September 5, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: Enough is Enough—It’s Time to Take Our Country Back


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Enough is Enough—It’s Time to Take Our Country Back

This SnyderTalk editorial has a clear-cut objective: I want to help launch a national discussion about things that need to be done to halt the steady moral decay that has been taking place in our country for decades.  I also want to propose specific ideas that politicians and would-be politicians can use in their campaigns if they are serious about solving our nation’s problems.

I have many ideas, and I’m sure that you do too.  I’ll mention only a couple of mine in this short piece because I want to engage SnyderTalk readers and their friends in this discussion.  Working together, we can be far more effective than if we act individually.

To become a part of this discussion, all you need to do is make a comment in which you propose something specific that can be done and then share this SnyderTalk with your friends and encourage them to become involved in this discussion by doing the same thing.  It’s that simple.

For example, below are two proposals.  Enacting legislation to deal with these problems is easy, and I think the proposals will help to right the ship of state:

  1. Mandatory, regular drug testing for all welfare and food stamp recipients: this proposal is designed to ensure that we are not promoting illegal drug use by paying people who refuse to work so that they can freely feed their drug habits.  This is just common sense.  Why should working Americans be required to pay taxes to support freeloaders who spend their time getting high on illegal drugs?  As I said, it’s just common sense.
  2. A picture I.D. should be required for voting in every state and every locality: this proposal is aimed at reducing voter fraud, a serious problem in our country.  It’s a crime to commit voter fraud and a federal crime to commit voter fraud in a federal election.  Since all of us are required to show a picture I.D. to purchase such things as alcohol and cigarettes, to apply for food stamps and welfare, to open a bank account, and to apply for unemployment, it’s ludicrous to think that imposing this requirement is a difficult burden on anyone.  In fact, since we have to provide a picture I.D. for so many things, I think that anyone who objects to this proposal is probably involved in a conspiracy to commit voter fraud, or they are guilty of suborning voter fraud.  Judging by the large number of examples of voter fraud that took place in the 2012 presidential election, I think it’s fair to say that some politicians knowingly encourage voter fraud to increase their likelihood of winning elections.  It’s time to put an end to this practice and to send those involved in voter fraud to jail—that includes would-be elected officials.  Anything less makes no sense.

These are just two examples: there are many more and I want them to come from you and your friends.  All you need to do is

  1. open SnyderTalk at,
  2. click on the headline (in this post the headline is “September 5, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: Enough is Enough—It’s Time to Take Our Country Back”.  Just click on it.),
  3. scroll to the bottom,
  4. and write your comment.

Next, share the URL for this SnyderTalk post with your friends and ask them to share it with their friends.  The URL is  It’s important to give your friends this URL because it’s the only direct link to this particular SnyderTalk post.  The people with whom you share this URL can simply scroll to the bottom to share their comments.

Finally, you need to share the URL with candidates for public office, and ask them to look at the proposals.  The good ones will do it; the not-so-good ones won’t.  You can find their email addresses easily with Google.

All of the comments will appear at the bottom of this SnyderTalk URL:  Since this URL is permanently stored, it will be available for interested persons to see in perpetuity, and you and your friends can comment on this post as often as you like for many years to come.

If you forget the URL and want to find it, go to SnyderTalk Editorials ( and click on the September 5, 2013 editorial title “Enough is Enough—It’s Time to Take Our Country Back”.  The hyperlink in the title will take you to this SnyderTalk post.

I will not edit your proposals, and I will publish them unless you use incendiary language.  In other words, just say what’s on your mind and be civil.  That’s all you need to do, so let’s get started.

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9--Jerusalem Post


Report: Are Iranians Seeking to Distance Themselves from Assad?

Report: Obama Assures Netanyahu on Iran 

AIPAC say they support US strike on Syria

Kerry lobbies Senate on Syria: ‘Iran is hoping you look the other way’

Obama gains key House allies on Syria strike

UN’s Ban casts doubt on legality of US plans to punish Syria

Hamas dismisses talk of strike by Egypt against Gaza

Hamas calls on Egypt to reopen border crossing

Hamas slams Egyptian plan to create buffer zone with Gaza

Palestinian Authority to provide ‘grants’ for prisoners released from Israel



10--Arutz Sheva


Barkat: ‘Jerusalem Cannot Be Split’

Hagel: Failure to Act in Syria Hurts Our Credibility on Iran

Ban: Syria Attack Should be Approved by Security Council

Failed Hackers Issue New Threat

Islamic Jihad Calls to Abduct IDF Soldiers

Russia Detects Joint Israeli-US Missile Drill

Former PM Sharon Undergoes Stomach Surgery

Netanyahu: We Have an Iron Dome – and an Iron Will

Peres: Assad will Disappear – One Way or the Other

Hamas: ‘U.S. Should Not Get Involved in Syria’





Jewish organizations in US support Syria strike

Upcoming Syria vote may haunt White House hopefuls

Ban: Any Syria strike must get Security Council OK

Syria said to be hiding troops and moving weapons

Auschwitz Nazi suspect said living in Israel

El-Sissi’s army goes to war in the Sinai

‘US pressure nixed Israeli strike on Iran last year’

Israeli drip system pioneer honored with top water prize

Israel shoots test missile over sea, raising alarms

BDS head draws fire after defending ‘Shoot the Jew’ chant



12--Other News


PA: U.S. Behind Civil War in Syria

France Blames Syria’s Assad for “Massive” Chemical Attack

Israel Carries Out Joint Missile Test with U.S. in Mediterranean

‘Next time Obama tells us he has our back, can we trust him?’

Eight Million Israelis

A United States Attack on Syria: Implications for Israel

Time lapse of Moonrise over Jerusalem Rooftops (Video)

New Western Wall Plaza: 3 minute tour by Naftali Bennett (Video)

Peace talks to resume in Jerusalem; US calls talks ‘serious’

Timna Park rediscovered by Tel Aviv archaeologists

0 ST Editorial Picture 3

Me (L), my wife Katie (R), and our Israeli daughter Noam Markman (C) in Timna Park.  Thanks to Noam for taking us to see it.



13--Perspectives 2


Chandler P. Atwood and Michael Knights: Linking Targets to Political Objectives in Syria—If a U.S. strike in Syria is to be more than a token move, U.S. leaders need to approve targeting that sends the most menacing message possible to the Assad regime. Success is more likely if Washington surprises the regime. Clearly explaining the rationale for hitting certain targets is crucial if Washington hopes to influence the regime.

Yoel Guzansky: The Arab World and the Syrian Crisis— In contrast to the determined and unified response to Qaddafi in 2011 that included the use of force by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, Arab countries have thus far failed to take a firm and united stand toward Syria. The Arab world remains divided on the Syrian question, as reflected in the Arab League resolutions of August 27 and September 1, 2013, which refrained from giving a green light for military action without the blessing of the UN. Against the tough line advocated by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt have prevented strong, proactive decisions. Jordan, which fears retaliation from Syria, recently declared that its territory would not serve as a base for US military intervention in Syria, and Egypt, which condemned the use of chemical weapons, stated that a political, not a military, solution was the only way out.

Jennifer Rubin: Israel Views America and Syria—A former U.S. official tells me the top levels of the Israeli government are convinced that Assad is not about to make more enemies by lashing out against Israel in the event the U.S. responds militarily to the use of weapons of mass destruction. At the same time, most Israelis are coming to the conclusion that it will be up to them to deal with Iran’s nuclear arms program.

Oded Eran: Obama Projects Indecision on Syria: American and International Dimensions— Since the start of the Syrian uprising President Obama has projected decided unwillingness for even limited military involvement, even though the number of Syrian fatalities has passed the 100,000 mark. The Congressional approval President Obama requested on August 31, 2013 for military involvement in Syria sets a critical precedent, and raises several legal issues as well as questions about the posture of the United States in the Middle East. Turning to Congress could highlight America’s image as a superpower seeking to avoid the use of military force. The President is thereby bringing the image of his country still closer to that of Western Europe– nations with military power that will do whatever it takes to avoid using it, even when the justification for its use is beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Mitch Ginsburg: How Significant Is the Delay in a U.S. Strike on Syria?—The former head of IDF Military Intelligence and current director of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, told the Times of Israel that the delay in U.S. action in Syria “enables the arrival of additional forces, like aircraft carriers or intercontinental bombers. If they had attacked last week, they would have been restricted to Tomahawks [cruise missiles] from destroyers.”

Zvi Mazel: Egypt’s Road to Recovery—Egypt’s statistics bureau on Aug. 31 put the country’s population at 85 million (not counting 8 million living abroad). 800,000 Egyptians are added to the job market each year, though the birthrate has dropped significantly to 2.4%. The interim regime is doing its best to bring order to the political situation. New civilian institutions should be up and running within nine months.

Robin Shepherd: Palestinian Authority Blames Obama for Syria War—The Palestinian Authority’s official newspaper has launched a series of blistering attacks on President Obama over the Syria crisis. “Events of mass killings do not upset [America] because they themselves have used killing as a means and a strategy to attain global domination,” the PA daily said on Sunday.

Shlomo Brom: The Chemical Attack in Syria: Different from Other Aggression against Civilians in the Civil War— President Obama has decided on punitive action of limited scope and duration in order to deter the Assad regime from further use of chemical weapons. Many commentators in Israel and abroad have questioned this decision, noting that over 110,000 people, most of them civilians, have already been killed in the Syrian civil war, and the US took no military action whatsoever to stop the slaughter. This article explains why the use of chemical weapons is indeed a different form of aggression, and why it requires a special response.

Richard Rives: Do we make void the Law?—Video perspective.

HonestReporting: The Times of London: Israel Can Do No Right— It seems that Israel can never do right. At least, that’s the impression given by the following sensationalist headline in The Times of London.



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