November 6, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: Obamacare—the Worst Investment in the History of Mankind


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Obamacare—the Worst Investment in the History of Mankind

How much did it cost to set up

“In testimony on Capitol Hill, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said, in response to a direct question: ‘Congresswoman, we have spent about $118 million on the website itself, and about $56 million has been expended on other IT to support the web.’ That adds up to $174 million.”

How much did it cost to set up the Obamacare exchanges?

“The health-insurance exchange…so far has cost at least $360 million, and possibly as much as $600 million.”

How much has been spent promoting Obamacare?

“Section 4002, in fact, creates a fund the administration is using for nothing more than propaganda to expand federal influence and control.  What is frightening is the amount of money appropriated.  In 2010 it is $500 million, in 2011, $750 million; in 2012, $1 billion; in 2013, $1.25 billion; in 2014, $1.5 billion; and for 2015 and thereafter, $2 billion!”

“The total amount to be spent nationally on publicity, marketing and advertising will be at least $684 million, according to data compiled The Associated Press from federal and state sources.”

My conclusion: Obamacare is the worst investment in the history of mankind.

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9--Jerusalem Post


Arab MKs denounce Jewish visitation to Temple Mount in Knesset hearing

Mixed messages from Washington on Iran policy

Kerry: US won’t succumb to fear tactics of those who oppose Iran diplomacy

Kerry: Iran must take concrete steps in nuclear negotiations

America’s paradoxical strategies on how to stop Iranian nukes

Hagel: Israeli threats, sanctions helped push Iran to nuclear talks

Abbas: Israel’s claim it wants Jordan Valley for security is a lie

‘Death to America’, ‘Down to Israel’ chants as Iran celebrates US embassy siege anniversary

Netanyahu: I want Abbas to give his own Bar-Ilan speech

Palestinian Negotiating Team Hasn’t Quit 



10--Arutz Sheva


Tibi Does it Again; Calls MK ‘Racist,’ ‘Just Like Kahane’

Moshe Lion Detained by Airport Customs Officials

Bayit Yehudi MK Complains Against Arab MK’s Abuse

Evidence:Abuse in Gaza of Cattle Imported from Australia, Israel

 Akunis: Arrogant PA Wants to Break Off Talks

Illegal Arab Buildings Demolished in Binyamin

PM: ‘Real Face of Iran’ Seen at Tehran Hate Rally 

N. Korea, Iran Pledge Continued Nuke Cooperation

Abbas: Israeli Interests in Jordan Valley Economic

Iran Revolutionary Guards Commander Killed in Syria





Fuming Arab MKs storm out of debate on Temple Mount

Social media highlights plight of Syrian Christians

US Jewish groups divided over more Iran sanctions

Netanyahu presses visiting Chinese, Polish leaders on Iran

Israel raises minimum marriage age from 17 to 18

Syria vows to vaccinate all children against polio

Abbas: Peace talks stalled, may terminate early

Bill to let secular parents adopt non-Jews passes reading

Hagel: Israel’s pressure pushed Iran to negotiations

Ex-Israeli intel chief: Obama will strike Iran if he must



12--Other News


‘US to intervene with own peace plan by January if talks fail’

Israel to Build Security Barrier between West Bank and Jordan

AIPAC: “Absolute No Delay” in Sanctions Lobbying

New Gaza Textbooks Focus on Resistance

Tunisia Banned from Davis Cup after Refusal to Play Israel

Syrian Opposition: No Talks that Leave Assad in Power

Iran Negotiating with China to Unblock Billions of Assets

Israel thinks US will make ‘reversible gestures’ to Iran

Largest Anti-American Rally in Tehran in Years

Election Integrity Activists: Obamacare Biggest Voter Registration Fraud Scheme in History






13--Perspectives 2


Steve Apfel: Anti-Zionism: the “big” ideology— Zionism = apartheid = racism. The once reviled and then revoked UN resolution was archived and mothballed when some quick-witted people nicked the concept, hid the birth certificate, gave it a pseudo-humanitarian suit of clothes, then held aloft a rollicking rallying cry. Israel the apartheid practitioner! Did it work? Did it just! Apartheid experts and legal minds, try as they might, were like straws in the wind. Richard Goldstone fired every argument in the armory to prove that apartheid was a libel. Did it make a jot of difference? If anything, picketers wielded their banners more flamboyantly.

Richard Baehr: Divide and conquer: Obama’s Israel strategy— In the first two weeks of October, the American news media focused on one major story — the government shutdown, and the threat of a default by the U.S. government if the debt ceiling was not raised by Congress. When a continuing resolution was finally passed in mid-October that funded the federal government for a few more months and lifted the debt ceiling for a slightly longer period, attention shifted rapidly to the colossal failure of the government website,, designed to handle applications for health insurance for the new Obamacare program. The site had failed since it went online on Oct. 1, but that story was overwhelmed by the coverage of the government shutdown and debt-ceiling battle between the two parties. Foreign policy stories, such as the status of the new American and European talks with Iran over its nuclear program, hardly surfaced.

Wall Street Journal: Ayatollah Khamenei: “Nobody Should Consider Our Negotiators as Compromise-Seekers”—Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned Sunday against undermining negotiators engaged in talks with the West. Diplomats “are on a difficult mission and nobody should weaken those who are on assignment,” he said. “Nobody should consider our negotiators as compromise-seekers,” he added. Khamenei reiterated that he isn’t optimistic about nuclear talks, but they won’t damage Iran. He also praised Iranian militant students who stormed the U.S. Embassy in 1979.

Jennifer Rubin: No Deal by U.S. Jewish Leadership on Iran Sanctions Freeze—A story in Ha’aretz that suggested that Jewish groups brought to the White House for a meeting had agreed to hold off lobbying for additional sanctions against Iran may have backfired on the Iran-friendly crowd. The story was categorically denied on the record by American Jewish Committee President David Harris. Democratic senators prominent in the pro-Israel community are firmly in favor of keeping Iran’s feet to the fire.

Sen. Marco Rubio: Pressure Iran with Tighter Sanctions—While the administration has been quick to hail the latest round of talks with Iran as breaking new ground, the tortuous decade-long history of U.S. and European diplomatic engagement with the country is littered with Iranian feints and the promise of concessions that never occur. (In fall 2009 talks in Geneva, Iran actually agreed in principle to take steps to transfer most of its stockpile of enriched uranium out of the country.) The last time we were told to be cautiously optimistic, Iran barely had one weapon’s worth of enriched uranium. Now it has a stockpile of uranium that is the equivalent of several weapons worth, according to the Institute for Science and International Security. For the past 10 years, world powers have been talking to Iran. Meanwhile, Iran has been creating facts on the ground by building the elements of a nuclear weapons program and the long-range missiles needed to deliver a nuclear warhead.

Eli Hazan: The Jews of North Africa— For most Israelis, the words “Holocaust,” “concentration camp” and “extermination” refer solely to what happened to the Jews of Europe. This was the general perspective among academics too, until recently. A shift began a few years ago, although only time will tell whether this will become fundamental and slowly integrate new stories into the existing canon of Holocaust literature.

Karl Vick: U.S. Intelligence Leaks a Growing Concern for Israel—Israel’s determination to strike discreetly in Syria was undone by leaks, the most credible of which, on CNN, was attributed to U.S. officials. That report infuriated the Israeli security establishment. “What on earth are the Americans thinking when they finger Israel as responsible for the strikes in Syria?” Alex Fishmen asked in aYediot Ahronot commentary. “Past experience suggests that we shared information with them on our operational activity so as to prevent embarrassment and surprise, but Washington is selling our secrets on the cheap.”

Dr. Reuven Berko: Rejoicing in others’ misfortune— The release of Arab murderers and the women’s cries of joy in the Palestinian Authority, while in Israel the families of terror victims wallowed in pain, bring to mind King David’s famous lament over Saul’s and Jonathan’s defeat and deaths in battle: “Lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph” (2 Samuel 1:20). But “daughters of the Philistines” is a misnomer. There is no relation between the ancient Philistines and the collection of nomadic Arab families, invading Bedouin tribes and peripatetic Muslim groups who gathered in the land of Israel in recent times and are now misleadingly known as “Palestinians.”

Michael Doyle: Does Supreme Court case have a prayer? Stay Tuned— Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida wants the Senate to keep praying before lawmakers get down to business. Texas legislators, too, want their daily prayers. And in an unexpected pew-sharing, the Obama administration has joined conservative state and federal lawmakers in urging the Supreme Court to tolerate prayers during government meetings.

Ed Morrissey: ABC: WH not telling truth about alternate ObamaCare application methods, either—  Just consider this another example of Barack Obama misspeaking.  In the middle of last month’s rollout, Obama insisted that Americans had other ways of signing up for the totally awesome product in his Rose Garden pep rally.  Americans soon discovered otherwise, though, as operators standing by actually couldn’t enroll them in plans, which consumers couldn’t browse and had no way of calculating their subsidies without the website. ABC News reports today that the White House knew that well before Barack Obama’s Rose Garden speech…



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