July 11, 2014 SnyderTalk: Operation Protective Edge: It’s Time to Target Hamas for Elimination


“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you.” Psalm 122: 6


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Operation Protective Edge: It’s Time to Target Hamas for Elimination

Operation Protective Edge is underway, and it’s turning into a full-scale ground operation.  No thinking person can blame Israel’s leaders for taking steps to protect their citizens from the tens of thousands of unprovoked rocket attacks that have been launched in their direction by Hamas from Gaza.  I’m not suggesting that Israel won’t be criticized because I know she will be, but I am saying this: informed and intelligent people won’t do it unless they are anti-Semitic to the core.

Now, rewind to 2012 and Operation Pillar of Defense.  The central characters are the same, and the critical events are the same.  Now, rewind to 2008 and Operation Cast Lead.  The critical events are the same, but the central characters are different.  In 2008, George W. Bush was President of the United States and Ehud Olmert was Prime Minister of Israel, otherwise the variables are essentially the same.  All along, Hamas has been waging war against Israel.

If we think about Operation Protective Edge, Operation Pillar of Defense, and Operation Cast lead as independent events, we will fail to see the big picture.  All of these military operations are related and they were made necessary because of Ariel Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005 which resulted in Hamas taking control.

The salient point is that Israel handed Hamas control of the Gaza Strip in 2005 to placate Western leaders.  Since that time, Israel has had nothing but trouble, and it keeps getting worse by the day.  I know that there was bitter resentment inside Israel in 2005 because the tiny country was forced to defend “settlers” in Gaza at great cost, but that was nothing compared with the cost of the three major military operations since withdrawal.  In fact, Israel would have been much better off if she had never relinquished control—better off in terms of shekels spent and lives lost.  That’s the truth, like or not.

Through it all, Hamas has remained what Hamas is and always has been — a terrorist organization whose only reason for being is to annihilate Israel. Hamas has taken a page out of Yasser Arafat’s playbook. This is what Arafat said:

“Peace for us means the destruction of Israel.  We are preparing for an all-out war, a war which will last for generations.  Since January 1965, when Fatah was born, we have become the most dangerous enemy that Israel has….We shall not rest until the day when we return to our home, and until we destroy Israel.” (El Mundo, Caracas, Venezuela, February 11, 1980)

For Hamas, “peace” is nothing more than a time for preparing for the next active phase of the war. Hamas’ leaders have played Western leaders like a fiddle, and they have been so effective because Western leaders have been too ambivalent about Israel. Some of them are openly hostile to the Jewish state, but regardless of their true beliefs, the outcome for Israel has been the same — war followed by war followed by war with brief respites in between so the enemy can reload and take care of their wounded.

This is the bottom line: Israel is at war with Hamas, has been at war with Hamas since the day it came into existence, and will be at war with Hamas until one of them ceases to exist. Those are the facts, leading to this inescapable conclusion: it’s time to target Hamas for elimination. I’m not talking about knocking out a leader here and there to send the survivors a message. It’s obvious that they don’t get the message, or if they do get it, they don’t care.

This may sound extreme, but I don’t think it is.  It won’t cost Israel any friends, and it won’t increase the number of her enemies.  Those two groups are pretty much set in stone at this point, but it will expose people’s true inclinations.  Those in the middle, those who can be reasoned with, need to be educated.  They need to understand that Israel is the West’s frontline against radical Islam.  Israel is their primary target now, but Islamists have the rest of us in their crosshairs.

That’s exactly what Islamists are saying and they are saying it openly.  After Israel, we’re next—probably Europe first, then the U.S., then Russia, then China.  As I see it, it’s the world against radical Islam.  They started it, and we are foolish if bury our heads in the sand and pretend it isn’t so.

This SnyderTalk editorial was first published in American Thinker.




SnyderTalk Comment: Muslims celebrate rocket attacks on Jerusalem from atop the Temple Mount.



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Elder of Ziyon: What Reporters Need to Know During Operation Protective Edge— As an observer of previous Israeli operations in Gaza, and as the person who has uncovered and publicized some huge journalistic errors during those times, I strongly caution reporters not to make the same mistakes that they have made in the past in their coverage. Mistake #1: Assuming that all Gaza casualties are the result of Israeli airstrikes—Traditionally, the number of Gaza rockets that fall short and never reach Israel, or that explode as they are fired, is over 35 percent -and sometimes as high as 80 percent!. At least three Gaza civilians have been killed this year by terrorist rockets. During Operation Pillar of Defense, the media was fooled at least twice – and possibly three times – with false Arab reports that children were killed by Israeli airstrikes when they were killed by errant terror rockets from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Even schools have been hit by terrorist rockets.

HonestReporting: Israel Under Fire: Operation Protective Edge – A Primer— Israel once again finds itself forced into taking military action against Hamas in Gaza. Here are some of the key points and information concerning Operation Protective Edge. Israel Under Fire: Since the beginning of 2014, Gaza terrorists have fired more than 450 rockets at innocent Israeli civilians. Rocket fire endangers more than 3.5 million people who live within rocket range of Gaza – about 40% of Israel’s population. There has been a dramatic escalation of rocket fire with some 240 rockets fired during the past month and at least 40 rockets hammering southern Israel on Monday night alone.

Lauri Regan: Obama’s Narcissistic Delusions about Peace in the Mideast— Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl recently observed, “The Obama administration has developed a bad habit of founding its Middle East strategies on wishful thinking.”  “Wishful thinking” is kind.  Delusions of grandeur from the man who promised he had the power to make oceans recede, the authority to bring prosperity and equality to all, and the unique ability to cause peace the world over is more accurate. And so it is that Obama took to the pages of Ha’aretz, Israel’s equivalent of the New York Times (if not worse) in its left-leaning, progressive ideology and penned an article titled “Peace is the only path to true security for Israel and the Palestinians.”  In typical Obama style, he narcissistically begins his column talking about himself — his view of Israel from the window of Air Force One, his view of the situation as a father, and faux promises of his commitment to the security of Israel and its citizens. He continues with lies about the strength of the Israeli/U.S. relationship and his personal responsibility for making Israel safer than ever before. From there his delusions grow tenfold.

Khaled Abu Toameh: “Moderate” Fatah Also Firing Rockets—Fatah has several hundred militiamen in the Gaza Strip, some of whom are members of the Palestinian Authority security forces, who continue to receive their salaries from Western governments. At least two Fatah armed groups announced that they had started firing rockets at the “settlements” of Ashkelon and Sderot, cities inside the pre-1967 borders of Israel, with another Fatah group claiming responsibility for firing 35 rockets into Israel since Sunday. So far as Abbas is concerned, “it all started when Israel fired back” in response to hundred of rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip during the last few days. He seems concerned that if the world hears about the role of Fatah in the rocket attacks, the news will affect Western financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, which dominated by Fatah.

Soeren Kern: Meet the Next President of the European Commission—”When it becomes serious, you have to lie.” — Jean-Claude Juncker. “We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.” — Jean-Claude Juncker. “Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to bring attention to that?” — Jean-Claude Juncker. “I am for secret, dark debates.” — Jean-Claude Juncker. Juncker has been an unabashed advocate for expanding the powers of the EU. Critics say that the new system for naming the Commission president amounts to an “institutional coup” because it severs any remaining direct connection with the democratic process at the national level.

Samuel Westrop: Four Ways to Fight Extremism in Britain—If British politicians are serious about putting a stop to the misuse of charity for pro-terror purposes, lawmakers could propose legislation that removes the effective immunity of charitable trusts from liability when their trustees are found to have used funds for terrorist or other unlawful activities.

Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith: 5 Reasons to Stand with Israel— All of Israel is in deep shock and shame over the horrific murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir allegedly by six young Jewish hooligans. The Israeli government and Jews from across the political spectrum have vociferously condemned this reprehensible murder. With the images of Gilad, Eyal and Naftali swiftly cast aside, replaced by headline news of the grisly revenge murder by Jews — along with a video of Israeli police beating a 15-year-old Palestinian-American, Israel is taking a beating in the world press. At this time of deep national soul-searching, here are five points to balance our perspective (and help us effectively respond to critics).

Dr. Haim Shine: A knife in the nation’s heart— The murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir is difficult to stomach, painful and saddening. There is not a person in Israel that believed Jews could commit such a gruesome murder. It appears now, albeit prior to a conviction, that the murderers are indeed Jews. It comes as a complete shock, a stunning turn that thoroughly deconstructs our belief system about ourselves. A gut-wrenching mix of sadness, shame and condolence for the victim’s family has taken over the public discourse in Israel. The vast majority of the views prevalent online social networks express the public’s genuine sentiment following the murder. From the president, to the prime minister to the last of the citizens, all have condemned the crime and have internalized the depth of the wounds it has caused. Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s murderers stuck a knife in the heart of the nation, currently in the eye of a tumultuous storm. We would have become like Sodom, and we would have resembled Gomorrah. With this zealous, boggling, psychotic act of darkness, the murderers have put all Israeli civilians in significant danger. No one in the country is safe today from acts of revenge by madmen who fill the ranks of our enemies.

Jonathan Spyer: Fractured States— In the latest evidence of ongoing fragmentation in what was once Iraq and Syria, Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq, this week announced his intention to hold a referendum in the coming months to decide the question of Kurdish independence. “I have said many times that independence is the natural right of the people of Kurdistan,” Barzani told the BBC in an interview. “All these developments [in Iraq] reaffirm that, and from now on we will not hide that the goal of Kurdistan is independence… I cannot fix a date now, but it’s a question of months.” Barzani’s words reflect the increased self-confidence of the Kurds, following their recent acquisition of the oil-rich Kirkuk area and the effective performance of their armed forces against the jihadis of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – in sharp contrast to the army of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Michael Curtis: Israeli Settlements Are Not Illegal— Seventeen nations of the European union did not listen to or remember the remarks of Julie Bishop, foreign minister of Australia, made on January 21, 2014. She asserted that the international community should refrain from calling Israeli settlements illegal under international law while their status is not yet determined. The EU members neglected this wise advice and impetuously issued a warning that financial transactions, investments, and economic activity with Israeli settlements or benefiting them carry legal and financial risks.  In their view, this dire analysis stems from the “fact” that the Israeli settlements, according to international law, are built on occupied land and are not recognized as a legitimate part of Israel’s territory. Three reasons are usually given by those international bodies, academic institutions, and mainstream churches who hold this conviction about the settlements.  They are: Israeli settlements are illegal under international law; they constitute an obstacle to peace; and they threaten to make a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impossible.  The reality is that none of the three can be justified on the basis of real evidence.






9--Jerusalem Post


Rocket alert sirens sound in Zichron Yaakov, 120 km north of Gaza

Syrian-made M302 rocket fired by Hamas at Hadera

ANALYSIS: Stunned by Israel’s fierce response, Hamas sends distress signals

Netanyahu: Israel to expand Operation Protective Edge

WATCH: Israeli naval vessel helps intercept Hamas commandos who stormed beach

Ya’alon says IDF campaign against Hamas to expand, vows ‘will exact huge price’

Rockets intercepted over greater Tel Aviv; IAF targets 160 Gazan terror sites overnight

A different operation, but the same exposed civilians in the South

IAF destroys homes of all Hamas commanders, kills senior members

Arab League calls for urgent meeting of UN Security Council over IDF Gaza op

SnyderTalk Comment: Where were the calls for a meeting of the UN Security Council over the thousands of rockets launched toward Israel by Hamas from Gaza over the past several years?  Did President Obama do it?  No.  Did the European Union do it? No.  Did Russia do it?  No.  Did the Arab League do it?  No, but no one expected the Arabs to act responsibly.  The US, in particular, deserves criticism.  We’re supposed to be Israel’s best friend and ally, but all President Obama could do was call for Israel to show “restraint”.

Restraint my derrière.  Hamas has been begging for an attitude adjustment, pleading for one, and now is the time to give it to them.  As I said in my editorial today, the goal of Operation Protective Edge should be to eliminate Hamas completely.  I doubt that is possible, but that should be the goal anyway.  If Israel tries to eliminate Hamas and comes up short, they will still accomplish more than they would with a “restrained” response.



10--Arutz Sheva


Two Rockets Fall Just South of Haifa

Water Supply to Hamas Head’s Neighborhood Cut Off

Hamas Kidnappers ‘Intended to Murder Teens from the Start’

Exclusive: Status Quo Changed at David’s Tomb

Watch: Gaza Rockets Interrupt Wedding in Ashdod 

Ariel: Let’s Open Doors to Residents of the South

Watch: Arabs Celebrate Rocket Strikes on Jerusalem

Protective Edge to Ensure ‘Zero Rockets on Israel’

Technician Escapes Stabbing Attempt in Samaria

Ya’alon Says Operation Will Expand in Coming Days




Israel Assassinates Hamas Naval Commander with Direct Hit on Terrorist Vehicle





Rockets hit open areas south of Haifa in deepest Gazan strike yet

US slams rocket fire at Israeli civilians, urges sides to ‘act responsibly’

Cabinet approves massive call-up ahead of possible ground op

World disinterested in Gaza operation, senior official says

Amid Gaza rocket fire, hundreds of Israelis console family of slain Arab teen

Israelis still searching for answers after Abu Khdeir murder

Police investigating ‘price tag’ incidents in Jerusalem

Girl says she foiled kidnap attempt near Jerusalem

Why are we fighting with Gaza, again?

Top Obama official blasts Israel for denying Palestinians sovereignty, security, dignity

SnyderTalk Comment: Where to begin?  I’ll start with this: it’s impossible to deny dignity to anyone who raises children to become walking bombs and glorifies and celebrates cold-blooded murder.  Israel didn’t deny them those things.  I’ll end with this: Philip Gordon is not speaking for me, and I suspect that he is not speaking for the majority of U.S. citizens.  He’s speaking for President Obama, and most Americans are beginning to realize what kind of person he is.



12--Other News


Operation ‘Protective Edge’ Begins in Response to Escalation of Terror

Israel ramps up air assault on Gaza Strip

Israel’s Bennett on Gaza Campaign Against Hamas: ‘We Know That We Are Defending the Free World’

Hundreds of Arabs Celebrate Atop Temple Mount After Rocket Attacks on Jerusalem

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer Rips New York Times Editorial as ‘Embarrassment to Journalism’

Suspect in murder of Palestinian teen ‘mentally ill,’ says father

BBC investigation reveals Gaza pictures not what they claim to be

Khamenei: US and Israel playing ‘good cop, bad cop’

Europe confronts Islamist wave with pre-emptive measures

Indonesians vote in tight presidential race






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