November 13, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: “It’s impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired.”


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“It’s impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired.”

What do the Benghazi tragedy, the IRS scandal, and the dismal failure of the Obamacare launch have in common?  The frontline perpetrators are still in office or they are on paid leave while they protect the primary culprit in the White House.

Last week, Senator John Cornyn from Texas told Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that “[t]he only thing I can conclude is it’s impossible to do something in this Administration that gets you fired. It’s impossible. You can lie to the American people, you can consistently misrepresent the facts but it’s impossible to get fired.”  (To see the video of Cornyn’s remarks, click here.)

There’s a reason why the people responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi are still unpunished.  It’s the same reason why the IRS officials who targeted individuals and groups opposing Obama’s misguided policies remain in office and why the grossly incompetent implementers of Obamacare are still in charge.

As long as the public’s attention is focused on lower-level operatives, the media is completely absorbed and the chief culprit who occupies the Oval Office is safe from harm.  Those lackeys are for President Obama what human shields are for his Muslim Brothers—indispensable pawns in a political game that keep the president from taking the pounding in the media that he so richly deserves.

Obama takes the credit; underlings take the blame; and no one is held accountable.  The president couldn’t function in office without them because they take our eyes off the ball thus enabling him to instigate more misadventures.

As long as the American people remain in the dark about the issues (and as a nation we are oblivious to what’s taking place all around us) and as long as they don’t know who is to blame (and you can rest assured that they don’t have a clue who might be responsible for problems that they barely even recognize), you can bet that they will continue to sing the praises of their champion—mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.  The typical Obama supporter is about as knowledgeable about the facts as the children who sang that ridiculous song.

Thankfully, Obama’s approval rating is plummeting.  According to PewResearch,

The latest national poll by the Pew Research Center, conducted Oct. 30-Nov. 6 among 2,003 adults, finds that Obama’s second-term job ratings have followed a similar downward trajectory as those of his predecessor, George W. Bush. A year after his reelection, 36% approved of Bush’s job performance, down from 48% in December 2004.

According to the Pew poll, Obama’s approval rating is 41%, but there isn’t another presidential election for 3 years.  If Obama’s approval rating recovers by November 2016, the American people may be saying President Clinton again, but they will be talking about Hillary.

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Hillary Clinton is the first person in line for the Benghazi hot seat.  As secretary of state, she was directly responsible for letting our officials in Benghazi die rather than admit that Islamist terrorists were taking control in Tunisia.  She made no effort to save them because that inconvenient truth didn’t jive with the propaganda that she and President Obama had been shoveling out to the world.  Next, Obama, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and Clinton orchestrated a plot to blame an obscure filmmaker for the Benghazi disaster.  I think that’s a criminal offense, but I know it’s a moral offense.

It was a classic misdirection scam.  The media took the bait, and the filmmaker went to jail.  The real culprits are still at large.

Obama, Rice, and Clinton are skillful dissemblers and they have enablers in the media, so there is a very good chance that Obama’s approval rating will recover and that Hillary will become the next president.  Rice may become Clinton’s chief of staff, but that’s just speculation.  Whatever the case may be, though, a Clinton presidency would help to perpetuate the never-ending Obama charade.

If you hope that the American people will wake up before 2016, you are probably dreaming, but that’s a story for another day.  For now, let it suffice to say that President Obama is doing what he does best: making a mess of everything that he touches, lying about his involvement, and letting others take the blame for his ineptitude.

I used the word “ineptitude” even though there is another interpretation of the facts that is beginning to get traction.  President Obama may be diabolically and purposely trying to destroy the United States.  Whether it’s ineptitude or evil intent is irrelevant.  The result is the same regardless.  President Obama is bringing America to its knees, and it’s not in submission to Yahweh.

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9--Jerusalem Post


Iran foreign minister: West to blame for nuclear talks breakdown

PM to take rhetoric against Iran deal from behind microphone into meetings with Hollande, Putin

‘US Senate will wait before moving ahead on new Iran sanctions’

Iran, UN watchdog agree on probe of nuclear sites

After Kerry’s 3rd intifada comment, Shapiro says violence never acceptable

Britain revives ties with Iran, two years after embassy attack

Dennis Ross: U.S. Must Be Ready to Step Up Iran Sanctions

U.S. Top Iran Negotiator in Israel for Talks

Jewish leaders spar over assimilation at GA meeting in Jerusalem

Lebanese TV station refuses to apologize for Nasrallah sketch that sparked riots



10--Arutz Sheva


New York Times Bashes Bibi’s Iran ‘Hysterics’

French Foreign Minister: Deal with Iran Close

Kerry: We were ‘Extremely Close’ to an Iran Deal

‘Kerry, You’re Spreading Palestinian Propaganda’

Former FM: Clarify Israel’s Position with the US

Criminal Weapons Cache Found Under Afula Building

‘US Promised to Free Pollard after 10 Years’

Man Sets Himself on Fire in Tunisia’s Capital

Revealed: Iran’s Supreme Leader is a Billionaire

‘Mortal Danger’ to Travel to Mount of Olives

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NY Times pans PM’s ‘hysterical opposition’ to Iran deal

Kerry to brief dubious Senate on Iran talks

Netanyahu and Peres strike different tones on Iran

Iran FM snaps back at Kerry about talks’ failure

Jordan’s queen lambastes Islamic extremism

Egypt destroys smuggling tunnels on Gaza border

Bank of China anti-terrorism case makes waves in US, Israel

German trade union leader opposes West Bank boycott

Argentina anti-Semitism drops overall, grows online

US man faces charge of attempting to join al-Qaeda



12--Other News


12-Year Old Muslim Boy’s First Beheading

Israel to world leaders: If diplomacy fails to thwart ‘dangerous’ Iran deal, a vow of unilateral attack

Kerry: Major Powers Agreed on Iran Nuclear Deal But Tehran Did Not Accept It

Top American Jewish Leaders Slam Kerry, Obama Admin. Over Iran, Peace Talks Comments 

Netanyahu Tells Five World Leaders: Iran “Deal Is Bad and Dangerous”

Netanyahu on Iran: Worth Paying Attention When Arabs and Israelis Speak in One Voice

Skeptical Congress set to ratchet up sanctions against Iran

Russian Report: Evidence Does Not Prove Arafat Poisoning

British Expert Says It’s “Highly Unlikely” Arafat Was Poisoned 

Recipe for disaster on Temple Mount






13--Perspectives 2


Daniel Pipes: Obama Turns on Israel— Barack Obama’s March 2013 trip to Israel had a too-good-to-be-true feel about it. While barely pressuring Israel, he instructed Palestinians not to set preconditions for negotiations and admonished them to “recognize that Israel will be a Jewish state.” It felt out of character, suggesting a price to be paid later. Well, that price has now, eight months later, been revealed, and it has two components. If I might paraphrase the U.S. position as presented to Israel: “First, sit by quietly as we reach an accord with Tehran that freezes but does not dismantle its nuclear buildup. Second, stop the illegitimate residential construction on the West Bank or the Palestinian Authority will, with American acquiescence, start a third intifada.”

Boaz Bismuth: Obama has us seeing Mirages— In 2003, then-French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin waged a bitter fight against the Americans at the United Nations. France was opposed to the military campaign in Iraq, and enlisted Germany and Russia to its side. The speech Villepin gave at the time has been taught in French diplomacy schools ever since. Former U.S. President George W. Bush and his Republican camp were furious at the French and for years dreamed of how to punish them. Ten years have passed, and U.S. President Barack Obama has managed — again — to do the impossible. He has angered the French (we’ve already mentioned it is not prudent to be Obama’s friend), but mainly he has turned two well-known American senators, John McCain and Lindsay Graham, into the darlings of France, and in just one weekend. McCain’s tweet of “Vive la France” took Paris completely by surprise. Obama is undoubtedly a miracle worker.

Boaz Bismuth: Paris prevents Munich in Geneva, Tehran livid— After the French block what the Iranians felt was a done deal with the West, there is outrage in Tehran.  The French position is far tougher than that of the Americans, the Iranians contend, while U.S. Senator McCain tweets “Vive la France!”

Yvette Alt Miller: Teaching Hate in Gaza—Jews don’t exist. The Western Wall is Islamic property. The Torah and Talmud are fabricated. These are not the ravings from a lunatic; as of this year, they’re “facts” taken from new textbooks in use throughout Gaza. Hamas, which administers most of Gaza’s schools, has made a few changes in the way the schools are run. Modesty patrols now monitor college campuses. Gaza high school students can take military training as an elective. And contact between any school in Gaza and one in Israel is now a criminal offense.

Karen DeYoung and Joby Warrick: What Is in the Initial Draft Agreement with Iran?—The draft plan called for Iran to temporarily freeze key parts of its nuclear program that would enable it to quickly make nuclear weapons in the future if it chose to do so. But the plan reportedly did not require Iran to halt all uranium enrichment.

Herb Keinon: Israel to Oppose Any Deal that Leaves Iran with Enrichment Capabilities—Israel will campaign unrelentingly against a deal with Iran that allows it to retain uranium enrichment rights and does not end its development of a plutonium track toward nuclear arms, a senior Israeli official said on Saturday night. Prime Minister Netanyahu said after his Friday meeting with Secretary of State Kerry: “The proposal being discussed now is a bad deal, a very bad deal. Iran is not asked to dismantle even one centrifuge, but the international community is easing sanctions on Iran for the first time in many years.” According to Netanyahu, Iran was getting everything it wanted at this stage and not giving anything in return.

Attila Somfalvi: Israeli Official: U.S. Wants to Sign Iran Deal to Avoid Strike—A senior Israeli official on Sunday addressed the nuclear talks between Iran and the West, saying “The Americans are anxious to sign a bad deal because they fear the only alternative left – sans deal – is a strike.” “There’s no doubt that if they sign now, Iran will turn into a threshold state and there won’t be any deal that could stop Iran from developing its nuclear plan.”

Arik Elman: John Kerry’s Special Brand of Public Diplomacy— Here’s a new tactic to get your apprehensive and sometimes paranoid ally to support your outreach to his mortal enemy: bully him and his people on national television in their country! That’s what U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry did during his recent trip to Israel to shore up the “promising” peace talks.

Dennis Ross: Tell Iran Tougher Sanctions Will Be Imposed If Final Nuclear Deal Falls Through—The Israelis fear that an agreement could let the Iranians off the hook without altering their nuclear program. They believe that once there is a limited easing of sanctions, perhaps including Iranian access to some of their assets in foreign banks, the entire sanctions regime will inevitably erode – and the Iranians will know they can simply play for time, and need not make further concessions as the economic and political squeeze on them dissipates.

Norah O’Donnell: Netanyahu: Proposed Deal Allows Iran to Become a Threshold Nuclear Nation—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told “Face the Nation” on Sunday: “Secretary Kerry said the right thing when he said that no deal is better than a bad deal. The deal…described to us by American sources…means that Iran maintains its capability to enrich material for nuclear bomb. It also maintains another route, the plutonium heavy water route, to make nuclear bombs. All Iran gives is a minor concession of taking 20%-enriched uranium and bringing it down to a lower enrichment but that they could cover with a few weeks, given the capabilities that they keep for enrichment.”



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