October 23, 2015 SnyderTalk: Yahweh has a Plan and His Children are Part of It

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“For from the rising of the sun even to its setting, My Name will be great among the Gentiles, and in every place incense is going to be offered to My Name, and a grain offering that is pure; for My Name will be great among the Gentiles,” says Yahweh Sabaoth. (Malachi 1: 11)


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Yahweh has a Plan and His Children are Part of It

Over the roughly 7 years that I’ve been posting SnyderTalk, many people have asked me about my testimony.  I was saved/born again in McRae, Georgia when I was 8-years-old.  I’m 65 now.  My testimony covers 57 years and would fill a volume of books.

I don’t want to write it all down, and you don’t want to read it.

That said, I wrote a book titled What Will You Do with the Rest of Your Life?  It explains how Yahweh’s children can take control of their resources and use them to do the things that Yahweh created them to do.  In the book, I use myself as an example.  It includes a lot of my testimony—especially the parts of it that are related to my life as a professor at the University of Virginia and the writing of His Name is Yahweh.

The part of my testimony that I want to discuss today begins in Athens, Georgia while I was a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia.  In the spring of 1976, I had just finished praying and reading the Bible.  Yahweh spoke to me and told me something very specific that I would do for Him.

It didn’t make sense to me because it had nothing to do with business.  I was working on a Ph.D. in strategic management.  It seemed natural to me that whatever I was supposed to do would be related to business.

I was wrong.

I needed experience standing in front of audiences of all sizes and telling them things that many of them didn’t want to hear.  I also needed experience writing down my thoughts and the rationale for them clearly and succinctly.  Thanks to my time at UVA, I have lots of experience doing those things.

Most people have trouble disagreeing with others and saying so publicly.  To me, it’s a walk in the park.

Lesson Number 1: Yahweh knows what He’s doing.  We don’t.  Our job is to go where He leads us.

In the spring of 1977, I was elected deacon at Milledge Avenue Baptist Church in Athens.  Since I was a first-time deacon, I was asked to stand in front of the congregation during a Sunday morning service and tell them about a passage of Scripture that meant a lot to me.  This is what I shared with them:

“Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them. For such men are slaves, not of our Lord Christ but of their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting. For the report of your obedience has reached to all; therefore I am rejoicing over you, but I want you to be wise in what is good and innocent in what is evil. The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” (Romans 16: 17-20)

Some of my fellow deacons came up to me after the service, and said, and I’m paraphrasing, “What were you thinking?  You were supposed to share something uplifting and inspirational.”

I said, and again I’m paraphrasing, “I did.  What’s more uplifting and inspirational than crushing Satan under our feet?”

Two days later, I had an accident.  A friend and I were returning from Beechwood Shopping Center in Athens.  I was traveling on Hancock Avenue just off Milledge Avenue when a large Cadillac topped a hill in front of me and suddenly swerved toward me.

It happened quickly.  There was very little time to react.  I could tell that he was going to hit me, so I turned the steering wheel sharply to the right and climbed the curb trying to avoid a collision.

It was no use.  He hit me broadside and tore my car in two.  I was driving a Toyota Corolla.  It was no contest.

Cadillac 1, Toyota 0.

The picture below appeared on the front page of the Athens paper the next day:

0 ST Picture 1

The caption reads, “Two occupants of this car walked away from Hancock Avenue mishap Tuesday night.  The driver later underwent oral surgery.  Cadillac reportedly struck the compact car before sliding into a utility pole.  City police investigated the early evening accident.”

That’s my car.  I was the driver.

The force of the impact drove my face into the steering wheel, tore a gaping hole completely through my chin, and knocked out 4 teeth.  The friend who was with me wasn’t injured.

It took more than 100 stitches to close that wound, and the oral surgeon wired my teeth back in place.  I still have those teeth to this day.  There is more to that part of the story.  I’ll get back to it shortly.

In the picture, you can see debris scattered around behind my car.  Although you can’t make it out, part of that debris is my oldest daughter’s car seat.

Melanie was about 18-months-old at the time.  Ordinarily, she would have been in that car seat right behind me.  My wife would have been in the front seat beside me.  That day, Katie couldn’t go with me.  She stayed at home with Melanie.

Lesson 2: Yahweh has special things for all of us to do.  We have His protection as we go.

A couple of days after the accident, I decided to examine my car.  I went to the junk yard where they took it and made an interesting discovery.

The Cadillac hit my car at about the midpoint of the left front quarter panel beside the motor.  That’s in front of where my knees were.  I should have been hit head-on.

There was a hairline crease in the metal from the point of impact to the door post between the front and rear of my car.  Behind the door post, my car was obliterated.  It was spread out in someone’s front yard.

The driver of the Cadillac had an epileptic seizure.  He blacked out, lost control, and collided with my car going full throttle.  After hitting me, he smashed into a utility pole.  If he hadn’t hit me and that pole, he would have driven his car into someone’s living room.

I should have been dead.  I would have been dead if Yahweh hadn’t intervened.

In my mind, I picture Yahweh’s finger holding back the Cadillac until it couldn’t take me out.  That collision would have turned me into hamburger.

Lesson Number 3: Yahweh is in the miracle business.

Now back to me teeth.  They aren’t ordinary teeth.  They are gifts from Yahweh.

While I was in the operating room, the oral surgeon asked me if I wanted him to wire my teeth back in or just leave them out.  That would have meant getting a bridge.  I don’t think they had dental implants in 1977, but I’m not sure.  I told him to put my teeth back in.

Fast forward to 1981:

It was 4th of July weekend.  We were in Virginia.  Late in the day, I started feeling intense pain.  It was coming from the area where the 4 teeth had been wired in.

I called my dentist.  Her office was down the street, so she came in and examined my mouth.  She told me that I needed root canals because the teeth were dying.

On Monday, she started performing the root canals and saved my teeth a second time.  Those teeth are dead, but they are my teeth, and they are still in my mouth.

Fast forward to 2015:

In early 2015, I had an annual dental checkup.  It was nothing special, just cleaning and a few x-rays, or so I thought.

My dentist looked at the x-rays and told me that the bone around one of the 4 teeth was pulling away from the tooth.  She said that it was caused by an infection and that it had to be stopped or I would lose at least one of the teeth.

It had been 34 years since those root canals, and now one of the teeth was infected.  I needed another root canal on a tooth that had already had a root canal, and saving that tooth wasn’t a sure thing.

My dentist is a strong believer.  She said that prayer could save the tooth, but I was thinking That tooth is a gift from Yahweh.  I can’t lose it.

In early April 2015, I went to an endodontist.  He performed another root canal, and we scheduled a follow-up visit for early October.

A few days ago, I had my follow-up appointment with the endodontist. The bone around my tooth is coming back.

Problem fixed.  That tooth has been saved 3 times.

Lesson Number 4: Yahweh is sovereign.  He has everything under control.  He has a plan and His children are part of it.  I am one of those people.  Those teeth are a constant reminder.

Yahweh can protect anyone and repair anything.  Teeth are no problem for Him and neither is anything else.

More than 38 years after the accident, He reminded me of that.  Our destiny is in His hands.

Lesson Number 5: All we have to do is follow the leading of Yahweh’s Spirit.  Paraphrasing Hebrews 11: 6, “Without faith, it is impossible to please Yahweh.”



3--HNIY the Website


His Name is Yahweh, the website, is a companion of the book His Name is Yahweh.  Both of them explain the importance of God’s Name.

The website is loaded with factual information that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Yahweh is our Savior and that the Messiah is Yahweh.

I hope you will take a few minutes and explore the website.  I also hope you will share it with your friends and family.

It’s time for believers to tell the world about our God by His Name—Yahweh.






13--Perspectives 2


Walid Shoebat—New Evidence Reveals: Putin Is Destroying ISIS While Obama Is Helping ISIS:

Ever wonder why the U.S. could not defeat ISIS? It was not ISIS’s invincibility, ISIS was defeated by women at the Battle of Kobani. It is because ISIS is needed to stay alive and well per U.S. political plans and now new evidence reveals that the U.S. was making mock attacks that was not targeting ISIS.

The story is told by Russian General Staff Andrey Kartapolov. He explains that photos of an area featuring bomb-destroyed buildings where there were no ISIS fighters. Who is doing these bombings and reporting “mission complete” as it appears is the U.S.

Traces of airstrikes against household buildings have been found at the Syria-Jordan border, where Russian warplanes have performed no missions.

“You can see on these photos that there are no signs of military activity around these cottages, there are no military hardware, not even signs of military hardware. These are regular gardens and fields with buildings to keep farming tools,” he said.

“Why destroy these buildings? It looks like somebody’s pilots were just training their skills or dropped bombs to report to their command about completed mission,” Kartapolov answered adding ‘This territory has never been in the hands of the Islamic State”.

“We have spotted ruins of household buildings destroyed by bombing near the settlement of Kherbet Ghazala at the Syrian-Jordan border,” he told a briefing for foreign military attaches and journalists.

“Kherbet” is an Arabic word used for abandoned historic areas nearby that are usually uninhabited.

SnyderTalk Comment: I hope the next president demands a thorough investigation of the Obama administration’s foreign and domestic policies.  If he/she does, somebody’s going to jail for a very long time.  It may include Barack Obama.

Neil Munro—Obama Greets Muslim Boy Who Declares Americans Are Anti-Muslim ‘Racists’:

President Barack Obama used a White House science event to greet a 14-year-old Muslim youth who has toured the Arab world declaring Americans to be anti-Muslim racists.

Obama’s public greeting was the second gift that Obama has given to the Texas-based Mohamed family, even though the father arranged the recent anti-American tour to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Sudan, all of which are Muslim theocracies.

On Sept. 14, the youth was briefly detained when teachers and police in Irving, Texas, grew concerned that the boy’s strange clock-in-a-box “invention” might be intended as a hoax bomb.

On Sept. 16, Obama voluntarily supercharged the family’s loud complaints about the son’s detention.

Matthew Continetti—The Obama Intifada:

More than 30 dead in Israel as Palestinians armed with knives attack innocents. What’s responsible? A campaign of incitement, which slanderously accuses Jews of intruding on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and murdering Arab children in cold blood.

And who is legitimizing this campaign? None other than Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, whom President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have long held up as a peacemaker. “I think nobody would dispute that whatever disagreements you may have with him, he has proven himself to be somebody who has committed to nonviolence and diplomatic efforts to resolve this issue,” Obama told writer Jeffrey Goldberg in 2014.

That’s a strange view of commitment. This is the same Abbas, remember, who rejected then–Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert’s absurdly generous 2008 peace offer. The same Abbas who resisted negotiations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the ten-month settlement freeze in 2010, which Obama demanded explicitly on the grounds that it would give Abbas the cover he needed to begin talks. Abbas finally relented to Saudi pressure and attended a few meetings with Netanyahu that September. But under no definition of what the word “negotiation” actually means were these meetings for real: The freeze was about to expire, the get-togethers were perfunctory, and nothing of significance was discussed. The farce ended soon after.

It is a lie to say that Mahmoud Abbas is committed to a diplomatic resolution. Just as it was a lie when, the other day at Harvard, Secretary Kerry attributed the bloodshed to “a frustration that is growing” because of the “massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years.” As Elliott Abrams points out, there has been an increase in the population of the settlements, but not in their size. As if the settlements have any connection to what’s happening in the first place: The terror gripping Israel is the result of a Palestinian leadership so adrift and corrupt, so aggrieved and conspiratorial, that it encourages the radicalization of its youth and promotes an atmosphere of hatred and murder.

Michael Curtis—The Cult of Violence and the Yellow Badge for Jews

The wave of violence started by Palestinians youths,the stabbing of Israeli civilians and the Israeli response, that has resulted in the deaths of 43 Palestinians, 10 Israelis, and a Eritrean migrant worker continues. The terrorist attacks have largely been the outcome of false Muslim allegations that Israel was intending to break the status quo arrangements concerning the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount and in the Old City of Jerusalem. These arrangements permit only Muslim prayer on the site since 1967.

International organizations and the European Union, instead of condemning the Palestinian terrorist attacks, have now added fuel to the fire of incitement and have inflamed tension on the ground. Any reasonable person and organization might be expected to condemn the statement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on September 16, 2015 that “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem, This is pure blood, clean blood, blood on its way to Allah. With the help of Allah, every martyr will be in heaven.”

Stabbings by Palestinian youth followed almost immediately after this glorification of the culture of death by Abbas. But the sound of silence resounded again from the international community.

Guy Millière—Muslim Invasion of Europe

  • The Syrian government sells passports and birth certificates at affordable prices. Many migrants have no passport, no ID, and refuse to give fingerprints.
  • Because Islam is the heart of the culture of people formerly colonized, Europeans rejected criticism of Islam, saying it would blend smoothly into a multicultural Europe. They did not demand the assimilation of the Muslims who came to live in Europe. Much of the time, Muslims are not assimilated — and often show signs of not wanting to assimilate.
  • Any criticism of Islam in Europe is treated as a form of racism, and “Islamophobia” is considered a crime or a sign of mental illness.
  • European people still have the right to vote, but are deprived of most of their power: all important political decisions in Europe are made behind closed doors by technocrats and professional politicians in Brussels or Strasbourg.
  • Europe has renounced force, so to many, it appears weak, vulnerable and easily able to be overpowered.
  • The sudden arrival of hundreds of thousands more Muslims most likely prompts Europeans to think that the nightmare will get worse; they see, powerlessly, that their leaders speak and act as if they have no awareness of what is happening.
  • Central European leaders and people, who have already lived under authoritarian rule, seem to be thinking that entering the European Union was a huge mistake. They came to what was then called the “free world.” They do not seem willing to be subjected again to coercive decisions made by outsiders.
  • Illegal Muslim migrants will live on social benefits until the bankruptcy of welfare states.
  • In all 28 countries of the European Union, birth rates are low and the population is aging. People under thirty account for only 16% of the population, or 80 million people. In the 22 Arab countries, plus Turkey and Iran, people under thirty account for 70% of the population, or 350 million people.

SnyderTalk Comment: Europe’s future is in doubt.  How long will the Europe as we know it last?  My friends, Europe as we know it is history already.  It’s downhill from here.

I’m a realist, not a pessimist.  There is a difference.

Linda Gradstein—‘A very big loss for Israel’? Mideast analysts weigh impact of Canadian election:

Many Israelis were disappointed with the results of Canada’s election and the victory of Justin Trudeau over Stephen Harper, who has been a strong advocate of Israel and Israeli policy.

“Not having Harper around is a very big loss for Israel,” Canadian-born Mordechai Nisan, a retired professor of political science at Hebrew University, told The Media Line. “He stood out as a person who said explicitly to the Israelis and to the world that he would virtually always adopt a pro-Israeli stance.”

His pro-Israel ethos was shaped by his belief in the re-establishment of a Jewish state in its ancient homeland, Nisan said, as well as an understanding of the permanent threats Israel faces.

In a visit to Israel in 2014, Harper told a news conference that Canadians have learned the lesson that “when someone is a minority, a particularly small minority in the world, one goes out of one’s way to embrace them, not to single them out for criticism.”

David O. Stewart—For Obama in the Middle East, it’s now or never:

The Russian military moves aggressively into the Middle East, eager to establish its influence over the oil-rich region.

Western powers deploy proxy soldiers against incumbent regimes, decrying their despotic ways while ensuring Western access to the same vital oil resources.

A Middle Eastern ruler proclaims jihad against the West, calling upon Muslims to hurl the infidels from their lands. The international Christian community denounces chronic violence against Christian minorities.

A humanitarian crisis tears apart Syria. Hundreds of thousands die in deprivation.

These may sound like today’s headlines, but they also describe the Middle East of a century past, when World War I plunged the region into a bloody scrabbling after wealth and power that left scar tissue that still bleeds daily.

SnyderTalk Comment: That’s probably the way Obama sees it.  With about 14 months to go, he must think that he has to act.

Katie bar the door.

Joshua Mitnick—Jerusalem violence: How redividing city poses dilemma for Israel, Palestinians:

The southern Jerusalem neighborhoods of Armon Hanatziv and Jabel Mukaber straddle a border that has remained open and mostly unmarked ever since Israel captured the Arab eastern half of the holy city nearly five decades ago.

But over the last three weeks, a wave of Palestinian stabbing and shooting attacks have led to a wider outbreak of deadly violence. In response, Israeli security forces have put in place in the last week an array of police-manned checkpoints and concrete barriers between neighborhoods like Palestinian Jabel Mukaber and Israeli Armon Hanatziv.

The prospect of a redivided Jerusalem presents both sides in the conflict with a dilemma that pits ideology against reality.

Ingrid Carlqvist—Sweden: Haven for Mass-Murderers:

  • The authorities are well aware that several war criminals may have come to Sweden this year, and the police War Crimes Commission has been reinforced.
  • “Refugees” plundered a train’s dining car and threatened the staff. Railroad employees had assured all “refugees from Syria” that they would not be thrown off any train if they lacked tickets. This led to thousands of people claiming to be from Syria in order to get a free ride.
  • The police have about 17,000 deportation cases piled up. Despite the government’s request for a clampdown on people staying in Sweden after having received deportation notices, more people are staying in the country illegally. 54,000 people have refused to leave the country after being denied asylum since 2011.
  • Per Gudmundson of the daily Svenska Dagbladet questions the repatriation of ISIS combatants to Sweden: “Who is in charge of the security aspect? Anyone can pretend to be a defector.”

Raymond Ibrahim—Christians Persecuted by Muslims Even in the West: “Here we pray only to Allah”:

  • “Convert or Die” — Graffiti on a restaurant, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • “Very religious Muslims are spreading the following idea throughout the refugee centers: Sharia law rules wherever we are.” – Gottfried Martens, pastor of a south Berlin church.
  • “You have a cross on — then you are also a Christian f***ing whore. Do you know what we do to people like you? … You get stoned [to death].” — Muslim threats against Christians in Denmark, documented by TV2.
  • A British Christian family that was attacked says both police and the Anglican Church have failed to provide any meaningful support and are “reluctant to treat the problem as a religious hate crime.”
  • Christian residents of Europe continue to be persecuted, often by Muslims allowed into Europe on the grounds that they are being “persecuted.”
  • As Muslims grow in numbers, so do their demands — assimilation in Europe is falling by the wayside.
  • “Before we put on a show of unity with Muslims, let’s have them begin by respecting our civilization and our culture.” — Giuseppe Berlin, Municipal Councillor of Cinisello Balsamo, Italy.

Itamar Eichner—Palestinian proposal to UNESCO: Western Wall is part of al-Aqsa:

A new proposal to establish that the Western Wall is part of al-Aqsa Mosque is set to be submitted by the Palestinians to a vote at UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) next week, Ynet learned Thursday.

The proposal states among other things that the Western Wall is part of al-Aqsa Mosque, and condemns the Israeli government for its call on citizens to bear arms because of the recent wave of terror attacks – presumably referring to statements by the mayors of Jerusalem and the police chief in Ashdod. The proposal was presented to the Executive Council of UNESCO, which has 58 member countries.

Since the Palestinians are not members of the committee, the six Arab states submitted the proposal on behalf of the Palestinians: Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. However, senior Israeli sources say that the Palestinians are simultaneously acting to move the proposal to the UNESCO plenum, in which they are recognized as a state.

SnyderTalk Comment: See “Palestinians drop bid to name Western Wall part of Al-Aqsa”.

This is part of the Palestinian Two-Step.  It goes like this:

  • Tell a lie.
  • If there is no pushback, tell another, bigger lie.
  • Keep doing it until you encounter stiff resistance.
  • If/when you encounter stiff resistance, backtrack and deny that you ever said it.

It’s not just Palestinians any longer.  It has become a radical Islamist strategy.  People and countries who buy the lies do so at their own peril.

Ilya Arkhipov, Stepan Kravchenko and Henry Meyer—Putin Officials Said to Admit Real Syria Goal Is Far Broader:

As Russia’s air war in Syria nears its fourth week, officials now admit that Moscow’s aim is far broader than the publicly announced fight against terrorist groups.

The Kremlin’s real goal is to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad retake as much as possible of the territory his forces have lost to opponents, including U.S.-backed rebels, Russian officials told Bloomberg News. Moscow’s deployment of several dozen planes, as well as ships in the Black and Caspian Seas, could last a year or more, one official said.

President Vladimir Putin is willing to run the risk of falling into the kind of quagmire that helped sink the Soviet Union a generation ago for the chance to roll back U.S. influence and demonstrate he can dictate terms to Washington. If the strategy is successful, Russia’s largest military drive in decades outside the former Soviet Union would force the U.S. and its allies to choose between Assad, whom they oppose for his human-rights abuses, and the brutal extremists of Islamic State.

“They’re going to have to recognize that Islamic State is the real threat that has been countered only by the Syrian regular army commanded by President Bashar al-Assad,” said Iliyas Umakhanov, deputy speaker of Russia’s upper house Federation Council, who oversees international relations at the assembly.

Steve Apfel—When Professors Turn Foolish They Turn Really Stupid:

It took a George Orwell to point out that higher learning and stupidity make a regular couple. “There are notions so foolish that only an intellectual will believe them,” wrote Orwell, laconic and lucid together. The luminary of that era who left a bonanza of political idioms, among them “Big Brother,” “Doublethink”, and “More equal than others,” found that intelligent people can be gullible people. He’s a reminder that professors may lack a modicum of common sense. He learnt that to parley with learned people may be to parley with fools. We don’t have to upturn rocks to uncover Orwell types. Look no further than a fashionable cause or a conventional wisdom and you’d find them – fool believers clinging for dear life to nonsensical notions.

In our troubled landscape one collecting point attracts more such pairings than any other point. A vast deposit of learned fools sticks to the brouhaha over Palestinian rights and Israeli wrongs. “A sore evil under the sun,” old King Solomon said. He might have been prophesying the cock-and-bull morality play called BDS. The boycotting of Israel is a fashionable cause that brings learned fools out in droves. Everyone and his aunt glow with righteous wrath when the boycott show hits town. Clever people love to hang their faculty gowns on the peg of anti-Zionism. It’s a cause that thought leaders and their disciples can’t afford to miss.

Douglas Murray—The Secret Awfulness of Saudi Arabia:

  • Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr, arrested in Saudi Arabia at the age of seventeen, has been sentenced to beheading and crucifixion.
  • Last week, two Saudi human rights activists were sentenced to jail for illegally establishing a human rights organization, questioning the credibility and objectivity of the judiciary, interfering with the Saudi Human Rights Commission (one can imagine what that is like), and describing Saudi Arabia as a police state.
  • Karl Andree, a 74-year-old British grandfather and a UK citizen who has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for the last year, is due to receive 350 lashes for unpardonable crime of being caught with some homemade wine.
  • British Justice Minister Michael Gove has now reportedly insisted that the UK could not possibly enter into a contract to train Saudi prison guards.
  • The naïve Western leaders are those who expect our countries to carry on with “business as usual” with a regime that sentences our citizens to flogging, and that beheads and crucifies political dissidents.
  • The naïve politicians are those who think the publics of the West do not know what a human rights sewer Saudi Arabia is, or think that we will put up with it. If that were ever the case, that time is over.






9--Jerusalem Post


‘Palestinian mufti convinced Hitler to massacre Europe’s Jews,’ Netanyahu says

Russian-speaking Jews: the most pro-Israel Diaspora Jews

Pro-settler lobby: Apply Israeli law in settlement building

There was never any doubt about Stephen Harper’s ‘kishkes’

With Obama’s new plan for Syrian rebels; new worries

‘Palestine’s efforts against Nazis are deep-rooted part of our history,’ Erekat says

IDF arrests senior Hamas figure Hassan Yousef in West Bank






10--Arutz Sheva


Despite All: Jews Reclaim Jerusalem Synagogue after 80 Years

Terrorists ‘had many chances to enter buses’ and kill Jews

Kerry, Netanyahu begin talks; UN reviews ‘observer force’ doc

One of Beit Shemesh terrorists affiliated with Hamas

Rescue worker describes ‘Miracle’ during Beit Shemesh attack

Three Yafo Arabs indicted for firebombing police

Deputy Defense Minister receives added security

Man mistaken for terrorist shot dead in Jerusalem

Netanyahu: Mahmoud Abbas joined the terrorists








UNESCO condemns Israeli ‘aggression’ on Temple Mount

SnyderTalk Comment: The U.S. should stop supporting the U.N. and invite them to leave the country.

Palestinians, Jordan reject Israeli offer to limit non-Muslims on Temple Mount

SnyderTalk Comment: Mistake numero uno: offering any concessions at all.

Israeli father of 7 run over and killed near Hebron after stoning attack

Not an uprising against occupation. An uprising against Israel

Analysis: Soul-searching in Israel after mob beats Eritrean misidentified as terrorist

SnyderTalk Comment: The problem with vigilante justice is that it is carried out by unruly mobs.  The circumstances that cause people to take matters into their own hands are brought about by the government’s failure to do its job.

As long as the government of Israel or the U.S. or any other country denies the rapidly growing reality, vigilante justice will continue and spread.

Bottom line: foolish government decisions are at the root of the problem.

At Joseph’s Tomb, a microcosm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Hassan Yousef [a Hamas leader] is not the problem, and Israel knows it

Beersheba terrorist ‘believed in the Islamic State’

Images show moment Israeli was hit and killed by Palestinian truck

As parents demand secure schools, Arab staff eyed suspiciously






12a--Other News 2


Trudeau Elected Canada’s Prime Minister As Liberals Assume Power

SnyderTalk Comment: Justin Trudeau ousted Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Did Israel just lose Canada as a great friend?  Maybe.

I hope not, but I’m a realist.  Canada may not be Israel’s great friend any longer.

Elections matter.  I’ve said this many times before: Yahweh is separating the wheat from the chaff.  Before He is through, His people will be easily recognizable.

Faith in Yahweh separates the wheat from the chaff.  It begins with believing what Yahweh said—i.e., the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings.  It’s the Old Testament or the Tanach.

Faith manifests itself in obedience to Yahweh.  That means being led by Yahweh’s Spirit.

I keep coming back to something that Yahweh told Zechariah because it’s so important:

“Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.” (Zechariah 12: 2-3)

When Yahweh said that “all the nations of the earth will be gathered against” Jerusalem, He meant it.  That includes Canada and the U.S.

Obama has turned the U.S. against Israel already.  I expect Canada under Trudeau to follow his lead.  I hope it doesn’t happen, but I think it will.

The day is coming, probably very soon, when Israel will be alone in the world.  She will have no choice except to turn to Yahweh.  Even more important, Israeli leaders, political and religious, will have to know exactly whose help they are seeking.

Yahweh told Zechariah about that, too:

“I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn.” (Zechariah 12: 10)

This is how the Messiah explained it:

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling. Behold, your house is being left to you desolate! For I say to you, from now on you will not see Me until you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Yahweh.’” (Matthew 23: 37-38)

That may happen sooner than you think.

See “Trudeau Win Signals Gains for Building and Marijuana Stocks” and “Canada’s new Liberal PM Trudeau wins broad mandate for change”.

For the clincher, see “New PM Trudeau to Obama: Canada’s Islamic State combat mission to end”.

Now see “Canada withdrawal will not hinder battle against Isis, US insists”.  It probably means that ISIS has a green light to expand operations in Canada.  Someone needs to inform Team Obama that Canada is on our northern border from Maine to Washington State.

CIA director Brennan’s personal information posted by Wikileaks

The Latest: UN chief ‘pessimistic’ on Israel-Palestinians

SnyderTalk Comment: He must read SnyderTalk.

Merkel and Netanyahu diverge on solutions to Middle Eastviolence

SnyderTalk Comment: Merkel can’t handle the radical Islamists in Germany.  She shouldn’t be telling anyone what to do about the rabble-rousers in their country, Benyamin Netanyahu in particular.

Mediterranean diet linked to healthier aging brain

SnyderTalk Comment: And it tastes good, too.

Too Many Antibiotics May Make Children Heavier

SnyderTalk Comment: My money is on eating too much, too often, and too late.  I call it the terrible too’s in What Will You Do with the Rest of Your Life?

Pope Francis to meet Iran’s Rouhani next month, reports say






12b--TRIC for use


Russia’s misguided Middle East re-entry

In rare foreign trip, Assad flies to Moscow to meet with Putin

UN Asked to Take Action Against Iran for Recent Missile Test

Iran Is Testing Missiles Right as the Nuke Deal Goes into Effect. Awkward.

SnyderTalk Comment: Awkward?  Try expected.  Only idiots and Democrats don’t get it.

Conglomerate controlled by Iran’s supreme leader a winner from nuclear deal

Russian official called out after image of ‘terrorist’ turns out to be from ‘Harold & Kumar’

Turkey vs. Free Press

SnyderTalk Comment: It’s more like Erdogan and the AKP against the free press.



4--Scripture of the Day Yahweh

Exodus 26

36 “You shall make a screen for the doorway of the tent of blue and purple and scarlet material and fine twisted linen, the work of a weaver. 37 You shall make five pillars of acacia for the screen and overlay them with gold, their hooks also being of gold; and you shall cast five sockets of bronze for them.”

SnyderTalk Comment: Read His Name is Yahweh.


5--HNIY Print form 2

His Name is Yahweh explains why the Name of God, Yahweh, is so important.  It’s available in eBook format and in paperback.  It’s also available for free in PDF format.

  • God also said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, ‘Yahweh, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’ This [Yahweh] is my name forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation.” (Exodus 3: 15)
  • “Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—this time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My name is Yahweh.” (Jeremiah 16: 21)
  • “Behold, the days are coming,” declares Yahweh, “when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch; and He will reign as king and act wisely and do justice and righteousness in the land. In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell securely; and this is His name by which He will be called, ‘Yahweh our righteousness.’” (Jeremiah 23: 5-6)
  • Yeshua said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.” (John 8: 58)


6--His Name is Yahweh Audio Presentation 5


The Palestinian Charter Still Calls for Israel’s Destruction

Click here to download the entire audio presentation for free and with no strings attached.  Share it as often as you want.



14--Blessings from Revelation 2

Blessings in the Book of Revelation is a book that you need to read, especially now.  There are blessings throughout the Scriptures but Revelation is the only book in the Bible actually containing a specific blessing for reading it. It’s repeated twice, once at the beginning and again at the end. This is the reason that I believe Revelation should be the first step toward studying biblical prophecy. Though not easy to do, Revelation can be broken down and understood by anyone, not just the academic elite. So, Revelation’s blessings are for everyone.  Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.


Other Books by Neil Snyder

  • Stand! is a suspense novel that exposes the lies, corruption, and greed underlying the theory that man-made CO2 emissions are responsible for global warming. Professor Wes Carlyle and Karen Sterling, his research collaborator, carefully scan the audience for their would-be attacker—a member of the enviro-gestapo who has been following them for days.  Wes spots his man in the back of the room leaning against the wall.  Suddenly, another man in the audience steps forward and moves toward Karen at a menacing pace.  With a vicious stroke, he swings a billy club at her head.  Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.
  • What Will You Do with the Rest of Your Life? deals with a question that every Christian has to consider: what should I do with my life? Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.
  • Falsely Accused is a true story about a young woman who was accused of committing a double homicide. It’s about a travesty of justice, and it reveals Yahweh intervening in the life of a believer to rescue her from danger in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.  Everyone will enjoy the book, but young people in particular need to read it because the mistakes made that led to the problem could have been avoided.  They were the kinds of mistakes that young people are prone to make.  As they say, forewarned is forearmed.  Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.

15--Concentric Circles 5

See “His Name is Yahweh”.

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