August 27, 2014 SnyderTalk: Radical Islamists Don’t Play Golf


“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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ISIS Won’t be Defeated on a Martha’s Vineyard Golf Course because Radical Islamists Don’t Play Golf

A recent Washington Post editorial said that talk won’t solve the ISIS problem.  That’s absolutely correct.

Is President Obama up to the task?  Time will tell, but he won’t defeat ISIS on a Martha’s Vineyard golf course because radical Islamists don’t play golf.  It’s against their religion.

For radical Islamists, cold-blooded murder and barbaric butchery are okay.  So are bank robbery and rape.  Sodomy is permissible for jihadists if they aren’t close enough to their wives and beastiality is acceptable if there are goats and lambs nearby, but singing and dancing and playing golf are no-nos.  People are slaughtered for doing those things.

Obama is world-renowned for blowing smoke.  An editorial in The Daily Star of Lebanon called the president’s response to the beheading of James Foley “phony indignation”.  (See the editorial in the “Perspectives” section below.)  That may be closer to the truth than most Americans want to admit, but again, time will tell.  Given his record of half-truths and outright lies, you can understand why people are skeptical about anything he says.

Whatever the case may be, this much is certain: ISIS isn’t your run-of-the-mill jihadist group and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, sounds wishy-washy on the whole matter.  See “The Scary Numbers Behind ISIS” and “Joint Chiefs chairman says ISIS not a direct threat to US, won’t recommend Syria strikes yet”.

According to the second article, General Dempsey “believes the Sunni insurgent group formerly known as ISIS is more of a regional threat and is not currently plotting or planning attacks against the U.S. or Europe.”  Dempsey is an Obama guy.  I wonder if he reads newspapers and if he pays attention to what ISIS is saying.  To him, a “direct threat” may be after beheadings begin to take place on U.S. soil.  We’ve already seen butchering in Great Britain.  It makes me wonder if Dempsey understands the concept of airplane travel between countries and if 9/11 or Fort Hood ring his bell.

For years, I have been posting articles in SnyderTalk pertaining to Obama’s unrelenting campaign to reshape the U.S. military.  His initiatives have included things like the introduction of litmus tests for high ranking generals and admirals.  One of the tests that our nations would-be military leaders had to pass was the willingness to order their troops to open fire on U.S. civilians (men, women, and children) inside U.S. borders.

That’s illegal, but a president could order it and generals could carry out his order if they were willing to violate the law to serve their master.  I would say serve their commander and chief, but that’s just a title.  Master may be more appropriate in this instance.

Try to imagine the U.S. military, all branches of service, as a praetorian guard.  Could it be that that’s what the military at the command level has already become?

I hope not, but I’m not sure.  I do know this: if you don’t realize that the problem already exists in the U.S. and Europe, you are way behind the curve.

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Obama won’t defeat ISIS on the golf course at Martha’s Vineyard because radical Islamists don’t play golf.






13--Perspectives 2


Prime Minister David Cameron: Islamic State Poses a Direct and Deadly Threat to Britain—The creation of an extremist caliphate in the heart of Iraq and extending into Syria is not a problem miles away from home. It is our concern here and now. Because if we do not act to stem the onslaught of this exceptionally dangerous terrorist movement, it will only grow stronger until it can target us on the streets of Britain. We are in the middle of a generational struggle against a poisonous and extremist ideology, which I believe we will be fighting for the rest of my political lifetime. The Islamic State already controls not just thousands of minds, but thousands of square miles of territory, sweeping aside much of the boundary between Iraq and Syria to carve out its so-called caliphate. It makes no secret of its expansionist aims. If it succeeds, we would be facing a terrorist state on the shores of the Mediterranean and bordering a NATO member. This is a clear danger to Europe and to our security. It is a daunting challenge. But it is not an invincible one, as long as we are now ready and able to summon up the political will to defend our own values and way of life with the same determination, courage and tenacity as we have faced danger before in our history. That is how much is at stake here: we have no choice but to rise to the challenge.

Howard LaFranchi—Obama officials talk of ‘defeating’ Islamic State, but what steps will US take?—President Obama says the United States will be “relentless” in going after the Islamic State, the militant organization that brutally executed American James Foley this week and whose advances in northern Iraq from its base in Syria prompted the president to order airstrikes earlier this month. But that does not mean the US is on the verge of extending its air campaign against IS fighters into Syria, or swallowing hard and shifting from an adversarial to cooperative stance with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in the interest of defeating IS – two steps that some regional experts and prominent former officials are advocating. Instead, Mr. Obama appears set to stick with a two-step strategy that abides by his deep reluctance to plunge the US military into Syria.

The Daily Star Lebanon Editorial: Phoney indignation—Last August, Washington put the Middle East on a war footing in the wake of a chemical weapons attack on the Ghouta suburbs of Damascus which killed hundreds of people. In the end, Moscow offered its ally the Syrian regime a way to escape punishment, by relinquishing its chemical weapons. This August, when ISIS militants beheaded a U.S. journalist, captured in Syria, a similar global response has emerged, about the sudden need to take firm action. In fact, Washington had already taken firm action, by launching airstrikes in northern Iraq to stem military advances by ISIS that came uncomfortably close to the autonomous Kurdish region and U.S. interests there. The U.S. has acted in Syria and Iraq only when it believes its direct interests are at stake, and not out of concerns about the targeting of ethnic minorities or the daily stream of massive human rights violations, or out of a genuine desire to promote stability and democracy in the region.

Daniel Gordis: So How Is Hamas Different from Islamic State, Israel Wonders?—Israelis have taken great interest in Obama calling Islamic State a “cancer” after the gruesome beheading of American photojournalist James Foley. When Islamic State executes an innocent American – befuddled Israelis noticed – Obama has the capacity for outrage and moral clarity. But in Israel’s conflict, even though Hamas is sworn on Israel’s destruction and has been killing innocent Israelis for years, the best that Obama has been able to utter is the standard “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Israelis still remember when then-senator and presidential candidate Obama sounded different. In 2008, Obama said in Sderot, Israel: “The first job of any nation state is to protect its citizens. And so I can assure you that if…somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”

Charles Krauthammer: Stopping the Worst People on Earth—The Islamic State is overstretched. It’s a thin force of perhaps 15,000 trying to control a territory four times the size of Israel. Its supply lines, operating in open country, are not just extended but exposed and highly vulnerable to air power. Stopping the Islamic State’s momentum creates a major shift in psychology. Guerrilla armies thrive on a sense of inevitability. The Islamic State has grown in size, demoralized its enemies and attracted recruits from all over the world because it seemed unstoppable, a real caliphate in the making. People follow the strong horse over the weak horse, taught Osama bin Laden. We simply cannot abide a growing jihadist state in the heart of the Middle East, fueled by oil, advanced weaponry and a deranged fanaticism. These are the worst people on earth. They openly, proudly crucify enemies, enslave women and murder men en masse. These are not the usual bad guys out for land, plunder or power. These are primitive cultists who celebrate slaughter, glory in bloodlust and slit the throats of innocents as a kind of sacrament.

Caroline Glick: Why Israel is losing the information war— For most Israelis, the international discourse on Gaza is unintelligible. Here we were going along, minding our own business. Then on a clear night in June, apropos of nothing, Palestinian terrorists stole, murdered and hid the bodies of three of our children as they made their way home from school. Before we could catch our breath from that atrocity, they began shelling our major population centers with thousands of rockets, missiles and mortars, and infiltrated our communities along the border with Gaza through underground tunnels to kidnap and murder us. And as the Palestinians did all of these things, they used their civilian population and the foreign press corps as human sandbags. They ordered their own people not to evacuate their homes from which Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad terrorists launched their missiles, rockets and mortars at Israel. And they launched missiles at Israeli cities from outside the hotel where the foreign reporters were staying. It doesn’t take a PhD to understand what the game is. And Israelis – even many with PhDs – understand what is happening. This is why so many Israelis are up in arms about our government’s failure to impact the wall of lies that comprises the discourse on Israel in the Western world.

Dr. Ronen A. Cohen: The Arab world’s painful lesson—The murderous Islamic State (formerly, ISIS) terror organization seeks to impose its version of fundamentalist Islam on others. The leaders of this group, much like other groups fueled by revenge, zealotry and material and political greed — those organizations led by pseudo clergymen in traditional garb, a massive beard and a black turban suggesting a direct link to the Prophet Muhammad — display total religious ignorance and clearly represent the erosion of the glorious principles that characterized Islam in the past. The sad irony behind these groups is that the more they try to distill Islam into its “purest” form through a limited prism of interpretation, the more their way is the most misled and un-Islamic path that their religion has ever known, due to gross misinterpretation of its texts. The Arab nations subjected to ongoing threats by radical Islamic groups in recent decades are both responsible for the rise of these movements and also the first to suffer from their efforts. The engine that drives the rise of radical Islam — be it the mujahedeen in Afghanistan or Algeria or Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or Boko Haram in Nigeria — is fueled by the same poison.

Boaz Bismuth: Brothers in arms and repugnance—The Islamic State group (also known as ISIS) and Hamas are brethren. They are brothers in arms, brothers in religion, and brothers in repugnance. Two sides of the same coin. One hates anything different from it, while the other hates anything that is not Sunni. One group calls itself an “Islamic state” while the other is seeking to create one on our doorstep. The Middle East, not coincidentally, sprouted both these plagues, and, as it was written on these same pages two weeks ago, the war against Hamas is the same as the war against ISIS. It is not only our problem, but we are the ones living in the same neighborhood and it appears, for us, the issue is more pressing. The war on Hamas should be the same as the war on ISIS. If not for us, then at least for the Muslims.

NGO Monitor: Pseudo-Investigations in Gaza—Media reports indicate that officials from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have attempted to enter Gaza in order to conduct “independent investigations” into the July 2014 conflict, claiming that they possess “the requisite professional military knowledge to independently evaluate claims being made by both the Palestinians and Israelis.” In contrast, the evidence clearly demonstrates that neither Amnesty International nor HRW is capable of conducting independent, unbiased, and credible investigations, particularly in the context of intense conflict, and environments where information is strictly controlled and manipulated by groups like Hamas. Neither NGO abides by international fact-finding standards such as the Lund-London Guidelines adopted by the International Bar Association. In addition to the lack of objectivity, their research processes are entirely non-transparent and not subject to accountability or independent verification.

Daniel Mandel: The Big Lie of Gaza—The idea of Gaza being the most densely populated place in the world is a propaganda fabrication. Gaza had in 2010 11,542 people per square mile, less densely populated than Hong Kong (17,422), Singapore (17,723), Monaco (39,609), and Macau (52,163). No one calls these places teeming, open-air prisons – with reason. Hong Kong has the world’s third largest financial center. Singapore has the third highest per capita income in the world. Monaco has the world’s highest GDP per capita. And Macau is one of the world’s richest cities – testimony to what hard work, solid industries and responsible government can achieve in small, resource-poor territories. Gaza could be the Singapore of the Middle East. But it isn’t – it’s governed by Hamas, whose Charter calling for war with the Jews until their obliteration is well-known to those who elected it. Gaza, along with the West Bank, has been the recipient of the highest levels of per capita aid in the world. Investment not siphoned off by Hamas has produced results: Gaza boasts shopping malls, five theme parks and 12 tourist resorts. In the last two years, Hamas has spent an estimated $1.5 billion on an underground infrastructure of terror tunnels deep into Israel for the purpose of mounting Mumbai-like mass-casualty terror assaults.






9--Jerusalem Post


European Jewish Congress says continent ‘ripe’ for ISIS attack

Jihadi cancer thrives in London

Qatar’s ties with US deterring Israel from all-out diplomatic offensive, official says

Qatar condemns Islamic State and rejects funding accusations

‘Hamas a less threatening enemy than previously thought,’ Nahal intelligence officer tells ‘JPost’

The Mashaal profile

Erdogan visits wounded Palestinians in Turkish hospital

‘Palestinians willing to accept new Egyptian truce proposal, but awaiting Israeli response’

Likud MK Feiglin proposes paying Arabs to leave Gaza

Targeted Hits Signal Israel Won’t Tolerate a War of Attrition

SnyderTalk Comment: A war of attrition is “a prolonged war or period of conflict during which each side seeks to gradually wear out the other by a series of small-scale actions.”



10--Arutz Sheva


EJC Chief: Parts of Europe Ripe for Islamic State Attack

Airstrike Eliminates Gaza Terrorists Firing Rockets

Goldstone Report Judge Named to UNHRC Gaza Probe

Minister Insists Israel Will Not Abandon Gaza Belt

Israeli Industry Leader Urges Europe not to Boycott

Parents of Four Year-Old Killed by Rocket Fire Speak Out

Lapid Vows Revenge on Hamas for Killing 4 Year-Old

Chief Rabbi Lau Pushes Secular-Religious Unity

Tourism Minister: Make Gaza Belt VAT-Free

Livni Says Critics Are Unfair to Army Chief Gantz








Ground op is still an option, but time is not on Israel’s side

In Israel’s cabinet, two competing strategies for Gaza

Rocket launcher in Gaza school targeted; Israel mum on Egyptian truce bid

Egyptian truce bid said to garner Israeli consent

Israel’s UN envoy: Stop Qatari terrorism funding

Abbas to seek UN deadline for Israeli West Bank withdrawal

Arab League to ask UN to compel Israeli West Bank pullout

Half of Israeli teens agree it’s ‘good to die’ for country

PA flag-waver booted from UK soccer game

Time retracts IDF organ harvesting allegation



12--Other News


Israel turns to new arms suppliers amid US doubt

Syrian official warns US: No unilateral airstrikes

Syria says it’s ready to cooperate to fight Islamist militants

Iran Speaks More Softly But Keeps Building Bigger Sticks

Hundreds dead as Islamic State seizes Syrian air base

Euro falls, stocks rise on ECB stimulus bet

Civil War Hangs Heavy Over Ukraine During Its Independence Day Celebrations

Oldest metal object in Middle East discovered in woman’s grave

Time Magazine Accuses IDF of Stealing Palestinian Organs

College Football Is Ruining Education

SnyderTalk Comment: All “revenue sports” including basketball are problems because they are cash cows.  Free cash flow to a college administrator is like heroin to a junkie.  It should be an embarrassment, but college administrators have proven that their threshold for embarrassment is extremely high.  Like the Old Gray Mare, colleges ain’t what they used to be.






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5 Rebekah was listening while Isaac spoke to his son Esau. So when Esau went to the field to hunt for game to bring home, 6 Rebekah said to her son Jacob, “Behold, I heard your father speak to your brother Esau, saying, 7 ‘Bring me some game and prepare a savory dish for me, that I may eat, and bless you in the presence of Yahweh before my death.’ 8 Now therefore, my son, listen to me as I command you. 9 Go now to the flock and bring me two choice young goats from there, that I may prepare them as a savory dish for your father, such as he loves. 10 Then you shall bring it to your father, that he may eat, so that he may bless you before his death.” 11 Jacob answered his mother Rebekah, “Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man and I am a smooth man. 12 “Perhaps my father will feel me, then I will be as a deceiver in his sight, and I will bring upon myself a curse and not a blessing.” 13 But his mother said to him, “Your curse be on me, my son; only obey my voice, and go, get them for me.” 14 So he went and got them, and brought them to his mother; and his mother made savory food such as his father loved. 15 Then Rebekah took the best garments of Esau her elder son, which were with her in the house, and put them on Jacob her younger son. 16 And she put the skins of the young goats on his hands and on the smooth part of his neck. 17 She also gave the savory food and the bread, which she had made, to her son Jacob.

SnyderTalk Comment: Rebekah prevented Isaac from making a tragic mistake.  In Yahweh’s eyes, she did exactly what she should have done.  Katie and I named one of our daughters Rebekah.  In Hebrew, it’s Rivka.  Read His Name is Yahweh.


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