April 14, 2013—SnyderTalk Editorial: If You Want to Criticize Christianity, Get Your Facts Straight


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If You Want to Criticize Christianity, Get Your Facts Straight

Usually, I enjoy reading Jeremy Rosen’s commentary and analysis.  He’s an orthodox rabbi and a writer.  His observations are generally astute, but today I must take exception.  In an article for The Algemeiner titled “Not My Bible,” he said,

I am amongst those who think that Pauline and later Christianity developed a series of myths based on earlier popular ideas rather than on a specific, living human being. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, unless it leads to torturing and killing those who do not agree with you. We too have our earlier Canaanite horror stories. Both Christianity and Islam wanted to supersede what came before. To do this they had to show how their religion was so much better. And to hammer it home they had to present the Jews as primitive, hypocritical, corrupt betrayers of truth which the new religion was going to put right. The very distinction between Old Testament and New Testament that make up the Christian Bible is a clear statement that we oldies are now out of date and out of touch.

In the Christian world, for thousands of years Jews have been cursed and pursued for the “crime” of rejecting Jesus and the greater crime of causing his death. In some quarters we are still blamed for “killing God,” ridiculous as such a claim might sound to you and me. As for the myth of Jesus being accused of heresy, you will not find anywhere in Jewish law any hint that it is heresy to say “I am the King of the Jews,” “I am the Son of God,” or indeed to claim “I am God.” One might think you are a lunatic, but hardly a rational heretic.

There are so many errors in those few sentences that I couldn’t possibly address them all in a short response, so I’ll deal with only one: the historicity of Jesus.  Actually, his name wasn’t Jesus.  It was Yeshua and he was Jewish, but those aren’t the issues here.

Christianity was and is based on a man whose life and death are chronicled in the Talmud.  You don’t need to read the New Testament to learn about him.  Jewish sages 2,000 ago wrote about him because his teachings exposed the flaws in many Jewish religious traditions.  That’s why the priests wanted to kill him.  According to the apostle John, they also believed the Jewish people’s enthusiastic response to Jesus’ message might compel the Romans to abolish their positions.

Convincing miracles accompanied Jesus’ teaching.  He healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed the lepers, gave sight to the blind, caused the lame to walk, and cast out demons.  Those supernatural miracles caused many people to believe in Jesus, and they turned to him in large numbers.  Those miracles aren’t myths.

Additionally, Jesus empowered his disciples to perform healing miracles in his name prior to and after his resurrection.  The Talmud speaks about this fact and offers insights into the priests’ attitudes toward Jesus and his disciples:

Abodah Zarah 27b: “A man shall have no dealings with the heretics [Christians], nor be cured by them, even for the sake of an hour of life.  There was the case of Ben Dama nephew of R. [Rabbi] Ishmael, whom a serpent bit.  There came Jacob [the apostle James who wrote the New Testament book of James] the heretic of the village of Sechanya to cure him (in the name of Yeshu ben Pandera var. leg.); but R. Ishmael would not allow him.  Ben Dama said to him, R. Ishmael, my brother, do allow him, that I may be cured, and I will produce a text from the Law to prove that this is permitted.  But hardly had he finished his discourse when his soul departed, and he died.”

In this passage from the Talmud, the name “Yeshu” was used instead of Yeshua.  Yeshu is a curse.  It means “may his name and memory be blotted out.”  Leading rabbis of Jesus’ day hated him so much that they used a curse in lieu of his name, and they refused to allow healing in his name even in cases where the life of the person being healed was at stake.  The “text” Ben Dama referred to is Exodus 15: 26:

“If you will give earnest heed to the Voice of Yahweh your God, and do what is right in His sight, and give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of these diseases on you which I have put on the Egyptians; for I, Yahweh, am your healer [i.e., Yahweh Raphah or Yahweh your doctor].”

Ben Dama knew about Yahweh’s promise.  He must have been anxious to claim it for his own healing, but Rabbi Ishmael would not allow James to heal him using the name of Jesus so Ben Dama died.

Shabbath 14b: “The grandson of R. Joshua ben Levi had something stuck in his throat.  There came a man and whispered to him in the name of Jesus and he recovered.  When the healer came out, R. Joshua said to him, What was it you whispered to him?  He said to him, A certain word.  He said to him, It had been better for him that he had died rather than that.”

Yahweh was the “word” whispered to Rabbi Joshua’s grandson, and that’s who Jesus claimed to be.  I won’t go into detail trying to prove that point here, but I wrote a book about it titled His Name is Yahweh.  If this interests you, you should read it.

Rabbi Joshua was so incensed that the disciple equated Jesus and Yahweh that he would have preferred his grandson’s death to his healing under that condition.  The Talmud says that Rabbi Joshua’s grandson recovered after the disciple prayed for him in “the name of Jesus.”  This passage from the Talmud gives you a glimpse of the rabbis’ intense hatred of Jesus.

Sanhedrin X, 1: “R. Akiba said, He who reads in external books [the New Testament], and he who whispers over a wound, and says, ‘None of the diseases which I sent on Egypt will I lay on thee, I am the Lord thy healer’ has any share in the world to come.”

Rabbi Akiba is quoting Exodus 15: 26, and as I said before, it refers to Yahweh Raphah.  The people who were seeking healing understood that it makes specific reference to Yahweh, and they believed that Jesus is Yahweh.  Thus, they permitted his disciples to pray for them if they used this verse instead of his name thinking that they could obtain healing without offending the rabbis, but Rabbi Akiba would have none of that.  He said that people who committed that “offense” were destined to spend eternity in hell because it meant they believed that Jesus is Yahweh.

Rabbi Akiba is more responsible for the chasm between Christians and Jews than anyone else including the Roman Emperor Constantine.  During the Bar Kochba revolt in 135 A.D., he declared that Bar Kochba was the messiah.  Until that time, Nazarenes, Jewish followers of Yeshua, fought alongside Bar Kochba, but they abandoned the fight after Akiba’s pronouncement thus leading him to declare that they were not Jewish.  That edict stuck, and to this day, the gulf between Jews and Christians remains.

Be that as it may, the historicity of Jesus isn’t in doubt and neither are his claims.  If Mr. Rosen wants to criticize Christianity, that’s fine.  There is plenty of room for criticism, but he needs to get his facts straight.



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