August 29, 2014 SnyderTalk: Islamists have Left Us No Choice


“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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Islamists have Left Us No Choice

Journalist Renny Carter wonders how Islamism was able to take root and thrive in his beloved Australia: “Land of the free.  Land of opportunity. Land of milk and honey.”

Carter said, “Today we have opened the floodgates to a people who hate us before they have even gotten off the boat.  In fact it is worse!  It is ILLEGAL to like us.  To even befriend us.  Sure they will put their hand out for our benefits, but they will hate the hand that it came from.  And it is not me or some Australian infidel crackpot who is saying this.  It is them!”

Welcome to the 21st century.  The world is coming unglued, and it’s ripe for picking if you are a jihadist.  They have been working toward this end since their movement began in earnest in December 1979.  That’s when Russia invaded Afghanistan.  People are just now beginning to ask the proverbial question that Carter phrased so eloquently: “How the hell did we let this happen?”  But the question is more than 30 years late.

The answer isn’t complicated.  The high-minded, so-called “liberals”, better-than-yous, and politically correct among us were living in states of delusion and denial and there were enough of them to block efforts to deal with the problem in its infancy.  They even came up with a word to describe people who correctly assessed the situation: Islamophobes.

Because of their stonewalling, Islamism grew like a cancer, and now it threatens the whole world, not just Australia—and Europe and China and Russia and the United States.  When the devil is at your door, everyone is an Islamophobe.  Just ask the Christians in Iraq, especially those in the Kurdistan region.  They will tell you if their heads are still attached to their bodies.

The “let’s all be friends” strategy for dealing with evil didn’t work, it never has, but the name calling sure did.  Too many good people are afraid of being called names and they hate being ridiculed, so they kept silent.  Now we have a problem that won’t go away and can’t be solved easily or inexpensively.

The open-minded and perceptive among us have been warning about the Islamist threat since it first appeared.  Thanks to ISIS, or IS if you prefer, almost everyone is getting it.  It’s regrettable that so many innocent people had to die before they woke up.  They had to see James Foley get his head sawed off with a small knife before they changed their minds.  Because of their ignorance and stubbornness, they were complicit in the growth and development of the greatest threat to mankind since Nazism.  The blood of those who have been butchered in the name of the Islamist god is on their hands.

Barack Obama still doesn’t get it.  I doubt he ever will.  Rose-colored glasses distort his vision, and besides, he’s an orator, not a thinker.  Leaders of Arab nations have the same reservations about Obama that I have because the UAE and Egypt sent jet fighters to attack Islamists in Libya without giving the White House advanced warning.  My guess is that they don’t trust him to keep his mouth shut.  That’s just speculation, but I would bet on it.

Islamist numbers worldwide make the Nazis look like a coffee klatch.  There are roughly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today.  About 15% of them are Islamists or they have Islamist leanings.  That means ISIS and groups like it have roughly 240 million people that they can call upon to join in their jihad.

That number is huge.  Most of them think that becoming a martyr is their highest calling.  Saying that ISIS and other Islamist groups are a formidable threat is putting it mildly.  At this point, the only thing that they lack is a command-and-control structure.  That’s what ISIS is trying to provide.  They have done a good job so far, better than most people would have believed just a few months ago.

Now that ISIS is richer, stronger, and more barbaric, hopefully left-leaning, self-righteous slow thinkers around the world will do what their counterparts in Israel finally did when Hamas made it painfully obvious that they don’t want peace.  They stopped standing in the way of progress and started helping.

Hamas and ISIS are two peas in a pod.  You can’t make deals with them because their word is meaningless.  Prime Minister Netanyahu is guilty of ignoring the reality that he spoke about so convincingly and forcefully a few days ago because he accepted a truce with Hamas that has no chance of working.  He should know that.  In the next year or two, the Israeli people will pay a heavy price for his mistake.

Eventually, the stubborn defiance of those who refuse to accept reality will probably be regarded as betrayal.  Until that day comes, those who are truly clueless will continue to spout out nonsense.

Be that as it may, this much is certain: our enemy would just as soon kill us as look at us, and they have no interest in talking with us.  They have left us no choice.

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An Islamist Child Holding a Severed Head of a Kurdistan Christian in a Group of Other Children Being Applauded by “Adults”




IDF’s Version of HalleluYah



13--Perspectives 2


Steve Apfel: The Devil’s Advocate— When a law faculty in Johannesburg pitched a debate between two academics of high standing it billed the event, “International law applicable to the conflict in Gaza.” Unless they took the trouble, few would have known about the alter ego of one of them, a certain Professor Dugard. After all, here was a life long specialist in international law who doubled for a long time as a UN investigator of human rights violations, even if he was appointed by human rights violating members of a council known to buy and sell votes for political and who knows what coinage besides. Though Dugard was appointed by such people and accepted with alacrity to work for such a body, he at least stood above the fray. Did he though? Surely when a lawman forsakes varsity gown and corridors and decamps to Palestine he packs his learned habits. Did this one though? We begin with ‘what ifs?’ What if behind up-righteous declarations on human rights and laws of war, Dugard was acting for a war machine doing its level best to wipe Israel off the Middle East map? What if he was aiding and abetting a group of terrorists? What if he was playing the devil’s advocate?

Matti Friedman: An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth— The Israel Story. Is there anything left to say about Israel and Gaza? Newspapers this summer have been full of little else. Television viewers see heaps of rubble and plumes of smoke in their sleep. A representative article from a recent issue of The New Yorker described the summer’s events by dedicating one sentence each to the horrors in Nigeria and Ukraine, four sentences to the crazed génocidaires of ISIS, and the rest of the article—30 sentences—to Israel and Gaza. When the hysteria abates, I believe the events in Gaza will not be remembered by the world as particularly important. People were killed, most of them Palestinians, including many unarmed innocents. I wish I could say the tragedy of their deaths, or the deaths of Israel’s soldiers, will change something, that they mark a turning point. But they don’t. This round was not the first in the Arab wars with Israel and will not be the last. The Israeli campaign was little different in its execution from any other waged by a Western army against a similar enemy in recent years, except for the more immediate nature of the threat to a country’s own population, and the greater exertions, however futile, to avoid civilian deaths.

United with Israel: Islamic State Flag Flies on Temple Mount Amid Calls for Jihad and Murder— A shocking video that appeared on an Arabic-language Facebook page captures hundreds of Hamas followers rallying on the Temple Mount, calling to “spill the blood” of the “infidels” and to hit Tel Aviv. Translated by Dr. Mordechai Kedar, an Israeli scholar of Arabic literature and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, the chilling YouTube clip shows masked Hamas supporters chanting slogans of hate and violence, such as, “Bless the cigarettes (code for rockets)” and “Smash Zionist heads.” The frenzied crowd proclaims allegiance not only to Hamas, but also to Seraya al-Aksa, the military wing of Fatah and Hamas. Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, is chair of the Fatah party. “There can be no doubt that a relentless second front in the existential war that Hamas and the like are waging against Israel has geared up on the Temple Mount,” stated Linda Olmert, deputy director of Haliba, the movement for freedom of worship on the Mount.

Shmuel Even: The Keys to the Gaza Strip— The blockade of the Gaza Strip, labeled by the Palestinians as a “siege,” is ostensibly one of the fundamental reasons behind Hamas’ barrage of rockets that led to Operation Protective Edge. Yet while the Palestinians claim that Israel’s purpose in imposing the “siege” is to overpower Gaza economically, this charge has no basis in reality. Rather, the terrorism emanating from the Gaza Strip is the root cause of Gaza’s abject economic state, and until it is eradicated from the area, the prospects for economic growth and development are slim. • Insofar as the situation in Gaza returns to what it was or improves, it will become increasingly difficult to realize the notion of “reconstruction for demilitarization,” a vested interest of Israel, the PA, Egypt, and other Arab states, and likewise supported by the United States and EU member nations. Hamas’ continued rule of the Gaza Strip reduces the possibility of restoring the PA to full control there.

IPT News: Hamas: Israel’s Destruction Remains Ultimate Goal— To hear some Palestinian advocates, if Israel simply lifted its blockade on Gaza – aimed at curbing weapons smuggling into the Hamas-controlled territory – then peace could be enjoyed by all. One of the main Hamas spokesman made it clear in an Aug. 17 speech that those advocates are misguided. “The time has come for us to say that our true war is not aimed at opening the border crossings. Out true war is aimed at the liberation of Jerusalem, Allah willing,” Sami Abu Zuhri said in a speech aired on Hamas’ Al Aqsa television. It was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) in a video report. Abu Zuhri also invoked the infamous anti-Semitic rallying cry radical Islamists often chant when calling for the elimination of Israel. “Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad has begun its return.” The slogan represents an early Islamic conquest of Khaybar, a predominately Jewish city in modern Saudi Arabia. In the year 629, Muslim armies besieged the city, slaughtering most of its occupants and eventually expelled the remaining Jewish inhabitants.

Bayram Kaya: Iran-Backed Group Implicated in Attack on Israel Embassy in Georgia—An investigation into the Tawhid-Salam cells working for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) Quds Force in Turkey has uncovered a connection to the failed bombing attack against an Israel Embassy staff member in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi on Feb. 13, 2012. Naser Ghafari, one of the commanders assigned to Turkey by the IRGC, instructed Huseyin Yazicioglu, a Turkish citizen who has been working for Iranian intelligence, to conduct surveillance in Tbilisi.

Gabi Siboni and Sami Kronenfeld: The Iranian Cyber Offensive during Operation Protective Edge— Although the IDF’s abilities to handle the rocket and attack tunnel threats have garnered most of the attention during the latest campaign in the Gaza Strip, it is now clear that Israel was also forced to confront cyber challenges during Operation Protective Edge. More specifically, in the course of the campaign, Iranian elements launched a widespread cyber offensive against Israeli targets, including attempts to damage security and financial networks. While these attempts were neutralized relatively easily and quickly by Israeli cyber defenses, it seems that Iran is investing heavily in the development of effective offensive capabilities against infrastructure systems, and might present a serious challenge to Israeli cyberdefenses within the foreseeable future.

Soeren Kern: Austria: Springboard for Global Jihad— The Austrian government has announced plans to improve its intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities in an urgent effort to crack down on would-be jihadists in the country. The decision by Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner to recruit 20 new intelligence officers to focus exclusively on the threat posed by radical Islam comes after police in Austria arrested nine Chechen immigrants who were on their way to wage jihad in Syria. The move also comes amid growing concerns that Austria’s shiftless Muslim youth are becoming increasingly radicalized and vocal in their support of the jihadist group Islamic State.

Yvette Alt Miller: The Rise of Anti-Semitism in Britain— Years ago, living in London as a graduate student, I confided to a fellow student that I’d been set up on a blind date with an Israeli. “How many Palestinians has he killed?” was his prompt reply. Equating Israelis with murderers was still a social taboo when this exchange took place. True, there were the occasional anti-Israel marches through the streets, but calling an entire country killers was still considered rude; my fellow student apologized for making such a blatant, racist remark. No more. Over the past several years, being anti-Israeli has become more and more the mark of a civilized person in Britain; opposing the Jewish state is increasingly a sine qua non, an essential hallmark, of being a considered “moral” person in Britain. And as anti-Israel sentiment grows, anti-Semitism is rising throughout the United Kingdom.

Mark Nicol: UK Special Forces in Iraq Seek to Capture British Jihadis—Elite troops from Britain’s SAS and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) are conducting operations inside Iraq, which could lead to the capture of the killer of U.S. journalist James Foley. A “significant force” of SAS soldiers has deployed to northern Iraq, joining Iraqi and Kurdish units fighting IS, in an attempt to capture British jihadis.




Hungarian Mayor Holds Mock Public Execution of Israeli Leaders



9--Jerusalem Post


Iran: Gaza put the Zionist regime on its knees

Iran threatens military retaliation against Israel for alleged spy drone

Leaders in southern Israel skeptical of Gaza cease-fire

Netanyahu’s approval ratings in a free-fall in light of latest Gaza cease-fire

‘Protective Edge began with huge support, ended with Israel shamed and confused,’ says Likud MK

Analysis: How Israel made Hamas crawl to a cease-fire in Gaza

SnyderTalk Comment: Crawl?  Hardly.  Hamas leader Khaled Mashal is in Qatar living like royalty.  He got just what he wanted.  Israel is the loser.

The reach of Qatar’s clout

IDF orders farmers, civilians to vacate Syria border area amid fierce Quneitra crossing battles

Another plot to overthrow Abbas?

UN waits for Cairo cease-fire details before going forward with resolution



10--Arutz Sheva


Iran Hails Hamas ‘Victory’, Qatar Offers Money

IDF Fires at Syria after Officer Is Wounded in Golan

Likud Minister Says Gaza Operation was ‘For Nothing’

Rock Ambush Injures Baby in Samaria

Gaza Belt Leaders See Ceasefire as Surrender

Aaron Soffer’s Parents Plead for Help in Search 

Bennett: No Need to Criticize Ya’alon

Eshkol Rocket Victim was Security Coordinator

New Turkish PM’s Pan-Islamic Foreign Policy

Blair Welcomes Gaza Ceasefire








Hamas’s humiliation, and Israel’s looming defeat

Hamas victory celebrations should not be easily dismissed

IDF officer injured as Islamist rebels take Syrian crossing

American woman is being held hostage in Syria

Ceasefire holds; Israeli officials say Hamas dealt heavy blow

Ceasefire sparks storm of criticism against Netanyahu

Open-ended Gaza truce puts off tough issues

Who won the war? It’s a stupid question

In wake of war, leftist ‘self-hating Jews’ find a voice

Radar barrier could detect Gaza tunnels, experts say



12--Other News


US rules out coordinating with Assad on airstrikes against Islamists in Syria

US backs off statement that Egypt, UAE were behind Libya air strikes

SnyderTalk Comment: Notice that Egypt and the UAE didn’t back off.  Obama is a slow learner.

Hamas Training Manual Tells Civilians to Store Bombs

White House confirms death of American jihadist fighting in Syria

No sign of quick end to Ukraine conflict

Rotherham child abuse: Commissioner faces calls to resign

Council ignored abuse of 1400 children for 16 years in UK town

Christians in the Middle East face eradication… it is NOW time to act against IS

Judges chide state lawyers over gay marriage bans

US welcomes new truce in Gaza

SnyderTalk Comment: Correction, the Obama administration welcomes the new truce in Gaza.  The job wasn’t finished, and Hamas is still in control.  In a couple of years or less, it will be repeated, only it will be worse the next time.  Netanyahu made a tragic mistake.




SnyderTalk Comment: You may not like the way they presented their case, but you can’t deny their courage and their willingness to take risks.  We could learn a lesson from them.



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Genesis 27: 27-29

27 So he came close and kissed him; and when he smelled the smell of his garments, he blessed him and said, “See, the smell of my son is like the smell of a field which Yahweh has blessed; 28 now may God give you of the dew of heaven, and of the fatness of the earth, and an abundance of grain and new wine; 29 may peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you; be master of your brothers, and may your mother’s sons bow down to you. Cursed be those who curse you, and blessed be those who bless you.”

SnyderTalk Comment: Read His Name is Yahweh.


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