September 25, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy Must Be Stupid


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Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy Must Be Stupid

In the wake of yet another murder rampage in Chicago, a city with some of the most restrictive gun control legislation in the country, Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy called for a nationwide ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.  I suppose that since he isn’t doing his job of protecting the people of Chicago, he would like the rest of the country to follow Chicago’s lead thus making him not look so terrible by comparison.

According to McCarthy, “Illegal guns drive violence. Military-type weapons, like the one we believe to have been used in this shooting, belong on a battlefield, not on a street or in a corner or in a park.”

The superintendent’s logic is preposterous.  Here’s why: guns are inanimate objects.  They do nothing on their own.  Guns respond to pressure applied by someone or something or they simply lie there and cause no harm.

So, in what sense can a gun of any sort drive violence?  The answer: it can’t.  Guns can’t drive violence any more than scissors or butcher knives or ice picks.  All of those objects can be used in violent situations by criminals and deranged people and can cause death or serious injury, but none of them can do anything by themselves.  They require an act on someone’s part, and that someone is the driver of violence.

Violent people use better logic than Superintendent McCarthy.  They are attracted to places where they feel safe, and they feel safe in places where they are the only people on the streets carrying weapons.  That’s why they like Chicago and that’s why the FBI calls Chicago the “murder capital of the United States”.

The superintendent’s feeble, politically correct suggestion ignores overwhelming evidence that there is no correlation between gun control and violent crime.  In fact, the evidence tells us that gun control is counterproductive.  As a law enforcement officer, he should know that.

Evidence should influence the superintendent’s thinking, but obviously it doesn’t.  Therefore, the people of Chicago need to boot Superintendent McCarthy out and replace him with someone who isn’t committed to a fatally flawed and life threatening ideology despite the facts because he is endangering their lives.  Will they do it?  Probably not, so I guess you can say that they have what they deserve.

Based on the quality of his thinking, a logical person can easily conclude that Superintendent McCarthy isn’t very smart.  Some people might even say that he is stupid.  Judging by the facts of this case, I am one of those people.  Since McCarthy is still in his job, a similar question is raised about the people of Chicago.

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9--Jerusalem Post


‘We’ll get to soldier’s killers,’ IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz vows

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Between US and Iran, a long-sought breakthrough

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Train carrying hazardous materials derails in Negev

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10--Arutz Sheva


Repeat Performance: Jews Banned from the Temple Mount

Hundreds of Children Set to Visit Temple Mount

Terrorist: Nairobi Mall Hit Over ‘Jewish Shops’

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Terror Victim Families Demand End to Releases

Ministers Demand Review of Terrorist Swap Policy

Eight Years After Gush Katif, Evacuees Inaugurate new Synagogue

2,500 Worshippers at Joseph’s Tomb

Experiencing ‘Jacob’s Dream’ in Beit El 

Arabs Appeal to High Court Over Hevron Home





Left, right split on response to soldiers’ killings

Palestinian Authority refrains from condemning soldier killings

Iran’s president urges ‘interaction’ at UN

IDF Patrol Comes Under Fire on Syria Border

Report: Syrian rebel group kills local Al-Qaeda chief

Rights group slams PA treatment of demonstrators

Lebanon to deploy forces to Hezbollah stronghold

A ‘synagogue’ that doesn’t look Jewish

Israelis move to shelters as Iran attack nears

IDF Blocks EU-Palestinian Effort to Counter Israeli Court Ruling



12--Other News


IDF hunts for Palestinian sniper who killed soldier in Hebron

Israel Demands Explanation After French Diplomat Punches Israeli Soldier in the Face (VIDEO)

America’s “Little Mogadishus” Produced 3 of the Kenya Al Qaeda Terrorists

Pentagon Coverup: ‘For the Record’ Reveals the Buried Details on Economic Terror Tactics Used by China, Russia and Al Qaeda Against America in 2008

Sexual Jihad: Tunisian Interior Minister says girls getting pregnant

Terrorist tried to lure victims with tale of ‘buried treasure’

Israel: “Diplomats Should Not Act as Provocateurs”

Huma Abedin Forced to Choose: Hillary or Anthony

Democrat Party Official To Anti- Obamacare Republican: “May Your Children All Die From Debilitating, Painful And Incurable Diseases”

Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Nothing left to cut in budget — ‘the cupboard is bare’

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13--Perspectives 2


Yoav Limor: The Hebron hotspot— The first instinct is to view the events of recent days as a wave of terror. Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers killed in two days seems like a trend, especially as the incidents occurred so close together after a relatively prolonged period of quiet.

Rami Igra: Change the rules of the game— The abduction and brutal murder of Tomer Hazan is a warning light. Over the past year alone, there have been dozens of thwarted attempts to kidnap Israeli soldiers and civilians, thwarted, sometimes at the very last minute, thanks to the professionalism, and luck, of Israel’s security services.

Boaz Bismuth: By way of deception shalt thou make peace?— Then-President of Iran Mohammad Khatami arrived in Paris in the fall of 1999 to take part in a UNESCO conference. Khatami, who gained a surprise victory in the election two years prior, defeating the ultra-conservative Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri, drew the most attention when he adopted the slogan “dialogue among civilizations.” He was perceived as the Iranian Mikhail Gorbachev — the leader who was a product of the system, but who would destroy the system.

Dr. Reuven Berko: Decentralized Islamic terror— The terror attack in Nairobi is part of a larger albeit decentralized string of Islamist offensives attempting to Islamize Africa, Asia and eventually the globe.

Uri Heitner: Are you still with me?— The boycott phenomenon is a product of systematic incitement against “settlers” that has been going on for decades.

Tony Czuczka and Brian Parkin: Merkel Gets Biggest Victory Since Kohl’s Reunification Vote—During the campaign, Merkel said that insisting on reforms in euro countries that received aid was the only way to raise Europe’s competitiveness, citing the fall in German joblessness from a post-World War II high of 12.1 percent in 2005 following a labor-market overhaul. The German unemployment rate is now 6.8 percent compared to 12.1 in the 17-nation euro region. German 10-year bond yields are 1.94 percent, while comparable U.K. gilts yield 2.92 percent and U.S. debt 2.73 percent.

Eyal Lehmann: Comment posted, damage done: Online battle for Israel’s hasbara—On July 11, the Middle East made headlines in Italy again. Not one missile fell in Israeli territory, nor was a terrorist killed in Gaza. Still, for 24 hours, one feature did not escape the headlines on the La Repubblica website, one of the two most popular news sources in the country: “Israeli soldiers,” the website reported with a video, “arrested a five-year-old Palestinian boy in the West Bank for throwing rocks.” The IDF maintained that the boy was merely detained and then released back to his parents, but many Italian surfers saw enough to unholster.

Howard LaFranchi: Iran and Syria on stage at UN: Real drama to replace shock theater— Forget Broadway. The most riveting drama on a New York stage this week will be at the United Nations, as world leaders including President Obama and Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, address global audiences and test the diplomatic openings for addressing two of the world’s most explosive issues: Syria and Iran’s nuclear program.

Kenneth L Marcus: The Top Ten Responses to Campus Anti-Semitism— Some of us are accustomed to criticizing government and campus leaders when they fail to respond properly to anti-Semitism.  But what are these leaders getting right?  As the new academic year begins, we would like to strike a positive note.  The Louis D. Brandeis Center has developed the following top ten list of laudable actions recently taken to address the upsurge in campus anti-Semitism.  We concede that some of these actions are debatable, and we agree that a few have had some flaws.  Nevertheless, they all represent a step forward.  We have commended some of these officials before, but we are happy to do it again.

Jeremy Rosen: Israel and the Jews Should Forget the West, and Look East— The anniversary of the Yom Kippur War always reminds one of Israeli fallibility, arrogance, and overconfidence, yet also of its capacity to defy the odds and come back from the brink. It was another example of our bringing disaster upon ourselves and then fighting back to survive. After all, that is what the name “Israel” means in the Bible: “to struggle with man and God and survive.”



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