August 23, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: Overwhelming Force: The Only Way to Deal with Terror


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Overwhelming Force: The Only Way to Deal with Terror

President Obama and people of his ilk would say that I’m a radical, but they are wrong.  What I’m about to say makes perfect sense.  The problem is that Obama and people like him don’t have common sense, so I accept the fact that good logic doesn’t register with them.  Their view of reality is so warped that they are hopelessly clueless.  You can’t communicate with them because good logic is beyond their ability to comprehend.

The only way to deal with terrorists is to use overwhelming force.  That’s all they understand.  In the process, many of them will die, and most of those who survive won’t have a change of heart.  They will simply recede into the woodwork and wait for another day to reengage.  When they believe that we will allow them to get away with coldblooded murder again, they will reappear.  Therefore, we must deal with today’s terrorists and be prepared to deal with those who escape justice now when they come out of hiding.

The military rulers in Egypt have the right idea.  They took out Mohamed Morsi, and they are arresting his strongest supporters—radical Islamists (i.e., leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood).  They are incarcerating them and planning to try them for murder.  That’s what we should be doing in this country as well.  Unfortunately, with people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Eric Holder in charge, that’s not going to happen.

The case of Major Nidal Hasan, is a perfect example.  He’s a terrorist pure and simple.  He committed premeditated acts of random murder.  Hasan should be charged with those “terrorist acts”, and if found guilty, he should be executed quickly and without mercy.  But shamelessly, the Obama administration has done everything possible to avoid calling Hasan’s crimes what they actually are.  Even worse, they have bullied leaders in our military who should know better, and they have become willing accomplices in the charade.  That fact is very troubling and it deserves attention, but that’s a subject for another editorial.

Radical Islamists are like rabid dogs.  They have completely lost touch with reality, and they are determined to destroy anything and everything in their path.  Before all is said and done, they will turn on each other, so in the truest sense, no one is safe—not even perpetrators of terrorist acts.

As harsh as this may sound to liberal progressive nincompoops, the only way to deal with a rabid dog is to kill him.  That’s true for terrorists as well.  Locking them up in places like Gitmo won’t change them.  Most of the ones that have been released from Gitmo reengage as quickly as they can.  Some of our most ardent opponents in the Middle East today were once Gitmo detainees.  That fact doesn’t resonate with Obama and likeminded souls.  No amount of evidence will convince them to abandon their preconceived notions.  As I said, they are clueless.  They shouldn’t be in positions of authority, but they are because our country is loaded with people who are just as clueless as they are.  We have only ourselves to blame for that.

Leaders in Israel used to understand this, but to be seen as politically correct by foreigners, they abandoned their approach to self-defense in favor of more “humane” alternatives.  The result has been increased acts of terror perpetrated against innocent Israeli citizens by crazed lunatics.  In fact, the whole Middle East is in turmoil today because people who should know better abandoned logic and experience and set a course that leads to more acts of brutal and senseless terror.  When the fear of impending death was removed, the terrorists came out of hiding in large numbers and celebrated victory.  The only way to send them back to their holes is to prove to them that swift justice is the consequence for their vicious acts of violence.

For instance, when Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu complains about Palestinian “incitement” against Israel, he’s really talking about Islamist attempts to motivate masses of Palestinian Arabs to violently oppose Israel’s existence.  The most culpable perpetrators of all are people like Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas chief Khaled Mashal who have bilked donors around the world and grown filthy rich personally while they inflamed their brethren and urged them to sacrifice their lives to support a cause that amounts to nothing more than the annihilation of the State of Israel.  That cause is their cash cow, and the people they hoodwink, both donors and naïve devotees, are pawns in their game.

Simply hoping and wishing that this were not the case (i.e., the Obama strategy) is counterproductive.  Dealing effectively with the problem will necessitate bringing people like Abbas and Mashal to justice.  They are bold only because they think that they can act with impunity.  When they realize that their lives are in danger if they persist, they will change their tunes.  I don’t think that anything else will solve the problem.

There is tangible evidence that supports my conclusion.  The reason that no Palestinian leader to date has consummated a peace deal with Israel is that the person who does will become a target for the very people he incited.  That fact speaks volumes.  If the incitement is removed (or more correctly the inciters), the tensions will dissipate.

That’s why I was encouraged by Daniel Doron’s op-ed piece in Israel Hayom titled “Defeating terror without apology”.  He understands the problem and the solution:

Syrian President Bashar Assad is a despicable person, but there is one thing he is right about — the only way to defeat terror is through war.

Many experts claim that terror can only be curbed if negotiations are on the horizon. But where does the blind assumption come from that establishing a criminal Arab state right next to us will eradicate terror? If the Palestinian Authority is an example, then the future Arab state will be corrupt and its rulers will only continue tormenting their citizens, bankrupting them and leaving them to stew in squalor, while fanning the flames of their rage and frustration against the “occupation.”


Even in Egypt, restraining the Muslim Brotherhood in the past was not achieved through potential negotiations, and the present is no exception.

The former Shin Bet heads featured in the 2012 movie “The Gatekeepers” all presented an understanding I believe to be flawed. It might explain why they — and our wonderful Israel Defense Forces — have failed to eradicate terror. It seems they have yet to learn how dangerous it is to insist on adhering to a fixed idea, and not only when it comes to the 1973 Yom Kippur War. We, it seems, have failed to hear the alarm bells that sounded when it was revealed that the people with whom we entrusted our security and our future, although very talented, were also very naive.


Yes, we used force, but we never used enough force to reach a decisive resolution. We never tried to decisively stop the massive aid given by Iran and Syria to Hezbollah, or by Egypt and Iran to Hamas. Instead, we opted for inefficient solutions, such as imposing a closure, which only penalized the innocent population.

Instead of drying up the swamp, we killed the mosquitoes. We wasted precious ammunition on destroying primitive rocket launchers, but we have yet to try the one proven solution: destroying the terrorists’ headquarters. We wasted effort on assassinating operatives and junior commanders, but only sparingly, so they were easily replaced. A democratic state must, naturally, exercise restraint and avoid harming innocent people, but if all else fails, it must use brute force.

I hope that rationality begins to resonate in Israel, the United States, and other countries soon, because if it doesn’t, we are heading for another world war—radical Islamists vs. everyone else.  Truth is, the war is underway already, but Barack Obama and people of his ilk are too blind to see it.  Unfortunately, all of us will have to pay the price for their stupidity unless concerted action is taken to confront the enemy.  Pretending that they aren’t the enemy isn’t just stupid: it’s a formula for disaster.

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A Jewish community on the Mount of Olives that is heavily fortified and guarded to prevent random acts of terrorism.


Young Israeli men and women risk their lives to keep peace in the Old City of Jerusalem.



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13--Perspectives 2


Raymond Ibrahim: A Terror Leader Behind Bars in Egypt— The supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the head of the Islamist snake, Muhammad Badie—who had slipped security forces by traveling in and out of the Brotherhood torture camps (known as “peaceful sits ins” by the mainstream media”)—has finally been arrested in Egypt and is awaiting trial.  Not only was he the leader of the Brotherhood, but, according to Brotherhood members themselves, he was giving orders to his underling, Muhammad Morsi, the now ousted Egyptian president. Among other serious accusations, Badie is being charged with inciting widespread terrorism and murder and playing a key role in the current violence and unrest in Egypt—also known as “the jihad”—which has led to the destruction of some 80 Christian churches and monasteries, the violent slaughters of Egyptian police, and any number of other criminal activities.

Dan Margalit: Erdogan: An old-school anti-Semite— Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan fears that downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt could threaten his own hold on power in Ankara.

Dr. Reuven Berko: America’s parade of mistakes— Col. Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has no choice but to win, with or without the support of the West, which is still caught up in a mirage called democratization.

Howard LaFranchi: Crisis in Egypt: US seeks to preserve influence. Is there any left?— The Obama administration’s cautious approach to Egypt and the behind-the-scenes, program-by-program review it is undertaking of US military aid to Egypt suggests it is seeking a way to preserve influence with the country’s new military rulers. But that influence has dwindled to mattering very little as the military pursues its domestic political goals full steam ahead, regional analysts say. If anything, some of them add, the administration’s careful efforts to preserve a decades-old regional security strategy based on Egypt may only be encouraging Egypt’s generals to proceed knowing that the US needs Egypt more than Egypt needs the US.

Hamza Hendawi and Maggie Michael: Egypt’s Beleaguered Muslim Brotherhood—The Muslim Brotherhood’s decision to play hardball after the military’s ouster of Egypt’s Islamist president has backfired, leaving it with unattractive choices: aligning with hard-line groups in an insurgency that almost certainly will fail or going underground in the hope of resurfacing one day. The Brotherhood’s grim future will impact Islamic groups across the Middle East. Egypt’s Brotherhood is something of a “mother ship” that has inspired their creation and provided a role model of the political Islam they want to prevail.

Leslie H. Gelb: It’s Time to Hold Our Nose and Back Egypt’s Military—Let’s get real and tamp down the moral posturing about democracy in Egypt. Freely elected President Morsi and his now-deposed Muslim Brotherhood government weren’t practicing democracy. They were co-opting the laws and slowly destroying all possible opposition. Besides, they were aligning with America’s jihadist enemies in Syria, Gaza, and elsewhere. The U.S. has little or no chance of saving Egypt for democracy if the Islamists return to power.

Chicago Tribune Editorial: Cold Calculation in Egypt—The U.S. shouldn’t cut off aid to Egypt. Despite the brutality of the military regime, Washington cannot back away from the nation at the heart of the Arab world. The generals haven’t listened and probably won’t listen to American entreaties for military restraint in pursuing Muslim Brotherhood militants. The generals won’t again surrender Egypt to Islamic extremists.

Michael van der Galien: Erdogan’s Hate-Jew Fest— Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been set loose by his fellow members of the Justice and Development Party (AK Parti). Instead of talking about the protests in Gezi Park (Istanbul) and the accompanying police violence, he has declared a war of words on two other enemies: the Egyptian military and Israel.

Daniel Doron: Defeating terror without apology— Israel must set aside its flawed conception that terror cannot be defeated through force.

Arnold Ahlert: Banished: Proof of Jihad in Hasan Trial— In a move that reeks of political motivations, Judge Col. Tara Osborn ruled against the admission of evidence that prosecutors say would show Maj. Nidal Hasan’s jihadist motivations for attacking the Fort Hood military base in 2009. Osborn had been asked to approve several witnesses, along with other key evidence, that would have shown Hasan believed he had a “jihad duty” to perpetrate the atrocity that killed 13 and wounded 32 of his fellow soldiers. Lawyers representing family members killed and wounded by Hasan were rightfully outraged by her refusal to allow the evidence.



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