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November 1, 2013—SnyderTalk Lead Headline: What Price for Peace with Iran?


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2--SnyderTalk Lead Headline Danielle


Walter Russell Mead—What Price for Peace with Iran?:

A grand historical drama in the Middle East is moving towards a moment of decision, and the fate of President Obama’s foreign policy and much else besides is hanging by a thread. As two storms shake the foundations of the region’s political order (the Shi’a-Sunni war and the crisis of legitimacy across the region opened up by the Arab Spring), American foreign policy has entered a period of enormous vulnerability and risk.

As I’ve written here and elsewhere, the American strategy during President Obama’s first term ultimately failed. The attempt to reconcile moderate Arab opinion to the United States by withdrawing from Iraq, pressing Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians and aligning the Americans with moderate Islamist forces like the AK party government in Turkey and the Morsi government in Egypt was well intentioned but unrealistic. But as the White House contemplated the ruins of its first-term strategy, a shining new hope appeared: a new President emerged in Iran, speaking words of peace. A new opportunity for a great triumph appeared in the Middle East even as the old hopes faded away; an end to the long standoff with Iran would redeem the earlier failures and potentially usher in a new and much more stable era in world affairs.


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9--Jerusalem Post


Palestinian report: IDF shoots, kills Palestinian man near Jenin

Analysis: As Iran closes in on nuclear capability, regional states pursue their own programs

US knew of settlement construction plans

White House begins pushback against Senate sanctions bill on Iran

IDF sees little prospect of intifada, but prepares for failed peace talks

Report: Saudi jails Jordanian ‘spy’ for Israel

State continues to shorten detention periods for Palestinian minors

Most Iranians in favor of relations with US, according to government poll

Joyful Palestinians celebrate security prisoners’ release

Abbas vows there will be no peace agreement unless all prisoners go free

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10--Arutz Sheva


Massive Explosion at Syria Missile Site, Israel Blamed

Revealed: Info Withheld from PM before Yom Kippur War

Soldiers Targeted with Rocks, Bombs During Arrest

French Citizen Caught ‘Spying’ on Jewish Community 

Protest Over IDF Pull-Out From Gaza-Belt Villages

‘Palestine’ Would Leave Israel ‘Indefensible’ 

Deputy Defense Minister to US: Prioritize Iran

Saudis Pushing Resolution on Syria Violence

Iran: We Never Stopped 20% Enrichment

Assad: Western Backing of Rebels Must Stop





U.S. Has Spying Unit on Roof of Tel Aviv Embassy

Saudi resolution slams Syria’s human rights record

Syrian refugees face hardships in Jordan’s cities

Defense, treasury to meet again over budget impasse

Palestinian reported killed in clashes with troops

Study finds children of intermarriage less engaged

Man arrested for threats referencing Boston Marathon

Putin tops Forbes list of world’s powerful people

Iraq asking for more US help against al-Qaeda

Government payouts don’t fix income inequality, says BOI chief



12--Other News


Jerusalem is Not for Sale (Video)

Obama Tells Insurance Companies to Shut Up, if They Know What’s Good for Them

White House Calls Rushed Meeting With Jewish Leaders to Discuss Iran Sanctions

U.S. Senators Seek to Cut Iran’s Oil Sales in Half 

Druze Families Remember Loved Ones Who Fought for Israel

PM: Integrating Israeli Arabs in the workforce will boost growth

Syrian deputy PM dismissed after talks with US

White House Seeks “Legislative Flexibility” on Egypt Aid

Hizbullah Offensive Expected North of Damascus

Videos on Islam: Violence Against Women



13--Perspectives 2


Ben Cohen: Saudi Arabia Woes Play Well for Israel— Ah, Saudi Arabia! The country that spawned 15 of the 19 terrorists that executed the atrocities of September 11, 2001. The country we in America are told is an ally, even though, when it comes to values, we have virtually nothing in common with the reactionary oil billionaires running the place. The country whose oil supplies us, for the moment, with about 13 per cent of our annual energy needs. The country with one of the most abysmal human rights records in the world, which bans any religion other than Islam, which imports slave labor from the Indian subcontinent, and which subjects women to what can only be described as gender apartheid.

Elliott Abrams: What Is the U.S. Position Regarding the Legality of Israeli Settlements?—The U.S. position has fluctuated over time. In the Reagan years, the United States said the settlements were “not illegal.” The Clinton and George H.W. Bush administrations avoided the legal arguments but criticized the settlements frequently. President George W. Bush called the larger settlement blocs “new realities on the ground” that would have to be reflected in peace negotiations. More recently, the official U.S. attitude has been more critical.

Guy Bechor: The PA’s Diplomatic Terror—PA President Mahmoud Abbas is conducting a campaign of “diplomatic terror” against Israel. In every international forum, the Palestinian representative attacks Israel, and the world treats this harassment as something obvious. Abbas goes from one international leader to another and incites against Israel. If we are in a “peace” process, why is Abbas busy inciting? More than Abbas wants a state, he wants the Jews not to have a state. Just like we put an end to Fatah’s military terror, there is room to demand an immediate cessation to diplomatic terror.

Yoel Guzansky and Erez Striem: Continuity and Change in US-Saudi Relations— Saudi Arabia’s refusal to become a temporary member of the UN Security Council is the latest in an exchange of diplomatic blows, most behind the scenes, intended to signal to the United States that the kingdom is dissatisfied with US policy in the Middle East. The events of the Arab Spring continue to test the relationship and the unwritten alliance between these two very different countries, one a liberal democracy and one an absolutist monarchy. The current US administration is seen by Riyadh as weak, naive, and willing to shun the use of military power at almost any price. However, Saudi Arabia’s decision to reject the Security Council seat does not necessarily bespeak a change in the world order and a severing of strategic relations between the two countries. The Saudis would be the first to be hurt by this.

Dan Margalit: Peace talks: Between stalemate and progress— Both Netanyahu and Ya’alon gave the impression that the talks with Abbas would not bear fruit. That the Palestinians will not accept even the most basic conditions demanded by Israel. But is that really the case?

Dr. Reuven Berko: Al-Jazeera’s not-so-secret agenda— Ever since Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, the Qatari television network has waged a campaign of total support for the Muslim Brotherhood, characterized by an ideological bias against Egypt’s temporary government.

Jonah Goldberg: Obama’s big lie— “All we’ve been hearing the last three years is if you like your policy you can keep it. … I’m infuriated because I was lied to,” one woman told the Los Angeles Times, as part of a story on how some middle-class Californians have been stunned to learn the real costs of Obamacare. And that lie looks like the biggest lie about domestic policy ever uttered by a U.S. president.

Prof. Alexander Bligh: Releasing prisoners is a slippery slope— In the distant past, Israel received a captive in exchange for a terrorist. For a while now, Israel has progressively sweetened the deal. Every time prisoners are released there is a significant upsurge in terror attacks.

Shlomo Cesana: Netanyahu: Prisoner Release a Necessary Evil—”Ordering the Palestinian prisoners’ release has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as prime minister…given the injustice of seeing these heinous murderers freed before they have finished serving their sentences in full,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday. “My heart goes out to the bereaved families. This decision was a necessary evil, dictated by the reality we live in.”

Vos Iz Neias?: Netanyahu On Palestinian Prisoner Release: Promises Must Be Kept— Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday refrained from making a public statement about the impending release of Palestinian security prisoners as a part of ongoing peace talks. In a Likud ministers meeting on Sunday, the prime minister commented on the issue of prisoner release that “promises must be kept.”

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