided to form vigilante groups, writes the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Local citizens have created a Facebook group called “Düsseldorf passt auf!” (Düsseldorf watch out!) which in a few days have had more than eleven thousand members. According to the group’s description, the purpose of the group is to organize patrols in the city on holidays and at various events so that, according to the group description, “our women can safely walk in our city”.

SnyderTalk Comment: The article says that vigilante groups are forming in Germany.  It doesn’t say that they are forming in countries all over Europe, but they are.

I don’t have firsthand knowledge, but I do know a little about human behavior and connecting the dots.  That’s what strategy is.  I have a Ph.D. degree in strategy, and I taught it for 25 years at a great university with great students.

If Obama would take his head out of his derrière long enough to breathe fresh air and think, he would know that it’s happening in the U.S., too.

I don’t have firsthand knowledge of that, either.  I don’t need it.

Sending members of his administrative team out to warn people against it is laughable.  That’s like waving a red flag and telling the bull not to charge.

I’m reminded of a joke:

A federal agent went to a Colorado farmer’s house to warn him about storing rainwater.  He knocked on the door, and when the farmer opened it, the fed ignored pleasantries and got right down to business.

“I’m a federal agent, and I’m here to search your property for rain storage receptacles.”

The farmer greeted him warmly and said, “Don’t go in that pasture….”

The federal agent didn’t let him finish.  He pulled out his badge and said, “Do you see this badge?  I’m a federal agent.  This badge means that I can go anyplace I damn well please, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

The farmer said, “Okay.”

A couple of minutes later, the farmer heard loud screaming coming from the pasture.

“Help!  Help!”

A huge bull was chasing the fed.  The farmer could tell that the bull would catch up with him before he got to the fence.

There wasn’t enough time to do anything, so the farmer screamed as loud as he could, “Show him your badge!  Show him your badge!”

I’m sure you get the point, but Obama and members of his administrative team don’t.

This isn’t rocket science, but to understand it, you need to know how to think.

Wall Street JournalHillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Even in Early Races, Poll Finds: Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are deadlocked in both Iowa and New Hampshire three weeks before voting begins in the 2016 presidential race, while the Republican primary contest remains tight in Iowa.

KSN-TVIn final State of Union, Obama aims to define his presidency: Out of time to push a new legislative agenda, President Barack Obama will look past Congress and to the American people in his final State of the Union address, aiming to define his presidency and his legacy before others can do it for him. Unlike the six such speeches he’s given before, Obama plans to skip the traditional list of grand proposals, new policies and presidential appeals for new laws in favor of a bird’s eye view of what he has accomplished since 2009 and what’s left undone in his final year in office. Aides said the president on Tuesday night will give his assessment of what the country looks like in 2016 and the direction he hopes it will take in the future.

SnyderTalk Comment: That’s par for the course.  Obama thinks he has the privilege, right, power, or whatever you want to call it to “define his presidency”.  I’ve got news for him, that’s above his pay grade.

Jerusalem PostNetanyahu: Israel needs to close gap between Arabs and Jews with law enforcement, resources: There are huge gaps between the country’s Arab and Jewish residents, and the government is determined to narrow them by both allocating more resources to the Arab sector and enforcing the laws there, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

NPRCologne Attacks Intensify Migrant Crisis Conversation: Many suspects in the New Year’s eve attacks in Cologne, Germany, are asylum seekers. NPR’s Rachel Martin speaks with NPR’s Soraya Nelson about how the attacks are stirring the migrant crisis debate.

SnyderTalk Comment: Europeans are still dealing with their “refugee” problem as though it was a minor inconvenience.  Their political leaders are asleep at the switch.  It will take something really big to wake them up.  No problem.  ISIS isn’t through.

See “Swedish airport evacuated after traces of explosives found on bag”.

Jerusalem PostIsrael’s first stealth fighter jet enters advanced production stage: “This is a historic day for the Defense Ministry and the state of Israel,” Marmaroush said. “F-35 jets from the advanced fifth generation, purchased by the Defense Ministry, will march the air force onward and upwards.

Jerusalem PostIsrael’s expansion of Gush Etzion settlement bloc harmful to peace, US says: Settlement activity is “illegitimate and counterproductive to the cause of peace. Continued settlement activity and expansion raises honest questions about Israel’s long-term intentions and will only make achieving a two-state solution that much more difficult.

SnyderTalk Comment: One of Obama’s problems is that he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.  His people suffer from the same malady.

Speaking about knowing when to keep your mouth shut, Mrs. Clinton has the same problem, but she has a high-pitched, screechy voice that annoys everyone who knows what she is.

I think that’s why Barry is a better liar than Hillary.

ABC NewsArab League to Discuss ‘Iranian Meddling’ in the Middle East: A senior Arab official has called on Arab states to take a “clear stance” against Iran’s alleged meddling in Arab affairs.

New York Daily News18-year-old woman raped by group of five men at Brooklyn playground: An 18-year-old woman was savagely attacked by a group of men who took turns raping her during a horrific scene at a Brooklyn playground, officials said Saturday. The victim was inside Osborn Playground in Brownsville about 11:15 p.m. on Thursday when the five suspects approached her and her father near the park’s handball courts, officials said. One of the suspects — described by police sources as a man in his 20s or 30s in a red jacket and black pants — pulled a gun and ordered the victim’s dad to leave the playground, officials said. “Get the f— out of here,” he ordered, according to police sources.

SnyderTalk Comment: Quickly, what thoughts come to your mind?

We’ll have to wait to learn the facts, but the obvious possibility is a good place to begin.

Is that profiling?

Nope.  It’s good sense.  It’s the way investigators and detectives are taught to start their inquiries.

Jerusalem PostLargest organization of US historians rejects anti-Israel resolution: The American Historical Association, the largest organization of historians in the United States, has voted down a resolution accusing Israel of limiting Palestinian academic freedom proposed during their 130th annual meeting.

Jerusalem PostJordan to form judicial committee to ‘inspect Israel’s violations’ at Temple Mount: Jordan has been appointed to form an international judicial committee to inspect Israel’s “violations” on the Temple Mount, Jordanian daily Al-Rai reported on Sunday.

Sputnik InternationalEnd of Erdogan’s Power Grab? Turkey May Be the Middle East’s Biggest Loser: Turkey and its “weakening strongman, Erdogan” seem to be experiencing difficult times in the Middle East; the country is losing its grip on the region after failing to provide any “meaningful contribution to a possible solution” to the Syrian crisis.

SnyderTalk Comment: That may be true, but time will tell.  Don’t underestimate the damage Erdogan can do.

Soeren Kern—The Islamization of Germany in 2015: “We are importing religious conflict”: Germany’s Muslim population skyrocketed by more than 850,000 in 2015, for the first time pushing the total number of Muslims in the country to nearly six million. Of the one million migrants and refugees who arrived in Germany in 2015, at least 80% (or 800,000) were believed to be Muslim, according to estimates by the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland, ZMD), a Muslim umbrella group based in Cologne. In addition to the newcomers, the natural rate of population increase of the Muslim community already living in Germany is approximately 1.6% per year (or 77,000), according to data extrapolated from a recent Pew Research Center study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe.

SnyderTalk Comment: I call what Europeans have done and are doing “slow-motion suicide”.  It’s painful to watch.




SnyderTalk Comment: Tel Megiddo is also known as Har Megiddo, or Hill of Megiddo.  The popular word inspired by its name is “Armageddon”.









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