January 11, 2015 SnyderTalk: Trying to Appease Islamist Terrorists is giving them a License to Kill

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“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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Trying to Appease Islamist Terrorists is giving them a License to Kill

Padraig Reidy wrote and interesting article for The Telegraph titled “We Must Stop Blaming Ourselves for Islamist Terror”.  He said,

We’d forgotten about Charlie Hebdo. In 2011, the satirical magazine, firmly rooted in the anti-clericalism of the French left, was firebombed after it published an edition poking fun at Islam: “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter”, read the cover.

At the time, unthinkable in the light of today’s attack on Charlie’s office, there was “debate” over whether the magazine’s cartoonists and editors had “gone too far”.

Bruce Crumley, a correspondent for Time, rushed to condemn not the bombers, but the scribblers.

“Not only are such Islamophobic antics [as publishing cartoons] futile and childish,” he wrote, “but they also openly beg for the very violent responses from extremists their authors claim to proudly defy in the name of common good. What common good is served by creating more division and anger, and by tempting belligerent reaction?”

He went on: “Do you still think the price you paid for printing an offensive, shameful, and singularly humor-deficient parody on the logic of ‘because we can’ was so worthwhile? If so, good luck with those charcoal drawings your pages will now be featuring.”

Others sought to contextualise the attacks against the backdrop of alienation felt by many French Muslims.

Underlying all this was a persistent assumption. Islamist attacks are only ever reactions, only ever brought about by provocation from the West. All the way back to the Ayatollah Khomeini’s contract on the head of Salman Rushdie in 1989, we have accepted the idea that it is up to authors, artists and cartoonists to justify themselves in the face of threats and real violence.

Reidy when on to say, “If the rise of Isil has taught the world one thing, it is that the provocation is beside the point. Jihadists kill because that is what they do. It does not matter if you are a French cartoonist or a Yezidi child, or an aid worker or journalist: if you are not one of the chosen few, you are fair game. Provocation is merely an excuse used by bullies to justify their actions, while ensuring the world bows to their will.”

Provocation is absurd.  Islamist terrorists murder because of who they are.

No one is safe, not even the murderers themselves because they are well-known for turning on each other.

Appeasement won’t solve the problem.  We are dealing with the Islamist terrorist problem today because the world has been allowing them to get away with murder for more than 50 years.

Do you recall those planes that Palestinians hijacked back in the 1960s?  Those were Islamist terrorist attacks even though we didn’t call them that at the time.  They were forerunners of the problem that we are experiencing today.

And what about the Munich Olympics massacre in the 1970s?  It was part of the problem, too.

There are many more examples, and they have one thing in common.  Islamists have been allowed to get away with crimes against humanity for so long that they see it as an entitlement or as a right.  In their minds, any attempt to hold them accountable is totally out of the question.

Burying our heads in the sand and pretending that we can appease cold-blooded murderers is giving them a license to kill.  It’s suicidal.

We are just beginning to grasp the consequence of not holding them accountable.  The longer we wait to apply the same standard to them that we apply to everyone else, the more costly our mistake will become.

Despite the recent public beheadings, bombings, and military-style attacks on Islamist targets, the world is still reluctant to act.  Thus, we are inviting Islamists to commit more and more horrific crimes.

We are engaged in a global war, but far too many of us still think that we are merely onlookers like moviegoers watching the latest action packed thriller.  The field of battle is anywhere we are because our mere existence offends them.

There can be no compromise and no appeasement.  We have to fight.  Islamists have made that fact perfectly clear.

See the articles below:






13--Perspectives 2


William Booth: With talks on ice, Palestinians’ Mahmoud Abbas declares diplomatic war on Israel—Frustrated by the failure of U.S.-brokered peace talks and under growing pressure from his people to confront the Israeli occupation, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is launching diplomatic war against Israel, betting on a risky campaign to fully “internationalize the struggle” by moving toward the United Nations and away from the United States. As part of this strategy, which the Israelis have dubbed a “diplomatic intifada,” the Palestinians are seeking support for statehood from the international community via resolutions at the United Nations and in European parliaments calling for the end of Israeli occupation within two years and the establishment of a Palestinian state. The Palestinians also are threatening to seek war-crimes charges against Israel at the International Criminal Court, an idea considered a “nuclear option” by the Palestinian leadership just a few months ago. Last week, Abbas signed several U.N. treaties and filed paperwork in a bid to have the Palestinian Authority join the ICC. The stated goal is to embarrass, anger and isolate Israel, and thereby pressure ordinary Israelis to push their government to make a peace deal with the Palestinians. But critics warn that the Israelis do not like to be pushed and may instead support strong countermeasures, including travel and work restrictions for Palestinians and accelerated Jewish settlement construction.

Jonathan S. Tobin: Who Derailed Middle East Peace? Ross and Obama Should Look in the Mirror.— On yesterday’s New York Times op-ed page, former veteran State Department Middle East hand Dennis Ross made a strong case for the world to stop “giving the Palestinians a pass” for actions intended to derail the peace process. In doing so Ross is taking up the cudgels for the position of the Obama administration against that of its European allies on the question of tolerating a Palestinian diplomatic offensive at the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. Both he and the administration are correct that the Palestinian Authority is sabotaging peace by abandoning negotiations and seeking instead to use international pressure to brand Israel as a pariah. But what Ross leaves out of his argument is as interesting as what he says. The proof that his position is correct lies in the history of his own failures and that of the administrations he served as they wrongly appeased the Palestinians and instead pressured Israel. Ross deserves credit for mentioning some facts that are almost never mentioned in either the news or opinion pages of the Times. Namely, that the Palestinians rejected three clear offers of peace and independence in 2000, 2001, and 2008 that would have given them a state in almost all of the West Bank, a share of Jerusalem, and Gaza. The first two were turned down flat by Yasir Arafat while his successor Mahmoud Abbas fled the negotiating table rather than be forced to give an answer to the third. He might have added that Abbas refused to discuss a U.S. framework along the same lines in 2014 and blew up those talks that had been painstakingly nurtured by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Nicholas Blanford: How Oil Price Slump Is Putting a Squeeze on Hizbullah— Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group, is facing a new enemy: financial austerity. A slump in global oil prices and nuclear-tied sanctions are squeezing the group’s patron Iran, which is already funneling billions of dollars to the Syrian regime. As Iran tightens its belt, Hezbollah has had to impose salary cuts on personnel, defer payments to suppliers and reduce monthly stipends to its political allies in Lebanon, according to a wide range of political and diplomatic sources in Beirut, including friends and foes of the powerful Shiite party. The financial difficulties do not pose an immediate threat to Hezbollah’s political and popular standing in Lebanon. Moreover, the flow of Iranian largesse is controlled by Ayatollah Ali Khameini, Iran’s supreme leader, and isn’t part of the government’s oil-dependent budget.

Rola el-Husseini: Cracks in the Hizbullah Monopoly over Shiites in Lebanon—In recent years Shiite organizations in Lebanon that resent the dominance of Hizbullah and its ally Amal have emerged to question the direction of their leadership. This defection began almost immediately after the 2006 war with Israel. While hard-liners hailed Hizbullah’s resilience in the face of Israel as a “divine victory,” others questioned the human and material cost of the group’s intransigent stance. Skepticism continued to grow after a 2008 invasion of Sunni areas in Beirut intended to consolidate Hizbullah’s political power, and most especially after 2011 when Hizbullah intervened in the Syrian civil war on behalf of the repressive Assad regime. By some accounts, more than a thousand Hizbullah members have died defending the regime, with many more wounded.

SnyderTalk Comment: This may sound like a positive development, but it isn’t.  When Islamic groups in the Middle East, Arab Islamists in particular, are experiencing pressure, attacking Israel is a tried and true way to bring warring factions together.  As the vice begins to squeeze Hezbollah, the likelihood of war increases dramatically. See “War Risk Rises in Middle East”: “Despite Israel’s deterrence, the risk of an inadvertent clash between Israel and Hezbollah is rising. The new year holds many new dangers and few opportunities, as Israel’s two near enemies, Hezbollah in Lebanon on its northern front and Hamas in Gaza on its west, continue their large-scale armament programs, and prepare for a future day when they will fight another war with Israel. Although neither Hezbollah nor Hamas has an interest in sparking a war with Israel any time soon — when they stand to suffer widespread, lasting, and crippling damage from any such clash — both are nevertheless preparing in earnest.”

Robert Tait: Meet the Arab Christians Who Want to Fight for Israel—Amir Shalayan, 26, is one of a small number of Christians to have volunteered to serve in Israel’s armed forces. Having spent three years in the Israeli navy, he now performs regular reserve duty and is a member of the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum Association, which attempts to persuade other Christians to join the army. “Christians have been persecuted all over the world and this is the only country (in the Middle East) that gives me the right to be Christian and practice my rituals,” he says. Shalayan says that Christians should assimilate in Israeli society and serve the country which protects them.

Brendan O’Neill: Defeating Islamists in Their War on Free Thought— Wednesday was a black day for Europe. In a terrible echo of our dark, intolerant, medieval past, 12 people were summarily executed for daring to speak ill of a religion. In the wake of this act of barbarism, one pressing task faces all Europeans who are in favor of modernity and Enlightenment: We must stand up, loudly and proudly, for freedom of speech and the right to be offensive. The murderers in Paris were fuelled by a hateful Islamist ideology. They shouted about “avenging the prophet” as they attacked the offices of the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. In their eyes, the publication’s “crime” was to be insufficiently respectful of Islam. Charlie Hebdo has become famous, or infamous, for mocking Muhammad. In 2006 it reprinted the prophet-baiting Danish cartoons. More recently it renamed itself Shariah Hebdo for a special issue and listed Muhammad as a guest editor. It has employed various French cartoonists to draw the prophet in a less-than-flattering light.

Ben Cohen: BDS leaders promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theory linking Mossad to Charlie Hebdo atrocity— The anti-Semitism at the heart of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel was again laid bare yesterday, as prominent activists from the campaign took to social media to advance the conspiracy theory that yesterday’s terrorist attack against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was carried out by the Mossad. Leading the charge was Greta Berlin, a spokesperson for the Free Gaza movement, an organization that has been closely involved with attempts to break Israel’s blockade against the Hamas regime in Gaza. In a Facebook posting, Berlin declared, “MOSSAD just hit the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo in a clumsy false flag designed to damage the accord between Palestine and France…Here’s hoping the French police will be able to tell a well executed hit by a well trained Israeli intelligence service and not assume the Muslims would be likely to attack France when France is their freind (sic.) Israel did tell France there would be grave consequences if they voted with Palestine. A four year old could see who is responsible for this terrible attack.”

Israel Today: CNN anchor drags Israel into debate over Paris shooting— In the aftermath of the horrific massacre at the headquarters of a satirical magazine in Paris, veteran CNN news anchor and international correspondent tried to promote the notion that the Muslim perpetrators of this and all such atrocities are extremists, and therefore unrepresentative of mainstream Muslim sentiments or Islamic teachings. “The cartoons [published by the magazine Charlie Hebdo] NEVER mocked the Prophet. They mocked how the COWARDS tried to distort his word,” CNN’s Jim Clancy posted to his Twitter account. It is a similar argument to that made by most Western leaders who continue to uphold Islam as a “religion of peace,” while painting Muslim terrorists as fringe elements disconnected from the will and direction of their own religion.

Melanie Phillips: The Paris Massacre and the West—There has been no free media expression about Islam ever since the 1989 Iranian fatwa calling for the murder of Salman Rushdie over his book, The Satanic Verses. As Rushdie’s book was burned on British streets, establishment figures turned on the author for having offended Islam. The fact is that Islamic terrorism and intimidation against the West have been going on for decades, matched by displays of Western weakness. First the West blames poverty and exclusion among Muslims. Then it blamed grievances around the world – Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine. Then it blamed isolated madmen. Yet Muslim violence in France has clearly been out of control for years. Just look at the repeated Islamic pogroms against French Jews, which have driven thousands of them to emigrate.

Dan Margalit: The Jews are just an excuse— Jewish history teaches us that every time there is trouble for humanity, it always begins with Israel. The tragic attack in Paris on Wednesday proves that history is repeating, in a big way. The Jews are just an excuse. The killers’ intoxicating drug of choice — in the past it was the Nazis, now extremist Muslims — is to enslave all of humanity and crush human dignity and liberty. A lot of French people, and others, believed that Islamic State and al-Qaida terrorists would only target places like the Jewish school Toulouse or the Jewish museum in Brussels. But as it turns out, that is not the case. In reality it is radical Islam against Western culture, Christianity and, of course, the Jews.






9--Jerusalem Post


Netanyahu to French, European Jews after Paris attacks: Israel is your home

Hamas Asked to Keep Low Profile in Qatar

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States United Against Islamic Terror

Iran’s Rouhani likens Paris terrorist attacks with Israel’s policies toward Palestinians

French Jews in Tel Aviv commemorate victims of Paris terror attacks

Netanyahu, Liberman, Bennett set to attend Paris anti-terror march Sunday

Cartoonists: The unlikely ‘front-line’ soldiers

Senate warns ‘strong response’ prepared to Palestinian ICC action

Paris hostage crises hit home for Israel – ‘Our hearts are with the Jews of France’

Kosher supermarket attacker claimed IS bonds; wanted to target Jews and defend Palestine. 



10--Arutz Sheva


 Netanyahu Speaks with Freed Hostage about Jewish Man’s Heroism

‘France is at War – And Jews are on the Frontlines’

Ottawa Twins Charged with Terror

Hamas-Linked Publication Praises ‘Heroic’ Paris Terrorists

Livni: Bibi Says I’m Weak – Because I’m a Woman

PM to France: Global Struggle with Radical Islam

Yitzhak Aharonovich Retires from Politics

More Money Found in Kirshenbaum Corruption Case

Arab Screwdriver Stabbing Suspect Arrested

Jerusalem Arab Indicted for Years of Firebombs








Kosher supermarket killer ‘told TV station he deliberately targeted Jews’

Jews’ fear is ‘palpable’ following France terror attacks

Netanyahu asks France to keep high security at Jewish sites

Paris attack delights Islamic extremists, may boost support

French PM acknowledges ‘failings’ in preventing attack

Lapid urges French Jews to immigrate to Israel

How Israel can, and must, help with the operational response to jihad in France

PA: No Reconstruction Until We Get Control of Gaza

Sharansky: Paris massacre shows time running out for Europe

Police arrest East Jerusalem youth for Thursday stabbing



12a--Other News


Britain’s MI5 Chief Warns Al-Qaeda in Syria Planning Mass Attacks on West 

Government to give MI5 and MI6 ‘support they need’ to thwart terrorists

Paris attack shows France’s appeasement of ‘Palestinians’ and Islamists failed

When it comes to Islam, the media needs to ditch the ‘narrative,’ and report the truth

Glenn Greenwald: Pro-Israel sentiment in the U.S. is at least as bad for freedom of speech as Islamist terrorists murdering cartoonists

SnyderTalk Comment: Anyone who thinks that criticizing Israel is taboo must not read the news or watch it on television.  They must not have been to college, either.  I never cease to be amazed at the garbage that Israel hating journalists and professors sling and how excitedly their followers gobble it down.

Israel Protects Followers of the Cross While Neighboring Nations Eradicate Them

The International Criminal Court Statute Contains a Provision Directly Designed to Target Israel 

Hamas, Palestinian Authority Step Up Human Rights Violations

Boko Haram May Have Just Killed 2,000 People

Cameroon appeals for international military aid to fight Boko Haram








Vladimir Putin bans transsexuals from driving

Tehran Keeps the Upper Hand in Nuclear Talks 

Iran-Backed Militias Are Getting U.S. Weapons 

Turkey Unveils Plan for More Babies

Erdogan Unmasks Turkey

Russia’s Downgrade Paints A Horrific Picture Of Economic Collapse

Russia: Dangers of isolation

Ahead Of Talks, Russia, Syria Emphasize Damascus’s Military Role In Fight Against IS

Iran sends more Kurdish political prisoners to the gallows in 2015

This very scary chart reveals the risky business of China’s bull market



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