July 28, 2015 SnyderTalk: FBI director says Islamic State poses greater threat to US than Al Qaeda

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“And it will come about in the last days that the mountain of the house of Yahweh will be established as the chief of the mountains. It will be raised above the hills, and the peoples will stream to it. Many nations will come and say, ‘Come and let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh and to the house of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us about His ways and that we may walk in His paths.’ For from Zion will go forth the law, even the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem.” Micah 4: 1-2


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Brian Bennett—FBI director says Islamic State poses greater threat to US than Al Qaeda:

Islamic State militants’ attempts to inspire Americans to launch attacks at home pose a bigger threat to the U.S. than Al Qaeda, the head of the FBI said Wednesday.

The militant organization that is governing large swaths of Iraq and Syria “is not your parents’ Al Qaeda,” FBI Director James B. Comey told an audience at the Aspen Security Forum. Unlike Al Qaeda’s leadership, which painstakingly vets recruits and plots attacks for months and years, Islamic State has learned to “crowdsource terrorism,” he said, and it uses social media to “sell its message to troubled souls.”

In particular, a feared cell of Al Qaeda leaders in Syria known as the Khorasan Group has been “diminished” by the U.S. military, Comey said. Comey would not speak specifically about the killing of Muhsin Fadhli, a veteran leader of the group whom the Pentagon said was killed in a drone strike. But Comey said a campaign of military airstrikes in Syria has hurt the group’s ability to operate.

Intelligence officials have been concerned that Al Qaeda’s operatives in Syria would be able recruit fighters with European and American passports for future attacks in the West. In particular, officials believe Al Qaeda bombmakers have trained to smuggle non-metallic explosives onto airplanes and traveled from Yemen to Syria to plan attacks against Western targets.


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SnyderTalk Comment: The fact that Islamists have infiltrated the United States has been obvious since September 11, 2001.  ISIS is the latest iteration of the Islamist threat, and the recent wave of lone wolf attacks is just the continuation of a growing problem.

Below are two related questions:

  1. What nation on earth has more people in prison than any other?
  2. What is the fastest growing religion in U.S. prisons?

Now think about this question: from what group will Islamists in the U.S. attract the most recruits?

Bottom line: we haven’t seen anything yet.

Our political leaders have not done enough to protect us.  President Obama has even gone so far as to appoint Islamists to important posts in his administration.  That’s stupid, unless he has evil intent, in which case it’s diabolical.

Mosques in the U.S. and abroad are a primary source of the incendiary Islamist ideology.  That’s not hate speech.  It’s a fact.  Wannabe terrorists flock to them for socializing, information, and training.  Our political leaders know it, but instead of dealing with the problem, they have decided to vilify thinking people who understand what’s happening and dare to speak about it openly.

They even created a word—“Islamophobe”—to ridicule those of us who recognize the problem and demand that the government do its job.  They think they can silence us, but they are wrong.

It’s true that Islamists represent only a minority of Muslims in the U.S.  Probably about 15% of Muslims are Islamists, but that percentage is rising rapidly.  The FBI has informed us that the Islamist ideology is taking hold.  That’s an inconvenient truth that our political leaders still refuse to accept.

We are at war with Islamists all over the world.  They declared war on us a long time ago.  President Obama and people in his administration have become their defenders.  Obama still won’t call them what they are.  He is trying to convince us that Islamists aren’t really Muslims.

That’s absurd.  Of course, they are Muslims.  In fact, they are following the Quran to the letter.

We are moving toward a showdown with Islamists.  It’s not obvious yet, but it will be one day.  Iran is the tip of the sword, and we’ve paved the way for Iran to develop nuclear weapons under our protection.  In a nutshell, that’s what the Iran nuclear deal does.

There is only One God, and His Name is Yahweh.  The battle that’s coming will have to do with this question: who is God and what is His Name?  That, too, isn’t obvious yet, but it will be.

Those who think that they can avoid the fight and remain safe by saying that they don’t believe in God, are in for a rude awakening.  Islamists have a way of dealing with people like that.  It’s simple.  Either you become a Muslim or you lose your head.

Bottom line: you are in the battle whether you want to be or not.

It’s time for all of us to decide whose side we are on.  As Joshua said, “If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve Yahweh, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh.” (Joshua 24: 15)

See “Iran Deal Gives Unexpected Boost to Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood”.  Who in the Obama administration has been the biggest Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood supporter?

Answer: the president.

See “Christians in Middle East facing worst persecution as population drops sharply.”

This is serious, and it’s getting worse by the day.

See “U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution”.

How could this immoral act happen?  Answer: the president.

See “Kerry Warns: Jews Will Be Blamed If Congress Sinks Iran Deal”.  At first, he said that Israel would be blamed.  Now he says that Jews will be blamed.

John Kerry is despicable.




SnyderTalk Comment: The significance of these changes will become obvious in due course.

I’ll cut to the chase: the old way of doing things doesn’t work and won’t work.  If we keep doing what we are doing, we are in serious trouble.

Candidly, I think it’s already too late.  Am I a pessimist?

I don’t think so.  I’m a realist.



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Vivian Salama: Embattled Kurds fight IS group while enduring Turkish attacks—Turkish jets struck camps belonging to Kurdish militants in northern Iraq Friday and Saturday in what were the first strikes since a peace deal was announced in 2013. The strikes in Iraq targeted the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, whose affiliates have been effective in battling the Islamic State group. The Kurds of Syria and Iraq have become a major part of the war against the Islamic State group, with Kurdish populations in both countries threatened by the militants’ advance. Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish Kurds took part in cross-border operations to help rescue tens of thousands of displaced people from the minority Yazidi group from Iraq’s Sinjar Mountain in August last year and they continue to fight in co-operation with one another against the Islamic State group in areas along the Iraq-Syria border. They have been somewhat effective in limiting the expansion of the Islamic State militants across northern Iraq but there are concerns that Turkish airstrikes on the PKK could jeopardize Kurdish positions. WHO ARE THE KURDS?

Jamie Dettmer: Turkey Helped Iran Dodge Sanctions—More details are emerging about the role Turkey has played in assisting Iran to dodge international sanctions. Ministers and associates of President Erdogan’s family are alleged to have been paid substantial bribes amounting to at least 4% of the gold traded to Iran via Turkey, according to one of the couriers, Adem Karahan, who claims he helped facilitate the delivery of a ton of gold a day. Karahan, who worked for Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, claims there were two groups of 22 couriers moving gold through Turkish airports. Zarrab is accused of being the ringleader of a money-laundering and gold-smuggling ring in Turkey established to circumvent international sanctions against Iran.

Thanassis Cambanis: Are We Witnessing the Birth of a New Mideast Order?— “The World Has Changed,” trumpeted the front-page headline of the Iranian reformist daily Etemaad on July 15, the day after Iran signed a nuclear deal with the six world powers. But as U.S. President Barack Obama attempts to build on this agreement, he will find that changing the destructive dynamics of the Middle East is far more difficult than any negotiation in Vienna. For years, U.S. leaders have staked their hopes for calming decades of sectarian war, insurgency, and tension in the Middle East on rehabilitating Iran, a bête noire in the eyes of Washington and its allies. But if there’s any hope of changing these dynamics, the United States is going to have to dive quickly and deeply into the region’s feuds. Wars have spiraled out of control in four Arab countries, and Iran is only partly to blame. A more cooperative Tehran — which may or may not materialize after the nuclear agreement sinks in — could open the door to calming the bloodshed in Syria, where Iran is a lead player. But the roots of the wars in Iraq and Yemen go deeper than Tehran’s machinations, and Iran has almost no role in the Libyan conflict. After the deal, like before, U.S. interests will be challenged by clever and aggressive foes, but also by ruthless allies. If the United States wants to alter the dynamic, it will have to give up its linear approach and play what Joseph Nye describes as “three-dimensional chess.” Until now, Washington has insisted on taking on one crisis at a time, meaning that a pileup of disasters has festered while the White House looked only at the Iran nuclear deal.

Daniel Friedmann: Wanted: A diplomatic lifeline for Israel—Iran, a leprous and boycotted terror state, overpowered Israel which had fought with all its might – while making a lot of noise – against an agreement in which Iran achieved its main goals. The belief that Israel allegedly dictates the Unites States’ policy turned out to be a balloon which lost all its air. Israel’s few friends, including European countries led by Germany, abandoned it. Even Micronesia didn’t make any encouragement sounds. We have been left all alone. The question is what do we do next. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu probably can’t be stopped, and he will continue his war on this agreement. And as this war grows and goes on, the impression of Iran’s victory will intensify.

BBC: Can the Middle East tackle Islamist militancy?— If you watch Saudi television, as I sometimes do, you will quickly realise that Saudi Arabia is tragicomically caught in the huge gap between the image it tries to project and the reality it pretends does not exist. Last Saturday was such a moment. After the announcement that the interior ministry had broken up terror cells linked to so-called Islamic State (IS) and arrested some 400 suspects, Saudi commentators took to the airwaves. They praised the police for thwarting planned terrorists attacks and, crucially, noted the young age of the suspects, most of whom were Saudis. They talked about how Saudi society could steer those stray, lost souls back to the path of true Islam and away from extremism. The irony couldn’t have escaped anyone who knows Saudi Arabia well. How could this ultra-conservative monarchy fight extremism when its own brand of the faith – known as Wahhabi Islam – is barely distinguishable from the one practised by the militants in Syria and Iraq?

Matthew Bell: For Christians in the Middle East, ISIS is only the latest catastrophe—Crucifixion. Enslavement. Beheadings. These are some of the tools of terror used by ISIS and other extremist groups that are driving Iraqi and Syrian Christians out of some of the oldest Christian communities on earth. “We’re certainly looking at the potential end of Christianity in the Middle East if no one does anything to protect these ancient communities that are dwindling now,” says Eliza Griswold. Griswold has a story in the latest issue of the New York Times Magazine about the imperiled Christians of Iraq and Syria. She is also the author of The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches Between Christianity and Islam. The radicals of ISIS are not too discriminating with their medieval brutality. The majority of those displaced in Iraq and Syria have been fellow Sunni Muslims. But members of religious and ethnic minority groups, including the Kurds, the Shia, the Yazidis and Christians, are shown little mercy when they find themselves caught under the rulers of the so-called Islamic State. “They go after anyone who challenges them,” Griswold says. But adds that, “ISIS and its ilk sees Christians as tied to the West and they become the easiest scapegoat.”

Ari Briggs: The Invention of the Arab Village of Susiya—On July 16, State Department spokesperson John Kirby pressured Israel not to enforce demolition orders against an illegal Arab encampment adjacent to the Jewish community of Susiya. The demolition orders had been confirmed by Israel’s High Court in May 2015 after years of appeals and the State Department was apparently misinformed about basic facts of the case. While the Nawajah family’s “struggle” has become a cause celebre for foreign-funded NGOs, Israel’s High Court established that the Nawajah family members have permanent homes in Yata, a West Bank city under full PA rule. The Nawajah family had been encouraged by the PA to illegally establish “facts on the ground” in an area under full Israeli authority, as per the Oslo Accords. At least 20 illegal structures, funded directly by the EU and proudly bearing the EU flag, were strategically placed between the Jewish community of Susiya and the Susiya archaeological site, which includes a magnificent ancient synagogue.

Palestinian Media Watch: Report on PA Education System Shows Widespread Glorification of Terrorism—Hate, anti-Semitism, and honoring murderers are fundamental elements of PA education. A new report, “Palestinian Authority Education: A Recipe for Hate and Terror,” reveals why there won’t be peace in the next generation unless this PA education process is immediately reversed. The report includes chapters on names of schools (dozens named after terrorists), school activities (e.g., visiting homes of terrorists), statements and activities of educators (e.g., presenting murderers as role models and promising a world without Israel), schoolbooks, informal education (children reciting poems on kids’ TV programs: e.g., Jews are monkeys and pigs; Tel Aviv is “occupied Palestine”), and a chapter with examples of honoring Hitler.

Rebecca Shimoni Stoil and Raphael Ahren: Israel: Deal Boosts Iran Terror Threat—Israel anticipates a “major escalation” of Iranian-backed terror attacks on its borders as a direct result of the nuclear agreement, Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold said Wednesday during a conference call hosted by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. “The moment that the funds become available from frozen accounts…that’s when the Middle East goes south and things become extremely dangerous in the region.” With the release of $150 billion of frozen funds, Iranian troops and their proxies “will have an ability to be everywhere simultaneously.” Gold added that “it is very uncomfortable for us to have to be in this kind of a struggle with the United States….We will get through this as allies. But we have to tell you the truth about how dangerous this agreement is.”

Avi Lewis: Israeli Defense Minister: World Opening “Front Door” to Iran’s Terror—Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said in a series of tweets Thursday: “The free world, instead of fighting with determination against this [Iranian] terrorist regime, is allowing it to enter through the front door of the family of nations. He who chooses to ignore terrorism directed at someone else, will find himself faced sooner than expected with that same terror at his doorstep.” Ya’alon warned that the Islamic Republic will “amplify” its sponsorship of terrorism “if it detects weakness and lack of resolve to confront it, as is the case now….As time passes, it becomes clearer that this agreement poses serious dangers, unique in their scope, to the Western world, faced with an octopus-like terror regime, as ambitious as it is ruthless, that will not hesitate to act within and against those countries that signed onto this bad deal.”

Abraham H. Foxman: Iran Nuclear Deal Is Built on a Lie—I hear the argument that Iran would be a threshold nuclear state without an agreement. But the truth is it would have been an illegitimate one that would have justified continued disapproval, sanctions and the threat of a military option against its nuclear program. The most dangerous regime in the region should never be given such legitimacy on such a perilous project. The original goal of dismantling Iran’s nuclear infrastructure was not wishful thinking, but a vital part of what needed to be achieved. The entire agreement is based on the Iranian lie that the country never intended to build a nuclear military capability. Once sanctions are removed, a duplicitous regime that has never admitted to seeking a weapon will surely find ways to circumvent the agreement despite inspections and snapback provisions.

Max Singer: Self-Deception at the Basis of the Iran Nuclear Deal—A fundamental self-deception stands at the basis of the Iran nuclear deal. The agreement states that “Iran envisions that this JCPOA will allow it to move forward with an exclusively peaceful, indigenous nuclear program.” Yet none of the P5+1 governments truly believe that the Iranian program has been or is meant to be exclusively peaceful. They all understand that the main purpose of the Iranian program has been to build nuclear weapons.

Owen Alterman: The Iran Agreement’s “Exit Ramp”—Paragraph 36 of the Iran agreement tells us when and how the agreement might end. Any party – be it Iran or a future U.S. president – can essentially ditch the Iran nuclear deal with 35 days’ notice. Under Paragraph 36, Iran can claim that any of the P5+1 is “not meeting its commitments” under the agreement. That triggers a 35-day set of meetings. Once that clock runs, Iran can claim the issue “has not been resolved to [its] satisfaction” and that it “deems” that the issue “constitutes significant non-performance.” Iran can then “cease performing its commitments under this JCPOA in whole or in part.” Once Iran has received its $150 billion and locked in long-term business contracts with the West, this quick exit could be an attractive option.

Elliott Abrams: Europe Goes Back to the “Peace Process”—There are millions of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. ISIS threatens Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. The new Iran nuclear deal would deliver $150 billion in cash to the Islamic Republic of Iran. ISIS and other jihadis are increasingly active in Sinai. What is the European Union’s reaction to all these threats? To turn once again to the Israeli-Palestinian situation. France has been talking about a new UN Security Council resolution and European leaders have been discussing replacing the Quartet with some new mechanism. But the growth of terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda makes an Israeli military withdrawal from the West Bank even more dangerous to Israel and Jordan – and to the Palestinians. Abbas’ advanced age makes it ever less likely that he will take a leap and sign any agreement, and as the years pass since the last Palestinian elections (2005), he has less and less legitimacy to make such decisions. So the European decision to turn its efforts to insisting on a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement are foolish and will lead nowhere. Arab governments such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Jordan are not clamoring for this EU effort and recognize that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is marginal to their own security needs and nightmares. To the Sunni Arab governments, Israel looks like an ally against the jihadis and against Iran.

Ronen Bergman: How Hizbullah Is Preparing for the Third Lebanon War—Hizbullah is speeding up its preparations for the third Lebanon war, and this time it has no intention of settling for firing rockets at Israel. Some in the Israeli intelligence community are now referring to “Hizbullah 3.0,” which is gaining vast combat experience and new weapons in Syria – and is planning to use both in due course. “Hizbullah is Israel’s most challenging enemy,” says Col. (res.) Ronen Cohen, former director of the Terrorism Desk at IDF Military Intelligence and deputy head of MI’s Research Division. Hizbullah has 80,000 to 100,000 missiles and rockets, all directed at Israel. In addition, it has greatly improved its UAVs and built a unit of “suicide” aircraft which can reach many areas in Israel and explode on selected targets. Moreover, said Cohen, Hizbullah’s goal is a ground invasion with an entry of many commando and antitank teams deep into the Upper and Western Galilee. “The fighting teams will use explosive devices and antitank missiles like the Kornet, which reaches an efficient range of 5 km. during the day and 3 km. at night. Through these ranges, they will be able to control vehicles on the Lower Galilee’s roads…not to mention the Acre-Safed road, the roads going up the Galilee panhandle, etc.” “It’s enough for Hizbullah cells to deploy in the area, hide for a while and hit vehicles and meeting points of the fighting forces preparing to enter Lebanon, in order to deeply sabotage any IDF plan of action.”

Amb. Ron Prosor: Israel: The Countdown to Iran Becoming a Threshold Nuclear State Has Begun—Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor told the Security Council on Thursday:

  • Ten years ago, this month, Israel disengaged from Gaza and dismantled four settlements in the West Bank in order to show that there is a political horizon. We removed thousands of Israeli families from their homes, uprooted entire communities, and withdrew every unit of the Israel Defense Forces. We were told that if only Israel would pull back, if only Israel would leave the Palestinians to run their own affairs, there would be peace. So we did.
  • Ten years after withdrawing from Gaza, the territory we left has become a safe haven for terrorists. Apparently Hamas didn’t get the memo that an Israeli withdrawal was supposed to end the jihad against its people. Since the disengagement, terrorist groups have fired 15,000 rockets and mortars at Israeli citizens. They have dug terror tunnels underneath the border to attack Israeli towns and communities. Israel doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for the rest of the world to wake up. Before the West had to deal with the Islamic State halfway around the world, Israel had to deal with the Hamas terror state on our doorstep.
  • One year ago, Israel was forced to protect its people after Hamas terrorists kidnapped and killed three Israeli youth, launched hundreds of rockets and mortars at Israel, and rejected or violated every truce offered to the parties. The Israel Defense Forces faced a cruel and cynical enemy which violated every code of morality the civilized world holds dear. Hamas launched their indiscriminate attacks from residential areas. Hospitals, schools, and UN facilities were used as weapons depots; playgrounds were used as launching pads.
  • Three days ago, this Council adopted a resolution endorsing the nuclear agreement with Iran. This agreement is an historic mistake that brings Iran closer to achieving its 30-year goal of attaining nuclear weapons, and fuels its drive for imperial expansion. Ayatollah Khamenei declared that even after the agreement is signed, Iran will continue supporting terrorists in the Middle East and around the world.
  • This agreement grants Iran not one, but two paths to the bomb. Iran can get the bomb by cheating, or it can get the bomb by keeping the deal for ten years, and then assembling it immediately afterwards. In the summer of 2015, the countdown to Iran becoming a threshold nuclear state has begun. In 5 years the embargo against conventional weapons will end, in 8 years they can acquire missile technology, in 10 years, unlimited centrifuges. This is not disarmament, this is a timetable for Iran to build nuclear weapons
  • In future years, the consequences of this mistake will become clear to all, but for Israel, tomorrow is already too late.




SnyderTalk Comment: They say that history repeats itself.  There is a reason for that.



9--Jerusalem Post


President, ministers condemn Arab rioting on Temple Mount during Tisha B’Av

Immoral to say Israel should stay out of Iran accord debate in US, minister says

Kerry’s ‘threats, intimidation’ won’t silence Israel, official tells NYT

Police release footage of clashes with Palestinian rioters on Temple Mount

Movie theater shooter known as extremist with anti-Semitic ideas

Syria’s Assad admits man power shortage, says army forced to cede territory

Iran launches charm offensive among wary Gulf Arabs

BBC under fire for documentary on Jerusalem Light Rail

Unseen 9/11 White House photos showing Bush administration’s reaction released

The American Jew who fought ISIS, and was then exiled from Israel

Study: Diaspora Jews are growing increasingly critical of Israel

Report: ISIS executioner ‘Jihadi John’ is now running from ISIS

Italian Prime Minister Denounces “Stupid” Boycotts of Israel






10--Arutz Sheva


Freedom of Speech? 2nd Jew Arrested for Calling Mohammed a Pig

Arab MK Denies There Was Ever a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

SnyderTalk Comment: Call him a fool if you want, but learned it someplace.

What does Mahmoud Abbas say?  What does ayatollah Khamenei say?  Where did they learn it?

The significance of the Temple is beyond human comprehension.  It’s important to Yahweh.  Those who follow Satan will do everything they can to prevent it from being built.

Radical Israeli Sheikh Calls to Conquer Temple Mount

Bennett: Israel Advocacy Requires Strong Jewish Identity

SnyderTalk Comment: I think Bennett is mistaken.  It requires strong faith in Yahweh.  Jewish identity is helpful, but it is not required.

Mossad: Three Missing Iranian Jews Were Murdered

 Arab Terrorist Leaps to His Death Fleeing Police

Terror ‘Camp’ Season in Full Swing in Gaza

Islamists Call for ‘Reaction’ to Mohammed Insult

Hundreds of Thousands Called Up for IDF Drill




SnyderTalk Comment: Hamas releases video with IDF chief in its sites.




2--SnyderTalk Editorial 5 New Temple MT

Yahweh is Will Protect, Defend, and Restore Israel

These three passages of Scripture taken together are sad and yet they are uplifting because we know what Yahweh has promised to do:

  • And the Angel of Yahweh admonished Joshua, saying, “Thus says Yahweh Sabaoth, ‘If you will walk in My ways and if you will perform My service, then you will also govern My house and also have charge of My courts, and I will grant you free access among these who are standing here. Now listen, Joshua the high priest, you and your friends who are sitting in front of you—indeed they are men who are a symbol, for behold, I am going to bring in My servant the Branch. For behold, the stone that I have set before Joshua; on one stone are seven eyes. Behold, I will engrave an inscription on it,’ declares Yahweh Sabaoth, ‘and I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day. In that day,’ declares Yahweh Sabaoth, ‘every one of you will invite his neighbor to sit under his vine and under his fig tree.’” (Zechariah 3: 6-10)
  • “For the days will come upon you when your enemies will throw up a barricade against you, and surround you and hem you in on every side, and they will level you to the ground and your children within you, and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.” (Luke 19: 43-44)
  • “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling. Behold, your house is being left to you desolate! For I say to you, from now on you will not see Me until you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Yahweh!’” (Matthew 23: 37-39)

All that remains is for the Children of Israel living in Israel to call on the Name of Yahweh and know who they are calling on.  When they do, Yahweh will respond.  He has longed for that day since the creation and especially since the crucifixion.

Eventually, they will call on Yahweh.  When they do, these things will happen:

  • “Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it. In that day,” declares Yahweh, “I will strike every horse with bewilderment and his rider with madness. But I will watch over the house of Judah, while I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness. Then the clans of Judah will say in their hearts, ‘A strong support for us are the inhabitants of Jerusalem through Yahweh Sabaoth, their God.’” (Zechariah 12: 2-5)
  • “I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn. In that day there will be great mourning in Jerusalem, like the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the plain of Megiddo. The land will mourn, every family by itself; the family of the house of David by itself and their wives by themselves; the family of the house of Nathan by itself and their wives by themselves; the family of the house of Levi by itself and their wives by themselves; the family of the Shimeites by itself and their wives by themselves; all the families that remain, every family by itself and their wives by themselves. (Zechariah 12: 10-14)

When the Children of Israel who are living in Israel call on Yahweh by Name and know who they are talking about, He will destroy their enemies, and together they will worship Him as their Elohim.

We may be very close to that day.





Palestinian rioters attack police on Temple Mount

Jordan condemns Israeli ‘violations’ on Temple Mount

Israeli minister rejects Kerry’s ‘intimidation’ on Iran deal

Iran says its frozen assets abroad are exaggerated

Iran vows to bar international inspectors from military sites

Israel employs diplomacy in bid to curb human rights groups

Nasrallah: US remains ‘Great Satan’ before and after nuke deal

Assad, in first major speech for a year, vows he’ll win civil war

Australia’s Labor Party signals support for Palestinian state

Lapid scolds kibbutzniks for booking left-wing group

Video: Former pilot explores the other Jerusalem



12a--Other News 2


Chinese embassy damaged in Mogadishu hotel blast, injuries reported

Tunisia overwhelmingly passes anti-terror law

Suspected Boko Haram Attacks Leave 21 Dead in Northern Nigeria

Religious Persecution On the Rise: Minorities Under Threat in the Middle East

Fences Rise Across Middle East as Jihadi Threat Escalates

UN Resolution: Israel the World’s Only Violator of Economic and Social Rights

SnyderTalk Comment: In case you thought that anti-Semitism/Israel hate were dead.  It’s alive and well at the U.N.

Hizbullah Losses Mounting in Syria

EU: No Plans to Boycott Israeli Banks

Mission to Purge Syria of Chemical Weapons Comes Up Short

Hizbullah Discusses Its Operational Plan for War with Israel: Missile Fire on Tel Aviv and Conquest of the Galilee 

Britain’s Irreconcilable Policy on Islam

Israeli Audience Gets a Taste of Jewish Voice for Peace’s Brand of Betrayal

Unfriendly ‘Friends’ Defend Iran Deal to US Jews




SnyderTalk Comment: I’m glad somebody is laughing.  I wish they were kidding.



12b--TRIC for use


US-Turkey Deal Paves Way to Set Up Buffer Zone in Northern Syria

Turkey-Kurdish ceasefire in jeopardy

Turkey plans ‘Isil-free zone’ in northern Syria

PM Davutoğlu talks with U.K. PM Cameron over recent terror attacks in Turkey

PKK capitalizing on violence in Turkey

What does Turkey’s new military action against ISIS mean?

Iran’s top diplomat begins tour of Arab states

Saudi-led coalition announces ‘humanitarian pause’ in Yemen. Will it stick?

Jason Rezaian’s Unjust Year of Detention in Iran

Iranian Nuclear Deal Is a Win for Anti-Semitism

Iranian Officers Interrogate Prisoners in Yemen

Europe Given Control of Iran Sanctions “Snap Back” Mechanism

Iran Vows to Buy Weapons Anytime, Anywhere

France’s Hollande, Iran’s Rouhani Agree to Boost Cooperation after Nuclear Deal

Saudi Press: We Must Have a Military Nuclear Program within a Decade

Amnesty Blasts ‘Staggering’ Iranian Execution Spree; Nearly 700 People Killed So Far This Year

Iran to get $700 billion in sanctions relief



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4--Scripture of the Day Yahweh

Exodus 16

13 So it came about at evening that the quails came up and covered the camp, and in the morning there was a layer of dew around the camp. 14 When the layer of dew evaporated, behold, on the surface of the wilderness there was a fine flake-like thing, fine as the frost on the ground. 15 When the sons of Israel saw it, they said to one another, “What is it?” For they did not know what it was. And Moses said to them, “It is the bread which Yahweh has given you to eat. 16 This is what Yahweh has commanded, ‘Gather of it every man as much as he should eat; you shall take an omer apiece according to the number of persons each of you has in his tent.’” 17 The sons of Israel did so, and some gathered much and some little. 18 When they measured it with an omer, he who had gathered much had no excess, and he who had gathered little had no lack; every man gathered as much as he should eat. 19 Moses said to them, “Let no man leave any of it until morning.” 20 But they did not listen to Moses, and some left part of it until morning, and it bred worms and became foul; and Moses was angry with them. 21 They gathered it morning by morning, every man as much as he should eat; but when the sun grew hot, it would melt.

SnyderTalk Comment: Read His Name is Yahweh.

Every person had enough.  No one had too much and no one had too little.  There is a lesson is this.


5--HNIY Print form 2

His Name is Yahweh explains why the Name of God, Yahweh, is so important.  It’s available in eBook format and in paperback.  It’s also available for free in PDF format.

  • God also said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, ‘Yahweh, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’ This [Yahweh] is my name forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation.” (Exodus 3: 15)
  • “Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—this time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My name is Yahweh.” (Jeremiah 16: 21)
  • “Behold, the days are coming,” declares Yahweh, “when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch; and He will reign as king and act wisely and do justice and righteousness in the land. In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell securely; and this is His name by which He will be called, ‘Yahweh our righteousness.’” (Jeremiah 23: 5-6)
  • Yeshua said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.” (John 8: 58)


6--His Name is Yahweh Audio Presentation 5


“Are you sure of your salvation?”—Jim Hutchens

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14--Blessings from Revelation 2

Blessings in the Book of Revelation is a book that you need to read, especially now.  There are blessings throughout the Scriptures but Revelation is the only book in the Bible actually containing a specific blessing for reading it. It’s repeated twice, once at the beginning and again at the end. This is the reason that I believe Revelation should be the first step toward studying biblical prophecy. Though not easy to do, Revelation can be broken down and understood by anyone, not just the academic elite. So, Revelation’s blessings are for everyone.  Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.


Other Books by Neil Snyder

  • Stand! is a suspense novel that exposes the lies, corruption, and greed underlying the theory that man-made CO2 emissions are responsible for global warming. Professor Wes Carlyle and Karen Sterling, his research collaborator, carefully scan the audience for their would-be attacker—a member of the enviro-gestapo who has been following them for days.  Wes spots his man in the back of the room leaning against the wall.  Suddenly, another man in the audience steps forward and moves toward Karen at a menacing pace.  With a vicious stroke, he swings a billy club at her head.  Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.
  • What Will You Do with the Rest of Your Life? deals with a question that every Christian has to consider: what should I do with my life? Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.
  • Falsely Accused is a true story about a young woman who was accused of committing a double homicide. It’s about a travesty of justice, and it reveals Yahweh intervening in the life of a believer to rescue her from danger in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.  Everyone will enjoy the book, but young people in particular need to read it because the mistakes made that led to the problem could have been avoided.  They were the kinds of mistakes that young people are prone to make.  As they say, forewarned is forearmed.  Click here to order the eBook.  Click here to order the paperback.

15--Concentric Circles 5

See “His Name is Yahweh”.

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